Tactical victory for Lennon over The Bore


Celtic were overflowing with fine performances last night but mostly this was a tactical victory.  Ajax dominated possession against Milan and enjoyed lots at the Camp Nou, so Neil Lennon knew what to expect.

Despite playing at home against our lowest-ranked opponent, we never chased the game, allowed Ajax time on the ball, and waited for the opportunity.  We had the intelligence across the field to outsmart Ajax, with agility (Forrest), combativeness (Mulgrew, Kayal) and experience in the box (Stokes) to get the job done.  We also have perhaps the best keeper in the competition.  Shhh.

At some point before the return game in Amsterdam, The Bore may consider that his team deserved to lose, just as Nir Biton deserved his red card.  Lunging into tackles inside the box is a recipe for defeat.  Take the ball or you take your opponents leg.  The noises from Ajax after the game suggested some bewilderment at the defeat; a well-worn track for teams to leave Celtic Park after Champions League games.

I hope de Boer carries that sense of entitlement into the next game, if he does, he’ll have learned nothing and his team will lose again.

Celtic’s area for remedial action is also clear.  Over three Champions League games they have not conceded in the first 75 minutes but conceded four times after that point.  This is not a complaint, it’s hard to maintain the levels of concentration, not to mention the physical effort, late in a game, but the stats suggest that, at this level, we wilt before our opponents.

The Dutch are known as progressive and tolerant people but the behaviour of Ajax fans (I hear from the moment they arrived at Schiphol Airport) was deplorable, without question the most violent European fans in all my time watching Celtic.

Football hooliganism is nothing like it was in the 70s and 80s but it is on the rise across Europe.  Remain ever-vigilant.

On a more prosaic fan issue…. We were not at a pantomime last night.  The moment between Nir Biton lunging forward with his studs up and the referee producing a red card was filled by a “Oooh” from many in the home support.

As soon as I heard this I knew the card would be red.  Biton may have gone without the sound effects, but we don’t need to authorise the ref to make a big decision.

All this and the Big Glasgow Derby coming up!!

Between now and Sunday you are going to hear lots about the collection on behalf of the Greater Maryhill Foodbank, taking place before the Thistle-Celtic game on Saturday.  What a great cause to be a part of.
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  1. tomtheleedstim on

    Malorbhoy – I feckin hope my uncle didn’t tell you he was my brother!!


    I presume you bumped into him in the “restaurant compartment”



    Hope to have a beer with you in Amsterdam!

  2. Anybody hoping for a Manchester City defeat may be disappointed. CSKA are dreadful at the moment. Aiden Moscow are a superior team.


    Kojo, thanks for your kind words last night. Hail hail.

  3. Marti



    Ajax are facing Uefa sanctions after fans ripped out and threw seats during their team’s 2-1 loss at Celtic in the Champions League on Tuesday.


    Uefa say the Dutch champions are charged with “crowd disturbances and throwing of objects” and the disciplinary case will be judged on 21 November.






    Result- Neil Lennon banned for 6 matches…

  4. eddieinkirkmichael


    16:00 on


    23 October, 2013


    Last night, oh what a night. I have been storing up these wee ……




  5. Thomtheleedstim



    The old hearing is not as good as it used to be , Met him at Carlisle Station, he spotted my CQN Badge of Honour and we had a good chat, very hospitable Bhoy and he was telling me you were going to Amsterdam, and I am sure we will have a drink togrther



    Hail Hail

  6. johann murdoch on

    Well said Malorbhoy- great to see all the Gay brigade again..



    hold on…






    “Grey brigade!”



  7. Little wonder Fingabosson (Shuggy) scores so often in Holland. Ajax’s defence was pathetic. This may account for the lack of transfer activity involving The Shug. Five million? No thanks. That may be another reason for lack of transfer activity.

  8. Lennybhoy



    Was great to see George up there on the big screens last night. I’m sure he and Moira were cheering the bhoys on.

  9. FF concludes songs are fine if you understand the background and true meaning……and you’re sitting down:



    “Just off the phone to FOCUS to ask them to clarify about ‘Fathers Advice’ and ‘We’re Coming Down The Road’ (Carson’s Army).


    Basically their position is the songs in of themselves are not deemed illegal. However, it is how ‘UVF’ and ‘YCV’ that are in the songs are perceived – not their true usage that seems to be important.


    We therefore, will strive to ensure that everyone within our premises understands the true meaning and background of these songs and the organisations mentioned within them.


    Next year is the 100th anniversary of the start of The Great War. These songs are there to commemorate those who fought and died for our freedom in that conflict.”




