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The premier business paper where Uefa is headquartered in Nyon, Tribune de Geneve, today ran an advert, paid for by public subscription, questioning the governance of Scottish football.


The advert asked readers to reference The Offshore Game report: Doing SFA for Fair Play and explained some of the issues governance, accountability and oversight in Scottish football.  It reads:

“A report by The Offshore Game (TOG), an arm of The Tax Justice Network (TJN), has highlighted examples of poor SFA governance in respect of:

• A Commission established in 2012 by the Scottish Premier League to investigate the use of employee benefit trusts to reduce the tax paid to HMRC by an SFA member club where the SFA provided key testimony which is now being questioned.

• The processing of a UEFA Licence in 2011 by The SFA when Court Officers called to collect overdue tax from a member club between Champions League and Europa League qualifying games. Proving there were no overdue and unpaid taxes was a condition of granting then retaining a licence to compete in both UEFA competitions. The tax concerned was never paid!

• The SFA have neither commented on the TJN report nor attempted to address the issues it raises. The TJN has called for an independent review of the SFA to make it more accountable.

• A group of shareholders of Celtic PLC acting in terms of Resolution 12 of the Celtic PLC AGM of 2013, have been pressing the SFA for over two years for a satisfactory explanation of their administration of the UEFA licensing process in 2011. In the absence of any meaningful reply they have now taken up the case with the UEFA Club Financial Control Body.

The TOG report highlights the financial cost over a decade to the British Taxpayer in Millions of pounds. The cost to Scottish football in terms of the loss of trust placed in the SFA to govern the Scottish game with integrity is incalculable.

Football fans everywhere are invited to read this important report into the game in Scotland.”

Our game suffers from a perceived lack of oversight, accountability and governance; fundamental requirements in modern sport which have been painfully lacking across world football for decades.  Uefa now have an opportunity to measure where Scottish football, and their own processes, are on these metrics.


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  1. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    sack the SFA.



    boycott the CUP,



    thats what celtic plc should do.

  2. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    !!BADA BING!! on 1ST JUNE 2016 11:28 AM


    Teams in Europe who played Oldco,might have lost prize money too





    ……and that is the point that UEFA will stall on, the Appalling Vista.

  3. Here’s the reply I received from the BBC re Sevco winning 33rd SC. Unbelievable.





    Many thanks for getting in touch and apologies for the delay in replying.



    I was sorry to learn you felt that during a report by Mike Bushell on ‘Breakfast’ 21st May, he incorrectly stated that Sevco Rangers had won the Scottish Cup thirty three times.



    The company that owned Rangers went into liquidation, but the club and assets were bought out of administration before the company was liquidated, therefore this report is factually correct.



    We were referring to the football team here and not the company that formerly owned it. We frequently refer to the liquidation of the company that owned Rangers when reporting on business and financial matters.



    We’ll continue to refer to Rangers FC as the same team; where we will make a distinction is between the old company and the company which currently runs the club. This is in line with the BBC Trust findings on the matter, details of which are available here:





    We of course welcome your feedback and I’ve already made sure your comments have gone to the right people here at the BBC, including the sports team and senior management.



    Thank you again for sharing your concerns.



    Yours sincerely,



    Paul Carson



    BBC Complaints





    NB This is sent from an outgoing account only which is not monitored. You cannot reply to this email address but if necessary please contact us via our webform quoting any case number we provided.

  4. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Well done to all involved in Res12. Those most directly involved in getting Res12 thus far of course deserve our appreciation and thanks – and a well deserved break. I



    It’s up to us all to drive home this opportunity as a catalyst for change. Be mindful that this is a first step, and pressure must be maintained.



    Make no mistake – we do have the appetite ! Vive la Resolution !

  5. uefa couldn’t give a flying delegate what goes on in our wee parochial league set up


    a complete waste of peoples time money and effort


    the huns (who will be called that until they stop behaving so see 2016 sfa cup final)


    ie. sevco (what they will be called until rangers pay their debts) are back and there is


    nothing we can do about it unfortunately. I wont be going to games v sevco, bottom line.

  6. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Ian bhoy, Tony Donnelly



    I guess we may now refer to the BBC as the BBSC (British bulls*** corporation)

  7. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    RT Rev..,


    There were 23 other countries who applied the rules correctly that year who had clubs licence applications turned down, if UEFA don’t take it seriously maybe those 23 football associations and all subsequent associations who went by the book will have something to say about it ?


    There are reports on the UEFA website identifying all of these.

  8. Let’s hope sfa are staring into an abyss full of a veritable can of pandora’s wurms!







    HH jamesgang

  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Oh and RT Rev..,


    That parochial wee country is one of the most powerful countries in the footballing world through the IFAB which make the rules of the game, it’s more likely that power is being used to try and kill any investigation.

