Tarnished football brands, Europe recovers, Craig Gordon


Lots of credit to the USA and Switzerland, who bowed out of the World Cup in dramatic fashion yesterday, leaving four European and four Latin American teams fighting out for the spoils.  Europe has recovered from its shaky group stage performance, keeping the door open a little longer for smaller European nations.

While plaudits for a fine tournament will be spread far and wide, the tournament has not provided a breakthrough credit for Africa, Asia, or the USA, none of whom will find the going any easier when the bandwagon reaches Eastern Europe four years from now.

Surprised it’s taken this long to get a deal sorted for Craig Gordon.  Considering the player’s lengthy injury history, Celtic have perhaps delayed to allow fitness tests over an extended period.  I’m treating tabloid comment that the potential arrival of Craig is linked to Fraser Forster moving on as idle mischief.  We need three keepers and usually have three, as do most top clubs.

So, a day after Luis Suarez issues a heartfelt mea culpa, Barcelona let it be known they are in talks with Liverpool over acquiring the player.  He is without question one of the most gifted players of our time but the phrase “transparent charlatan” seems appropriate.  Brand Barca is slowly slipping, with tax scams, directorial bungs and contrived contrition.

His actions caused enough dissonance on Merseyside to damage brand Liverpool, he’ll win Barcelona football games but stands a high probability of doing the same in Catalonia.  The commitment to reform is meaningless, as he is not in a position to make good on it.  Yet.

Barcelona led the way on establishing an ethical, aspirational, football brand.  I think they’ve forgotten what I’m hoping we learn.

The 10-in-a-row CQN Charity Golf Day takes place at the magnificent Aberdour course on Friday.  This year we will hear from Celtic legend, Frank McGarvey, and former Glasgow lawyer after dinner specialist, Len Murray.

This year we are raising money for Glasgow the Caring City and The Cookiejar Foundation.  We have two copies of this magnificent canvas, signed by Billy McNeill, one is available to the highest bidder on ebay here.

The other is available for raffle.  Every donor to this JustGiving page gets an entry in the raffle.  The minimum donation is £1, which we can all afford to participate in, although you can donate as much as you want.  Our thanks to @BarryMcGonigle for the image on the canvas and OPG Graphics for creating the work.

Glasgow the Caring City said, “Glasgow the Caring City is Glasgow’s people’s charity.  As well as working with the underprivileged in our own city the charity has delivered literally millions of pounds of overseas aid and development gifts-in-kind on a shoestring budget.

“From educational supplies to soap and medicines, from tents and warm clothes to prescription glasses.  We once delivered a donated fire truck! Having provided emergency relief to war, famine, flood and earthquake victims in the past the charity would love to take this relatively quiet time in terms of world emergency to invest in its development projects, taking children out of war and teaching them in agricultural sustainability projects.

“The support of the CQN community has always been received with huge gratitude, thank you once again for supporting us this year.”  Rev Neil Galbraith.

The Cookiejar Foundation was set up in memory of Christopher Coutts who died from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 19.  Money raised from this raffle will go towards the Cookiejar’s providing of vein finders for the Chemotherapy wards at the Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy & cancer wards in the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    13:43 on


    2 July, 2014





    Pre G.F.C.,Kojo was regularly asked about investment.


    Patiently and often reluctantly,he would respond and give his opinion about what the financial future held,in his opinion.


    An unapologetic capitalist. aka an honest Tim.

  2. traditionalist88 on

    setting free the bears



    I am aware of where you are coming from but just feel it may be counter-productive to continually put this in the public sphere where there is little chance of short term success. I am not saying I am against the change.



    As you alluded to yourself, we are a small nation and do not carry the massive influence some do. Agitating amongst ourselves for this change is not going to make a blind bit of difference imo and can only have a negative influence on the current situation.



    Changes elsewhere in Europe won’t have come about as a result of agitation by small fans groups. It will happen behind the scenes and thats where we should let it play out here.



    On the last point, *If* the USA hadn’t taken Belgium to extra time, Uruguay hadn’t lost to Costa Rica, Spain had scored a goal against Chile, and Brazil had beaten Mexico I would be a millionaire. But that was a big IF;)







  3. setting free the bears supports Res. 12 & Oscar Knox





    12:24 on



    2 July, 2014



    Telling everyone that Scottish football is great only works if Scottish football IS great. It was true from the mid 60s to the mid 80s. It has not been true since and , because of Bosman and TV market monies, it cannot repeat the trick because of changed conditions.



    *you missed out the most important factor…….Ayrshire’s Harold Steptoe who IMHO completely ruined the game for his own avarice..

  4. Geordie Munro on

    “But he was eventually shown the door earlier this year after overseeing £14m losses.”




