Tannadice the scene for Cup quarter final


On Saturday my mind wandered, as it does, to the demise of Gretna in 2008.  The village team were bankrolled through the Scottish league system until promotion to the SPL in 2007 but then the cash ran out.  The club went into liquidation a few weeks from the end of the season but while most of the first team squad were made redundant, a few remained on a week-to-week basis to see out the remaining league programme, assisted considerably by the SPL and Livingston FC, who made their ground available.

Should Rangers fail around the same time, I thought, how apt it would be for us to meet them in the Scottish Cup final.  We would be there at the end to wave goodbye to a unique institution.  Witnesses to the final whistle on a club with an enormously controversial history.

Unfortunately, my hopes were dashed by Dundee United at Ibrox yesterday, who Flushed Away the opposition and won their first game against an SPL team in 2012.  We will have to scramble for tickets for the prospective event at another venue.

United seem set to try their hardest to spoil my enjoyment of the Cup.  Our quarter final draw against them next month will be one of the toughest games of the season.

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  1. March is looking like a HUGE month, with trips to Aberdeen and rangers a cup tie at Utd and the League Cup Final.



    Bring It On!!

  2. Green Lantern (((((0))))) says at 15:36



    ‘I think someone should start a movement to eliminate all this jobby patter.’



    Yes, but the necessary motion would have to be very carefully worded to avoid any unwanted fall-out …

  3. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Dundee Utd beat a crap, demoralised buch of nobodies yesterday.



    What makes them so good today?

  4. MadraRua @ 15:19,



    “However, complacency in certain players during prime games, ICT for one, last season cost us the league.”



    I’ve got to say I tend to agree – no one is saying this team is the complete deal.






    More resilience and less tardiness will go along way.




    Raymac @ 15:21,



    ”Hubris–for explanation and resume read Minty Murray



    Interesting reading that R@ngers couldn’t afford the hubris they have been displaying over the ast few decades.






    They can’t afford to be complacent:-)

  5. Henriks Sombrero on

    Paul67 – to answer the question you posed to me on the last thread (sorry for the delay in replying) !



    If all goes to plan, we will be in for an Eternity of Domination. None of this Generation piffle. :-)



    The Huns might never have a realistic chance of beating us again, or of winning the Title. They’ll be a third division team.

  6. On the toss of a “fair” coin you’d expect heads 50% of the time and tails the other 50%



    So for a “fair” cup draw a home game is likely 50% of the time. or 1/2 So to have 2 away in a row is 1/4, to be home then away is 1/4, to be away then home is 1/4 and to have two home is 1/4. So the odds to predict 10 away draws in a row at this time are 1/2.



    If you had bet on this 9 draws ago that would have been 1:2^10 or 1:1024



    The same odds as predicting any other combination of the draw, e.g. 10 home 1:1024, h-a-h-a-h-a-h-a-h-a 1:1024, etc.



    Under the “hot” ball system, the odds on 10 away ties on the bounce are significantly reduced.



    Though after Peter Houston’s gripe about “another” away tie at Ibrox, this draw may look like the SFA engineered a “get it up you” to both teams.

  7. Sir Paul



    Ah hiv jist noticed..a very disturbing trend.


    in oor Team’s Performances.






    As you know …



    Ah jist Hate…”disturbing trends!”



    And the Trend in this Picture… is this:



    “Celtic, are No piitting away their opponents, in


    the Manner.. tae which..



    AH .. could .. Become Accustomed!!”



    Oor Overwhelming out-field Superiority,over oor Opponents,in Recent Games..


    has No bin Rewarded in the Manner tae which it ..darn well..





    We Scraped a Victory, at Caley..



    Yep.. Scraped..



    Home. by Relying oan the GENEROSITY of a Caley Defender,in


    Gifting.. the Bold and the Beautiful.. Christ-like.. Figure…who is Sammi..


    a Scoring Opportunity.. which.. Sammi, did ..indeed… accomplish


    that deed.



    Oor ither Goal.. wiz a Penalty..



    in fact, oor last Coupla Games.. we hiv relied oan..



    Scoring the Majority of oor Goals..by cashing in oan. SET PIECES..



    We are Jist no Pitting oor Opponents away…



    in the good old Fashioned way..



    which is..



    By Dazzlin’ them, with our Teamwork.. and Finishing it off..by


    scoring with Style and Aplomb.



    Yes, Virginia..



    Celtic. gotta start Cashin in oan oor Overwhelming Lead Ups.






    We jist URNAE..






    that is ..in MA Opinion..whit is known in the Trade as..



    “A Disturbing Trend”.. in Oor Play.



    We canny depend… FOR EVER… oan getting those very convenient and


    welcome… Set Pieces…in order tae win the game..




  8. starry plough says:


    6 February, 2012 at 15:22



    I do think have grown and I think think they have more potential then any club in Britain, yes Britain.


    But, the lack of putting lower standard opposition away, is worrying.


    Then again, perhaps I’ve had too many disappointments and am worrying too much.

  9. Paisley suffered an apparent heart attack yesterday afternoon. I don’t think I need to comment further.

  10. Voguepunter, as is too often the case.



    ASonOfDan, true.



    Henriks Sombrero :-)



    Kojo, perhaps a dose of creativity is required? But remember, we’re undeniably effective and it’s important not to lose this.

  11. Shieldmuir Celtic on

    I wonder what the odds are against a club, viz. Celtic, having no home cup ties in 3 years. This may be paranoia, but what was Billy Davies doing at the draw. Perhaps he was representing the Unemployed Managers’Association. So maybe it was a work of charity by the S.F.A. or maybe it was just another example of their shameless bigotry.

  12. Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning! at 15:40



    My thoughts, too.



