Tannadice for another remarkable climax


If football resonates with you in any way, it’s probably because it brought you an intense joy at some point.  For me, two such moments happened at Tannadice.  We travelled there in 1981 but were still trying to get through the turnstiles when Murdo McLeod put Celtic ahead in 2 minutes.  Frank McGarvey and Tommy Burns added two to complete a 2-3 win.  I think this was the first title I saw us win in person, it’s certainly the earliest I remember.  Danny McGrain was held shoulder-high right in front of me; the memory is indelible.

The outcome of that league was never really in doubt, not so, the 2008 title.  Gordon Strachan’s side looked dead and buried six weeks earlier.  They needed to beat Rangers twice and hope their title rivals dropped points in another two games to bring the achievable gap down to goal difference.

All that was achieved by the time we travelled to Dundee on the final day of the season.  Celtic and Rangers were level on points, with Celtic holding a four-goal advantage.

If the game that won the title in 1981 was a procession, that night in 2008 was anything but.  Celtic looked fragile throughout the first half and came perilously close to going behind in the final minute of the first half.  Rangers were at Pittodrie and both games were goalless on the hour mark.  A goal either way could shift momentum.

Aberdeen made the breakthrough on 63 minutes, we had beathing space.  Nine minutes later, Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink headed Celtic ahead from a corner kick.  Soon thereafter, Aberdeen made sure of the job with a second goal at Pittodrie and a helicopter was despatched towards Dundee.

That season started with the players celebrating on-field with Tommy Burns, their assistant manager, after beating Spartak Moscow on penalty kicks to gain entry into the Champions League group stage.  On scoring the winning goal, Jan pointed to the heavens, acknowledging Tommy’s passing a week earlier.  The fortitude the team and manager showed that season was remarkable.

As you watch tonight, there will be no tension.  Celtic could play you and me in central defence in their final two games, just for the “lols” and would still win the league.  But that just makes the achievement all the more remarkable.

In the summer, we went out of the Champions League with a central defensive pairing of Stephen Welsh and Dane Murray playing in front of Scott Bain, who was given the gloves after Vasilis Barkas performance in the first leg.  Ismaila Soro played the holding role in both games.  In a very literal sense, the Celtic that will take the field tonight would be unrecognisable to us back then.

Enjoy the game and remember – it’s an early kick-off: 7.30.

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  1. timmy7_noted on

    Loves a made up stat, inflated opinion of itself and its value, hates everyone else.



    50:1 FFS.

  2. final league game officials



    Celtic F.C. v Motherwell F.C.


    cinch Premiership


    14/05/2022 12:15pm Celtic Park


    Referee:Alan Muir




    David McGeachie




    Graham McNeillie


    Fourth Official


    Stewart Luke

  3. One of the things I have done most years on here has been to select a team of the Best SPFL players, excluding Sevco ones, that I have seen performing in Scotland in the current season, at CP or away.



    I consider this year’s selection a pretty mediocre bunch and I would not be agitating too hard to bring any of them to us.From the Huns- Tavernier, Goldson, Kent & Aribo would reply e some of these but that is all. Neither McGregor nor Morelos would.



    Team 1



    Gordon (Hearts)



    Ramsay (Aberdeen) Soutar (Hearts) Edwards (United) Kingsley (Hearts)



    Ferguson (Aberdeen) Levitt (United) Cornelius (Motherwell)



    Charles-Cook (Ross Co) Boyce (Hearts) Watt (United)




    Team 2



    Clark (St. johnstone)



    Rooney (St. j) McGinn (Hibs) Shaugnessy (St. M) Doig (Hibs)



    Newell (Hibs) Ronan (St. M) Pittman (Livi)



    Forrest (Livi) Hendry (St. J) McKay (Hearts)



    Honourable mentions to Siegrist & Kelly (GKs), Adam, Harkes, Niskanen and Van Veen



    I don’t see anyone as good enough to come to us- Levitt maybe- I can see Sevco recruiting a few when they get knocked out of the Europa final and the CL qualifiers mind.

  4. kevinlasvegas on

    Good Laugh on here today,



    title winning day or point scoring nonsense?







  5. WBC



    I think Paddy Crerand scored but Utd. had a good shout for PK in the last minute when big Billy barged into Carlyle.Good job i was young.


    Came up from London for Christmas and was at the United game with my dad i think 3-2 United my dad called me all the bloody Jonas in the world.Following week i think and it was on to Celtic Park where we beat Dundee 5-1 all was well he might have just forgave me.Nothing like being a Celtic fan.

  6. This is a championship that needs celebrated in style.


    Personally this years title is better than any of the 9 in a row as it more meaningful for me and my son.


    There has been moments of doubt no more so than the first 6 weeks of the season and then games like st mirren aways dreadful 0-0,Dundee Utd home game ( until Liel popped up), but we’ve got there and I got one are absolutely delighted.


    I’ve never wanted this title more than any other due to the loss of our Daniel.


    Watching us clinch it is going to be another rollercoaster of emotions.


    The last time we won the league at Tannidice was 22 /05 /08 and I was there , but it was also Daniels birthday where he was 5 years of age and he wasn’t happy I was heading up to the game instead of staying in a the house.


    As he became a fanantic in later years he let me off with that one!!


    So to everyone with problems on their lives enjoy tonight , enjoy the moment , hug your kids and celebrate with them as we never know what’s round the corner.


    I just hope my Daniel is watching down on us tonight.


    This title is for you as well as everyone else my Bhoy.