    “Well said [Sammy] about time only if they new history of the volunteers who perished for our freedom of speech at the great war”




    “just look at the way [Spiers] was able to convince UEFA that when we voiced our disapproval of Fenians, we were targetting Catholics.”




    ” The tartan army will sing about Jimmy Hills sexuality and to stand up if you ‘hate’ England………all potential offenses under the law but the Police would not take any action as it is not likely to incite public disorder…….but a bear FTP’ing is!!!……..even if he is sitting in his seat singing! “

  10. saltires en sevilla supporting wee oscar on




    Watty and his financially doped legneds, have competed in 48* Champions league games (I have included pre-qualifiers for completeness):



    Win 13 (27%)


    Draw 15 (31%)


    Lost 20 (42%)



    Watty has ‘won’ the equivalent of 37.5% of ‘points’ available ( 3 win, 1 draw etc.,)



    Lenny and his bread & water reared (financially solvent) gladiators, have competed 21 Champions League games (including last night’s emphatic win v Ajax):



    Win 12 (57%)


    Draw 2 (10%)


    Lost 7 (33%)



    Lenny has ‘won’ the equivalent of 60% of ‘points’ available.



    Oh dearie, dearie, me…




    * I omitted Watty’s first season, 1991 in the European cup, when he was papped out in the first round by Sparta Prague (2-1 home 0-1 away)




  11. Morrissey the 23rd thanks for the link to George Ryan tribute my seat is above the green brigade and I regularly miss their banners.




    Very Hoopy Dena29

  12. Have criticised the GB in the past. But their tributes to the Lions and to George Ryan last night were magnificent. Keep up the good work and leave the rest aside.



    Thanks to the bhoys for giving us another great European night.

  13. Afternoon all



    My I how I look forward to watching the Chanpions League matches on the Wednesday when we’ve won the night before!



    Re the abuse meted out to Frank De Boer I am not sure I thought it was that bad – I rather regret that it was an issue an at all and the ‘Cheer Up’ song was only ever ( quite) funny when the Sunderland fans sang it about their own manager. I have no great feelings about the Ajax coach – a good player, a rather sinister appearance and now a promising manager but hardly on last nights evidence the new Rinus Michels.



    As for the Ajax fans those whom I met and spoke with seemed good folk – one prevented a local woman from having her pocket picket- who had a very realistic ( and as it turned out accurate) impression of how the game would pan out. Totally incomparable with the louts who have tarnished their great club’s reputation in these parts.



    Anyway I’ve just discovered an episode of the New Avengers on ITV 4. My cup overfloweth



    Jimbo67 supporting Oscar Knox

  14. eddieinkirkmichael


    16:00 on


    23 October, 2013


    Last night, oh what a night.




    Nice story E hope there are many more to come.



    Petition seems to have hit the buffers.



    Any ideas?



    Celtic forums and tweeters done to death?

  15. Malorbhoy,


    Greetings, really enjoyed meeting yourself, Kikinthenakas, Helbcelt, Skyisalandfill, Glasgowdave, Oldtim (he’s not that old!), and of course Blantyretim. Hope we weren’t too tipsy, we don’t get out too often.



    Hope to meet up again in the near future.

  16. Prior to game, Ajax fans with a police escort marched through city centre chanting F** the Pope. Does that offensive behavior bill only apply to Celtic fans?

  17. The Public Prosecution Service has launched a


    bid to reinstate criminal proceedings against


    three people in connection with Robert


    Hamill’s murder.


    Mr Hamill was beaten by a loyalist mob in


    Portadown, County Armagh in April 1997.


    He never regained consciousness, dying in


    hospital 12 days later.


    The PPS challenge follows the decision to halt


    conspiracy to pervert the course of justice


    charges faced by the two men and a woman.


    They include a former RUC officer and his




    Proceedings were stayed by a district judge


    earlier this year due to the perceived


    unreliability of a key witness in the case.


    Now the PPS is seeking to have that decision


    judicially reviewed.


    RUC officers in the area at the time of the


    attack have been accused of failing to


    intervene in the assault.


    One of those in a Land Rover at the scene was


    Robert Cecil Atkinson.


    The 59-year-old and his wife Eleanor


    Atkinson, with an address at Brownstown


    Road, Portadown, had both been accused of


    conspiring to pervert the course of justice in


    connection with the investigation into the




    Similar allegations were made against another


    man, Kenneth Hanvey, of Derryanvil Road, in


    the town.


    All three defendants had denied the claims


    against them.


