Tactically aware athlete needed


I don’t know anything about Stefan Johansen, who is one of several central midfield players Celtic are tracking, but I’m pleased we’re scouting for this area.  There’s no question we are missing a penalty box predator but you could make a case that the sense of calm and control exerted by Victor Wanyama in the middle of the park is a more telling absence.

Nir Biton has all the potential to get there eventually but it’s going to take him time.  He reminds me of Ki, who a couple of seasons ago was fifth choice central mid for Celtic, behind Brown, Wanyama, Ledley and Kayal.  This season I’ve watched him collect and distribute, close space and bring shape to a struggling Sunderland team.

I’ve also watched a bit of Barry Robson since his return to Aberdeen.  Despite his advancing years he remains one of the most intelligent footballers in the game.  His arrival in the Celtic midfield six years ago changed Celtic into a winning team.    You don’t need Pele for this role, just a tactically aware athlete.

How many accountants does it take to tell you that losing circa £1m per month is not a good idea?  Lots, apparently.
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  1. corkcelt:



    I know it happens in other clubs and I am in no way putting Celtic down, I just wonder if Scott Brown go an added bonus for putting his health on the line when the club throw around some very generous bonuses for not even playing, far less risking you health.

  2. Corkcelt


    Reading back I see you are going over to Lanzarote soon. Me and the mrs are off on Sunday might try and catch a beer with you.




  3. Good to see the story of the 1994 UVF Loughinisland massacre and the ensuing RUC coverup exposed and given a world wide audience


    Ceasefire massacreby Alex Gibney and Trevor Birney.


    A longer version of the documentary will be aired on RTE, BBC and and many national channels and will be available on DVD



    espnmediazone.com/us/press-releases/2014/01/espn-announces-new-film.-series-30-30-soccer-stories-surrounding-2014-fifa world-cup-esp

  4. Paul67 – I’ve been busy and just noticed your cri de coeur – I’m available if needed!




    I admit I had to google him when you mentioned him!



    Fair enough,he isn’t a fella struggling to pay the rent,but his endurance in the face of repeated knockbacks is a wonderful story.



    Just to play the sport he loves-oh,and maybe as a GIRUY to the doubters. Or mineshafters as they are known,haha!

  6. Following yesterdays eye pleasing display from our youngsters it’s clear that they need to get more game time in the first team and we as a club have never been better placed to afford them that opportunity with the death of herr hun …. personally I’d ditch any notion of maintaining our unbeaten record in favour of blooding these Bhoys even if it does jeprodise going a season unbeaten ….. and wouldn’t it mean so much more to complete that quest whilst bringing these Bhoys on if we did manage it ?

  7. alright Celts,quality weekend reading the old blog and as usual the humour shining thro



    a wee example below and i am paraphrasing so apoologies to those that made me laugh out loud



    Ryecatcher-that Willie Vaas does good pictures even tho he is on the dark side



    St.Stivs- aye he does a wide range of wildlife photography!!!



    (people on train looking as i guffaw out loud)



    Then as the convo continues



    Ryecatcher- You know how that Willie Vaas takes pics for the darkside,do Celtic have anyone taking pics?



    Tricoloured Ribbon- The Police



    made me laugh



    Hail hail :-)))))

  8. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on




    10:38 on 13 January, 2014


    Amazed at the hype over a good ‘friendly’ performance. Contrast it with the ‘blasé’ when we get gubbed in a meaningless friendly.



    I remember Dylan McGeouch as a then nineteen year old more than holding his own against a near full strength Real Madrid team in Philadelphia. Dylan McGeouch looked liked he belonged, since then how many projects have we brought in, in his position?



    I watched a terrific documentary movie at the weekend, all about Jeremy Lin and ‘Linsanity’, there are not many, if any, parallels between Jeremy Lin and Dylan McGeouch, but all the way through the movie Dylan McGeouch was in my mind.





    Dylan was truly magnificent in the game you refer to but remember he suffered a serious injury – broken jaw. This kept him out for months and impeded his progress. In my opinion he has never been the same player since.

  9. Personally, under the current team members, I would like to see Ambrose move into the midfield and have Charlie Mulgrew move back to centre half with Van D.



    Ambrose has settled down a bit but I think he is more of an attacking threat and Mulgrew at the back give us a more balanced centre pairing. An Ambrose with no defensive duties could be a potent attacking threat from midfield……