  7. Tannadice 2008


    Travelled up to Celtic Park that day. Too nervous to hang about D&G. Weaved my way through all the tributes laid out for Tommy. Took me the whole of the first half. Updates from all lucky enough to have a ticket for the Kerrydale Suite. Back outside among the floral tributes for the second half. News came through from Pitodrie then Big Jan settled it. Back to the tributes and a wee greet for Tommy. Final whistle went into the Kerrydale. What a scene. Pure Joy and ecstasy – must have been offered a hundred drinks. Couldn’t accept any as still to drive home. Made up for it when I did eventually arrive home.



  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Big W- McGregor 40/1 to score from outside the box, Skybet…….bet responsibility 🤞

  9. KEVINLASVEGAS on 11TH MAY 2022 4:39 PM



    Good Laugh on here today,



    title winning day or point scoring nonsense?











    It is most certainly championship night Kevin


    Can you imagine that when you were a boy.


    Take care and don’t stay sober 🤣




  10. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all the Victoria Bar. Had to come in early to get a good seat.

  11. The problem with any blog is not the trolls, it’s the engagement of them. Scroll on by…there’s a title to be celebrated!

  12. !!BADA BING!! on 11TH MAY 2022 5:10 PM


    Big W- McGregor 40/1 to score from outside the box, Skybet…….bet responsibility 🤞





    Those odds are clearly way too short…



    But hope the eff he does :)




  13. Weebobbycollins on

    TimHorton…your memory has held up well. It was 60 years ago but feels more like 100 for me. I was a young, fresh 14 year old, now my heid’s full of cobwebs. Possible consequence of being a reckless child of the sixties. :-)

  14. DANDAN on 11TH MAY 2022 5:06 PM



    that was some share DanDan. I can feel your love for your bhoy and your shared love of the celtic.


    God bless Daniel.



    Early May for me every date brings bitter sweet memories of Celtic occasions intertwined with family birthdays and losses. It was ever thus.



    Auld Annie my Granny it would have been her 100th Birthday on Monday the 9th. She lived till aged 79, and funded my celtic habit all through the 70s and 80s until I had a real job, god bless her.


    The last of her TSB book paid for me and youngest brother to go to seville, such a cruel irony that her passing let us go to that game.



    Today the 11th, the twins were born in a house in the port in 1967, less than 2lbs each a miracle they lived. We lost my brother before his 21st, every year we remember and wish things would have been different.



    One of my fondness memories, 10th May 1980, I am on a train from Glasgow having played in the morning, on route to the Greenock Shammy, pull into Gilmour street, same time as another pulls into Platform 1 on way to central.


    I looks out the window to see the twins and the young port team , maybe 50 of them, all hooped up and tri-colours in the opposite carriage, giving it bell tinkle.


    Being quite loving lads, i jumped up to the wee windae, and exchanged pleasantries


    “where the flying fruck do yeese thing yis are going”


    “hhahah, hampden ya daftie”


    “naw yir naw, get aff , and get back doon the road, yir no allowed, and i am gonny tell ma mam”


    “shut it, we are going”


    vickys given the trains pull out in opposite directions, i can hear them start up the song book again,


    they were not even13 yet.



    I scan the riot footage anytime its replayed, convinced i will see them sometime, i just havnt spotted them yet.



    Win the league tonight Celtic, give us another 11th to celebrate.

  15. Certainly a day for the 49 pence trolls eh. Team troll has to do better racist scum.youll get on sentinel some day ya banger



    I prefer this version of vermin from the growing out of the OO! To many bangers with monikers they can’t remember!



    I am home tell all your racist monikers!



    Was it sceptical,or Michael,or uppity or was it eddie



    If the OO is such a drain on anybody’s life who’s bloodline came from Ireland why would you stay on an island with such a controlling influence that the OO obviously has over your life making you a whining misery guts??



    Once upon a long ago the OO used to stick in my craw.



    Then this magical thing happened…. I grew up.



    Should try it sometime.




    And some say there is not a team trolling here,


    God bless the mentally ill.

  16. Any football on tonight? The great unifier . . . Enjoy the game everyone. Kyogo for a MOTM hat trick.

  17. WBC


    We are close to the same age i have two years on you.Remember when we were young we wanted to be older now i wish i could reverse.Memory comes and goes…………thank God for Google.

  18. I missed the bit, that the twins were born in Annies house and she saved them with hot water bottles and wrapped in towels.



    too much info i hear you say, lol.





    that was a great memory as well ta for that.

  19. BIGRAILROADBLUES on 11TH MAY 2022 5:26 PM


    Good evening all the Victoria Bar. Had to come in early to get a good seat.



    For confusions sake is that the one at Briggait or Vicky Rd.? 2 good pubs mind ye.




  20. Last couple of hours listening into a teams call my view from the office window has an outlook onot the m8 at big hillington roundabout.



    Bus after bus after bus after bus in that slow crawl up the m8,



    god am jealous not to be going.

  21. right hometime, i might stop for some supplies. come on you bhoys in green, dundees green and white

  22. Tim Malone Will Tell on




    Very touching and thank you for giving us all a bit of perspective

  23. Tim Horton/ wee Bobby Collins



    Tell me are you both of a generation who could rhyme of teams in a 2-3-5?


    My old mate myles 84,is giving up the seat this year,I will miss him badly,but it’s getting difficult for him.


    I digress Celts,he rhymes of teams from 50s and 60s with ease,a knowledge there that is awesome.


    Enjoy tonight,don’t sober 😊




  24. Tom McLaughlin on




    In the 60s my grandad used to rhyme off teams from way back in the early part of the century.



    I remember a team starting “Shaw, McNair n Dodds”.

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