Tactical call leaves Celtic impotent


The big decision of the day was to move Callum McGregor from central mid to left back, leaving Celtic with a Scott Brown – Olivier Ntcham central midfield partnership.  This was the central mid pairing we started the season with, when form was at its poorest for years.  Due to injury, the side changed at halftime at Murrayfield in the League Cup semi-final against Hearts, infusing the season with fresh impetus.  Without that change in October the league table would look significantly different right now.

Jonny Hayes could have started at left back, as he did at Pittodrie on Wednesday, allowing McGregor to partner either Brown or Ntcham, but Brendan Rodgers’ gamble did not pay off and Celtic did not compete throughout the 90 minutes.

We hoped for tactical changes at halftime but injuries to Filip Benkovic and Mikael Lustig limited what the manager was able to do.  Odsonne Edouard replaced Mikey Johnston on the hour, which improved things, especially when Callum McGregor was able to get into the box in support, but Newco had control of the game throughout.  It was a one goal victory that could easily have been four.  Special mention goes to Craig Gordon, who repeatedly got his teammates out of trouble.

Although we got little from James Forrest, Scott Sinclair, Ryan Christie and Mikey Johnstone, we were forward so seldom, it is difficult to be too harsh on any of them.  Dedryck Boyata’s chances of a big money offer next month were not enhanced as he repeatedly mis-controlled and mis-passed.

We had two late chances to equalise, McGregor put the ball in the net but was marginally offside, and Ntcham had a great chance blocked, but a draw would have flattered the champions.

I seldom complain about officiating, but Morelos kicked, punched and stamped on Celtic players off the ball, without caution.  I assume referee John Beaton missed each incident but we should see retrospective action.

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  1. Gutenberg



    Hope you’re well sir. Sorry but can’t see Brendan being that way inclined despite knowing he was thoroughly pissed off in the summer with the lack of backing.

  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    HAMILTONTIM on 29TH DECEMBER 2018 10:19 PM


    If you think Brendan is hurting more than the 750 of us at Ibrox today…



    He was there too.


    He takes responsibility. The 750 don`t.


    His job`s on the line. Your`s ain`t.



    Glad to have the opportunity to set you right again , HT .





    Hope you and all your`s are well ………..in spite of the little setback today .

  3. HT 10.22pm



    Could believe that … punters I know did not a get sniff of a ticket … but heard supporter buses were only get two a bus, if that … anyhow I wish we had the full Broomloan road stand so some of the young team realised how bad it is when the Huns actually beat us …. growing up that was just natural for us :-)



    Anyhow … today’s game is in the past, is Valencia away in an in-service week :-)

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Hopefully Bournesoup will post it.



    Brendan is a class act.


    Agree with the majority. He needs backing in January .


    Defensive frailty is killing us.

  5. HAMILTONTIM on 29TH DECEMBER 2018 10:19 PM






    Would have bet my life you’d be there today crazy mhan. ?



    We shall not be moved.



    It actually seems like a victory today, in the cold light of day.



    They zombies are gone now.



    HH. ?

  6. glendalystonsils on



    “Only the Pope is infallible”



    Tongue in cheek ? Yes



    Pish? Some people will say yes , some people will say no.



    And some people just don’t get the point.

  7. would have given the 750 tickets to our standing section today , got the impression we carried on the minutes


    silence ( impeccably i may add) for the full 90 odd minutes.

  8. How anyone on here can come on and defend Brendan Rodgers,is beyond me,not for the first time he has messed up,with the wrong Changes,he in my opinion needs to get shot of Lustig, Nitcham, Boyata, Benkovic, possibly try and get I another Goalkeeper,also Broonie,to be on the subs Bench,and Izzaguirre to be let go in the summer,also Lawell Desmond,Congerton,need to have a good look at themselves, regarding some of the players they have sanctioned also a lot Shareholders,need to have the balls to put a motion of No Confidence in this current Celtic Board,surely there must be some good Celtic supporters out there who could Challenge this present Board.

  9. Hamilton Tim


    Really hope you’re right but I wouldn’t put money on it.


    BR has been great for us but despite what he says publicly, I think he wants to be a manager at a higher profile club.


    Not sure he’ll get that but I think that’s what he wants.


    Anyway, would love him to hang around for 10.





    Hope your OK after today ;



    One wee question, if you don’t mind ?