    It may be a cup game, but their home form is hardly worth a small scoop of ice cream, let alone any accompanying jelly.



    I mean: Won 3 Drawn 4 Lost 5 For 12 Against 13.



    Tricky, but a tie we will win, if we play as we can … [note: this comment does not take account of any M.I.B involvement].




  13. Paisley suffered an apparent heart attack yesterday afternoon shouting “Never, Never, Never have i witnessed so much keak in Rangers tops”

  14. Kojo



    It was Inverness. Rain, wind, blood and snotters. Goals are hard to come by in those conditions.



    We have never beaten them, not even under MON, by more than 2 goals in their own stadium. Therefore, this was as good a victory as any we’ve had up there.

  15. Do you think the MBB is sittin pullin his hair oot at the thought of missing out on half a mill cup jackpot

  16. merseycelt loves Neil Lennon and the Green Brigade but despises the anti irish/catholic bigotry inherent within the organisations who constitute the scottish establishment on

    Probably was a fix but it is a tie to salivate over!



    We have infinitely more chance of making the semis than the huns. Cant see them making it through. Mind you, it is an SFA organised tournament, so you never know!



    What is the hun equivalent of fiddling whilst Rome burns? From Gersnet:



    “America is only one country though, and for Rangers to truly grow into a global brand, they need to exploit business opportunities worldwide.”



    You’re going bust, ya tadger! Soon, you wont even have a local brand!



    I think Mr Lennon is growing in stature as a manager and into his role as the public face of Celtic whilst continuing not to compromise his beliefs.



    He is picking his targets carefully eg Calling fud Burley for what he is and commenting that the horribles are currently experiencing karma. Both these public comments were made with measured aplomb.



    You can tell he’s absolutely loving it at the moment, trying to maintain dignity without gloating at their rapid demise.



    Regardless of their denoument, I think oor Neil is quite possibly the real deal!



    Just cant get enuf!




  17. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    No sign of Declan or “scoop” in the last day or so.




  18. scottish cup draw was inevitable really



    Celtic AWAY again, only choice was if it would be tannadice or tynecastle



    oh well, we don’t need the extra revenue from home cup games do we?????



    Mon the HOOPS

  19. Silver City Neil Lennon on

    matty6721 says:


    6 February, 2012 at 15:52


    That hadn’t occurred to me. Possibly closer to £1m. :-D

  20. Typical SFA bias.



    Dundee United get punished for pumping the Huns in the 5th round by drawing



    The Magnificent Glasgow Celtic (TMGC) in the next round.



    Totally predictable from the corrupt SFA.




  21. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Folly Folly



    We are the best team in Scotland by a long way – as long as we stay focused.



    We have won nothing yet and as far as I can gather, the huns are still breathing.



    Eyes on the prize Celts!

  22. One game at a time.



    Our biggest game of the season so far is on Wednesday night against Hearts. Everything else after that is at present irrelevent!!!!

  23. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Fighting the Fuzz



    Templeton looks like he is out with groin strain.



    How many players who left them in the January window would have featured against us on Wednesday?



    Driver could be back but has been out for along time.



    If we get a fair share of the whistle, we’ll be fine.

  24. CultsBhoy loves being 1st on




    I thought we more or less put them away yesterday.. Naw?



    I never felt like they were going to come storming back at us…

  25. Sir Paul



    Creativity,is always welcomed.



    Ah wullnae dispute , that..






    In Ma Opinion..and It is only an Opinion..



    We need a Godotdarned .. “prolific .. STRIKER”



    Gary,in recent games..has Turned intae a



    PROVIDER… in Excelsis.. He wiz Ma ither Man of the Match..


    in oor last Coupla Games..



    Gary,is at this Time. Blazing Hoat… in emulating that Kinda Role..






    Yes, Gary is doing fine,in that Respect.. but,






    Back at the Ranch..



    We dinna hae an Honest Tae Goodness Guy wi the Killer Instinct


    who is cashin in oan Gary’s Presents.



    Stokesy, when he plays . diz, Ah must Admit.. Come up wi the Goals..





    Agin the Caley… we hid Sammi.. as Gary’s Partner..and Sammi..


    Deigned tae Abstain.. From Scoring with FOUR OF GARY’S Prompts. which


    he received,during that game..






    Why did Lenny, play Sammi, in the Middle??



    And no Play.. Stokesy there .



    Sammi,is oor Best LEFT WINGMAN… He is playing so well there..



    Again.. Lenny, wanted tae accommodate, Commons..



    Yep.. Ah kin see Lenny’s Predicament, alright..



    Lenny,is Suffering fae a Nasty visitation of whit is Known in the Trade.


    as .. “An Embarrassment of Riches” …in the Talent Dept.






    Whit kin ye dae?




  26. Declan only appears on here to rile Orc interlopers. I’m still trying to figure out whom it may be. My money’s on Philvis. (Thumbs up) .

  27. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    I honestly don’t think collum is that stupid.



    We may get one or two honest mistakes, but he will know that because of the recent history between the clubs ( the assault on our manager) the world will be watching.



    If we stay focused we will win.

  28. matty6721 says:


    6 February, 2012 at 16:06


    Just had a quick look at fixtures….we only have 3 home games between now and the split



    Think we have 4 matty ,



    ICT , Motherwell , Dunf & St J.

  29. Team for Wednesday



    Only change – commons to bench and still not 100% decided if Izzy should get a start but will go with him at the moment.












    ===Hoops == Stokes===



    Subs JF, Big Dan, Zuls, between Brozek / Commons + 1 development players

  30. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Any news on our injuries, if any.



    Adam and Chas both took sore one’s near the end on Saturday.

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