Take advantage of playing in a weak league


Having established a three point lead in the league, Neil Lennon will not want to allow the chasing pack daylight when Celtic face Hamilton Accies on Saturday, but the manager will surely rest players ahead of the game in Rennes on Thursday.  There are few enough benefits of playing in a league with clubs with the resource levels of Hamilton, so we have to take the advantages when they arrive.

The major area of concern is in central defence.  Jozo Simunovic’s knee continues to keep him out of the team.  Nir Bitton pulled his hamstring at Ibrox and is likely to miss another couple of weeks.  Kris Ajer missed the Ibrox game after suffering a groin strain against AIK, we could do with his ability on the ball in France.

If Celtic can take all three points they will extend their lead on one or both of their nearest challengers, as Livingston play Newco later that day.  Those two sit within a point of each other ahead of the chasing pack.  Which would be nice.

Happy 80th birthday to our own Connaire12, from all your pals on CQN.  Paint Greenock green tonight!

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    Absolutely outstanding. The reason why CQN is the best blog on the planet. It’s not just about Celtic. It’s about brilliant people.



    Congrats too tBB. Brilliant, brilliant people.



    Hail Hail 💚🍀

  2. Happy Birthday Connaire hope you had a good one.


    BRTH excellent piece about Lisbon up to your usual standards.


    Thank you and HH

  3. Happy Birthday Connaire.




    I see your a Greenockian, well all the best from a Port Bhoy




  4. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    I fully concur with BRTH regarding the Lisbon mass.It was indeed the most wonderful moment of the trip to Lisbon which started out as Hootenanny for CQNrs.


    Myself,BMCUWP,Teuchtar at La and Sipsininn had the additional pleasure of time spent with Connaire12 at Fatima and indeed BMCUWP waited on to return in the next bus withhomwhilst we opted for a small libation back in Lisbon.


    A truly amazing visit and as BRTH puts it so eloquently as always a lasting memory.


    Congrats to TBB on the arrival of a granddaughter.Another ‘Jewel in the crown’ or should that be ‘A toorie on his bonnet’?


    BTW posted re TBB ages ago but haven’t seen it.

  5. Good morning CQN from a dry and mild Garngad



    Wow. What a read back that was, some greeeeaaat posts.



    CQN and Celtic fc supporters at its best.💚🍀💚🍀💚🍀






    D. :)

  6. So team for mañana






    Elhammed KA. Julien. Bollingolli





    Forrest. Cal Mac. RC




    O E






    D. :)

  7. David66, you’d have Harry Hood playing up front? Good thinking!



    Hail, Hail.



    (Oops) 😀




    You do tell a good story my friend, I was readily taken back to the amazing experience of the Mass that morning as well as the whole Lisbon experience.




  9. Goooood Morning CQN



    BRTH – awesome post on Lisbon 2017


    A never to be forgotten trip



    Miss our friend MurdochAuldandHay, who spent the visit with us in Lisbon




    Still in our thoughts and Prayers


    Stephen Houston

  10. RYAN KENT sat in the departure lounge preparing for a move that would change his life and his career forever as he closed in on a deal with REAL MADRID. His heart was set on Rangers, though.



    A fresh start in ESPANA awaited, as did mouthwatering Champions League games with POSSILYM, PSG and Galatasaray.



    But the call that Kent had waited months for, that he feared may never come, eventually arrived. He was on his way to Ibrox, on his way to his spiritual home.



    Within hours, Kent was back in Glasgow and a £67million return to Rangers had been secured.


    “THEM spanish burds are awright bit ye canny wack a glesga lassie done up tae the 1690s in crimpline.”



    WELL it’s better than a broken blog.NAW.

  11. Connaire12 belated Happy Birthday



    As BRTH has so eloquently described the mass in Lisbon was a very special occasion indeed. It brought to mind so many special memories of family members, no longer with us, but who gave us all that wonderful gift of being part of the Celtic Family.



    A beautiful memory of a fantastic few days in Lisbon May 2017




  12. BRTH



    that is a brilliant tribute to Connaire.



    From the heart and beautiful.



