Sympathy for the captain, forget Schalk, worry about next weekend’s penalty


There’s been a lot of talk about the Lisbon Lions recently; you may have noticed. Go ask you dad about them, he’ll tell you they could take care of themselves. For all the pretty football, they still had to win the battles.

Consider also the team during Seville season. Thompson, Lennon, Sutton, Hartson, Mjallby and Valgaeren never failed to meet an opponent square on. They were all hard men. Don’t even ask about Bobo, he terrified opponents by the scale of his shadow, no opponent dared take him on.

All of those duties now fall to Scott Brown, he’s our hard man. It’s an important role and he doesn’t have much in the way of support.

You get the feeling there’s a notion that the rest of the guys can concentrate on being wonderful, in the knowledge that Scott will sort out the troublemakers. He was, of course, wrong yesterday, not for the first time, although red cards are not a regular occurrence.

Sky TV could not have hand-picked a better analyst of this situation than Barry Robson. Barry arrived at Celtic in January 2008, picked up the mantle of Sorter Outer in Chief, and stamped his authority on the league title. We all knew that, unlike a then often-rash Scott Brown, Barry could work within the lines and still get the job done.

But even the such a master of subtle intimidation can get it spectacularly wrong. Last year he lamped former Celtic team-mate, Scott McDonald, a minute after coming on as a substitute. If you want a hard man in your team, don’t go yelling about him when he acts like a hard man moments after being assaulted from behind.

The only surprise about the late penalty for Ross County’s Schalk’s outrageous dive and subsequent penalty was that it happened this weekend, not next. Set your watch for it, people, if you think the treble will be decided purely on meritocratic terms, you’ve not watched as much football as me.

Brendan’s about to find out the limits of his apparent powers in Scottish football.


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  1. Jude 5.06.


    Harsh on Craig Gordon.


    In a previous life, I participated in a days goalkeeping course. It was taken by a professional keeper, who had saved a penalty, in the last minute, the previous day.


    He said in a pressure moment like that, except at the very highest level, most players take the safest option, which is hitting it to the same side of the goal as the foot they take the penalty with, this is more risk opening your body up,and puting it in the opposite corner.


    Hail Hail.

  2. Lots of apologies on hear today. Could we not have an Easter reprieve for awe Naw?



  3. Parkheadcumsalford 5.26.


    Agreed. It’s something I bang the drum about, Edinburgh is protected, I think we know why. It’s never just a West of Scotland problem.


    Hail Hail

  4. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    PHILBHOY…..yer to quick for me, I’m multi-tasking but hey -ho


    you crack on wae a great rebel song.

  5. They burned there way through Munster


    Laid Leinster on the rack


    Through Connaught and through Ulster


    Marched the men in brown and black


    Well they cut down wives and children


    In their own horrific way


    The black and tans like lightening ran


    from the rifles of the IRA

  6. Afternoon all.


    Perhaps in this mayhem of refereeing incompetence/cheating* (delete according to your view) there is an opportunity for Scottish football to take a lead, and try and regain some credibility. Global football is plagued by poor refereeing, cheating, simulation and all sorts, ruining the game. Video review has been suggested as a solution, but has never properly been tested. The SPL could offer itself as a testbed, for a full season, of some kind of review system. It is a small league so the video and review resources required would be limited (lowering the cost), the outcome of the league is not in a huge amount of doubt (lovering the risk), and there are plenty of decisions to be made due to the nature of the game here (and the incompetence of the officials). Scottish football, perhaps strangely still retains a certain status in the game at a global level, and this could offer a chance to leverage that for the greater good. And, get us some better decision making to boot. Any legs in this?

  7. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Lmcbhoy 5.34pm



    I concur, get TheBhoyJinky back as well



    Too many good tims not enjoying these great times :-)

  8. I agree. Just lost my wonderful mother in law; returned from the funeral yesterday. My Bhoy carried the urn to its final resting place. A very sad and emotional experience for all concerned. May she rest in peace.



    The other issue that concerns me is the absolutely atrocious “refereeing” yesterday. The more we go forward, the more it remains the same; unfortunately. Brendan got it right. His comments were spot on.







  9. BEATBHOY, BMCUWP’S, I added a comment at the end of the last article. Read if you can be arsed, ignore it if you can’t, I’m too lazy today to retype it. I’ll summarise it by saying that the refs who told you to butt out were the same ones who would dump on you to get a good assessment for themselves. Mind you, I’m pretty capable of dealing with that sort of crap…..





    I expect the assessor gave him a thumbs up,a funny handshake,and got the first round in!

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I actually wish we hadn’t appealed Scott’s red card. Instead of being the victims of cheatery we will be portrayed as the cheats who “scammed the system”. If he even breathes on one of that lot next week he will be off and it will be seen as “justice” as he shouldn’t have been playing.