    In July, District Judge Mervyn Bates stayed


    their cases on the grounds that there had


    been an abuse of process.


    ‘Unreliable witness’


    He ruled that the evidence from a woman who


    was the central witness was so unreliable that


    a jury could not convict on it.


    His verdict is under challenge by the PPS,


    with the case due to be heard next month.


    During a preliminary mention on Wednesday,


    counsel for the prosecution service, Tony


    McGleenan QC, expressed confidence in


    clearing the first hurdle of establishing an


    arguable case.


    “It’s not expected that there will be


    controversy about the granting of leave (to


    seek a judicial review) in this case,” he told


    the court.


    It is anticipated that lawyers representing the


    Hamill family will be given notice party status


    to participate in the challenge.


    Mr Justice Treacy listed the case for hearing


    on 8 November.

  18. % of pts Won at Home in Group Stages since 2001. Barca 84%, Madrid 79%, Chelsea 78%, CELTIC 76%, Man Utd 71%.

  19. http://blogs.channel4.com/alex-thomsons-view/historical-enquiries-team-exposes-northern-ireland-collusion/6376#sthash.86IrX377.dpuf



    Historical Enquiries Team exposes Northern Ireland collusion



    In the days running up to the bombing in 1976, the police and army were more than sure about where the bomb was and where it was going to.


    So sure that a senior divisonal officer in the police called in the army to put surveillance on the house where they were sure the bomb was being stored. That house was owned by a part-time police officer.

  20. See on some articles regarding The Ajax fans behavior inside the stadium that a police spokesman said no arrests were made?


    Surely if this is the case then Celtic should demand an answer as to what the substantial policing costs where for?


    If Uefa think the Dutch have a case to answer why didn’t the Scottish police?

  21. traditionalist88 on

    Celtic bhoys and ghirls on film


    By: Newsroom Staff on 23 Oct, 2013 16:52







    Don’t worry, this is not about the harassment of Celtic fans in our own stadium nor the intimidation elsewhere be it the airport or our own homes.




  22. Asonofdan,


    That is encouraging news regarding the Robert Hamill trial. It was a horrific act which was encouraged(allegedly) by police inactivity.

  23. Great result last night and some good performances


    However I would disagree with Paul that Lenny got all his tactics right.


    To my eyes we were struggling all night in the middle of the park where our two were out numbered by three or four Ajax players


    The high pressing worked for the first 20 minutes of the second half but we will never be able to keep that up for 90 minutes – as Paul also points out – we lose goals late on to tiredness


    I would have made a change as soon as we went 2 up to bring on a midfielder at the expense of either Stokes or Pukki. I thought both worked very hard but showed limitations in their game


    Pukki should have at least hit the target with his chance in the first half and Stokes failed too often to hold the ball up for team mates.



    The atmosphere was brilliant and I ‘m sure Steve Bruce and Jamie Carragher would have enjoyed the night!


    The Ajax fans were good in terms of noise but their hooliganism was dreadful and the lack of firm policing alarming!


    I’m sure we pay a lot of money for police – yet they stood back and watched chairs being broken and then thrown at people. It would be interesting to hear if they made any arrests at all!


    As others have pointed out – the goalkeeper should be charged for inciting their support – he quite clearly left the playing area without permission and gestured to their support!


    UEFA system of having so many officials was yet again shown to be a farce as none of them did anything about it!



    On slagging FdB



    I thought it was quite witty to suggest correctly that he was a sad Oranje bastard!


    At least that’s what I think they were singing!


    His post match comments certainly suggested that he was feeling down!




  24. Bournesouprecipe@17-10


    Strathclyde police could only catch them if they’re wearing Celtic strips.


    They could wear blue as that acts as an invisibility cloak to Strathclydes finest.

  25. traditionalist88 on

    ASonofDan 17:16.



    Incredible stat. If only we could improve our ball retention and complete a few more passes so restricting the opposition a bit and being more of a threat ourselves in away fixtures then the sky really is the limit.




  26. Marc Flynn ‏@mflynn86 2h


    % of pts won at home in group stages since 2001. Barca 84%, Madrid 79%, Chelsea 78%, CELTIC 76%, Man Utd 71%. Phenomenal!!!

  27. minx1888 praying for Wee Oscar on

    Malorbhoy – you won’t talk to me now with so many others responding to you :-) Great to see you last night as always!



    Just en route back from work Jambo asking about the trouble .. No trouble to wee JF says I he stayed calm and tok his penalty well … I could be wrong but I’m got the distinct impression he didn’t like my reply :-)