Tannadice for another remarkable climax


If football resonates with you in any way, it’s probably because it brought you an intense joy at some point.  For me, two such moments happened at Tannadice.  We travelled there in 1981 but were still trying to get through the turnstiles when Murdo McLeod put Celtic ahead in 2 minutes.  Frank McGarvey and Tommy Burns added two to complete a 2-3 win.  I think this was the first title I saw us win in person, it’s certainly the earliest I remember.  Danny McGrain was held shoulder-high right in front of me; the memory is indelible.

The outcome of that league was never really in doubt, not so, the 2008 title.  Gordon Strachan’s side looked dead and buried six weeks earlier.  They needed to beat Rangers twice and hope their title rivals dropped points in another two games to bring the achievable gap down to goal difference.

All that was achieved by the time we travelled to Dundee on the final day of the season.  Celtic and Rangers were level on points, with Celtic holding a four-goal advantage.

If the game that won the title in 1981 was a procession, that night in 2008 was anything but.  Celtic looked fragile throughout the first half and came perilously close to going behind in the final minute of the first half.  Rangers were at Pittodrie and both games were goalless on the hour mark.  A goal either way could shift momentum.

Aberdeen made the breakthrough on 63 minutes, we had beathing space.  Nine minutes later, Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink headed Celtic ahead from a corner kick.  Soon thereafter, Aberdeen made sure of the job with a second goal at Pittodrie and a helicopter was despatched towards Dundee.

That season started with the players celebrating on-field with Tommy Burns, their assistant manager, after beating Spartak Moscow on penalty kicks to gain entry into the Champions League group stage.  On scoring the winning goal, Jan pointed to the heavens, acknowledging Tommy’s passing a week earlier.  The fortitude the team and manager showed that season was remarkable.

As you watch tonight, there will be no tension.  Celtic could play you and me in central defence in their final two games, just for the “lols” and would still win the league.  But that just makes the achievement all the more remarkable.

In the summer, we went out of the Champions League with a central defensive pairing of Stephen Welsh and Dane Murray playing in front of Scott Bain, who was given the gloves after Vasilis Barkas performance in the first leg.  Ismaila Soro played the holding role in both games.  In a very literal sense, the Celtic that will take the field tonight would be unrecognisable to us back then.

Enjoy the game and remember – it’s an early kick-off: 7.30.

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  1. leftclicktic on

    Tannadice 2008 is the most emotional I have ever been after a famous victory, the weeks leading up to it were an unbelievable Celtic roller coaster ride.

  2. The change in the team from the start of the season till now is nothing short of incredible.



    When BR arrived is biggest influence was in getting existing players to play better.


    AP has totally transformed the team with new players.



    Incredible that he has kept it together over the season.


    Here’s hoping he brings in more quality players over the summer.



    All the pieces are starting to fall into place.

  3. Remember im going out tonight to watch the Celtic game I told the Mrs this morning. What time she said, I’ll be leaving at 7:30 for a 7:45 kick off days I…



    Thanks P67 ! I’ll inform her my schedule has been moved forward 😂

  4. DU games / end of season — I am still struggling to get over 1983.


    Poor end to the season where we had a chance.



    And then we had the CN and his Maggie luv.


    Very hard to take.

  5. Paul 67



    Your blog is havinh the pish ripped out of it.



    Is it about the clicks?



    Casual racism on a Celtic blog



    Why not block the ip at source?



    Anonymous trolls with your backing Paul?



    Any word Paul?

  6. Season 82/83 — the published crowds were brutal.


    39 years ago / different world — but the crowd figures given seem from another world.

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  8. Toaty Trumper @ 12.14



    Why don’t you explain yourself?


    What is the casual racism you want highlighted?



    As I mentioned earlier — you do have a point.


    TMcL was being very hard on the “Arabs” this morning.

  9. When we win the trophy tonight, the most ineffaceable memory I will holdof this amazing season will be Anthony Ralston rising majestically above the Ross County defence to score a powerful header in the 96th minute. It was so emotional, the sheer relief of that win set us up for the rest of the season


    That was the moment we won the league !

  10. ERNIE LYNCH on 11TH MAY 2022 12:15 PM



    AN TEARMANN on 11TH MAY 2022 12:14 PM




    So you keep saying.






    And I will keep repeating until Paul does something.


    Tho I doubt he will.


    The place is riddled with the cancer of the hun.




    Your blog is having the pish ripped out of it.



    Is it about the clicks?



    Casual racism on a Celtic blog



    Why not block the ip at source?



    Anonymous trolls with your backing Paul?



    Any word Paul?

  11. Toaty Trumper @ 12.21



    Any chance you could explain yourself?


    Expand your comment with some detail?



    Repetition / cut n’ paste — you need to move beyond that.

