Sympathy for the devils


Having criticised Newco’s players for their statuesque appearance ahead of Celtic’s goal on Sunday, we should probably add some context. I watched the game again yesterday (didn’t we all) and honestly, Raskin had every right to expect referee Don Robertson would award a foul against him for his challenge on Matt O’Riley. He knew what he did and stopped accordingly, his team-mates saw it too, I have no explanation why Robertson looked the other way.

The game finished without controversy because Celtic won a game which saw Kyogo assaulted on two occasions, without appropriate consequences. On Saturday, I wrote ‘Newco’s other midfield strategy [will be]– “get in amongst them”, which is a euphemism for kicking and elbowing people.’ You didn’t need to be Nostradamus to predict this. Our game’s best talent must be protected.

My other big takeaway from watching the game over was the positive contribution from Tomoki Iwata. In his 30-minute contribution he covered a lot of ground, always with his head up, looking for (and making) a telling pass, or to get in the way of danger. I would consider him for a start on Sunday.

The game’s bookings were also informative. Daizen Maeda got his yellow for battering into Cantwell, in my book, marking the card of an opponent who was giving out the same with impunity. Callum McGregor took one for the team late on to stop a breakaway.

Early on, Newco fullback, Barasic, was cautioned for a lunge at Matt O’Riley. Fast forward to late in the first half. When Barasic collapsed inside the Celtic box, Greg Taylor physically manhandled him to his feet. This was bait for Barasic, who either had to suck it up, or get into a spat with Taylor and pick up a second yellow. He sucked it up and was diminished as a consequence. Greg Taylor has a strategic brain.

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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Celtic’s Scottish Cup Final against Inverness Caley Thistle looks set for a lunchtime kick-off as a warm up to the FA Cup Final at Wembley.



    BBC and ITV will show the Manchester Derby live with a 3pm kick off with BBC Scotland and Viaplay Sport not prepared to go head to head with that fixture.”

  2. the long wait is over on

    Not disagreeing with P67 at all but , irrespective of whatever Greg Taylor did, Barasic should have gotten a second yellow for simulation ( that’s a “blatant dive ” in old money).

  3. McPhail Bhoy on

    Paul 67


    ‘ I have no idea why Robertson looked the other way’.


    I do, he didn’t want to give Celtic an advantage at the edge of Rangers* penalty box by awarding a free kick. He assumed the ball would be cleared.


    How did that work out?


    That decision alone should mean he either explains why he didn’t award the most blatant free kick or he doesn’t officiate a top flight game again in Scotland. I won’t hold my breath.

  4. Raskin had every right to expect referee Don Robertson would award a foul against him for his challenge on Matt O’Riley. He knew what he did and stopped accordingly, his team-mates saw it too, I have no explanation why Robertson looked the other way…..



    Reckon we all know why Paul😉

  5. Did anyone ex-referee Connor’s take on the Performance of Robertson. It appears that Robertson had a wonderful game getting everything just right and ran the game as it should be handled. Some other ref agreed. There you are we know what that really means.

  6. McPhail Bhoy on

    THE LONG WAIT IS OVER on 2ND MAY 2023 12:11 PM


    Not disagreeing with P67 at all but , irrespective of whatever Greg Taylor did, Barasic should have gotten a second yellow for simulation ( that’s a “blatant dive ” in old money).




    He should have had his first yellow card for a deliberate hand ball earlier in the game. Lundstrum should have been shown a yellow for his out of control lunge at Kyogo, and then a VAR check for a red, neither happened, go figure?

  7. the long wait is over on

    McPhail Bhoy



    “go figure?”



    I did – many years ago.



    Can you guess what conclusion I came to?



    You have one guess only,




  8. Has the camel-coated, amply proportioned, spitting individual from Sunday been identified yet ?

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Definitely not Rangers, remember.







  10. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    The only thing that surprised me was that Robertson didn’t blow and pull it back when he realised the Huns were asleep.

