Sympathy for the devils


Having criticised Newco’s players for their statuesque appearance ahead of Celtic’s goal on Sunday, we should probably add some context. I watched the game again yesterday (didn’t we all) and honestly, Raskin had every right to expect referee Don Robertson would award a foul against him for his challenge on Matt O’Riley. He knew what he did and stopped accordingly, his team-mates saw it too, I have no explanation why Robertson looked the other way.

The game finished without controversy because Celtic won a game which saw Kyogo assaulted on two occasions, without appropriate consequences. On Saturday, I wrote ‘Newco’s other midfield strategy [will be]– “get in amongst them”, which is a euphemism for kicking and elbowing people.’ You didn’t need to be Nostradamus to predict this. Our game’s best talent must be protected.

My other big takeaway from watching the game over was the positive contribution from Tomoki Iwata. In his 30-minute contribution he covered a lot of ground, always with his head up, looking for (and making) a telling pass, or to get in the way of danger. I would consider him for a start on Sunday.

The game’s bookings were also informative. Daizen Maeda got his yellow for battering into Cantwell, in my book, marking the card of an opponent who was giving out the same with impunity. Callum McGregor took one for the team late on to stop a breakaway.

Early on, Newco fullback, Barasic, was cautioned for a lunge at Matt O’Riley. Fast forward to late in the first half. When Barasic collapsed inside the Celtic box, Greg Taylor physically manhandled him to his feet. This was bait for Barasic, who either had to suck it up, or get into a spat with Taylor and pick up a second yellow. He sucked it up and was diminished as a consequence. Greg Taylor has a strategic brain.

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  1. McPhail Bhoy on

    THE LONG WAIT IS OVER on 2ND MAY 2023 12:23 PM


    McPhail Bhoy




    “go figure?”




    I did – many years ago.




    Can you guess what conclusion I came to?




    You have one guess only,







    Yes we all know, sorry for the delay replying I had to work, the boss reckons responding on CQN isn’t real work, bloody cheek!

  2. Some Celtic Fans signing what that mob over at Ibrox sing these anti monarchy songs as well as deceased people need to be stopped,it’s noti nice it’s not welcome with Celtic fans,have a bit of respect for the deceased persons and there families.

  3. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from Dublin. We’ve been in more pubs than Oliver Reed and Jeffrey Bernard combined. 😂

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    From what I’ve seen online …



    … Piers Morgan has now op’ed ed about Celtic fans’ high quality melody from Sunday …



    … which expressed an alternative interpretation of the value to the nation of the coronation …



    … compared to that expressed via the prevailing orthodoxy.






    Too much to hope Jeremy Clarkson pipes up next?

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Scullybhoy – great pictures as always but the image of CCV and Joe’s handshake is absolutely amazing.



    Cameron is not the most outwardly expressive individual.



    The look of pride in his eyes is brilliantly captured.

  6. back to basics



    Naughty naughty bhoys,…..


    and upsettin awe the Unionists amongst our support


    Suppose they could always retaliate by reciting the oath of allegiance to Charlie on the day


    Wouldnae suprise me

  7. TIMBHOY163 on 2ND MAY 2023 9:27 PM



    high up in the south stand on sunday, up in the dear seats, its a mixed bag of attending celtic supporters, quite obvious who were not regulars as they didnt get the memo about wearing hoops and struggled some to join in the sing song, or maybe they didnt like the song book.



    however the ones song that got everyone and i mean everyone on their feet was you can stick the coronation up your arse.



    where you there timbhoy did you not join in ?

  8. I Have not seen a player quite like him in 50 years on the Planet. That Ba’ frae not his favoured side. WOW!!!

  9. Melbourne Mick on

    Goooood morning all you happy bhoys…oops and ghirls 💚


    Away for a wee perusal of the latter pages.


    H H. Mick

  10. Just read that Madden is retiring a year early for reasons too boring to go into. No sympathy whatsoever for the cheat, but was struck by part of the article that explained the differences in how referee’s performance is measured in England compared to up here. Up here, their performance is rated on a match by match basis by a single observer, so no real chance of objectivity and easy to see how so much incompetence and cheating is permitted/encouraged in the Scottish game.

  11. However, the English approach is 20% scored by one observer, 40% by a panel that score any difficult or debatable decisions and then each participating club has a 20% input also, so the ref is judged far more fairly, rather than getting away with unchallenged bias up here…it will never catch on….imagine Celtic having a say in how the officials are assessed up here????

  12. I do have to say I really enjoyed the phone in other night when the bear said the saddest thing about Sunday was that Allan McGregor would end up without his day in the sun, as a great ranger, a great servant to the club (s).



    Is this the same Allan McGregor ?



    Rangers entered administration in February 2012. After its creditors rejected a CVA in June 2012, the company was liquidated.[55] The administrator sold the assets, including player contracts, to a new Rangers company set up by Charles Green.[55] McGregor made a legal objection (under the “TUPE” regulations) to his contract being transferred to the new company, and became a free agent.

  13. Dont ever let them forget, bring it up at every opportunity, post the facts recorded at the time.



    If it was “the same club” why would contracts have to be transferred ?









    Some read this.






    Rangers: Davis, McGregor, Lafferty and Ness eye exit



    By Alasdair Lamont


    BBC Scotland


    Last updated on26 June 201226 June 2012.


    From the sectionFootball




    Four more players – captain Steven Davis, Allan McGregor, Kyle Lafferty and Jamie Ness – have lodged objections to their transfer to a “newco” Rangers.



    The consortium led by Charles Green believe the players’ contracts should transfer from the old, soon-to-be liquidated Rangers.



