Target top of the table by Saturday


After the Bolingoli debacle broke, you will remember reading that Newco could be 11 points clear before Celtic kick a ball.  Sure, Celtic had two games in hand, but 11 points is an ominous stretch.  We need not have worried, as Livingston kept a clean sheet against Newco in the next game; their lead grew to 9 points, still a stretch, but one we could close by winning our games in hand.  That starts tonight, when we face the first catch-up game, against St Mirren in Paisley, with the tempting prospect of being able to go top of the table, on same games played, by Saturday.  Quite a turnaround from a potential 11 point deficit and credit to the way Celtic stuck to task during a turbulent August.

I hear St Mirren’s 3-0 defeat to Hibs did not reflect the balance of play.  It came immediately after they lost all three keepers to Covid isolation, while stand-in keeper Zlamal only met his new team-mates on the day of the game.  After starting the campaign with two wins in the opening three fixtures, the bottom half of the table has closed in on St Mirren.  Their three goals in the campaign so far earned two wins (Livi, Accies) and a draw (County), an extraordinary return for such a paltry tally.  No one has scored fewer in the league.

Fortified by the comfortable win in Dingwall, Neil Lennon will deploy the same formation tonight.  The most interesting call will be whether Olivier Ntcham retains his starting place ahead of Ryan Christie.  Squad management will also be a consideration, eight days from our Europa League qualifier.

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  1. last night for our guests.Found out that I can no longer eat as much,drink as much,definitely drink as much ,for 13 straight nights.

  2. Mad Mitch



    All tripe of course in that this “contraption” tells you where he was standing during a game.



    Not what he was actually doing at the time / how much effort he was putting into the cause.




    Surely, you can work out why there was light green and dark green shading on the heatmap.. It shows not just where you were at times during the match but how often you were there. Any player standing still and sauntering through a match would have the same light shading all over. The club also uses GPS data on distance covered and all the other metrics contained within those sports bra things they wear.



    Any player swinging the lead and failing to put effort in is quickly found out nowadays. Of course you don’t expect Centre backs to be galloping up the park (Ajer excepted) but wing back, in the modern game, is a position where you can only play your fittest (and reasonably fast-est too).


    I am sure that someone can get you the comparative data on ground covered for our outfield players. Once you have seen it and it disabuses you of your “swinging the lead” delusion, you can move on to some other hoary complaint like “he throws his hands up after every tackle”.

  3. Just read that Neil blames Bolingoli for our CL exit. There is only one person to blame , same one as last season and if he looks in the mirror he will see him

  4. Heat maps for identifying a player’s movement pattern


    A heat map is an analysis tool that provides a graphical representation


    of data. In soccer, heat maps are used as an indicator of the scope and


    frequency of a player’s movement, helping to identify his conditions


    and in-game situations. In the past, heat maps were drawn manually


    by marking, at a certain time interval, a player’s position and integrating the marks.


    These days, however, computers draw heat maps thanks to the development of technology. On a heat map, a player’s movement is represented by different colors and depths. The color gets redder in areas


    where a player’s presence increases. The time interval of a heat map’s


    data collecting can be set as desired. A shorter interval means more


    data collected, which increases accuracy but also increases calculating


    time. On the contrary, a longer interval means less accuracy but less


    calculating time is needed.


    Based on a heat map produced in real time, a manager can see


    whether a player is moving according to his strategy or can decide


    who to replace by considering each player’s amount of activity

  5. Favourite uncle 1.10pm



    We should be buying the likes of Macclesfield and using it as route into the EPL.




  6. any one remember the Macc Lads band from Macclesfield in the 80s?



    very offensive even for those times but i liked the name of an album – Beer and Sex and Chips and Gravy

  7. Tiny Tim



    “A heat map won’t show you slowing down so that you don’t have to make tackles.”




    Now, that’s a reasonable point. But actions like that can be spotted by the management team. It won’t surprise you that I have a different take on this. James does not slow down because he is scared to make a tackle; he will slow down once he is in position to impede or slow down the attacker but he’s a pretty poor tackler and more likely to give away a foul than emerge with the ball. So he harries and baulks the player, he might win the ball if the attacker is careless and loses control or by intercepting his pass but the “blood and snotters’ bit is not his strong point. Funnily enough, Frimpong is not too good at it either. Jeremie is enthusiastic and relies on his speed but his tackling technique for ball winning or stripping is not great.




    He may have been told/advised to avoid tackling. He had back issues at one time.

  9. SFTB,



    James needs pressurised.



    We both know how Good he can be.



    Every Supporter wants him on it Every game.



    He is aff it too many now not to be noticable. At his age. Not Good.



    I Hope he proves me wrong against the New Rangers.



    Need Everyone on it for that game.

  10. For the sake of CLARITY…


    As far as I can remember, in fact from the best of my knowledge …Ive never had a Burd from Macclesfield.


    Ive had Burds from other parts of England…and also Poland and Las Vegas…but Macclesfield is a “NO”.


    Although I can only assume that there are some good looking Burds from Macclesfield…but I cant say for sure ?



  11. Saint Stivs



    Didn’t Mr Stein pioneer or at least use a rudimentary heat map system? He used to send someone to watch opposition in Europe with pen and paper and told them just to trace the ball movement.


    If it worked for our greatest ever manager?

  12. LARKIN1907 on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2020 4:47 PM


    Saint Stivs







    Didn’t Mr Stein pioneer or at least use a rudimentary heat map system? He used to send someone to watch opposition in Europe with pen and paper and told them just to trace the ball movement.





    If it worked for our greatest ever manager?







    an excellent controbution and true offcourse

  13. Petec – I agree. In the bigger European and newco games I would prefer to see Frimpong in front of Elhamed (Elhamed, julien, Duffy, Taylor as a back four). In a 442 formation.


    Forest will get back on to his game with some serious competition. Frimpong is only going to get better.

  14. Get your physics notebooks out to ponder one of the great unsolved scientific phenomonons



    “the stationary object, slowed down”



    sheldon csc

  15. For tonight theme of “not supporting the team while making ludcrous observations ” will be brought to you using the words “stationary, slowed down, and facing the wrong way”

  16. Saint stivs


    I’m sitting stationary on the couch – I hope the world doesn’t slow down otherwise we’ll all fall off.



    Everything is relative CSC

  17. remember highlights are on BBC One Scotland tonight at 22.45



    Expected team; same as the weekend in 3-5-2



    possible Frimpong drops out to allow James back to RHS and Taylor plays left?



    Jeezo… Bamber Gascoigne on CQN. Forget Big Data (whoever he/she is). 3 0 for me tonight






    Its a fancy way of predicting what is mostly likely to happen in a given sport situation by using all the data from previous performance points.



    It is what Celtic By Numbers does so well.



    Data deneyers are modern day flat earthers or more likely climate change conspiritors.



    Sure James scored 4 goals in a game not that long ago and someone said but he is rubbish at shys.

  19. GENE on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2020 4:57 PM


    Saint stivs





    I’m sitting stationary on the couch – I hope the world doesn’t slow down otherwise we’ll all fall off.







    Everything is relative CSC






    in theory yes

  20. Evnin all – just paid my dues to the buddies TV – so I’ll be joining in the fun. St Stivs – keep the positive vibes coming mate😀

  21. Jinkyredstar



    😃I remember that book!



    Eskimoes on sledges with springs connecting them – as you do

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