Tannadice perfect preparation for Champions League


I can remember a few comfortable wins at Tannadice but only when Celtic have played at their very best.  Even good Celtic teams have found Dundee United a handful for over 30 years.  Tomorrow will be no different.

I watched some of United’s League Cup game against Hearts on Wednesday, it’s hard to figure out where Peter Houston is taking them, but they remain recognisable as Dundee United, they are skilful and play a fast, passing, game.  In many respects, they are the perfect domestic opponent to face before meeting Barcelona.

The shadow of Champions League football will cast itself over Neil Lennon’s plans, even though the manager will understand the best preparation for a big game is to win the previous game, so Celtic will travel with as much urgency as they can muster.

We need a point to replace Edinburgh Hibernians (it is the modern style to use pre-liquidation names) at the top of the SPL, anything less would be unsatisfactory.

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  1. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Glad to see Watt starting and the manager clearly feels that it’s worth risking the captain as today’s game is important.


    Could be a tight 2-1 win today.



    Mon the Hoops



  2. t4-Thanks for reply,don’t think his first touch has improved since he signed,though the last 6 weeks he has played very well.

  3. Good morning CQN



    Come on the Bhoys in green and white



    Safe journey to all going to the game today



    For those who are in love


    There’s a song that’s warm and tender.


    For those who are oppressed


    In song you can protest.


    So liberate your minds


    And give your soul expression.


    Open up your hearts,


    I’ll sing for you this song.



    Let the people sing their stories and their songs


    And the music of their native land


    Their lullabies and battlecries and songs of hope and joy


    So join us hand in hand


    All across this ancient land


    Throughout the test of time


    It was music that kept their spirits free


    Those songs of yours and of mine




    Keep the Faith



    Hail Hail

  4. Alasdair MacLean on

    SPL attendances yesterday. Home side first.



    Hibs v St Mirren 10,000


    Ross v Aberdeen 6,000


    Dundee v Hearts 5,300


    Killie v Inverness 4,000


    St Johnstone v Motherwell 3,000

  5. The full backs have a big job in todays team. One striker and no wingers= experimental! Come on the Celts!

  6. Squire Danaher,


    Good to hear from you.


    Have not been doing much at the punting.


    I have found that my betting discipline is not as focused as it should be.


    I sometimes find value in betting on ‘bookings’.



    Stay lucky.

  7. The biggest problem I have with that line-up is that, with Rogne and Wilson in defence, we won’t be able to build from the back.



    A very good team, but a bit workmanlike.

  8. KK



    Discipline is a great thing when you can keep it – I am screwing the nut those days and staying focused on ma profitable wee niche ha



    A wise man of my acquaintance often says that it’s not so much the winners you back, but the losers you DON’T



    Very true and a few unusual results across Europe yesterday which I did well to keep away from



    B lucky and disciplined :D

  9. I’m relieved to see Miku on the bench. When I first saw the team via facebook he wasn’t mentioned and I was baffled that we had only 1 striker in the squad. I assume that Hoops is being rested and that he is not out injured. We need both him & Sammi back for Barca. I have the highest regard for Tony Watt and I believe with his work ethic he will be a star of the future but today will be a huge ask of him. If he comes through for us today, A Star may well be born.

  10. Hopefully we will give a good performance today as a curtain raiser for Wednesday’s stellar encounter with the impious Catalans.


    Who care about a fourth division outfit with means and ability to outstrip all around them (i.e. cheating,as usual) except that we want to see them dead and buried in a lead-lined casket at the bottom of the deepest sea? Never to be endured again.


    Is anybody else sick of the amount of Yankee ‘news’ endlessly rammed at us? I know it’s post ironic (whatever the hell that means an’ aw….more pseudo chattering classes gobbledygook) to imagine we are the 51st. state of the Ooo Ess Aaa, but in reality we are no more than a big static aircraft carrier off the west coast of Europe (George Orwell knew this) and completetly in thrall to the most warmongering nation in history.


    But, having said that, they invented (?) rock’n’roll and jazz, and I just listened to the new ZZ Top (Dubya Bush’s favourite band apparently) as a prelude to the match. Fat Texan Blues.


    Oh well…it’s the nature of the times we live in to be conflicted and confused.


    Thank God for Celtic F.C. No confusion there.