    And there’s me thinking it was cause he didn’t like sleekits request to ‘hide’ his wages in the accounts. :)

  5. traditionalist88 on

    We certainly seem to have less influence than Ukraine and Scandinavian countries as they have already secured approval for federated Cups and leagues





    SFTB, do you have any links for more info on this? I have read a bit about the Russia/Ukraine proposal but thought that did not get the final approval. Not heard anything on the Scandinavian front.







    Brought up in Ayrshire he may have been,but his education and business career were largely in Edinburgh.



    My fine county has enough to put up wi,wur no taking the derry for him.

  7. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Craig Gordon …will he stay fit and recover form ….or another Myoukolo type waste of money ….



    hope the former, think the latter

  8. Paul67,



    I was saying to my mate just yesterday that my admiration of Barca has diminshed recently. Signing Suarez will put the tin hat on it. Sad.



    Windy but still dry down here.

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    13:46 on


    2 July, 2014





    I’m no fan if bullying,not by a long chalk. In fairness to KOJO,following the miscegeny incident he has largely done as advised by Paul67,‘stick to the fitba’



    You acknowledge that the comments were made,yet earlier were demanding proof from HT,which I find puzzling.




    Interpretation of comments can vary.VIZ.Suarez and negrito. A common term of affection between Latinos.I know that to be a fact.


    Kojo was accused of racism.That`s a matter of opinion,not fact.


    Tell you what,Bobby.


    Kojo is guilty of capitalism.


    That`s,imho, perceived by some to be his greatest “sin.”

  10. My tuppence worth…..


    …..nothing will change whilst those who support scottish football teams are happy to undermine those same teams by subscribing to Sky Sports.


    Sky, the Sun, newscorp,fox news ….. all the same to me.

  11. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the Craig Gordon signing is a major success.



    I suppose we would need to thank the coaches at Ibrox for getting him fit!





    I won’t fall out with you over it,mate. But I think,quite honestly,that you are defending him-or decrying others,if you like-for the wrong reasons.



    I’ll leave it at that,we can go back to discussing which songs you might sing as you cruise round Sydney Harbour. Life was simpler then.





    You’re only jealous cos you couldnae get any decent dresses to fit you.



    City Cash Tailors shoooor missed a trick there,bud!

  14. Curled Up Boaby



    Used to get a nice jumper oot of Chelsea Girl :O)




  15. Som mes que un club on

    Good to see Alan Stubbs has an early chance to ram it up Sevco as Hibs have been drawn away (of course) in the first round of the Petrofac/Ramsdens Cup, and thus continue Alistairs dreadful run in the cups.

  16. .






    Hope you have been Watching Young Nick the Greek at Wimbers..



    Great to see Someone from Canberra going Overseas and Not making a HooNanny of it..;-)




  17. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    14:05 on


    2 July, 2014



    Happy to accept your point of view.


    Tell you what,Bobby.


    If someone was misrepresenting,imho, you or Hamiltontim you don`t have to wonder where my support would be.


    Circle the wagons aka the laager mentality.

  18. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Summa of Sammi….


    14:12 on


    2 July, 2014





    How you been?


    Magic story.Saw extended highlights of young Kyrgios V Nadal.


    No fluke result.


    Marvellous interview with his mum on A.B.C.last night.


    Greek? Nah,pal.Dinky Di Aussie.


    Hope you`re good.


    Haven`t heard from Kit on here of late.


    Betcha he`s gone bush.


    Keep well,pal.

  19. Traditionalist88. Due to Russia/Ukraine war, joint league project is gone. Nobody made official statement but it’s gone. This project has never came to decision about FIFA or UEFA approvals but both country federations worked on it well before the war.

  20. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Petrofac Training specialise in the quintessential Sevconian skills of ‘ Emergency Response and Crisis Management’.

  21. Im sure there will be sevconians on the phone ins or hotlines soon bragging about how they were the first team to get knocked out of the petrofac training cup or some other so called world record claim along those lines soon

  22. does the new petrofac training cup not make the old dryburgh cup appear to be a european trophy win



    the petrofac cup is like a new signing- Mark Lately

  23. .






    We’re Guid..






    Did He Not move to Edinburgh..;-)



    Now that Really would be Talking in the Third Person..lol








    Petrofac is,I believe,based in The well-known tax haven of Jersey.



    Feel free to insert your own punchline…

  25. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Summa of Sammi….


    14:32 on


    2 July, 2014



    Naughty naughty,Summa.


    East Coast Tom seems to be revelling in his return to the old country.


    Glad to hear you`re guid.


    Exciting to anticipate the coming season with our new heid bummers.

  26. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘The well known tax haven of Jersey’- is that not where the ole Cardigan is livin’ thesed ays?

  27. nothing against signing Craig Gordon but it hardly fits into the mantra of developing young unknown players to sell on for big bags of cash



    or have we not to say that? shhhssshhhh

  28. Tamrabam



    Craig Gordon is 31.


    Hardly old for a keeper. Could have 10 years in him.



    That strategy could still work.






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