Tantric Tuesday


After yesterday’s action-packed fast moving day in the political world that is Scottish football today has been Tantric Tuesday as Rangers administrators, Duff and Phelps, took their time and examined all areas in consultations with players over redundancies.  Gregg Wylde and Mervan Celik left the club early afternoon as the first hard consequences of years of abundant excesses manifested, leaving Duff and Phelps joint administrators locked in talks with the rest of the players.  No one can accuse them of not working for their £600 per hour per head.

I would like to be the first to congratulate Aberdeen on winning the treble in season 1992-93. An outstanding achievement.

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    Monaghan1900 on 6 March, 2012 at 17:34 said:



    Unhinged,delusional,desperate and pathetic.And that’s before we start on ‘his friend.’


    They just don’t,and never will,get it.

  2. What is the Stars on

    A sad hun from “the bears den” called Dadoismydad left this beauty



    “If we are not left with a decent enough squad to compete against they terrorist ba**ards I’ll be f**king raging ”




    I edited out the sweary bits,bt cant you just picture the sad moron crying into his buckfast

  3. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Would that make Aberdeen only the third side to have won a treble?



    Big shout out to Willie Millers Moustache – congratulations my man!!!

  4. Ordinarily, Ah hate tae Use a Cliche.



    That Being said..





    Inevitably, there does Arise the Rare occasion , when it wid be,Ineluctably…Apropos.. tae Dae so.





    There,also… does come a time..oan ,even Rarer occasions.. when it is ,indeed, mair than Justified, tae use..



    No.. only Wan…but. TWO.. Auld , ancient and Hoary .. Cliches.


    tae descibe a particular evolvin’ situation.



    And, indubitably..This is .. Indeedy… Wan of they .. Even Rarer Occasions.



    Tae wit:



    The Oangoing..



    Great IBROX, Chinese Boax.. Mystery!



    Which, at this Time, A Doughty Attempt, is bein’ made,


    by the Firm o’


    Duff,Duffer and Bluffer.. Administrators ExtraOrdinary..









    Here are, the not Wan, but, TWO.. Ancient, Creaky ,but,neverthess, Goody.. Cliches, that well


    befit this Situation ,which is ,presently, Taking place at Edmiston





    “Dae Turkeys, Vote, fur Christmas?”






    The Precise Definition o’ … Insanity:


    “Daeing, the Exact Same Thing, Over and Over again.. and


    Expecting, a Different Result!”



    If ever the Truths,contained in The above Two Ancient Cliches, were being revealed,in Hearts, Diamonds,Clubs and..SPADES..



    They ur noo being shown, in awe thur shinin’ Perspicacity..


    In the Proposals that the Crack Team of Administrators..





    Duff, Duffer and Bluffer, are Submitting… tae the G.A. Players..



    Over and Over again, in a , seemingly, Daily Basis!



    Yes, My Dear Virginia.. Reluctant ,though Ah may Be..



    Ah am Forced tae Admit.. that There does Arise the Rare and


    even Rarer Occasion..



    when One can be Justified. tae Stoop tae the Use..






    Not One.. but…Two.. Ancient and Hoary.. but, Goody…an Wise.





    And, indeed.. We hiv,newly, found One.. of those ,


    Rarer… Occasions..





    Still Laughin’

  5. The shining light of modernity/the internet will force the SFL into an investigation, don’t worry about that; who’d have thought even a few months ago that we’d even see a fraction of the justice that’s raining down at the moment? It’s almost too much to take in!!

  6. Rangers players are edging closer to agreement with the club’s administrators over structured pay cuts, STV understands.



    The decision, which would see salaries reduced on a sliding scale dependant on earnings, is likely to prevent any compulsory redundancies at the club.



    The proposal would see a 75% cut for high earners, 50% for mid earners and 25% for low earners over the next three months.

  7. sparkleghirl on

    The holocaust reference made me indignant. But only after I’d spluttered laughing. Fools.



    Where does the story about 3 more wanting to get out come from? DO we know who they are?

  8. Are Duff n Phelps constipated or something?


    There is a reason for this.


    Straight liquidation to avoid daddy bear tax case, leaving Hector onto plums?


    Or maybe its the 600 notes an hour? Not bad when you consider double time for late nights, Saturday n Sunday.


    Whatever the reason, something tinks with these admin guys.

  9. The Legend Johnny Doyle on

    No work done again today. I think I will walk away from my desk, drive home & login again.







  10. Looks like no more redundancies. Although how this comes to a £1m a month defies belief



    Chris McLaughlin ‏ @BBCchrismclaug Reply Retweet Favorite · Open


    ‘substantial progress’ made between players and #Rangers administrators. Working towards substantial wage cuts.

  11. BlantyreKev - Parcel=> on

    Bartley and Lafferty both recalled to Murray Park.


    Oh My God! They culled Kyles!

  12. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    If Samaras plays at the midden he should change his surname to ‘tainted’ with his shirt number below;)

  13. What is the Stars on

    I think its begining to dawn on them that their beloved Rangers are almost dead.


    I was lurking on their sites and losing Naismith seems to be a straw that might break the camels back.Grown men crying etc



    And I say to myself,What a wonderful world,oh yes i say to myself what a wonderful world,

  14. Is schedunfreude part of the Tantric Way?



    Is today what Nirvana feels like?