  10. The company that owned Rangers went into liquidation, but the club and assets were bought out of administration before the company was liquidated, therefore this report is factually



    Ehhhhh! What was the name of the company who owned Rangers?

  11. Canamalar



    Reading your posts you do not come over convinced by the clubs intentions. Is this just your perception based on how they are acting or is it the perception of the 4 of you who took the reigns with this?



    And are you all still working from the same hymn sheet or is there differences in the verses?




  12. See players who had EBT’s/ improperly registered, who played across Europe for International sides like Holland (the bore) Scotland (Bazza the scrunge Ferguson) and various others, what happens ?



    Hail Hail.

  13. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I’m sure there was another BBC statement that contradicts your reply, there is also the question as to how sports “journalists” are qualified to make such judgements, surely the BBC’s business and economics legal advisors are the right people to be answering your questions, no ?

  14. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    Agreed. Spreading the word amongst the Celtic support, as well as the general populace is important, as this can create activists for the cause.



    I contacted my ex brother in law last night. He is a real Tim, and is/has been a season ticket holder for many years. He has a young family now so has distractions aplenty, but is well off the pace as regards Res 12.



    I am surprised at the lack of awareness amongst many casual supporters I speak with.




  15. saltires en sevilla on

    Well done Les Resolutioners!



    quelqu’un, quelque part ne sera pas profiter de leur café et un croissant , ce matin…




  16. canamalar


    hopefully my comments were not taken or seen as detrimental or unthankful for the RES12 guys like yourself’s


    efforts and time taken.



    I just know how these thing pan out and that’s what hurts the most

  17. What is next?


    I think Canamalar’s suggestion of the same, or similar, ad in the Celtic View and other clubs’ match day programmes is very good and should be considered.

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Canalamar-I hope this is the first light for you and the others who worked on this,thank you HH

  19. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    We’ve never worked from the same hymn sheet :)


    However, we have always worked to progress on a consensus on the most relevant and best argued facts available.


    I’m always suspicious of the Plc, their involvement is always forced.


    Currently after seeing and requesting changes to our submission to UEFA, they are deliberating on their next move. That is all I’m willing to say and I expect some will be unhappy I said that much.

  20. It’s good to get this out there where people can understand it’s not ‘a Celtic thing’ and see it for what it is. Hopefully this is a major point in the fight for transparency and change within the SFA.



    Are we to expect The Telegraph (?) advert this week?


    CANAMALAR 1146



    Yes,indeed. And I think that will be how the SFA is punished.



    Kick it upstairs to FIFA with a recommendation for SFA membership of IFAB to be suspended.



    As I’ve said before,the only way UEFA can root out the wrongdoers is individually,case by case. And I doubt they’ll think it worth the time and effort.



    I’m still proud of you guys getting the message out,though. Takes some doing,lads.



    Well done,and




  22. Best clubs to focus on – at home and abroad- would be those who lost trophies, places, next rounds in Europe due to the illegal registration?



    ‘Did you know that when RFC played you on x occasions in season yz they fielded ? Ineligible players. The cost to your club may have been as much as £????!’






    HH jamesgang

  23. saltires en sevilla on



    Oh and RT Rev..,



    That parochial wee country is one of the most powerful countries in the footballing world through the IFAB which make the rules of the game, it’s more likely that power is being used to try and kill any investigation.






    Well done on taking it this far. Repect!



    On the point above, I sense there are powerful folk interested in breaking up that particular benefit/system/cartel.



    The situation may offer them some leverage?

  24. The Scottish Football Association, Rangers (IL) and Sevco’s corruption of our game must, like all contagion be Isolated until a vaccine can be found to prevent these parasites from killing the host and spreading to the rest of the Island and on to Continental Europe.



    Hail Hail.

  25. Sorry,



    I have paraphrased (polite for mangled) Canamalar’s comments in my earlier comment. To atone, here is Canamalar’s in full;



    “Does the Celtic view publish close season ?



    Would taking the ad to the Celtic View and not the view increase awareness across our own fan base and contribute to the clubs finances be worthwhile ?



    Should we have taken ads out in other clubs fanzines to raise awareness in Scotland, hindsight eh bugger.



    The Plc have had this facility to publish and enlighten many more supporters yet they have remained silent, then comment at Q&A session that no one knows about it and that’s why they don’t think its important.”

  26. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    RT Rev..,


    I know your pain :)


    But there is a mountain of pressure on UEFA to clean up the game, getting the submission to the right people was the biggest hurdle we hope we gave achieved that, only time will tell.

  27. Good afternoon.



    Just want to say thanks to the Res 12 folks for all their hard work in getting this out there. No doubt there were many hoops to jump through and red tape to cut to get to today. I hope that someone somewhere will sit up and take notice and add some pressure to UEFA to do the necessary.



    Thanks and Hail Hail




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