    How long have the PLC board got, to action the Supreme Court backed, mountains of evidence from the Resolution 12 Requisitioner Rebels, before the CSA, and the CST, join arms with the Res:12Rebels, and take action against the PLC, with a view to sacking the PLC board, and, bearing in mind that DD’s shares will be worth hee-haw with an empty stadium biting his bahooky ?


    Hail! Hail!

  11. Macjay



    Oh you’ll never put me right squire because never ever ever ever the twain shall meet :-)



    I do pray you and yours are well.

  12. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    HAMILTONTIM on 29TH DECEMBER 2018 10:40 PM




    I like ” squire “.


    Squire is good. Bit of forelock tugging would not go amiss …….





    Keep well , pal.

  13. Gerryfaethebrig



    Heard the buses were all given one ticket each mate which is a joke.



    16 Roads



    Doesn’t feel like a victory just now mate it hurts like flip!

  14. Macjay,


    I’ll let my daughter know. She felt she was letting me down by not buying you a drink.


    She’s in Sydney until after New Year then heading back to Melbourne.


    Hail Hail…

  15. Gutenberg



    I do agree that he aspires to what he thinks is better but I really believe that he gets Celtic and wants to be the manager who creates history by achieving 10.

  16. Aidenbhoy


    Hi bhud


    Just need a wee crack


    Your from cowie right?


    My bro Hughie was born


    While we stayed on the traveller camp just outside in 1975


    I went to my first school there. Cowiebhoy said it was the Catholic one


    So I was 5


    Around that time my father got the jail


    My mother took up with a cowieman called the bomber


    This never lasted but we stayed in his house overlooking (now football pitches) for a short while.


    I can’t remember much


    But he was decent


    My father got the jail (when he came out )


    For assaulting him


    Either by trying to drown him or holding him out a window until the police rushed the house


    I know this might be a schock and I have no ulterior motive apart from piecing my fractured childhood together.


    You told me a few years ago that your father in law was known as bomber.


    Please think of filling a gap in my childhood. Or not. I am sorry to put this on public display but I can be contacted privately by email lmlandscaping1988@gmail.com. Thank you and no offence meant. Hail Hail

  17. Does anyone think that Pedro deserves to be the 5th or 6th best paid director in the UK, cos he is, if he could justify it well and good, I doubt they can be, it would be interesting to see if anyone could tho.


    Downsizing will be the order of the day from here on in I will wager.

  18. Timbhoy2 10.37pm



    I find it hard trying believe as well that a Celtic fan can defend our double treble, European 32 manager … I think he fcucked up today (not as much as his players) but find it hard to defend him ,… think you might be on the wrong blog …. if you are not defending him, do you feel comfortable at “attacking” him for losing a league game ?????

  19. Kev



    Easy tiger, I’m busy.



    I genuinely don’t know what you’re question is. However, I will say if you want to do more than pishing your panties on a football blog and actually get involved in righting what you perceive as wrongs, I’m happy to point you in the right direction.



    Keep well sir.

  20. Kev


    Need to meet up. I’ve got lots of Blantyre friends. Surely in person you can’t be that negative.


    I’ll pay £49, or buy drinks to that amount, for the privilege.

  21. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @THE EXILED TIM on 29TH DECEMBER 2018 10:56 PM



    January will be instructive. I’m not holding my breath for any ambition to be shown.



    PL’s £2.2m bonus this year is (by amount) our 2nd biggest signing after French Eddie.

  22. Whilst I fully agree that today’s defeat was down to BR’s team selection and playing square pegs in round holes and expecting too much from a 19 year old winger as a lone striker, I believe he would have been able to rescue the situation in the second half if it hadn’t been for the injuries to Benko and Mik. I’m sure like everybody on here Brendan could see that the formation wasn’t working just like Ntcham. I believe Brendan would have hooked Ntcham at HT and moved Calmac into midfield with Hayes coming into LB. I personally would have hooked Sinclair brought on French Eddie and moved Mikey J to left wing. But as I say Brendan was hamstrung because of the injuries. I honestly believe if Calmac had replaced Ntcham the dynamics of the game would have changed.


    Broonie may or may not be finished but to say he wasn’t trying is pish! Broonie is hated by the huns and the feeling is reciprocated – he has good reasons, involving immediate family, to despise that lowlife mob.



