Tannadice perfect preparation for Champions League


I can remember a few comfortable wins at Tannadice but only when Celtic have played at their very best.  Even good Celtic teams have found Dundee United a handful for over 30 years.  Tomorrow will be no different.

I watched some of United’s League Cup game against Hearts on Wednesday, it’s hard to figure out where Peter Houston is taking them, but they remain recognisable as Dundee United, they are skilful and play a fast, passing, game.  In many respects, they are the perfect domestic opponent to face before meeting Barcelona.

The shadow of Champions League football will cast itself over Neil Lennon’s plans, even though the manager will understand the best preparation for a big game is to win the previous game, so Celtic will travel with as much urgency as they can muster.

We need a point to replace Edinburgh Hibernians (it is the modern style to use pre-liquidation names) at the top of the SPL, anything less would be unsatisfactory.

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  1. I hope Messi, Xavi and Iniesta all fall ill this week, and I’d still worry that we’ll get beat.

  2. stevebhoy





    Sorry about that.



    To sum up, then, the team in white plays a high ball over the top (they are losing 1-2 late in the game). The ball bounces between the last defender and the goalie, who has come way out of his area to sweep up.



    The big striker goes head to head with the keeper after the first bounce. He wins the ball and is clear through on goal. A defender has tracked back, but he and the goalie collide and bring each other down. The striker now has the freedom of the penalty area and an open goal.



    However, his first touch, on the 18-yard line, is so bad, the ball goes out for a goal-kick.

  3. the_huddle


    19:36 on


    3 November, 2012


    How many times does “not another poppy debate” need to be posted before you all stop?






    i blame the senility of the majority senior posters on here.



    auld eejits.



    mickbkoy1888 was right.

  4. •-:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-•



    Spot on. It’s purpose has been totally devalued in this country as it’s been hijacked by bigots. A few years ago I was in a meeting down south when some sevco fan made a comment about my lack of. Last year around this time, I met him at the airport, we were going to the same meeting and noticed he wasn’t wearing. I bought two for 5p. We went our separate ways and I walked into the meeting and made a comment about him not wearing one and threw one across the table making sure everyone in the room noticed his shortfall.



    To say he was ragin’ would be an understatement. But only in this country could a symbolic gesture made by folk who have lost people from previous/current generations be used as braggin rights.






    Goodnight and God Bless.




  5. Dick. Messi will play. Adriano is looking like more of a doubt. Barcelona have confirmed that they took him off tonight because of a hamstring injury. They will carry out more tests before deciding if he can play against us or not.

  6. Saint Stivs



    i blame the senility of the majority senior posters on here.



    auld eejits.





    I’d forgotten about the average age on here, forgetfulness is a valid excuse (I’m sure there’s a Grandpa Simpson youtube clip opportunity here).

  7. Thisistheone



    I bought two for 5p.





    Pushed the boat out there mate. Did you ask for change?

  8. @ celticservant


    Wow snippets about the Green Brigade display for Wednesday night have the hair on the back of my neck standing up.

  9. ASonOfDan



    Pathetic they weren’t even the highest scoring team in the competition!!



    Look forward to them getting scudded out of the Scottish Cup too…

  10. saint stivs



    19:48 on


    3 November, 2012


    what songs are best suited to the poppy debate ?






    And they called it poppy love?




  11. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    Saint Stivs




    19:48 on 3 November, 2012




    what songs are best suited to the poppy debate ?



    How about little Jimmy Osmond singing “Poppy love”

  12. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on




    beat me by milliseconds!

  13. Did barca win tonight?



    Ant stubbed toes, gout flare up’s, sair knees, dead legs or anything?

  14. Hi khids


    On the local radio station this morning the presenter announced that :in Scotland rankers would be at home to Aloh-a







  15. glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly



    19:52 on


    3 November, 2012





    beat me by milliseconds!





    Rubbish had time to pour a large merlot and light my cigar before posting, toying with you :))

  16. Like many , I need a ticket for the Barca game.


    If anyone can help ,you can obtain my email address from Paul67




  17. Im in the same boat as Andrew67, more in hope than expectation…. if anyone has/hears of a spare ticket please let me know.

  18. Paul67 et al



    Edinburgh is green and white! Well hopefully for one night only. Good solid team performance required tomorrow. Honestly thought that Dundee United and Hearts would be in the top three by now, but with Hearts now asking their own fans for money, maybe they are heading in the same direction as Murray’s millionaires! Be nice to play Barca while at the top of the league though!

  19. My 10 year old gagging to see Messi on Wednesday, so he would be gutted if he wasn’t playing.



    Me, I just like to watch the CELTIC

  20. Realistically not expecting much from Wednesday night.


    However recall the feeling when we beat Barca 1-0


    and were leading at CP only to be outdone


    by our hero.


    Great nights.

  21. Just seen this on TSFM :))




    Kilmarnock boss to report referee to SFA over ‘sarcastic’ remark



    “I don’t know what he said but it was something flippant and I


    will be reporting him to (head of referee development) John


    Fleming as well because I am not happy about it.”








    Hmmm…I’m no lawyer but I think even I can spot the flaw with this complaint.