Tannadice the scene for Cup quarter final


On Saturday my mind wandered, as it does, to the demise of Gretna in 2008.  The village team were bankrolled through the Scottish league system until promotion to the SPL in 2007 but then the cash ran out.  The club went into liquidation a few weeks from the end of the season but while most of the first team squad were made redundant, a few remained on a week-to-week basis to see out the remaining league programme, assisted considerably by the SPL and Livingston FC, who made their ground available.

Should Rangers fail around the same time, I thought, how apt it would be for us to meet them in the Scottish Cup final.  We would be there at the end to wave goodbye to a unique institution.  Witnesses to the final whistle on a club with an enormously controversial history.

Unfortunately, my hopes were dashed by Dundee United at Ibrox yesterday, who Flushed Away the opposition and won their first game against an SPL team in 2012.  We will have to scramble for tickets for the prospective event at another venue.

United seem set to try their hardest to spoil my enjoyment of the Cup.  Our quarter final draw against them next month will be one of the toughest games of the season.

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  1. Twisty.



    Thanks mate.



    The BBC is an amazing organisation and one that I have huge admiration for, and as a proud Glaswegian It drives me nuts the way the majority of our lightweight scoddish sports journos carry on. A self-perpetuating, closed mind, closed shop.



    I don’t doubt Mark Daly has a scoop, but who exactly is surprised by this?

  2. Sandman Is Neil Lennon on

    I wonder if the empty-headed uniforms of Strathclyde’s Failest will go in dozen-handed with the battering ram through Whytie’s door and lift him at dawn for perjuring Her Majesty’s court?



    Or is that treatment only reserved for those dangerous, militant 17-year-old Celtic fans?

  3. When will they begin to identify Murray (Sir David) as the real reason they were exposed to the Whyte’s of this world and the real reason for the mess they are ‘up to their famous knees in’

  4. Malc says:


    6 February, 2012 at 18:32



    Well said. Those are sentiments that you would expect from FF.



    Dare I say it? Hunnish.

  5. Just popped in to say….



    I seem to remember being on here when CW was appointed at the huns and, sumdy posted on here something about CW not being a freemason and, to watch this space ?mmmm


    Does this mean that he will be bundled into the back of a car and never seen again ?mmm


    Hail! Hail!



  6. Had to laugh at the ITV correspondent describing Paisley and his family as “devoutly Christian”



    Clearly they’ve never listened to his or his past orations.

  7. twists n turns on

    Plenty people I have wished dead over the years, and I am sure there will be plenty more. From Myra Hindley and Ian Brady, to more recently the guy who took young Reamonn’s life. I also wish it to be a slow and painful death. Is that wrong? Couldn’t care less. That is how I feel. Well done to the more tolerant of you. (That is not sarcasm) It is just not me.

  8. I see the inmates on rangers media are now going into lockdown and full denial mode concerning the latest Whyte revelations on NBC Scotland. However this were gem particularly tickled me:



    “Tax payers money being used to finance a witch hunt on the Rangers chairmen.


    Absolutely disgusting. ”




    Nearly spat out ma icecream and jelly

  9. Burnley78 says:


    6 February, 2012 at 19:01




    If there is anything to be said in mitigation for the lack of Murray’s part of their downfall, it may be that they are waiting for the FTTt judgement being delivered.



    One thing that we know for sure,is that a hurt, angry LL is a dangerous animal.



    I think that they will tear him apart.

  10. The BBC are happy to follow this route knowing full well that Whyte has consulted and considered dafamation proceedings but has opted not to pursue that route. Perhaps he was afraid of the financial implications? Perhaps he may have to find caution?

  11. twists n turns says:


    6 February, 2012 at 19:06




    We all have our personal lists of ones who we would consider expendable.



    That is what makes us human.



    The point is, that they should remain personal and not posted on this ( or any other blog).



    Then again, that’s just me.( I am not being sarcastic either).

  12. The Battered Bunnet on

    Just a word to the wise to those who enjoy phoning in to the various Phone In programmes on the radio:



    Hit the internet and pull out the relevant articles/quotes/mis-informed stories BEFORE you phone in.



    With the best will in the world, it’s all about evidence. If you’re going to get into an argument, carry the right tools.







  13. Started listening to phone-ins again last monday wont make that mistake again Keevins makes me feel sick.



  14. twists n turns on




    I agree mate. I actually regretted that post immediately I hit the send button. I shouldn’t have made it on CQN and my wording was also poor. I should have said I had respect for people who could find it in their heart to forgive.



    Apologies to anyone I offended.

  15. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Who was the online Celt called John, in his fifties, just had a go at Scottish journos on Snyde? Had a right good go, but they took the first opportunity to cut him off. JD just wasn’t having it.




  16. From Follow Follow…





    Rangers Till I Die Join Date: 13-08-2010


    Location: Peterhead True Blues


    Posts: 837



    Re: BBC Scotland new scandal on Whyte tonight






    Christ, will there ever be an end to this………….






    Didn’t have the heart to tell him the end to this is much closer than he probably wants to admit!

