Tannadice perfect preparation for Champions League


I can remember a few comfortable wins at Tannadice but only when Celtic have played at their very best.  Even good Celtic teams have found Dundee United a handful for over 30 years.  Tomorrow will be no different.

I watched some of United’s League Cup game against Hearts on Wednesday, it’s hard to figure out where Peter Houston is taking them, but they remain recognisable as Dundee United, they are skilful and play a fast, passing, game.  In many respects, they are the perfect domestic opponent to face before meeting Barcelona.

The shadow of Champions League football will cast itself over Neil Lennon’s plans, even though the manager will understand the best preparation for a big game is to win the previous game, so Celtic will travel with as much urgency as they can muster.

We need a point to replace Edinburgh Hibernians (it is the modern style to use pre-liquidation names) at the top of the SPL, anything less would be unsatisfactory.

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  1. Celtic still the only team to stop messi from scoring and having an assist,


    He had an assist tonight against celta vigo but didn`t score




  2. praecepta



    21:06 on 3 November, 2012


    First time I’ve seen a 5th official make a decision that has been game changing.



    Juve (ahead from an off-side goal) penalised for a shirt pull on Milito (that the ref missed) – penalty 1-1 and game on.





    Was it no the 5th official that called the sending off in the spartak game?

  3. did i read on here that dundee utd ,would have cash only at the turnstiles for to-morrow game.is that for home supporters,or celtic fans

  4. Dick Byrne-I am like a wean looking forward to Christmas for Barca game,possibly the one and only chance to see the best football team in my/our lifetime live.Cannot wait.Re our Group,what will be will be.Bring on the football.

  5. estorilbhoy



    Milito has maybe just blown Juve’s 49 game unbeaten run.



    Juve 1 Inter 2

  6. Stringer Bell



    Spartak – think you’re correct.



    Was thinking it was first time I’ve seen the 5th official call a penalty and the ref awarding it.

  7. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Stringer Bell – you just beat me to it there!


    I think this has also been going on in the SPL, think back to Dougiegate. The 5th official is not supposed to be wired up to the ref, but it’s happening here and abroad.




  8. prestonpans bhoys on



    21:18 on


    3 November, 2012



    home fans only scarf off:



    Eddie Thompson Lower – turnstile T4


    George Fox Lower – turnstiles T33 & T38

  9. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Dick – for £28 we’ll get to see our great young Hoops team take on one of the top three club sides of all time. I can’t wait for it, the atmosphere will be electric!


    Half day booked and mate up from London, so a few pre-match scoops and then off to Paradise. :-)



    Hope you lads looking for tickets are successful.




  10. Estorilbhoy.



    Oops just made buffon of myself there.



    Age shouldn’t come into the equation if you can do the job.then again!!!

  11. TTTT



    Only 4 officials at Dougiegate.



    Serie A operate same 5th official (behind goals) in league games as UEFA games.

  12. Wee skippy scored another nice goal for boro today. 6 wins in a row for big tony.



    His chin will be healing up at this rate.

  13. sipsini



    21:28 on


    3 November, 2012





    Oops just made buffon of myself there.



    Age shouldn’t come into the equation if you can do the job.then again!!!





    Agree oops 3-1inter get in there

  14. tommytwiststommyturns on

    praecepta – “Only 4 officials at Dougiegate.”



    That we’re aware of….who was sitting with the TV monitor? Wee Chick?! :-)




  15. Juve fail on 49th game.



    Can someone confirm – think Arsenal unbeaten record still stands?

  16. Prestonpans Bhoy many thanks,my son says he wiil go up and see if he can get a tkt for the celtic ends,me and my grandson have ours, 2-0 for the hoops.

  17. estorilbhoy



    Love the old Serie A – game on at top of table now.



    Wish PL could swing a sponsorship deal with the Italian mobile network.



    How good would it be to see the TIM logo on the shirt? :-)

  18. But how many fans were there



    And who holds world record for stolen/cheated trophies huns or Juve ???









    21:34 on 3 November, 2012




    Juve fail on 49th game.



    Can someone confirm – think Arsenal unbeaten record still stands?

  19. Sevco game just on ssn.



    Seems a whole lot of sevconians have walked away….



    What was the attendance today?

  20. Tallybhoy



    Correct under Capello – but not sure if that’s league games only.



    Why I thought Arsenal held the league games record.

  21. praecepta



    I think Arsenal hold the record, and they are the only team not to be relegated from the top flight in england as well.



    The huns were always in the top flight, they hold the record for the longest in the world playing in top flight football, then getting papped oot.

  22. pedrocaravanachio67 on

    A huge congratulation to my young nephew ( mini ACGR ) who won the junior golf championship at carnoustie today 3 & 2.


    well done that bhoy. He’s a much better golfer than his Da, but he’s got a wee bit of catching up on his uncle Pedro when it comes to fitba.

  23. Also on ssn, messi gets a sair yin at then end of the game. Hope he’s ok for next weekends la liga game. Best rested midweek.