Sydney promotors and lawyers, Moussa


I was disappointed the Allianz Stadium was not sold out for the Celtic-Sydney game this morning.  As we learned earlier this year, the promotors of this tour invested significant sums, I hope the venture is profitable for them.  Still, if not, the lawyers will have scope for breach of contract with other parties.

Sunday’s game against Everton is the headline event of the Sydney Super Cup.  It may be that the lure of an EPL side is greater than an APL outfit.  On the bigger picture, we are there to evangelise, Celtic fans in Sydney have been great ambassadors for football and life in general, well done to all.

One of the biggest disappointments imaginable for a former Celtic hero must, at the peak of his athletic prowess, being compared to an out of shape nobody.  Moussa Dembele (26) is being allowed to run out his Lyon contract, which expires in June.  For those of us who watched him at Celtic, this is jarring.  After a prolific season last term, where he scored 21 in 25 league starts, he has scored twice this term in an injury interrupted current term, making only 6 starts and is now targeted by Fenerbahce.

He’s 18 months younger than Kyogo.  Just sayin’.

Yesterday brought back memories of the good old days, trying to reboot the server to bring us back online whenever big news broke.  We just broke yesterday….

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  1. St Stivs,


    Coming out with a virtual Tsunami of platitudes about the defeat today.If people want to say the team were crap today,perfectly entitled,to be ,”Moany bastards”.I class myself as one of the greatest Celtic fans I know.My mates right up there,and we listen to each other being,”Money bastards” all the time.


    This Blog would not exist without them.



    Many bastards,CSC.Branches throughout the world.

  2. Yep Turkeybhoy you are perfectly entitled to moan as much as you like and so is any other Poster but if ghuys like me think all the moaning is nonsense we are equally entitled to say so, Blog would not exist without both side of argument.




    Perhaps Mike has developed a pathological need to beat anyone called D.King in any deal?





    Back to Basics



    That would be an interesting repayments schedule to find out bout,over how many years,also the impact of interest in the current econ climate within repayment schedule.i seen @jbluvsceltic suggest over 8 years,but I bet mikey won’t give up his harvesting of the hun



    Also the repayments to “investors” who showered in the confetti.again we have the recent intro of interest and that could be a noose.




  4. how poor was GT defending at their 2 goal, showing the guy onto his strong left side , school bhoy stuff.

  5. Pie & Bovril 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿








    SPFL Premiership


    Penalties Taken (Scored)


    By Team as at 17/11/22



    Aberdeen 8 (7)


    Motherwell 5 (4)


    Hearts 4 (4)


    Livingston 4 (2)


    Rangers 4 (3)


    Dundee Utd 3 (3)


    Hibernian 2 (2)


    St.Johnstone 2 (2)


    Celtic 1 (0)


    Kilmarnock 1 (1)


    Ross County 1 (1)


    St.Mirren 1 (1)

  6. Pie & Bovril 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿






    Nov 14


    SPFL Premiership


    Penalties Conceded


    22/23 Season


    As at 14/11/22 (36)



    St.Mirren 8


    Livingston 6


    Aberdeen 5


    Celtic 4


    Hearts 3


    Hibs 3


    Dundee Utd 2


    Kilmarnock 2


    Motherwell 1


    Ross County 1


    St.Johnstone 1


    Rangers 0

  7. Let me try and interpret that.



    Celtic get a penalty once in 15 games. But conced a penalty once every 4 games.



    Rangers get a penalty once every 4 games but concede 0 in 15 games.



    need the boys from back to tells us how that works he will be puzzled

  8. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from Paddy Neesons. That lovely young fella Coneybhoy has given me his season book for another game, against Kilmarnock. I’ve rewarded his generosity with tickets for The Magic Flute by Mozart in Dublin. His reply was “Ah’m no goin tae see a picture wi flute in the title”. The bhoy is a philistine.

  9. RC on 17TH NOVEMBER 2022 7:58 PM



    I am sure you must post positive stuff sometimes but, by a strange coincidence, I never see those posts .

  10. Saint Stivs



    What is even worse than those stats is the failure of ANYONE in the MSSM to write an article about them.


    I would have thought that this lengthy break in club football would have had them fighting among each other to be first to publish anything like this. Alas, nae.

  11. If I understand correctly



    1 We completed a busy schedule with a win against Ross County. Our manager frequently referred to ‘many games, difficult schedule, tough ….’



    2 We travelled to Australia a couple of days later – > 20 hrs travel time



    3 Time difference roughly 10 hrs



    4 Jet lag/time difference recovery time 1d per time zone



    5 We play Sydney FC a couple of days after arrival



    Bizarrre, no?



