Sydney promotors and lawyers, Moussa


I was disappointed the Allianz Stadium was not sold out for the Celtic-Sydney game this morning.  As we learned earlier this year, the promotors of this tour invested significant sums, I hope the venture is profitable for them.  Still, if not, the lawyers will have scope for breach of contract with other parties.

Sunday’s game against Everton is the headline event of the Sydney Super Cup.  It may be that the lure of an EPL side is greater than an APL outfit.  On the bigger picture, we are there to evangelise, Celtic fans in Sydney have been great ambassadors for football and life in general, well done to all.

One of the biggest disappointments imaginable for a former Celtic hero must, at the peak of his athletic prowess, being compared to an out of shape nobody.  Moussa Dembele (26) is being allowed to run out his Lyon contract, which expires in June.  For those of us who watched him at Celtic, this is jarring.  After a prolific season last term, where he scored 21 in 25 league starts, he has scored twice this term in an injury interrupted current term, making only 6 starts and is now targeted by Fenerbahce.

He’s 18 months younger than Kyogo.  Just sayin’.

Yesterday brought back memories of the good old days, trying to reboot the server to bring us back online whenever big news broke.  We just broke yesterday….

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  1. How lucky are we to know fellow Celts?,heading up to east Kilbride to lunch wi the ‘young fella my 85 y.o friend who alas stopped going this hopefully a good ol Celtic haver.


    You bhoys have a great day




  2. Dembele fell out with Brendan because Brendan didn’t want to sell him. Which coach would want to sell their best player? Do you think big Jock wanted to sell Dalglish?


    Lawwell wanted Dembele sold because he wanted the money in the bank. Lawwell wanted Brendan sold because he wanted the money in the bank. Does anyone really believe that lawwell would turn down an offer of £9m from Leicester?


    God forbid, but if Lawwell returns as chairman it won’t be long before Ange leaves.

  3. Looking at the bhoys on Bondi Beach I feel more and more the Ange angry exchange was a put on job for effect



    the bhoys definately look like they are on holiday there.

  4. WESTCRAIGS on 18TH NOVEMBER 2022 10:03 AM



    I thought they fell out as rodgers was looking to go to china on big bucks and wanted Dembele to go with him



    Hence the snake comments to the support

  5. I haven’t even watched the highlights from yesterday’s friendly and I probably never will. I hope we out taking it easy down in Oz because we need a rest.



    We’ve some time yet to get back to training for the re-start. Let’s hope our lads enjoy themselves and are ready to go again when the time comes.



    Lawwell wanted Dembele sold because he wanted the money in the bank. Lawwell wanted Brendan sold because he wanted the money in the bank. Does anyone really believe that lawwell would turn down an offer of £9m from Leicester?



    I’m pretty sure Dembele decided he wanted to leave long before PL decided to sell. Why hold onto an unhappy player?



    Managers aren’t sold like players. Rodgers accepted an offer from Leicester City. PL had no say in that decision. Leicester were prepared to pay the going compensation rate which is based on his Celtic salary and time left in contract.



    I almost feel sorry for the PL obsessives who daily fantasise about him returning as chairman.



    It ain’t gonna happen.

  7. What is the Starz on

    I really would LUV IT (ala Kevin Keegan) if the bould Pedro was re appointed as CEO or whatever.


    It would be fun

  8. What is the Starz on

    18 months after retirement Peter Lawwell (God Bless him) Still to blame for all Celtics woes.


    Back of the Bus, forelock tugging, failed bean counters of the World ..Unite

  9. Dermot Desmond said that Brendan received a life changing offer from China. He turned it down. Before the 2018/19 season started I commented on this site that I thought Lawwell was trying to get rid of Brendan. It’s quite simple really. Don’t back the manager. Brendan wanted McGinn and he got Mulumbu. Lawwell was using a strategy that worked well before for him.

  10. Hello again all you young rebels



    From a very exuberant band of Celtic sailors parked under


    Sydney bridge.


    All hooped up and ready to reinforce our fellow Tim’s throughout


    the city in our quest to overcome the Evertonian Engerlunders.


    Feel a bit rough this fine sunny morn. don’t suppose a gallon of


    ale, and numerous rid biddys had anything to do with it.


    What we have to suffer in our support of the bhoys lol.


    Can’t wait to meet up with our fellow Mornington CSC members


    in Centennial park for another party, and some bhoys and ghirls


    who’ve travelled from all over Oz to just be there.


    I’ve a feeling it will be a far better performance from the bhoys


    after Ange’s blast, and Everton will pay the price.


    But at the end of the day, most Aussies will be just satisfied at the


    fact Celtic didn’t forget about the support worldwide.


    Off now to get dressed Celtic style, and of course a wee curer, just


    to steady my aul sealegs 🍷 😜


    H H. Mick

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