  11. Robertson was awful yesterday.



    Barisic commits blatant handball prior to his booking


    Lundstrom foul is yellow minimum


    Davies forearm smash on Kyogo, no foul


    Tillman foul on GT where he injures himself is a booking, wasnt even given as a foul


    Barisic dive in the box


    Then of course in 93rd min, Oh and Davies go for a ball together, there is no foul whatsoever but ref gives them one last chance to put the ball up the park, we’ve seen that particular move from plenty refs before




  12. St Stivs. I do not know if this will interest you in your asking for Lisbon Stories. About three years after Lisbon, I was travelling with a coach load of pilgrims driving back to Lisbon from Fatima and someone had started a good old sing song. At my turn, I was asked to sing the Celtic Song. As I finished the coach driver who had no English at all looked over at me and said “Jimmy Johnstone, Tommy Gemmell” and smiled.



    So after all that time the great football of the Lions and individuals were being remembered in Portugal.

  13. Celtic really should be calling out this kind of referring. Was it not Don Robertson who referreed at Arbroth when Idagichi got crocked … and his subsequent Celtic career finished before it had even started!


    Celtic are trying to attract foreign players. This leniency on physical challenges does nothing for Scottish football (except help ONE team with a lack of skill even things up).



    As I’ve said before – Don Robertson shpuld never referree another Celtic game! He even had the cheek to say to O’ Reilly that he probably should have given “THE FOUL”!!! … but then we wouldn’t have scored! He’s a disgrace!

  14. Superbru Round 34 update



    Having just got back from holiday on Saturday- I don’t know if anyone updated the final week’s pre-split fixtures on Superbru, so this might be a re-post.



    Given a Celtic draw and a Sevco defeat, this was a low scoring week and allowed some eejits to come to the fore for a rare taste of the limelight. Our top 3 were:-



    1. SFTB- with a mighty 7 points


    2. Big Jimmy- who struck the post with 6.5 pts


    3. Gutenberg- who was just off target with 6 pts



    None of us came close to troubling the best weekly total of points. However at the bottom of the table someone did get a spectacular result. Nine punters ( Nawlite, Call me Gerry, Bognorbhoy, Ayrshire Tim, Billy Bhoy13, Brth, Hamilton Tim, roy croppie and Hot Smoked) all scored one solitary point but had the much coveted wooden spoon snatched from their hands by the Michael Beale level of predicting displayed by Raplochbus who got all 6 predictions wrong- expecting Ross Co. to beat Hearts and Sevco to beat the Dons added to predicted wins for Celtic, Hibs and St. Mirren and a draw between United & Livi. If he was bidding Misére at Whist, he would be this week’s winner.



    The overall Leaderboard has seen a shock too with our long term leader being deposed just before the run in. Who will have the stamina for the unpredictable Top and Bottom 6 run in? Our new frontman, Leggy or long term front runner- A thing of beauty. Is Big Leggy stretching out for a final sprint or is ATOB playing rope a dope and letting him hit the front too soon. All will be revealed in 5 matches time. Currently we have:-



    1. Leggy- 197 points


    2. A thing of beauty- 195 pts.


    3. Celticrollercoaster- 184 pts



    At the bottom, Raplochbus’s plummeting performance has brought him into contention on 135 points with long time bottom dwellers, TheLurkinTim (130), BelmontBrian63 (130.5) and LanarkBhoy (134.5). These are the betting tips to avoid, folks!



    Next set of predictions are due in by 3pm on Saturday where we have 4 SPFL games with Celtic and Sevco matches happening on Sunday. It’s getting exciting now- keep punting and supporting. Remember you cannot win the wooden spoon unless you keep predicting (and getting it wrong obviously, but you seem to have mastered that part ok)



    All the best to those in contention!

  15. yes, rewatched Paul



    the second half was uncomfortable watching, not because Sevco cut ud open, but more the yielding of key areas of midfield.