    Who, at Celtic FC, thought this was a good idea?

  12. Hello again all you young rebels.



    CQN back up and running again yeehooo.


    Disappointing result from yesterday, maybe to be expected, anybody


    who has done the journey to Oz will know how you feel for a few


    days afterwards.


    But never fear, our big Celtic armada cruising through stormy seas to


    bolster our support for the bhoys in Sydney.


    Loads of Tim’s onboard showing off the colours, meeting up today in


    one of the bars for a swally, should be fun 🇮🇪🎶🥃☘️🍷


    Update tomoz from Darling harbour when our brigade enter the fray




    H H. Mick

  13. MELBOURNE MICK on 17TH NOVEMBER 2022 10:23 PM



    Were you at the game? If so, what was the general opinion of the supporters? Did the adage that we should never meet our heroes apply?



    Got to go now but I`ll have a look for any reply tomorrow.


    Goodnight all.

  14. Can’t get hot under the collar about the defeat.45 mins of reserve team.Midfield who hardly know each other.Two second pick full backs.I was angry that not one of them took the chance to shine.


    Think Ange got it the wrong way round.Start your strongest,then make sub’s.


    I really did think the starting midfield was a joke.




    Our cruise left Melbourne too late for us to see the game.


    We enter Sydney on Saturday morning, and leave for Queensland


    on Sat.early evening, so won’t see the Everton game either, but


    we will have the whole day with the bhoys at the BBQ, fun day etc


    so we can appreciate all that considering the cruise was booked


    almost two years ago before the shitty Covid fecked up the world.


    All the bhoys and ghirls on our ship are ambivilant about the score


    seems to be they are just pleased that Celtic took the time to come


    all that way for them 🇮🇪


    H H. Mick

  16. What is the Starz on

    Do people really take the Australian trip seriously?


    I certainly don’t


    Mid season friendlies


    Marketing gimmick


    Money making adventure


    Honestly it’s nothing to be bothered about

  17. We shooda stopped off in Dubai and had a Neil Lennon style booze up.


    That was the missing ingredient on the trip…


    A bit o’ twistin by the pool woulda kept the Bhoys loosened up


    And then onwards to Oz. Hangovers maybe, but no Jet Lag


    Proper planning that’s whats needed. No?

  18. MELBOURNE MICK on 17TH NOVEMBER 2022 10:23 PM




    if your Celtic Armada spots that Lord Nelson cruising aboot, please blow the Bassa oot the water !


    HH to the Bhoys and Ghirls of the Celtic Armada…


    ” We are Sailing, We are Sailing…”



    ” Hello Sailor” …..ohhh er Missus…





  19. MELBOURNE MICK on 17TH NOVEMBER 2022 10:23 PM






    I remember as a young Bhoy I tried to join the Navy.


    I was in the Recruiting Office, when in walked The Navy Admiral.



    ADMIRAL…” So young James….You wish to join her Majesty’s Royal Navy…..Tell me, can you swim” ?



    ME…” How…..Have you no goat any Feckin Boats” ?






  20. I hit the ” Crossbar” yesterday with my FIVE Horse Selections.


    FOUR Winners at odds of…11/2, 7/2. 11/10 and 1/2.


    My other selection was ” Stuck Up” 2nd ….GRRR…


    No matter, I still had a handsome profit while I sat in the Pub downing a few Beers.


    I cant drink the way I used to, so I only had about 7 or 8 Pints…and then home.




  21. Word coming out Qatar is that the King is demanding a ban on the sale of beer at World Cup stadiums. Sheik Tamin bin Hamad Al Thani, known locally as ‘Tam’ is poised to put the Kaibosh on Budweiser, only forty eight hours before the World Cup kicks off. Budweiser the self style King of Beers is not likely to take this lying down, unlike your average football fan after a session in the marquee at this er Marquee event. Big Tam has, allegedly, told Anheuser Busch, ‘there is only one King around here’.




    Not trying to start an argument.



    Your post last night telling us that CONEYBHOY didn’t fancy Mozart’s free Masonic opera the magic flute.



    You said he was a Philistine then said or Palestine and that you get confused.



    I presume you were in your cups.


    I presume conflating Philistine and Palestine was accidentally done.🤔

  23. SAINT STIVS on 17TH NOVEMBER 2022 7:51 PM


    proper athletes in the days when it was all about mutual respect.





    😂 😂 😂Loved the wee man and big Cliff too. The good old days😉

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