Sympathy for the devils


Having criticised Newco’s players for their statuesque appearance ahead of Celtic’s goal on Sunday, we should probably add some context. I watched the game again yesterday (didn’t we all) and honestly, Raskin had every right to expect referee Don Robertson would award a foul against him for his challenge on Matt O’Riley. He knew what he did and stopped accordingly, his team-mates saw it too, I have no explanation why Robertson looked the other way.

The game finished without controversy because Celtic won a game which saw Kyogo assaulted on two occasions, without appropriate consequences. On Saturday, I wrote ‘Newco’s other midfield strategy [will be]– “get in amongst them”, which is a euphemism for kicking and elbowing people.’ You didn’t need to be Nostradamus to predict this. Our game’s best talent must be protected.

My other big takeaway from watching the game over was the positive contribution from Tomoki Iwata. In his 30-minute contribution he covered a lot of ground, always with his head up, looking for (and making) a telling pass, or to get in the way of danger. I would consider him for a start on Sunday.

The game’s bookings were also informative. Daizen Maeda got his yellow for battering into Cantwell, in my book, marking the card of an opponent who was giving out the same with impunity. Callum McGregor took one for the team late on to stop a breakaway.

Early on, Newco fullback, Barasic, was cautioned for a lunge at Matt O’Riley. Fast forward to late in the first half. When Barasic collapsed inside the Celtic box, Greg Taylor physically manhandled him to his feet. This was bait for Barasic, who either had to suck it up, or get into a spat with Taylor and pick up a second yellow. He sucked it up and was diminished as a consequence. Greg Taylor has a strategic brain.

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  1. the long wait is over on

    SONSOFERIN on 2ND MAY 2023 12:58 PM


    Highly disingenuous of Robertson to play the “well you scored didn’t you?” card, is he suggesting he played a useful advantage? You can see from various camera angles as soon as the foul is committed Robertson turns and starts jogging up the pitch. He fully expected sevco to gain immediate possession.






    Correct – his argument only makes sense if he played advantage.



    He didn’t.



    He was operating on the basis it simply wasn’t a free kick which everyone in the stadium including , thankfully, the entire Rangers defence clearly saw that it was.

  2. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from Bruxelles, Harry Street. Via O’Donoghues, Kehoes Lounge and McDaids. The fun never stops. 👍🍻😁

  3. Saint Stivs on

    Haska, giving him some praise, he breaks from 15 yeards from our box, carries the ball to halfway into their half, Cantwell tried to half him, Haksa slipped away, accelerated, but then tried to play to the right, when the bestter pass was into the space on the left for maeda to run onto.



    However having played advantage, and no one else touched the ball, the referee goes back and books cantwell ………….. but didnt give a foul



    why not ?

  4. bigrailroadblues on

    I forgot to tell Brian M about the stairs to the cludgie in McDaids. Ffs he came back down with Sherpa Tensing and a geezer who’s been missing for 2 years. 😳

  5. Tom McLaughlin on

    Season 2022/23



    Celtic 4-0 Rangers


    Rangers 2-2 Celtic


    Rangers 1-2 Celtic


    Celtic 3-2 Rangers


    Rangers 0-1 Celtic



    Played 5


    Won 4


    Drawn 1


    Scored 12


    Conceded 5







    Abada (2)





  6. BRRB: hope you are enjoying the Fair City. Leave some beer in the taps for Thursday😂😂🍺🍺

  7. bigrailroadblues on



    Brian’s first time in Dub. He’ll be floating down the Liffey with a Celtic lifebelt round his napper. 😂

  8. paulsthroughball88 on

    MELBOURNE MICK &BIG JIMMY (from previous thread)



    Cheers, Bhoys. They don’t half make it easy with their stupid behaviour, though!

  9. BRB. Say “hello” to Brussels for me. Spent 4 years in the country and I am a lover of that country.

  10. Haksa is a conundrum.



    I was screaming for him to start after his high profile sub appearances, but every game he has started he offers very little.



    He looks delighted to be there, maybe a high impact sub is his contribution

  11. bigrailroadblues on



    I was in Bruxelles pub in Harry Street, Dublin. State I’m in it could be Belgium. 😂

  12. paulsthroughball88 on

    It gets worse.



    Apparently, when Oh came on the ‘h’ was missing from the back of his shirt.



