Tarnished football brands, Europe recovers, Craig Gordon


Lots of credit to the USA and Switzerland, who bowed out of the World Cup in dramatic fashion yesterday, leaving four European and four Latin American teams fighting out for the spoils.  Europe has recovered from its shaky group stage performance, keeping the door open a little longer for smaller European nations.

While plaudits for a fine tournament will be spread far and wide, the tournament has not provided a breakthrough credit for Africa, Asia, or the USA, none of whom will find the going any easier when the bandwagon reaches Eastern Europe four years from now.

Surprised it’s taken this long to get a deal sorted for Craig Gordon.  Considering the player’s lengthy injury history, Celtic have perhaps delayed to allow fitness tests over an extended period.  I’m treating tabloid comment that the potential arrival of Craig is linked to Fraser Forster moving on as idle mischief.  We need three keepers and usually have three, as do most top clubs.

So, a day after Luis Suarez issues a heartfelt mea culpa, Barcelona let it be known they are in talks with Liverpool over acquiring the player.  He is without question one of the most gifted players of our time but the phrase “transparent charlatan” seems appropriate.  Brand Barca is slowly slipping, with tax scams, directorial bungs and contrived contrition.

His actions caused enough dissonance on Merseyside to damage brand Liverpool, he’ll win Barcelona football games but stands a high probability of doing the same in Catalonia.  The commitment to reform is meaningless, as he is not in a position to make good on it.  Yet.

Barcelona led the way on establishing an ethical, aspirational, football brand.  I think they’ve forgotten what I’m hoping we learn.

The 10-in-a-row CQN Charity Golf Day takes place at the magnificent Aberdour course on Friday.  This year we will hear from Celtic legend, Frank McGarvey, and former Glasgow lawyer after dinner specialist, Len Murray.

This year we are raising money for Glasgow the Caring City and The Cookiejar Foundation.  We have two copies of this magnificent canvas, signed by Billy McNeill, one is available to the highest bidder on ebay here.

The other is available for raffle.  Every donor to this JustGiving page gets an entry in the raffle.  The minimum donation is £1, which we can all afford to participate in, although you can donate as much as you want.  Our thanks to @BarryMcGonigle for the image on the canvas and OPG Graphics for creating the work.

Glasgow the Caring City said, “Glasgow the Caring City is Glasgow’s people’s charity.  As well as working with the underprivileged in our own city the charity has delivered literally millions of pounds of overseas aid and development gifts-in-kind on a shoestring budget.

“From educational supplies to soap and medicines, from tents and warm clothes to prescription glasses.  We once delivered a donated fire truck! Having provided emergency relief to war, famine, flood and earthquake victims in the past the charity would love to take this relatively quiet time in terms of world emergency to invest in its development projects, taking children out of war and teaching them in agricultural sustainability projects.

“The support of the CQN community has always been received with huge gratitude, thank you once again for supporting us this year.”  Rev Neil Galbraith.

The Cookiejar Foundation was set up in memory of Christopher Coutts who died from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 19.  Money raised from this raffle will go towards the Cookiejar’s providing of vein finders for the Chemotherapy wards at the Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy & cancer wards in the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

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  1. por cierto/LB



    What players were signed prior to Jansen arriving and after Tommy Burns leaving?



    Ps I’m not saying it’s PL who’s signing players but I’m sure you’re well aware of the many stories involving another employee who is.

  2. Jungle Jim



    The CL games have always been midweek and we have had sell outs. If people want to go they will.




  3. McDowellcelt god bless wee oscar on

    People annoyed about Craig Gordon and that corner..


    Ffs Scott mc Donald a so called die hard Celtic fan scored the goal that clinched the Huns the league on helicopter Sunday and celebrated like he just won the World Cup.


    Il never forget that day and to this day it still annoys me yet he went on to play and score goals for us.


    I know which one annoys me more and it’s not that stupid corner.

  4. traditionalist88 on

    Although the corner thing is not an issue for me I do think some people are underestimating the fitness levels required even for goalkeepers these days. Anyone who watched the Germany – Algeria game the other day will have noted how many times the German goalkeeper was outside his area clearing away the ball and basically acting as a sweeper – preventing the Algerians being clear through on goal a number of times.



    I assume that stringent tests were made on Gordon so will look forward to seeing him play in some of the pre-season fixtures – that’ll hopefully put a few minds to rest.




  5. Geordie Munro on

    ernie lynch



    11:56 on 3 July, 2014


    Geordie Munro



    11:50 on 3 July, 2014



    Were you at the game caller?






    Fixed it for you.

  6. LB


    I cannot dispute that but I believe more people would `want` to go to a Thistle game on a Saturday.




  7. .



    Curly ..



    Get Well (Ligaments) soon Murph..



    Don’t take Him anywhere Near a beach for a Long while if the Vet says 6 Month do 9 Month..




  8. LB



    Jackson signed on July 15th and Jansen was appointed on the 3rd July.



    Burley signed on the 25th July.



    So Jansen was in place prior to both these players signing.

  9. Ernie



    I posted earlier, I don’t know if you missed it.



    I was at Tynecastle when Gordon went up for the corner. I was also there when Hartley told the Celtic support to eff off before kissing his Hearts’ badge.



    In my opinion it’s worth moving on.



    Ps I do have other concerns about his signing though.

  10. Geordie Munro on




    Do you believe they were genuine WJ targets from the off?



    Mibby even identified under previous management??

  11. Geordie Munro



    I couldn;t work out if you were or not.






    Ronny is in place for Gordon signing. Both players were in for talks before Jansen joined the club.




  12. blantyretim.



    I’m only going over for a few hours,if you fancy a few hours over there We could meet up on the train,as long as you give me the time you’ll get on the train I’ll get the same train at Falkirk High,A few drinks would do you the world of good,let me know what you think.

  13. Welcome Craig Gordon



    Hope that if and when you get your opportunity to play you have a stormer and regain the level you displayed in the past.



    Note that Ronny has very quickly established that Derk and James are very often injured. To be honest that wouldn’t have taken much research. Hope he knows hoe to fix their ailments. I think James’s is down to running style he might have to remould that like a golfer changing his swing. Derk probably is as we were warned – a sick note.

  14. Geordie Munro on




    Ffs man. I’m a card carrying happy clapper;)







    I’m totally in agreement with you mate. Fitness is infinitely more of an issue than previous escapades regarding the New goalie

  15. Proudbhoy










    Ideal for cheap SF hotel rooms. Avoid Fishermans Wharf as it very touristy and expensive

  16. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    plans changing by the hour, I’ll let you know about tomorrow and tbj about Saturday, ksc closed due to bigot fest so might head down to caravan tomorrow for couple of days..



    forgot to thank angel gabrial for the big win on Saturday, keepthehighballslow and I had a few euro on at 4/1..

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