    I look back , really annoyed with myself that I did not make it to Lisbon 17, or Dublin 16, and allowed work to be first rather than have those special experiences, So lesson learned the hard way after this past year, sure it only work, its not really life enhancing, No more of leaving a tick list for the retirement plan, much more of taking the opportunities when they come along.



    I missed seeing some of my own dearly loved people, they were there and I was not, and thats a sore yin.



    Anyways happy birthday Connaire.

  13. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on




    Inspirational. Thank you.

  14. On Hendry. He can play any game he wants, as long as it’s not in a Celtic shirt.



    A baffling signing.



    O’Connor is behind Big Tam, Bauer and Ajer in the RB berth. Would be surprised we see him this season but beats having Ralston, Gamboa, Lustig and Toljan to opine over….





    Firstly a belated Happy Hoopy Birthday to CONNAIRE12 and Congrats to The Battered Bunnet.



    To BRTH and Connaire especially…


    I read your post at 12.19am BRTH, and saw that Saint John Ogilvie was mentioned at the Mass in Lisbon etc.



    I usually only lurk these days, but I am happy to share this True Story to all on here in relation to Saint John Ogilvie…..


    My Primary School thru the late 1960’s was “BLESSED JOHN OGILVIE Primary School” in Easterhouse, Glasgow.


    A couple of hundred yards along the road from my school, was the local GP Surgery on Newhills Road.


    In that Doctors Surgery, there was one GP in particular ( Dr Allan Freedman)…who was literally a “God Send”, as he had NO hesitation in providing Sickness Lines in particular to those of us who had experienced a very drunken weekend, and who couldnt make it to work on the Monday morning…due of course entirely to Hangovers !


    It is true to state that Dr Freedman, would throw these Sickness ( Panel) Lines around like confetti, as back in those days, there was no such thing as a “Self Certificate” Line to excuse you from the workplace. It had to come from your Doctor. On occasions, I was equally guilty of that Monday Morning hangover and visit Dr Freedman….and telling that Good Man LIES in order to get a “Panel Line” !


    I was certainly NOT alone in my thinking as despite there being maybe 4 or 5 GP’s sitting that morning, Dr Freedmans Section of waiting “Patients” was jammed packed and queues would be seen to be out of the front door just to see HIM….while other GP’s maybe only had 6 or 7 Folk waiting in their Section of the waiting room.



    I would tell Dr Freedman that I felt a heavy cold coming on, and usually before I had finished my pre organised “Speech”, the good Doctor had ALREADY written out a Sickness/Panel Line for at least a week !


    I remember asking him just to make it for 2 or 3 days or so, but he would have none of it !



    As you can imagine, the good Doctor Allan Freedman was very popular amidst the local community for many a long year !



    At this time there was a lovely Man known as Mr John Fagan who sadly was dying of cancer. Mr Fagan was known to many of us, especially those who attend Blessed John Ogilvie Chapel, which was sited immediately across from my Primary School. As Mr Fagans health became worse, He and his family would Pray every day to Blessed John Ogilvie, in the hope and belief that Mr Fagan would recover ?


    Mr Fagan, I believe WAS given The Last Rites on at least one occasion, and no one really had much hope for his health to improve ?



    Over a period of time, and many prayers being said for and by Mr Fagan, this man actually recovered to live on for much longer than the Doctors had believed, and of course the Praying to Blessed John Ogilvie was obviously a major factor in Mr Fagans health becoming better.



    Due to Mr Fagans “Recovery” and all the Prayers that were said for him and his family, Blessed John Ogilvie was indeed Cannonised as a Saint by The Holy Father in Rome…….so now it was SAINT John Ogilvie.



    Once the “Recovery” of Mr Fagan and the fact that it was now SAINT John Ogilvie…. rumours were abound throughout Easterhouse that…..The WRONG Man was Cannonised……as it should have been….SAINT Dr Allan Freedman !


    I remember even Mr Fagans Family and all of us who heard of this so called “Mistake” from Rome, were finding great humour at the suggestion that the WRONG Man had been made a Saint !



    God Bless Mr Fagan who fought like a LION !