    Cantwell was standing at the touchline and was asked to pass on the missing letter, but he refused to give the ‘h’ to Oh.

  13. PAULSTHROUGHBALL88 on 2ND MAY 2023 4:09 PM



    I don`t know whether to chuckle or groan :-))

  14. Saint Stivs on

    24 minutes thirty.



    For those of a certain vintage.



    Wicker Island – Monty Python.



    It is like going to the match nowadays.



    Cant move for “vloggers” making their stupid podcasts.



    If it isnt kids, its 20 year olds without a burd, or 50 year old letting others know how they understand tactics.






    I forgot to tell Brian M about the stairs to the cludgie in McDaids. Ffs he came back down with Sherpa Tensing and a geezer who’s been missing for 2 years. 😳



    Been there bought the T SHIRT n wore it out.

  16. Saint Stivs on

    But having said that this guy is worth a ponder he makes a lot of great points.




    The Graveyard of our Hopes.



    The defence were checking their phones (i am staling that, nearly as good as pledging their alliegance).



    We ddint get a proper pre-season (eh whit ?)



    for a team that was getting put out of the challenge cup by alloa (he knows they aint the same club)



    Celtic are a good team, the amount of trophies they are winning, and we cannae beat them in 5 games, proves they are a good team



    they work hard, the japanese work ethinc can match the presbetyrian work eithic



    its my duty to tell you this (lol kissinger)



    but i renewed ma season ticket anyway.




    Rangers transfers: 8 players linked with move to Ibrox as Michael Beale plans summer rebuild to catch Celtic



    Right bhoys that is close season league lost already.



    From todays SCOTSMAN. ASS WIPE N WIDNAE springs to mind.

  18. Saint Stivs on

    We can add to their list of trophies the



    “Gee up the Crowd by clipping and flapping your arms CUP”



    they are brilliant at that

  19. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Palace Bar, Fleet Street, Dublin. You can never have enough good times. Plenty Celtic shirts in the fair city and bonny looking ladies as usual. I may carry on celebrating Sunday for quite some time. 👍😁🍻

  20. BRRB – Never you mind those Ladies, you have a feckin saint (M) back in Glasgow waiting on you. ya rascal



    D :)

  21. Bada if that young Aussie female news reporter wants to know more about our club I am more tgan happy to be that ambassador and show her around the City, go for a drink….oh wait a minute.



    D :)

  22. Saint Stivs on

    Pat Welsh’s Obituary appeared in the Glasgow Observer on August 12 1899



    Announcement made the previous Sunday at St Mary’s that he’d died.



    “The funeral, which was a public one, took place on Sunday to Dalbeth. The cortege was a very large one, all the societies of the parish accompanying the remains to the cemetery.”



    The death notice appeared in the Observer also: “dearly beloved husband of Ellen Lyddy who died at 76 Abercromby Street.”



    Also in same paper: “Patrick Conway, beloved son of the late John Conway, aged 28 years.”

  23. Greenpinata on




    Beware. These Aussie girls are dynamite.



    Look at our goalkeeper, poor Benji Siegrist has been completely burnt out since the Australian tour when he hooked up with Brittany.



    HH. We never stop. 😀

  24. Evening all.





    That awkward moment when a Sevco star brings new meaning to a water carrier






    Brilliant. :)

  25. Paul67


    You wonder why ref did nothing, are you nuts, he’s a hun, seemples.


    Why else would he look away





  26. Out on the bike today I was feeling quite tired going up a long hill….then I thought of Robertson trying to cheat us but instead, facilitating a Jota winner and suddenly the hill was good fun :-))

  27. Saint Stivs on

    HOT SMOKED on 2ND MAY 2023 7:39 PM



    Out on the bike today I was feeling quite tired going up a long hill….then I thought of Robertson trying to cheat us but instead, facilitating a Jota winner and suddenly the hill was good fun :-))






    did you notice that green flash whizzing past you at the speed of light …



    that was daizen out on his raleigh chopper

  28. carpe diem 63 on

    Is it just me ?…don’t like this evolving narrative that the League never mind the cup is in the bag …nothing is won yet …nothing would give wee Nosferatu Naismith on Sunday and the seething hun hordes the following week more pleasure than derailing us …no resting anyone ..100 per cent focus Celts …finish it quickly at Swinecastle ..I am sure Ange is on it 🍀

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