Tannadice the scene for Cup quarter final


On Saturday my mind wandered, as it does, to the demise of Gretna in 2008.  The village team were bankrolled through the Scottish league system until promotion to the SPL in 2007 but then the cash ran out.  The club went into liquidation a few weeks from the end of the season but while most of the first team squad were made redundant, a few remained on a week-to-week basis to see out the remaining league programme, assisted considerably by the SPL and Livingston FC, who made their ground available.

Should Rangers fail around the same time, I thought, how apt it would be for us to meet them in the Scottish Cup final.  We would be there at the end to wave goodbye to a unique institution.  Witnesses to the final whistle on a club with an enormously controversial history.

Unfortunately, my hopes were dashed by Dundee United at Ibrox yesterday, who Flushed Away the opposition and won their first game against an SPL team in 2012.  We will have to scramble for tickets for the prospective event at another venue.

United seem set to try their hardest to spoil my enjoyment of the Cup.  Our quarter final draw against them next month will be one of the toughest games of the season.

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  1. greenjedi says:


    6 February, 2012 at 16:02



    This is a tricky one. Hearts are a filthy, dangerous team.


    Anything less then an outright victory will give the huns hope.


    They are convinced we will bottle it.


    We have to sicken the huns hopes of salvation.


    Everyman working hard, closing them down when they have possession.


    Run at them when the opportunity arises.


    No let up.


    I don’t fear Dundee Utd, matter of fact I admire the way they try


    and keep the ball on the ground and play the game the way it meant to be played.


    Should make for a good game, with the bhoys winning by two clear goals.

  2. Paul67



    You called it. You were on the money.



    Horrible wee jobby pfff nearly pished masel!



    Ha ha ha ha ha! Aaahh ha ha ha! Halcyon days.




  3. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. CultsBhoy



    Sure, we won,pal.. that is indisputable..






    We did not , by any means .. “Pit Them Away”,in the Way..


    that Ah like..



    which is .



    By Reigning a Fierce Barrage o’ One Twos tae the Soft Underbelly..


    followed by a Succession o’ Blistering Blows tae the Chin..


    which fellsoor Opponent tae the Canvas, wi a Mighty Crash.



    If oor Goal Keeper, hidnae Made a Coupla o’ GOAL LINE BLOCKS..



    Ah am afraid.. We wid No hiv WON that Game..



    Sure, We won.. but, no in the way that oor OVER WHELMING


    ootfield Superiority merited..



    Ah say again.



    We Must Tak Mair of oor Goal Scoring Chances..



    We are CREATING them.. at a Good Pace..








    yer pal.. who likes ye aloater

  4. Saint Stivs says:


    6 February, 2012 at 15:07



    Free Port Glasgow it is.



    I knew Dino and the boys (were ST holders last I knew)



    I remember hearing a wee story about a rangers man that went into Dino’s to have his van fixed, Dino gave him the bill and the guy said “you must be F….g kiddin” Dino said naw thats the bill, at which point the guy says “ya thievin Tali Bassa, aw you tims are the same” to which Dino (close to retirement) replied with a swift side kick to the ribs, Then he proceeded to help the guy up and said you pay me or I take out yer engine….as you can imagine, not one for messing with. Good Icecream though.




  5. Philbhoy



    I agree, it’s down to our players, as you said we are by far and away the best team in scotland by a country mile.



    When I/we go on about thr refs all the time, I don’t think honesty is too much to ask for, helping the hun is in their DNA, change that and the football in scotland will get back to the days when scots were the backbone of english football.



    Let the players play.

  6. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    MadraRua s



    I thought for most of the time yesterday they were pumping the ball high. Pernis looked exhausted for a man with no saves to make.



    Hail Hail

  7. D.U away:



    On Sportscene last night Rankin actually made a clever witty remark (I know, I know) when asked by the world’s most boring presenter who he’d like in the Q-final draw said “anybody – away from home!”



    Seems their home record stinks!!!!!

  8. Repost


    It doesn’t matter who were drawn against. If you are good enough, you fear no other team. Give them the respect they deserve but do not fear them. I think we are good enough to win the treble but actually doing it is another thing. The league is the priority and anything else is a bonus, so set our sights firmly where they should be!


    The game v Arabs should be a good footballing spectacle and is there to be enjoyed,as is the SLC final the following week. You can’t ask for more than to be competing especially against teams who will not try to kick you off the park.


    As regards that wee word jobby, who’d have thought that it would start a debate about anti-catholicism and console games. More power to your elbow wee jobby. I am also old enough to remember when the humble dug’s jobby turned white, bring back those days because WE were better known than Barca, Bayern, Porto, etc when the dug’s jobby turned white. There is an old saying that you cannot polish a turd, which holds so true when you talk about the FPLG.


    You know the ship is sinking when you’ve got Charlie Miller saying, on SSN, that Celtic are still the better team whether Jelavic left or not. Maybe that’s why he left, when he heard we were having Jelly with ice cream he thought we were talking about him ;-)



    Hail! Hail!

  9. Just been told Ian Black is suspended for Wednesday.



    At least our players are spared facing that animal!




  10. neveralone says:


    6 February, 2012 at 16:17


    D.U away:



    On Sportscene last night Rankin actually made a clever witty remark (I know, I know) when asked by the world’s most boring presenter who he’d like in the Q-final draw said “anybody – away from home!”



    Seems their home record stinks!!!!!






    Did anybody mention or show the squiggler?