  12. AN TEARMANN on 11TH MAY 2022 12:21 PM



    It might help your cause if you were to specify the particular posts you take exception to.



    You can hardly expect our host to trawl through every single post to uncover the real or imagined offensive ones.



    Over to you.

  13. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Jeez, 2008. Remember that game like it was last week. Watched it in a bar in Nice en route to the airport. My reaction got some strange looks when JVOH’s header hit the back of the net.

  14. john paul tweeted earlier, to get into the ground as early as possible, as they may close the gates if the stands become overcrowded, I would not be pleased turning up with a legitimate ticket and being refused entry

  15. What will be the MF next season?


    Will JMcC be involved at any level?



    Who would be a good fit?



    I think that we should build the MF around RH with DT as his back-up.


    We need a proper DM and A.N. Other.



    Not sure CMcG should start.

  16. Paul 67



    Your blog is having the pish ripped out of it.



    Is it about the clicks?



    Casual racism on a Celtic blog



    Why not block the ip at source?



    Anonymous trolls with your backing Paul?



    Any word Paul?




  17. GM @ 12.28



    2008 — saw the game in the Cock Tavern.


    Was it on a Thursday night?



    The place was rammed / SRO — people were watching the game through the window.


    Back in the day — some great nights in there.

  18. Toaty Trumper @ 12.34



    There you go again — repetition not detail.


    Are you too afraid to try and explain yourself?

  19. PMcD @ 12.29



    Saw that report as well.


    Does that mean that somebody is forging tickets?


    Nice little earner that — stiffing the support.



    Not good.

  20. AN TEARMANN on 11TH MAY 2022 12:34 PM




    You’re beginning to sound like a demanding and over entitled toddler.

  21. MADMITCH on 11TH MAY 2022 12:38 PM



    So long as they’re paid for with snide notes there’s no harm done.

  22. COYBIG🍀 Hoping we run through the finish line as Ange alluded to with style and flair, for those lucky enough to have tickets or those watching from afar enjoy😉

  23. Tannadice in 81 was special ,think there was 6-7 of us in back of transit van ,remeber getting there but return journey was a bit hazy.. 1 or 2 not around today,rip.


    79 & 81 helped me get thru the early 90s …

  24. MadMitch, think the police just decide it is a good idea to annoy those pesky Celtic fans

  25. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Great memories.



    I was in central Portugal in 2008. No tv, radio or internet. Reliant on text messages, I went for a long nervous drive. Came back to celebrate when news of the goals came through.



    On the same hols I did enjoy watching Zenit comfortably pump the huns in the EL final. History repeating itself?

  26. Sunny South Essex to the Cock Tavern — 60 minutes on a good night.



    Sometimes I was not so lucky — the PH goal against SM in 2007.


    Was half way up Chalton Street when you heard the roar from the pub.



    Half the street started running towards the pub and the wee neds on bikes outside the shop opposite took flight as they thought they were the target.



    15 years ago …

  27. PMCD @ 12.44



    Wouldn’t put it past them.


    Any railway works on tonight around Perth / Dundee?

  28. St Tams – Been trying to get 1 or 2 for tonight as well. Nightmare.



    Cock Tavern – Ok….



    D :)

  29. Paul67 – Agree with AT Racism should not be tolerated in any form 1 poster saying some not as bad as another.



    That should tell you everything about said poster.



    Block his IP addy.



    D :)

  30. Mr 67, I hope you’re speaking for yourself, to approach this game without anything but total focus and the same commitment as in previous games is complacency in the extreme, get it done Celtic through endeavour , skill and team work , attributes that the team has shown once we got the semblance of a team together for this campaign.


    A ridiculous leader saying anyone could play and we would win it’s nonsense and you are showing arrogance that doesn’t sit well with me.

  31. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Am just looking forward to the game.



    Can’t come soon enough.



    2008 warrants it’s special mention.



    I always had a belief that, after Tommy died, the players got together and simply said



    “We win this for Tommy”



    Then went to Gordon and said



    “Put your diagrams away. We’ve got this”



    Romantic nonsense perhaps.



    Hope it’s partly true.

  32. Paul 67







    Your blog is having the pish ripped out of it.







    Is it about the clicks?



    Casual racism on a Celtic blog



    Why not block the ip at source?



    Anonymous trolls with your backing Paul?



    Any word Paul?




  33. Right another 3,4,5,6 goals tonight Celtic.



    Although 1 more that the Arabs will do.



    I bet their ends are empty tonight again.



    The sooner we get rid of the cabal running scottish football the better, make it part of league joining rules that you should endeavour to fill the stadium with fans. If not then point deduction or cash deduction off league placings or a fine.



    These clubs are relying on us and sevco getting a european payout for our league clubs but not all the while denying punters who want to watch the footy and put more cash in their coffers.



    No wonder our game is a laughing stock.



    D :)

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