Tactically aware athlete needed


I don’t know anything about Stefan Johansen, who is one of several central midfield players Celtic are tracking, but I’m pleased we’re scouting for this area.  There’s no question we are missing a penalty box predator but you could make a case that the sense of calm and control exerted by Victor Wanyama in the middle of the park is a more telling absence.

Nir Biton has all the potential to get there eventually but it’s going to take him time.  He reminds me of Ki, who a couple of seasons ago was fifth choice central mid for Celtic, behind Brown, Wanyama, Ledley and Kayal.  This season I’ve watched him collect and distribute, close space and bring shape to a struggling Sunderland team.

I’ve also watched a bit of Barry Robson since his return to Aberdeen.  Despite his advancing years he remains one of the most intelligent footballers in the game.  His arrival in the Celtic midfield six years ago changed Celtic into a winning team.    You don’t need Pele for this role, just a tactically aware athlete.

How many accountants does it take to tell you that losing circa £1m per month is not a good idea?  Lots, apparently.
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  1. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    hamiltontim is praying for oscar



    12:03 on 11 January, 2014





    Personally I think you’re reading too much into it.



    Surely Ambrose would still have kept his position at centre half where he’s been excellent this season.



    Also I don’t expect VVD to be leaving in either of the next two transfer windows.

  2. Paul67,



    If you look at the online gaming communities, where tactics are crucial, the Scandinavian teams have been dominating for decades now.



    Football is a very simple game though.

  3. Paul. I was a big Robson fan all along. Still am. A canny footballer with quick feet and wits to offset the slow legs! Was glad when we got him and sorry when we lost him.


    Great to see him thriving with Flood and McGinn.



    HH jamesgang

  4. tommytwiststommyturns on

    P67 – we’ve already got him….Efe!


    I wonder where Lenny would have played him this season if Mouyokolo hadn’t picked up another big injury?




  5. Booger,



    I go for a Gladys, a David and a Chas ‘n’, and what happens?



    Paul67 gets oot of his Margaret and posts a new article




  6. TTTT. Efe still has too many bomb scares coursing through him big frame for my liking! And they’re potentially even more dangerous in that role!



    He’d be high return but high risk me thinks.



    HH jamesgang

  7. We need 2 players in my opinion, a creative midfielder and a goal scorer the rest of the team is there.


    Come on Lenny make it happen HH

  8. Afternoon bhoys and ghirls. another grand day to be a TIM . enjoyed what I saw on Thursday night and looking forward to tomorrow.



    Maybe this is the new way to go . miss a league game every few weeks to keep the league interesting. well , we seem to have stopped dropping points on our return from our European jaunts – I’ve just jinxed that now ,haven’t I ?




  9. I like it when ‘low-key’ signings make a big difference to the team. Barry Robson was just what we needed at that time as was Billy Stark in the late 80’s…great signings.




  10. Hoppy doo



    What’s a David? Is it Gower, shower. I get the other 2.



    I always called the Gladys a Derek after Mr Whyte

  11. tommytwiststommyturns on

    jamesgang – quite the opposite, he would have two centre-backs behind him. Unlike just now, where if he has one of his occasional maddies, then FF is left exposed.






  12. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts/ support the dam 5 on





    How many accountants does it take to tell you that losing circa £1m per month is not a good idea? Lots, apparently.



    maybe they are looking for one the use the same accounting system as they do?

  13. tommytwiststommyturns



    12:10 on 11 January, 2014



    P67 – we’ve already got him….Efe!


    I wonder where Lenny would have played him this season if Mouyokolo hadn’t picked up another big injury?








    Options, Put Options into the equation and we have more chances, apparently.



    I hope Steven is back asap and he keeps both Efe and V V on their toes.



    I really like Efe and V V at the CH positions but it is to both their great credit, that either could easily play a deeper midfield role.




  14. A magnificent 7 games in a row without conceding a goal?



    Thats a loada minutes.



    Gelling with gelignite was never gonnae be a quick process, the components fortunately are not as volatile, some might say, that is just what this squad needs.



    What age is Neil?




  15. No surprise Victor Valdes said that Ibrox has a better atmosphere than Celtic Park



    These smaller clubs with smaller stadiums tend to generate atmosphere because the stands are virtually on the pitch



    If he played at a full Tynecastle for example he would probably say that is an even better atmosphere as many people always say about that ground



    Big clubs like Celtic with bigger stadiums have to make the stands a bit further from the pitch in order to fit them in.



    And because we are a club with history, we have a main stand that for historical reasons can’t be changed and built upon that easily due to it being listed




  16. I’m really beginning to get good vibes on Amido.


    If it were me I would play him every game until end of the season and I think next season he will be brilliant, once his rough edges are polished.


    Amido and Tony Watt could save us a fortune .

  17. .



    Janko would ´walk to Glasgow´ to join Celtic




    Trabzonspor striker Marc Janko has proclaimed that he would be prepared to “walk to Glasgow” to sign for Celtic.



    The Turkish outfit have been linked with a move for Celtic forward Georgios Samaras during the January transfer window, and Austrian Janko has staked his claim for a move in the opposite direction.



    The 30-year-old was in talks with a view to making the switch to Celtic Park in 2009, but ended up staying at Red Bull Salzburg, and admits his regret at letting the opportunity pass him by.



    “If Celtic are looking for a striker to score goals then tell them I would honestly walk to Glasgow from Turkey to join,” he is quoted as saying by the Daily Record.



    “If I was to get the chance to talk with Celtic again, I would be interested. I first came to speak to them a few years ago for two days of meetings when I was at Salzburg.



    “I was in Glasgow to meet with Gordon Strachan in 2009 but I always remember meeting with Mr (current manager Neil) Lennon at the same time in the manager’s office.



    “I got on well with him and he showed me around the training ground.



    “I was given a tour of the city, taken to the stadium which was fantastic and I could just imagine how it would be completely full.



    “But for reasons not really to do with Celtic, more to do with the agreement I had given Salzburg, the move did not happen.



    “I had already given my word to the owner of Red Bull that I would stay with his club for one more season.



    “After that one year I moved to Twente in Holland and had a good time and then Porto made an offer I couldn’t resist.



    “Unfortunately, things have not worked for me since and if I could choose things differently I would be playing at Celtic.”



    Janko has made just four league appearances for Trabszonspor this season.




  18. Afternoon Timland from a cool hun free mountain valley.



    So we are playing Galatasary the morra, hopefully a sign of things to come.



    BTW, and I stand to be corrected on this………I don’t think VVD can be sold this window, would that not infringe the 3 club rule in a season.




  19. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Janko is not for me he is 30 now coming towards the end of his career for a striker I dont think we need another player looking to top up his pension fund.Give Amido a run he has a long term term future.Janko had his chance and turned us down so time has moved on and he should in my opinion be left in our past.H.H.

  20. hoopy-do


    12:37 on


    11 January, 2014



    And because we are a club with history, we have a main stand that for historical reasons can’t be changed and built upon that easily due to it being listed



    Hoopy-Do, I wasn’t aware that the main stand is listed? Could anyone verify?

  21. JFH



    I agree, give Amido a run, we don’t need someone who has turned us down before and who obviously is 2nd choice for a team we just pumped.

  22. Just got round to watching the highlights from the Trabzonspor game. Two good finishes from Pukki and Balde, and both with the confidence to shoot from the edge of the box. Good to see – we try to walk the ball into the net far too often.

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