    I am hatatea biggest fan, but he was miles off it. Not sure if we the luxury of Matt and Rep in bigger games. Moy steadied the ship and kept the ball.



    U front we look lethal. If maeade had a better touch he would be truly world class. The midfield was the weakest link on Sunday

  16. bournesouprecipe on




    Really – you’ve no idea why Don Robertson blanked a clear foul on MOR?



    You’ve been watching the fixture since they were the real Rainjurz, maybe he knew Maeda was going to provide a brilliant assist and Jota would score using Don’s advantage rule.



    Then again maybe not.

  17. the long wait is over on

    TOMMY JOAD on 2ND MAY 2023 12:27 PM



    Agree with all of that.



    I reckon Robertson regarded yesterday as a “free hit”, given that he was only called up at the last minute.

  18. Highly disingenuous of Robertson to play the “well you scored didn’t you?” card, is he suggesting he played a useful advantage? You can see from various camera angles as soon as the foul is committed Robertson turns and starts jogging up the pitch. He fully expected sevco to gain immediate possession.

  19. Lundstrom’s tackle aside, I thought the ref had a good game on Sunday. He tried to let the game flow as best as he could. At the goal, Riley was blocked but I thought he let things develop and the rest is history.

  20. Greenpinata on




    I get the impression many of you would have preferred Willie Collum..



    So many ” Get well soon” messages.🙃




  21. The body check from Raskin on O’Riley looks even more blatant on our own unique angle camera footage of the goal. Robertson was ridiculously bad.



    Barisic dived for a pen and deliberately hand balled when he punched a pass out for a throw in. Both should have been yellow cards.

  22. bournesouprecipe on

    No idea why Don Robertson blanked a clear foul on Taylor ( Tilleman did his hamstring ) maybe he thought Celtic would score using Don’s subtle advantage rule.



    Then again maybe not

  23. bournesouprecipe on

    That awkward moment when a Sevco star brings new meaning to a water carrier

  24. Saint Stivs on

    CONNAIRE12 on 2ND MAY 2023 12:38 PM



    St Stivs. I do not know if this will interest you in your asking for Lisbon Stories.






    Always does ta.



    The general manager in Spain for our company was a footballer, played in La-liga, Real Madrid fanatic, We talk football everytime we meet.



    Given all thw world famour players that have graced the Bernabau he told me his own dad told him the best was THE FLEA – Jimmy JOhnstone.

  25. Saint Stivs on

    AIPPLE on 2ND MAY 2023 12:08 PM


    !!BADA BING!!







    Utter nonsense. Zero time for fans outside the central belt to travel.







    I agree, to get to the Korea tour the Grampian Emerald bus will need to leave right after the cup final,

  26. vinniethedog on

    I have hospitality planned for cup final ….if its a 12.30 KO I will cancel as I’m not spending 100s of £s on that and just take my chances on an ordinary ticket……utter utter nonsense

  27. “I’m not sure which bit is ‘lucky’. I think Michael at the time was referring to the fact I had money to spend but I didn’t get to this position out of luck. I’ve worked 25 years of coaching to be entrusted at a club like this. This isn’t my first job.”


    Ange Postecoglou

  28. Saint Stivs on

    replay of the match is on virgin 553 right now.



    tis is my fourth time of watching.



    celtic were neither outplayed or lucky.



    gameplan exectued excellenty well,



    once ahead, tuck in some, give up midfield possession , but be ready on the break.



    haksa, this is why the bhoy is not in the team, his decision making is poor on the break, 3 times in league cup final and twince in this game he chooses thw wrong options,



    anyways, if they equalised, and we choose to go up agear, we would have won.



    i am struggling some with praise canttwell gets, he is not anything special,

  29. Saint Stivs on

    sakala’s shot that goes out for a shy,



    ffs, i forgot that, that is desperation right there

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