    In any case we have easily a good enough team to win without him. No more experiments please, Brendan. Maybe only in the Partick and St Johnstone games.

  12. BMCUWP’S, Thanks for the info for Krakow for next week. Mrs Maffo’s birthday, spent watching the bhoys -how did I get away with that? She’ll want to go shopping after the game as compensation lol.



    Scottish football would be the ideal place for the corrupt footballing authorities to implement video review.


    They could then test and manipulate a system with the intent of seeing to be addressing a problem.


    A poster earlier mentioned them using cgi to manipulate what is seen.


    With the compliant mssm the Scottish authorities would us it to keep Timmy down and furnish their hun must triumph agenda.


    UEFA would be excited about this as it would continue their whorish partnership with tv and advertising sponsors who demand that the teams who play in top tv markets always triumph.


    Scotland would be the worst place to trial the system if we want to return to a level playing field.





    You picked a good ‘un,mate. Hope you both have a great time.

  15. Gee whizz,Scott Brown, a hard man,really ?????


    Thats like referring to Tony Stokes as being the epitome of a clean living Irish laddie.


    What happens if Scottt Brown harbours a sense of injustice after the first 5 minutes on Sunday, I know of an egotistical schoolteacher who will have no hesitation in currying favour with his masters by flashing. a red card.

  16. Celtic Football Club‏Verified account @celticfc 10m10 minutes ago




    17 GOAL CELTIC!!!! Ralston fires cross over from left. Zwick catches under bar but falls over line 1-0.



    Celtic Football Club‏Verified account @celticfc 8m8 minutes ago




    19 Utd coach Dave Bowman sensationally sent to the Stand by referee for complaining vociferously over the awarded goal.





    Oh dear.

  17. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Heard a nice wee tune on RTE radio one few minutes ago. The Dutchman by Brendan Grace. No its not about that dutchman the jockey fella.

  18. Anybody remember a decision that cost Rangers? – or easier than that, a decision that cost Sevco?



    This will have Massive Ramifications for Celtic © David Tanner SKY csc

  19. Delaneys Dunky on




    Don’t remember the fuss at Hogmanay when Kiernan was able to play after the huns appealed his red card against Saint Johnstone.

  20. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    What is MacIntyre on about?


    He was “expecting contact” and went down?


    Does that mean it would have been okay to go down if there had been contact? Even if it wasn’t enough contact to make him go down?

  21. Maffo



    I could be arsed, as you took the trouble to post it!



    So, if the assistant is asked by an assesssor why he didn’t flag, he won’t blame the ref for having instructed him pre-match not to, unless, like you, he’s not looking to climb the ladder?



    They’ll take the credit for getting it right, but blame the assistant if they don’t.



    Seems to be what happened to Steven Craven up here, following the “Dougie, Dougie” incident.




  22. Fan-A -Tic



    I respect your view, but do you not think some external scrutiny of the league officials would be positive?

  23. Wonder if paddypower are taking bets on which day the “controversial referee receives threatening phone calls” headline will appear in the daily ranker.


    I’ll go for Thursday, but am no a betting man.

  24. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    GERRYBHOY. May your mother in law Rest in Peace and may perpetual light shine upon her. H.H.

  25. For me it’s gut wrenching to see wee diddy clubs such as Brighton getting those mega bucks for winning to promotion to The EPL, as they did today. Good luck to them, but I get really pissed off with it due to the paltry amounts that Celtic get for winning.


    For numerous reasons including money, the Cheating of Sevco/Oldco, the Cheating of the SFA/SPL, The cheating of the MIB, The disgraceful SMSM etc, etc…The sooner that Celtic FC can move to the English League the better, in my opinion.


    It really could be a different kind of Paradise, with the actual football being the main topics of conversation once again.


    I’m unsure where Celtic may find themselves on joining the English League, what division etc, but surely that day can not be far off, especially if The Huns are legally and officially put in their final resting place FOREVER ?


    IF/WHEN that happens, surely the TV companies will dictate what role Glasgow Celtic FC could play in a better and fairer League ?


    Of course I could be wrong about everything I’ve just stated…but there’s nothing wrong with a Celtic man having “Hope in his Heart”.



  26. !!Bada Bing!! on

    bournesouprecipe on 17th April 2017 6:37 pm



    Anybody remember a decision that cost Rangers? – or easier than that, a decision that cost Sevco?







    This will have Massive Ramifications for Celtic © David Tanner SKY csc



    A great point B,,,, back to the Roy Aitken throw in…

  27. Maybe it would be prudent for Celtic just to apologise just now before this thing gets out of hand.

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