    Last week, Steven Naismith, Steven Whittaker, Sone Aluko and Rhys McCabe claimed to be free agents.



    That action prompted chief executive Green to threaten legal action.



    Green, whose consortium bought Rangers’ assets after creditors rejected a plan to take the old company out of administration, says he will use the courts to block the players’ departure and seek damages.



    Scotland defender Lee Wallace has announced he intends to remain with Rangers for the remainder of his five-year contract.



    Rangers crisis explained



    Rangers went into administration owing up to £134m to unsecured creditors and were eventually liquidated.


    As a result its registrations with the Scottish FA and Scottish Premier League were terminated.


    Charles Green led a consortium which bought Rangers’ assets for £5.5m.


    The former Sheffield United chief executive is reforming Rangers as a new company.


    But the ‘newco’ will not get the required votes for re-admittance to the SPL.


    Instead the new Rangers is expected to start life in the Scottish Football League.


    But midfielder Davis, Northern Ireland team-mate Lafferty, Scotland goalkeeper McGregor and Under-21 international midfielder Ness have joined those eyeing an exit.



    A statement from lawyer Margaret Gribbon of Bridge Litigation read: “Allan McGregor, Steven Davis, Jamie Ness and Kyle Lafferty have instructed PFA lawyers Bridge Litigation UK to object to their transfer to the Rangers’ newco.”



    Green’s newco Rangers has submitted an application to be granted entry into the Scottish Premier League and will face a vote by all 12 top-flight clubs on 4 July.



    However, enough clubs have already stated they will be voting against Rangers’ application to leave the new club facing the prospect of having to apply for entry to the Scottish Football League.



    Raith Rovers and Falkirk have gone public with their opposition to a new Rangers being admitted to Division One instead of starting life two rungs below.



    “This has been an extremely difficult period for all the players and, in the end, their decisions were influenced largely by footballing considerations,” added Ms Gribbon.



    “SPL football appears highly unlikely and even First Division football cannot be guaranteed in light of comments made today by two First Division clubs.



    “The players’ commitment and loyalty to oldco Rangers cannot be questioned; they voluntarily took significant wage cuts in a genuine act of solidarity, which ensured that none of the playing squad or club staff would lose their jobs.



    “But for their contribution, it’s likely that the club would not have survived until the end of the season.



    McGregor has followed Whittaker’s example by saying he wants to leave Ibrox


    McGregor has followed Whittaker’s example by saying he wants to leave Ibrox


    “As professional footballers, the players’ careers are relatively short-lived and they are entitled to exercise basic employment rights the law affords to all employees in this country under the TUPE Regulations.



    “I now expect the SFA and Fifa to interpret their Rules and Regulations in accordance with the TUPE legislation so that the players’ registrations can be released without delay.”



    Rangers are due to start pre-season training on Thursday, the same day as staff who have agreed to transfer their contracts are due to receive their first pay packets from the Sevco consortium.



    But they are already facing one change to their plans ahead of the new season. Southampton have announced that Anderlecht will replace Rangers in this year’s Markus Liebherr Memorial Cup, which will also feature Arsenal, because of question marks about the strength of the Glasgow club’s squad.



    Meanwhile, the Scottish Football Association is awaiting information from Green to support his newco club’s application for membership of the governing body.



    Green submitted a letter of application on Friday, but the SFA needs formal documents relating to his consortium, requirements for fit and proper officials, and plans for his newco Rangers.



    It was agreed that Green, whose group purchased the business and assets of Rangers for £5.5m, would provide details before this weekend.



    The transfer of the SFA membership from soon-to-be-liquidated Rangers to Green’s newco could take place at the same time as a decision is made over which league the club will play in.



    The club were forced into administration in February over an unpaid tax bill and failure to secure a company voluntary arrangement in order to exit the process consigned the club to liquidation.

  14. Ask your fellow Celts that want to call the phone ins and hot lines and have discussions with the same flies to ensure they correctly separate the “honours” of Rangers PLC the original incorporated company has noted as being officially 115.



    (54 league titles, 33 Scottish Cups, 27 league cups and a Cup Winners Cup whatever that was)



    That is what they had when they went bust, thats it, the end, finito, no more honours, ceased to add any cos they do not exist as a football team.



    At a recent McTears Sports Auction a fella was lucky enough to buy Alan Wells running shoes from the Moscow Olympics, the press are not now reporting old Jimmy as holding a Gold medal for the 100 metres or a Silver in the 200 meters at that event.



    That would just be stupid and laughed at.



    So currently Celtic FC, the club/company incorporated one unbroken entity has 115 honours.



    (53 league titles, 40 Scottish cups, 21 league cups and 1 european cup ).



    Our league cup win tied both the deid club and the celtic club on 115 honours.



    Celtic will have 116 when they win the League, and it will equal the Rangers 54 titles. And they go clear on being the most successful SINGLE CLUB in the history of Scottish football.



    If Celtic win the Scottish Cup , they go to 117 honours.



    They also go clear on most trebles , 8 v 7 for the old club. Not really important to me, but to them it is something they cherish.







  15. Good morning all Tim’s across the globe from a grey skied but dry at the moment Garngad.



    Does anyone know when tickets will be diatributed for cup final so I can say to my son, son in law and Grandson to look out for email or go onto ticket portal thingy to see if they are succesful.



    D :)

  16. timmy7_noted on

    Some absolute garbage being posted about the Royal leeches this morning. Being on the opposite side of the argument from ignoramus morgan is fine and dandy with this tim.


    Shove yir coronation up yir entitled arse.

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