Tannadice perfect preparation for Champions League


I can remember a few comfortable wins at Tannadice but only when Celtic have played at their very best.  Even good Celtic teams have found Dundee United a handful for over 30 years.  Tomorrow will be no different.

I watched some of United’s League Cup game against Hearts on Wednesday, it’s hard to figure out where Peter Houston is taking them, but they remain recognisable as Dundee United, they are skilful and play a fast, passing, game.  In many respects, they are the perfect domestic opponent to face before meeting Barcelona.

The shadow of Champions League football will cast itself over Neil Lennon’s plans, even though the manager will understand the best preparation for a big game is to win the previous game, so Celtic will travel with as much urgency as they can muster.

We need a point to replace Edinburgh Hibernians (it is the modern style to use pre-liquidation names) at the top of the SPL, anything less would be unsatisfactory.

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  1. fanadpatriot



    23:35 on 3 November, 2012



    If you have ever read my posts on here since he has came to us you will know you have no arguement

  2. tommytwiststommyturns



    23:56 on 3 November, 201



    at least something about you should be good looking

  3. moonbeams wd. kano 1000 \o/ supporting neil lennon 100%. champions. c’mon wee oscar.



    00:01 on


    4 November, 2012


    You’ve not played golf until you have played off the cliff hanger on Leverndale’s 9 hole 50p a round. If you haven’t played it then sorry, but, you’ll never play golf!






    Sadly Leverndale’s 9 hole course is now a housing estate. Played a round or two there in the late eighties when i was a resident in Leverndale ( nurses home).


    Those were the days.

  4. .



    I Started reading this thinking it was a Celtic Fan..










    Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell



    A MAN who made internet threats to the Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell has won a legal challenge to overturn a three-year ban on attending football matches.


    Ryan MacDonald, 21, admitted causing a breach of the peace earlier this year by posting a message on Twitter that Mr Lawwell “needs a bullet”.



    Sheriff Wendy Sheehan ordered MacDonald to carry out 70 hours of community service and banned him from attending football matches for three years.



    At Glasgow Sheriff Court in April, MacDonald was told there was “no place for this type of behaviour in our society. Such remarks could provoke hostility in others”.



    But MacDonald, of Aberdeen, appealed against the football banning order and yesterday succeeded in overturning it.


    The gist of the comments was that Celtic did not need Rangers and was not interested


    Lady Paton



    Judges at the Justiciary Appeal Court in Edinburgh said the order was not competent under the relevant legislation, ruling that the offence was not directly related to a football match.



    They said the Police, Public Order and Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2006 gave the courts powers to impose banning orders where a person was convicted of an offence involving violence or disorder “related to a football match”.



    Lady Paton, who heard the appeal with Sheriff Principal Brian Lockhart, said: “The appellant’s posting of the message on Twitter could not be said to be an offence ‘related to a football match… played or intended to be played’. Nor, in our view, could the offence properly be categorised as ‘motivated, wholly or partly, by a football match played or intended to be played”.







    MacDonald posted the message that “Lawwell needs a bullet, Simples” in February.



    Lady Paton told the court: “The message was posted after Rangers Football Club had gone into administration, and just after a press conference given by Mr Lawwell during which he made certain comments.



    “The gist of the comments was that Celtic did not need Rangers and was not interested.”



    At the time of the offence, social networking sites were being monitored and his message was spotted and reported by Celtic’s head of media and publishing.



    Police, alerted to his message by staff at Celtic, obtained a warrant and called at MacDonald’s house soon after the message appeared, confiscating his laptop.



    MacDonald accepted that what he had done was foolish and said: “I was just being an idiot.”



    The first offender deleted the offending message a day after it was posted.





  5. pedrocaravanachio67 on




    good version of a great song. For me, Jeff Buckley’s is the best. He was a real talent, how good could he have been?

  6. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Alastair Lamont -BBC Scotland-THE Rangers battered Alloa with a throughly professional display to banish memories of Inverness…


    Aye the same way they battered QOS and Stirling Albion..

  7. pedrocaravanachio67 on




    You must wear troosers like mc hammer, cos that is some pair of cahoneys you’ve got : ) good luck.

  8. The exiled tim






    I am pretty sure Everton and Arsenal have never been relegated from the english top flight.



    If i’m wrong i stand corrected. Not 100% on it but i think it’s one of those daft football trivia things that i seem to recall!

  9. Bada Bing says:



    MWD says:



    Lads sorry i didn’t reply back just in from work.



    Just to say a big thanks to you guys you always answer back when i post on here, genuine sound guys.

  10. tommytwiststommyturns on

    pedro – Ron The Greek looked the best there in the parade.


    Money on with Bet365 and they were only offering US prices.




  11. pedrocaravanachio67 on




    She’s a great singer and very pleasing on the eye and also seems like a nice person when you see/hear her being interviewed. The thing i like about the JB version is that it’s quite stripped back, just his vocal and guitar….haunting.

  12. badbhoybubby



    Aye, you would be right, I am surprised you are the first to correct me.



    I was just looking at Arsenal, and forgot about the peoples team, spank me :>)



    It’s good that the huns have another world record though, being the first team to be in the top flight longer than any other team,and then get papped oot…Ye Haaaaa

  13. The exiled tim



    Apologies, i do stand corrected. Everton have been relegated twice (last time 1952).



    Wikipedia is handy for something then :)

  14. pedrocaravanachio67 on

    bugger…..beaten by half a length….defo off to bed now



    goodnight all



    HH PC67

  15. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    Deep breaths…………and we’re back!



    Thanks Paul67 and your helpers! (Andrew in Belfast?)

  16. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    …..that wouldn’t surprise me!