    I feel so giddy (is it possible to overdose on schedunfreude?)- i’m laughling Woody Wood Pecker like as I type this…i can hear the sirens of the big white vans approaching…like Marie Antoinette I shout:



    “Let them eat ice cream & jelly” as i dance naked in the street…



    Will they place Jelly & Ice Cream on the category A banned substances list

  15. Monaghan1900 on

    voguepunter on 6 March, 2012 at 17:40



    According to that lot ,the holocaust never happened.



    Well, it’s happening now – how would they react to genuine adversity?





    BABASONICOS71 on 6 March, 2012 at 17:42



    They just don’t,and never will,get it.



    Which is great – you couldn’t have this much fun with anyone else.

  16. the hooped crusader on

    Is that wee bigot with the preposterous black hair been bagged yet??


    I think we should be told.




  17. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    Gray and Keys had a guy on their programme this morning who said something like this about Portsmouth.



    In some ways I think liquidation would be the best thing for the club. It has been on a hand to mouth exsitence for a while and if it disappeared it would give those Portsmouth fans who really care the opportunity to set up a club in which they would have a say. I think that would be much better for them than the ongoing drama.



    Now I paraphrase but that is the thrust of what he said. I reckon this will apply equally to Rangers as they eventually accept their fate.

  18. masty is neil lennon on

    pigalle on 6 March, 2012 at 17:25 said:




    From poster JJ on RTC



    I’m losing track. They are now being investigated by the following but have I missed anyone out?







    Strathclyde Police


    Insolvency Service




    The Scottish Charity Regulator


    Stock Exchange (Plus Market)



  19. EPIC FAIL!!!



    The administrators are turning out to be a bigger joke than the club they are trying to admin manage.



    If this situation was a woman ah would defo like tae **** her.



    Sock supply running oot.

  20. Old Celtic joke that I actually heard happen.


    Some years ago still full of themselves about the new Celtic Park, a couple of Tims find themselves crushing to get into Ibrox toilets.


    First Tim says ‘Whit kind o’ place is this, only wan door in the lavvy’.


    Second Tim replies ‘Sure two doors wid only confuse them’

  21. Tim Malone Will Tell on 6 March, 2012 at 17:44 said:


    Would that make Aberdeen only the third side to have won a treble?


    Big shout out to Willie Millers Moustache – congratulations my man!!!






    Wonder if Sir Swalex will be happy to add another treble to his record.

  22. philvisreturns on

    Guys, does anybody think this has chilling parallels to WW2?



    * People being asked to pay their taxes



    * Football clubs being asked to obey the rules of their member association



    * Kids peacefully going into Catholic schools and learning – but if a proud Orangeman tries to stop them, HE’S the criminal!



    * Companies that spend more than they earn going into Administration



    * Clubs that defraud the rest of Scottish football being investigated by the relevant authorities



    * I hear dark mutterings that some referees aren’t even masons



    It’s as if we never learned anything from Pastor Niemoller. :-(



    First, they came for the tax evaders… (thumbsup)

  23. There should actually be an investigation into the administrators.


    I had always thought that administrators did the telling, not the asking.


    At least if the keep nannying about, there will be absolutely no European income for quite a while.

  24. Evening Bhoys & Ghirls,



    Loving every minute of this, unsure how it could get better.



    On a customer service course today, one of the questions asked: Which companies give good service and which companies give bad service? Obviously this was a personal choice.



    Heading round the room we had answers such as, ryanair, health service, tesco etc.



    Comes to a particular gent (who’s face has been tripping him all morning), his reply? HMRC!!!!!!!!!



    You couldn’t make it up.

  25. sparkleghirl on

    They’re not going to sack any more, are they? How on earth are they managing to save 1m a month like this? I find it hard to believe that paycuts of 75% down to 25% can save that much money – especially since that suggests they really are being paid by RFC.



    What of the 3 who want out? Why are they not being released?




  26. offcourse there was an excellent table the other night, cant remember who did it , showing the revised honours, and Aberdeen actually won 2 trebles, and 6 from 7 titles.



    if who ever posted it could post it again, its a post that many of the other posters would be posturing to see.




  27. FraserGlen: “Rumours circulating that Southampton are after Wylde and West Ham want Celik. #Rangers”



    Looks as,though players are leaving Murray Park.


    No decisions again.



    Duck and Felts used to be indecisive. Now they ate just not sure.

  28. What is the stars:



    This is the type of hun who has become habituated to reality…it sums up the feculantly fecund mind of the follow follower so steeped & pickled in its own profane & rancid juices…never mind they are still ra peepul.

  29. Larsson and McStay on




    When do you reckon these footnotes congratulating winners will end ?



    I’m half expecting you to congratulate Dynamo Moscow on a Cup Winners Cup triumph in 1972 any day now……

  30. The administrators are playing an absolute blinder. For themselves.


    They are probably charging Rangers 10k a day for their company, Duff & Duffer.


    So far they have prevaricated, negotiated and achieved nothing significant.


    Projected cost to Rangers must be around 150k so far.


    Savings to date: maybe 20k a week at best.


    Job done.

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