  17. Paul,



    “Like a horrible wee jobby”



    Possibly one of the funniest things you have ever written on CQN.



    Outstanding. Loving the humour these days.




  18. i believe the papers/media and now wee ally is using hmrc as a smokescreen



    fact is if they lose tax case they go into admin at least


    so spending 3/4 million in january wouldnt have made any difference



    not spending money in january had nothing to do with taxcase but everything to do with whyte taking as much money out of brox as possible


    before taxman cometh imho

  19. leftclicktic says:


    6 February, 2012 at 17:56


    Markyjig 14.53


    Thanks for link.SUPERB





    your welcome….too good not to share :)

  20. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    I bet a lot of Syrians wish that President Assad was dead.


    Are they wrong? Is it always wrong to wish someone dead?


    Might there be times when it is understandable and excusable?


    But that’s the problem with absolutes.


    Like everything else it depends on the context.


    BTW. I don’t wish Thatcher Paisley or anyone else for that matter dead, but this is purely because:


    a) It wouldn’t do any good and certainly wouldn’t speed up the process.



    b) Doing so would damage me more than it would any of them.



    In Thatcher’s case death would be a mercy since she is alone and mentally ill.


    Those whom the gods would destroy etc.


    Perhaps some of the communities she destroyed would derive more satisfaction from that than her actual death

  21. twists n turns says:


    6 February, 2012 at 19:19




    Absolutely nothing offensive in the way you expressed your sentiments.



    we all know the harm those people caused and hopefully, they will be judged by a higher authority. Like those on the RTC blog. :>)

  22. For God sake folks, stop rabbiting on about THEM and concentrate on us.


    We may yet pay heavily for PL’s failure to get Neil Lennon his wished for physically dominating line leader.


    And it might be sooner than later.


    Could it be a reaction to this latest, not for the first time January negligence, that led Neil in Saturday’s Herald to peddle the Board Room line that there was a myth that the acquisition of Fletcher in January 2009 would have guaranteed winning the SPL title for a fourth consecutive time that season.


    DD and PL’s refusal to go a few bob more certainly guaranteed that we would never find out.


    I believe that at the 2010 AGM PL admitted that things could have been better handled in January 2009.


    Don’t really care if facing up to the reality gets up people’s noses.

  23. quonno,


    If you can’t be happy at a time like this I seriously wonder when you will ever be happy!



    Roll on the ice cream!

  24. Clyde 1, actually cut a caller off tonight,,,,,,, when hugh flanders was accused of changing his story up to suit the occasion, and i paraphrase here,,


    ” for offending people with altheimers” ,,,,,,,,,,,,,unbelievable,,

  25. ‘This is what I’ve been told by the SPL’



    Hugh Keevins



    Who is briefing on behalf of the SPL?



    Could Eric Riley please find out?

  26. Je Suis Neil Lennon on

    quonno says:


    6 February, 2012 at 19:26



    Get you – “Don’t really care if facing up to the reality gets up people’s noses.”



    dead horse to flog anyone?



    hail \o/ hail

  27. ulysses mcghee,






    Apologies for my late reply as I was out celebrating the Quintet of 2368 and have a bit of a ‘hangover’ whatever that is. Terrible news comes your way. Landspeeders as you call them were abolished in 2117 after the Hoverstop Incident on Sauchiehall Plaza were 24 unsuspecting hoverbus commuters were decapitated after two adolescent hunverse virus victims, in the final stages of transformation, permanently deleted the beloved timverse citizens from existence. In happier news though, both were retro-fitted with the Hunzap, a wonderful device that transforms all hunverse enemies into bipedal digestive waste byproducts within a 100 mile radius. Reports suggest just short of 18,000 of our enemies ‘crapped’ themselves, whatever that means.



    Sadly, in even more terrible news, potato currency no longer exists after the Great Disaster of 2484 when the planet suffered a plasmaball attack that not only wiped out the currency but also our beloved Banana Mansell, the timverses greatest entertainer. Efforts were made to save the currency using antiquated technology known as genetic modulation. Sadly though due to the unstable nature of this primitive tech timverse was plunged into The Tuber Wars for the next 30 plasmaball annual cycles after potatoes escaped from the labs devouring all timverse citizens on sight. In happier news though the resultant plasmaball attack had a beneficial result when several plasmaball traverses later an abundance of ‘Kiwi’s’ ripened and the new K currency was adopted.




    To Infinity and Backwards!



    rotit j

  28. twists n turns on

    Back on the football. I hope the Celtic players do not start believing all of this “league is over” , “celtic can only throw it away etc”



    One point ahead and a tougher looking Feb than them. We have Ibroke to visit in March.



    Yes they have a poor squad in terms of numbers, but the first 11/12 are still half decent. This smokescreen of no money etc can be dangerous. Their starting team yesterday cost more than Celtic’s 11 at Inverness.



    I am sure Neil will be feeling the same way.



    Focus. The knife has been in for a number of weeks. Lets keep it there.

  29. Gordon_j



    That’s like having a certificate from a state mental institution verifying your sanity :-))