    (only kidding TET)

  17. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    I’m usually up about 6:00am, a nice cup of tea and scroll back on the nightshift.



    Now I know what cold turkey feels like!



    (Am jokin’ before embdy gets doon ma throat!)

  18. Morning bhoys, damp but thankfully hun free on the mountain.



    Looks like I might have broke the blog then :>)



    It’s a terrible thing is an addiction, no CQN and the shivers start……

  19. Top of the morning to you all from a still and sunny day in Fife.



    Perfect day for football and a win would set things up nicely for the Barca game.

  20. The reinforcements then turned their attention to Headford (County Galway), and it was shortly before midnight when they got there. While an armoured car supported by Crossley Tenders conducted searches and raids in the countryside around Headford, the Auxiliaries began forcing people out of their homes and made them march, with their hands above their heads, up and down the streets. They then proceeded to burn three buildings in Main Street. One belonged to William O’Malley (a publican), one to Richard Geraghty (a postman), and the third was used as a reading room. The Presbytery was also burnt down.


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    The Auxiliaries continued to burn homes on the Thursday and Friday. Worse was to follow on the Saturday after the ambush, with another three men being shot dead:


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    They then said to the man that his son Jim was involved in the Kilroes ambush. Just then, a number of shots rang out. The father unaware of the significance of the shots, told the Auxiliaries that his son had been working in the fields that day of the ambush and he could get at least forty witnesses to this fact. They then let him go.


    Mr Kirwan left the house and walked along the road towards the field where his son was working and met a number of Auxiliaries returning. One of them told him that his son had been shot as he tried to escape. In a panic, Mr. Kirwan ran to the field. The first thing he saw was the horse shot dead under the cart and about fifteen feet away from the animal lay the body of his son. Mr. Kirwan began shouting for help. Neighbours arrived and took young Jim’s remains home in the cart.


    Three other men were also shot and wounded that day and a number of dwellings burned. The British had exacted a terrible retribution against people who had played no part in the ambush.





    The above is just a couple of pages of words from: Blood for Blood, by William Henry. Included in that book is an account of the murder of Father Griffin, an innocuous Catholic priest, by professional forces of the British Crown.


    The Auxiliaries, the Black and Tans, and the RIC (Police), mounted numerous, horrendous and murderous, joint operations.



    I know that when you are young you are influenced for life by what you see and hear and read. The My Lai massacre in the American Vietnam war when American troops went murderously feral, in obscene retribution, and wiped out a village is still vivid in my memory today.


    The My Lai massacre is probably one of the most infamous events of the Vietnam War. The My Lai massacre took place on March 16th 1968.



    “My Lai was a village of about 700 inhabitants some 100 miles to the southeast of the US base of Danang. Shortly after dawn on March 16th, three platoons of US troops from C Company, 11th Brigade, arrived in the Son My area having been dropped off by helicopters. 1 Platoon was commanded by Lieutenant William Calley and was ordered to My Lai village. They were part of Task Force Barker – the codename for a search and destroy mission. They had been told to expect to find members of the NLF (called Vietcong or VC by the US soldiers) in the vicinity as the village was in an area where the NLF had been very active.



    When the troops from 1 Platoon moved through the village they started to fire at the villagers. These were women, children and the elderly as the young men had gone to the paddy fields to work. Sergeant Michael Bernhardt, who was at My Lai, was quoted in 1973 as stating that he saw no one who could have been considered to be of military age. He also stated that the US troops in My Lai met no resistance. An army photographer, Ronald Haeberie, witnessed a US soldier shoot two young boys who he believed were no more than five years of age. Other photos taken at the scene of the massacre show bodies of what can only be very young children.



    Those who returned to the village claimed that it took three days to bury the bodies. They were later to report that some of the children had their throats cut and that some of the bodies had not just been shot but had also been mutilated.



    (My Lai Massacre, History Learning Site)



    Wearing a Poppy is a personal choice. I’d wear a poppy but I would never forget that those who gave their lives in British uniforms for liberty were brothered by thugs in British uniforms who lived their lives in brutal oppressions… vindictive intimidations… and multiple callous murders… and they were comfortable in their atrocities and they were never held accountable; EVER;


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    ‘THOSE ARE REAL BULLETS’ by Peter Pringle and Philip Jacobson.

  21. Som mes que un club on

    Smoke and mirrors.



    I think Sevco being at home on Saturday has something to do with it.

  22. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Like The Man himself… CQN rises and returns ..



    Amazing how addicted one becomes..



    Looking forward to match today and having a pre game snooze..



    Had all the mini ABs at Skyfall movie last night. Earning my brownie points for today..



    Tough match ahead. Good prep for Barca..




  23. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    smoke and mirrors



    10:21 on 4 November, 2012


    hi sorry if i havent read back . WHY is the St Johnstone game on a Sunday next week….






    …..and WHY we’re we not playing yesterday, with the Barca game in mind ? …….why ? Because this is Scotland….



    Anyway, off for a wee swim, then watch the game……MON THE HOOPS………!!!!!!!!



    I see Keevins is dictating our sponsorship policy now……..LLLOOOLLL …. They are ALL trying so very hard to resurrect the dead……….. Hell mend them ….!!!!

  24. Our old friend, Xavi, accusing us of playing anti-football, like Chelsea.



    The little genious obviously discounts the wealth difference and the fact that we lost our two main men for taking the game forward, i.e. Brown and Sammi.



    Lost a bit of respect for him.

  25. thomthethim



    10:37 on 4 November, 2012



    ‘Our old friend, Xavi,’




    Presumably that supposed friendship is based on him saying something about Celtic which he never said. It’s a made up quote.

  26. Great got the packing done got the ironing done amazing what you can get through when CQN is down!



    And yes TTTT and CR an action plan is on its way!!!