    God Bless Saint John Ogilvie…


    and lastly, but not least…. God Bless Dr Allan Freedman !



  16. BIG WAVY on 13TH SEPTEMBER 2019 10:43 AM


    On Hendry. He can play any game he wants, as long as it’s not in a Celtic shirt.



    O’Connor is behind Big Tam, Bauer and Ajer in the RB berth. Would be surprised we see him this season but beats having Ralston, Gamboa, Lustig and Toljan to opine over….






    I’m more thinking of center half. Bitton & Jozo Simunovic are out for weeks. We know that Ajer & Elhamed are both managing injuries. We aren’t far off needing Hendry or O’Connor to play at CB.



    If we started against Hamilton with a back four of Bauer, Hendry/O’Connor, Julien, Taylor/Boli it wouldn’t be ideal.



    But would the risk be worth it if we could line up against Rennes with Elhamed, Ajer, Julien, Boli?



    My hope is that Celtic manage Ajer & Elhamed’s injuries sufficiently enough that it doesn’t come to that. Neil Lennon will know better than anybody here. We will see.

  17. Anyone any idea


    Is Nicky Hammond still in the building ???


    ( if that’s the correct name – had a short term contract to end of transfer window)

  18. That day in Lisbon



    A couple of Celtic supporters from separate parts of deepest darkest Lanarkshire hooked up again in Lisbon just like we did on our first day at Holy Cross high school. We were without a word of Portuguese on that day, but luckily ole Eurochamps67 picked up one word in fifty odd years ‘Obrigado’ and it was all we needed for the trip.



    Bruno our self appointed Portuguese ‘tour guide’ started out as taxi driver but the good shepherd was a scholar of his city, and although way too young, also a sage of 67′. On reflection, he may have saw these two bhoys coming and was happy to snooze in his Mercedes till we had seen all the sights then returned us home before collecting his signing on fee.



    It was a magical few days the highlight of which was sittiing in Estadio Nacional just outside paradise along with the songs and the souls of the modern as well as dearly departed Celts, at a place they call Jamor.



    The whole amphitheatre is untouched by time in the baking heat of Lisbon the Celtic spirits are all still there, and you’ll find it exactly as you imagined it all of your life very much alive and bristling with your history.



    A truely tree lined jewel etched in a hill above Lisbon magnificent in all its gladiatorial poise. When we sat down under the granite stage where the colossus McNeill greeted us with that gift from his Lions the atmosphere was still sheer Celtic.



    Retracing footsteps of Celtic fans who had gone before in the days of BBC’s black and white TV, with its grainy pictures when we caught worldwide attention as the first ever Kings of Europe from any cold country.



    I hope they never ever alter the stadium where the beautiful game was made to be watched and if you ever get the chance to go, you’ll never feel closer to Celtic this side of paradise.



    25th May 2017.



    Holy Cross CSC

  19. BIG JIMMY on 13TH SEPTEMBER 2019 10:59 AM



    me too BJO ’62 onwards…….Father Reilly was our man!

  20. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    BIG WAVY on 13TH SEPTEMBER 2019 10:43 AM


    On Hendry. He can play any game he wants, as long as it’s not in a Celtic shirt.


    A baffling signing.




    Big Wavy, I think the signing of Hendry, and the associated comments of Fraudgers at the time, nicely illustrated that Manager’s lack of ability at spotting a player. Some of his signings were gash. Fraudgers is a good man to man Coach, was great at game management, and he handled the press fantastically well. Spotting a player, and loyalty and empathy with the Celtic support? Well there, not so good, and our current manager is streets ahead of him in these departments.




    I was just wondering if you still looked in here the other day. I remember the story of John Fagan and the subsequent Canonisation of John Ogilvie well, from the papers at the time (Papers, mind them?). I lived in Barlanark for a few years after that. Barlanarkers always kept an eye on what was going on over the Embra Road 😂



  21. NorrieM



    A wee net search and last news was Neil praising him and hoping he stays on in the job.



    We need a scouting overhaul, and hopefully one that contains a huge presence in and around that French football school for gifted young footballers…..

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