  11. Philbhoy @ 16:03



    I read that Templeton might be out, but it with Mad Vlad at the helm who knows what to believe. Also, I don’t think their squad as been depleted even nearly as much as many predicted it would be. Now, as for a fair share of the whistle, I think we both know that won’t happen.



    In spite of all this, I fancy us to beat anyone in Scotland, home or away. I was just saying that I think this will be a tough match, and probably the hardest we will face before the summer, so I hope Lenny has the team focussed.



    2-0 (Ledley, Hooper) to the ghood ghuys after a physical match and some terrible mibbery.

  12. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on

    Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning! says:



    6 February, 2012 at 15:40



    Dundee Utd beat a crap, demoralised buch of nobodies yesterday.



    What makes them so good today?





    On Jan 14 at CP, we beat them 2-1 and we were sweating a bit at the end.



    They are decent in the last third, with Russell, Daly and especially MacKay-Steven, who tore our right side apart first half at CP, all capable of hurting us.



    We will ned to be as detrmined and organized as we were on Saturday to beat them.



    Great team selection by NL on Saturday. That was half the battle taken care of. A team really fit for the occasion.






  13. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo says:


    6 February, 2012 at 16:16



    I think yesterday, particularly the second half, was different.


    They seemed intent on keeping the ball away from their own 18yd box,


    even if it meant giving away possession.


    Ironically, rangers would normally capitalise on these tactics, but they


    were so poor yesterday, they were unable !


    That Healy and Celik are really bad, seriously, really bad.


    Bartley is a thug, but, I think also a coward. Which is good.


    Hooper or stokes will not be bossed by him.


    What is it about Stokes? rangers are always afraid of him.

  14. Henriks Sombrero on

    Some shocking comments on a FF thread about a Celtic supporter being stabbed in the Stadium at the Inverness game. Disgusting comments – even for them.

  15. Johnny Russell reveals he got abuse after yesterdays game!



    “Choke on your sick and die ya **** hope yer mam hangs herself”



    Dundee United star Johnny Russell was today the victim of sickening internet abuse.



    Less than 24 hours after scoring in the Tangerines’ Scottish Cup win against Rangers, vile comments were posted on the player’s Twitter profile.




  16. Philbhoy



    “The huns are still breathing”



    You may find that Cheyne-Stokes respiration is not the same as breathing.



    I am beginning to hear the death rattle.



    I like the sound!

  17. montreal_bhoy says:


    6 February, 2012 at 16:15






    that brought a wee chuckle.



    I remembered the man.

  18. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    I take your point, however, you mention only three players who are capapble of hurting us.



    I’m sure Neill will be aware of where the danger will come from and will set us up to combat this.

  19. Henriks Sombrero says:


    6 February, 2012 at 16:32



    lotto numbers for tonight please? (I’ll give you half)

  20. I like the note of caution paul67, inevitably the reaction yesterday was about ragners but d utd played good open fluent football yesterday. we’ll need a stout midfield against them.

  21. Henriks Sombrero on

    MadraRua says:


    6 February, 2012 at 16:36



    It’s been a long day – you’ve lost me with that one.

  22. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on

    LiviBhoy says:



    6 February, 2012 at 16:25



    Just been told Ian Black is suspended for Wednesday.



    At least our players are spared facing that animal!





    Black was his usual odious self against St Johnstone. Trying to wind up and hurt players, leaving his foot in etc.Eeven Paul Hartley (I think) was moved to comment that he thought Black “had left his foot in there.” on at least one accasion. He thumped into Cillian Sheridan near the touchline, then acted all innocent. When he saw that Sheridan was not going to thump him, Black then decided to slag him off like a wee ned spoiling for a rammy.




  23. as someone who watched roulette in a vain attempt to make money


    i noticed that you can get a long run of the same, whether that is red black or odd


    or even.


    so no conspiracy theories from me.



    dundee utd played very well yesterday, but were under no threat whatsoever, &


    we should know by now, that kenneth & gunning fold under pressure.


    but that mackay steven looked like a player to me.


    me, i like a player going forward, driving on, none of this lenny, lambert, ki, stuff…


    i only need to see a player once, and he would be my new left midfielder.


    mackay steven on the left – young forrest on the right.


    that would do me,



    i mentioned before about our softness, & madra mentioned it earlier, BUT


    for effort / drive / determination, i thought we were superb at ICT.


    and skoosh never stopped running.


    matthews, rogne, mulgrew, brown, wanyama, ledley were & are all massive triers.


    altho hooper eclipsed all of them for effort.


    the long unbeaten run is massive, and u can see the effect its having.


    i am finally starting to have belief in these players.


    but im not having talk of the treble.


    league, 1st & foremost. tynecastle is a season definer. always is for me.

  24. the hooped crusader on

    Big game on Wednesday but if we play to our strengths


    we should be too good for the embra huns.


    It’s a young team so the coaching staff need to keep


    them focused, eye on the prize. There should be a


    constant reminder to last seasons disaster at Inverness


    to keep our Bhoys head in the game.


    On a more lighter note the footage of the post match


    interviews of the orcs outside the bigot dome was pure


    comedy gold. The daft bare who was pleading for hmrc


    to do something to help the rankers was priceless.


    The only thing hmrc will help Is Hagen das share price when


    they go through the roof. Our cash strapped neeburs


    don’t seem to get the irony concept at all, I think it’s


    because they all wear the we arra peepil supremacy


    blinkers (£16:90 at all good rankers shoaps).


    Poor deluded fools, here billy wake up and get that


    coffee smelt.

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