    You know it was an extremely bad day at the office when Andy Halliday gets MOTM FFS ?



    NorrieM – Jamsie may have been partly responsible but watch Ntcham spectating at the goal – slower than a week in jail the muthafecker (©️ Sandman) was.


    Positives from today?


    1. As I stated earlier today, there will be no momentum gained from the sevco victory as the winter shutdown will put paid to that.


    2. Not many of the present squad will have experienced the pain of losing to those bigoted bassas in their hate filled shithole so hopefully the pain will be one they don’t want to experience again.


    3. A wake up and smell the coffee moment may have been reached by everyone at Celtic.


    Finally, Celtic can you leave Marvin Compper wherever you found him in Dubai last year?

  23. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    GUTENBERG on 29TH DECEMBER 2018 10:52 PM



    Please reassure her that that is not the case .


    I insisted that we bought last time. You would have done the same for my kids in Glasgow.


    No issue.



    Meeting committed Tims in Ultima Thule is a joy in itself.


    It was lovely meeting her and her pal last time.


    Hope she loves the Sydney New Years celebrations.


    Bet she does.

  24. Hands


    It may well be for more than one reason, a few are saying that Brendan will be here next season, others think he will be gone in the summer, the window might give us a clue what it will be.

  25. DAVID66 on 29TH DECEMBER 2018 10:59 PM


    Just in and not read back…. But wtf was McGregor doing at LB.



    The whole balance of the team was out.




    Very poor from BR, his tactics, formation, choice of personnel was very, very poor. In fact he got handed his erse from Sleekit g. Hunbelievable




    The players were shite as well…. Not one got pass marks, well maybe CG who saved us on more than one occasion.




    This transfer window needs to be epic.




    D. :)

  26. Today was only a matter of time — it has been a long time coming.


    Last season we played a lot of poor stodgy football — the CL campaign was an autograph hunt. However in the second half of the season we at least gave the TFOD2.1 a few spankings.



    Now the stodge has returned, we have had to climb our way out of a transfer window inspired hole and our away strategy in the SPL has not been the best.



    Players are now a year older.


    The fear has spread and people are starting to question their future with us.



    We are currently in some state.



    We have no plan apart from paying obscene amounts to our CEO.


    The squad is under motivated and over paid plus the youths are a bunch of fan dancers.



    We seem to have failed to work out the politics of plenty.


    The hard of thinking only seem to focus on the “10”.


    The Clearasil Republicans only want to sing the slosh.



    We really seemed to have regressed to 1975 without realising.

  27. Gerryfaethebrig,so you are quite happy, watching his formations,if you are ,then along with many on here, Brendan Rodgers can do no wrong ,well this afternoon he like a lot of away games.he messed up,me I see it on the park,and if his selections are wrong ,then I will criticize him,if he gets it right I will praise him,and another thing I will.not blame officials for Celtic getting beat,

  28. Amazing how many people now re-igniting the BR working his ticket nonsense,add to that the Broony is finished and must go plea,and you have a wish list that those who would do us harm crave.



    Considering our opposition today had several players senior to Broony then it all boils down to application and desire to win.


    We were found wanting in that dept by Ncham,Sinclair and by JF,who took one look at Halliday and chucked it.



    They were not alone,add to that a fanciful selection of players like Cal Mac out of position and you had a training ground theoretical line up,unfortunately from Row M this was not a training session.



    I’m not sure Rogic would have helped as Beaton allowed them a free rein to foul, Morelos being a prime example,and Rogic does not like that type of close attention.

  29. I am sorry did someone say Mikel Lustig was injured and that’s how he was taken off???? Fifa


    Ffs he was shite..I don’t think he should pull on a Celtic Jersey ever again… There said it.. He was crap. Diving in like a big sand dancer, very amateur ffs he is done, finite, capoot, school bhoy defending at best…



    D. :)

  30. glendalystonsils on




    I’m to blame for that post which one or two seem to have misunderstood , perhaps reading through a red mist of rage , which is understandable after todays debacle.



    I was simply pointing out that The Pope is the only one on the planet believed (by believers) to be infallible in his specialist subject.


    Brendan Rodgers , like the rest of humanity , is not.

  31. Kev 11.20pm



    See if the old Huns ever got stripped of their cheating titles … you won’t have anything to post about… so keep that key hidden :-)

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