Tarnished football brands, Europe recovers, Craig Gordon


Lots of credit to the USA and Switzerland, who bowed out of the World Cup in dramatic fashion yesterday, leaving four European and four Latin American teams fighting out for the spoils.  Europe has recovered from its shaky group stage performance, keeping the door open a little longer for smaller European nations.

While plaudits for a fine tournament will be spread far and wide, the tournament has not provided a breakthrough credit for Africa, Asia, or the USA, none of whom will find the going any easier when the bandwagon reaches Eastern Europe four years from now.

Surprised it’s taken this long to get a deal sorted for Craig Gordon.  Considering the player’s lengthy injury history, Celtic have perhaps delayed to allow fitness tests over an extended period.  I’m treating tabloid comment that the potential arrival of Craig is linked to Fraser Forster moving on as idle mischief.  We need three keepers and usually have three, as do most top clubs.

So, a day after Luis Suarez issues a heartfelt mea culpa, Barcelona let it be known they are in talks with Liverpool over acquiring the player.  He is without question one of the most gifted players of our time but the phrase “transparent charlatan” seems appropriate.  Brand Barca is slowly slipping, with tax scams, directorial bungs and contrived contrition.

His actions caused enough dissonance on Merseyside to damage brand Liverpool, he’ll win Barcelona football games but stands a high probability of doing the same in Catalonia.  The commitment to reform is meaningless, as he is not in a position to make good on it.  Yet.

Barcelona led the way on establishing an ethical, aspirational, football brand.  I think they’ve forgotten what I’m hoping we learn.

The 10-in-a-row CQN Charity Golf Day takes place at the magnificent Aberdour course on Friday.  This year we will hear from Celtic legend, Frank McGarvey, and former Glasgow lawyer after dinner specialist, Len Murray.

This year we are raising money for Glasgow the Caring City and The Cookiejar Foundation.  We have two copies of this magnificent canvas, signed by Billy McNeill, one is available to the highest bidder on ebay here.

The other is available for raffle.  Every donor to this JustGiving page gets an entry in the raffle.  The minimum donation is £1, which we can all afford to participate in, although you can donate as much as you want.  Our thanks to @BarryMcGonigle for the image on the canvas and OPG Graphics for creating the work.

Glasgow the Caring City said, “Glasgow the Caring City is Glasgow’s people’s charity.  As well as working with the underprivileged in our own city the charity has delivered literally millions of pounds of overseas aid and development gifts-in-kind on a shoestring budget.

“From educational supplies to soap and medicines, from tents and warm clothes to prescription glasses.  We once delivered a donated fire truck! Having provided emergency relief to war, famine, flood and earthquake victims in the past the charity would love to take this relatively quiet time in terms of world emergency to invest in its development projects, taking children out of war and teaching them in agricultural sustainability projects.

“The support of the CQN community has always been received with huge gratitude, thank you once again for supporting us this year.”  Rev Neil Galbraith.

The Cookiejar Foundation was set up in memory of Christopher Coutts who died from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 19.  Money raised from this raffle will go towards the Cookiejar’s providing of vein finders for the Chemotherapy wards at the Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy & cancer wards in the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

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  1. Ole BSR regurgitating material….shame….used this last week.





    20:29 on


    25 May, 2012


    Thought the dog had fallen down the stairs again there.



    But it was just Eastenders finishing.




    Still a cracker mind :O)

  2. Craig Gordon…who knows what is injury actually was. It may be of a nature that once it has righted itself he’s fine. Given the age goalie’s peak at his best may yet be to come…



    I think he is basically better than FF – so I’m hopeful..and supportive!

  3. CultsBhoy



    “if we sign Craig Gordon and retain Fraser Forster – assuming CG retains fitness and recaptures previous form he will be No 1 by Christmas…”



    -Not if Simon bloody Cowell has anything to do with it.

  4. rwe



    16:40 on 2 July, 2014



    Now that made me smile!!



    No I can assure you it was the Frank Rafter’s book I was referring to :-)



    It looks at Celtic greats prior to the Lions’ era and interspersed are stories from Celtic supporters around the world and their tales of attending away European games.



    Well worth a read in my opinion.

  5. Trad 88



    Thanks for reply this morning.i wasnt reacting to yourself yesterday,just joining in a debate that has to be had.I lived in london for 4 years after our centenary and when i came back up the cheat was 4 titles in a row in, whilst michael kelly etc were ruining our club.The cheat was full of ‘must get out of here’ for competition reasons.As livibhoy said it was davie murrays push(sp) along with the lamb eating sycophants who were coming out with the same nonsense and i still think on slow news day(everyday in msm) they try transfer it to us by using DD statements.I just think its a question a lot bigger than saying,right cos telly is paying ‘x’ we are out of here.



    Now in saying that times have changed instead of ‘battull a brihtin’ we have brora to start the season for some:-),as SFTB pointed out would we take things like possibly no european ties for the sky shilling etc.If i think back to then i look at the revolution in modern media since then.Your right Trad88 the sky£ has global influence but in terms of football competition a lot of leagues around Europe have for want of a better term been ‘SPL’d'(eg England when i grew up had a different club winning now its only 4),also there are some countries with great tradition(holland,belguim) whose good players play outwith their once strong national leagues due to finance.



    Just throwing it out there but i think media rights,thro streaming,internet,playback(those platforms we dont know of yet) will form part of the club/football experience and i believe become its major source of revenue say in 20 years time.20 years ago if you and i were talking of the way modern media has impacted the game we probably would have said cut out the Dr.who lol.but,it has happened,and the importance of the ownership of these rights is pivotal to our clubs future revenue.Sky may be the thing at the moment but i think it will revert back to a more tailored approach to the individual needs of modern media,down to whatever device they wish to interact with our club with.That way we as a club can advance and veer away from the tsunami of brand association that sky have ready for next season.


    Thats why i see the future being a midweek Euro league pulling together the threads of Europa League & Champions League.


    soz if i came across wrong but i believe the EPL will pop in financial terms,on the playing side this world cup highlights the gulf between marketing and reality for its national side :-)



    Always in Celtic :-)


    An T

  6. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    Just in case you want to save them:))




    Celtic Underground@celticrumours · 26m



    http://www.theguardian.com/sport/blog/2010/oct/30/dougie-mcdonald-penalty-sfa … – article 1 about dougie McDonald by @mrewanmurray






    Celtic Underground@celticrumours · 26m



    Article two about dougie Mcdonald lying – http://www.theguardian.com/football/2010/oct/29/dougie-mcdonald-sfa-warning-penalty-celtic







    Celtic Underground@celticrumours · 25m



    And article 3 about dougie McDonald lying – http://www.theguardian.com/football/2010/nov/28/dougie-mdconald-scottish-referee

  7. ernie lynch





    16:28 on



    2 July, 2014





    Tontine Tim






    thomthethim for Oscar OK



    As a matter of interest, at what stage did your ubber loyalty allow you to shift allegiance from the old board to the Bunnet?



    *around the time that mars bars were thrown at the board after a shambolic performance against the deid when a Russian flop scored two against us.



    If not the Bunnet then someone else who could leads us out of the wilderness as Jock did in 1965.

  8. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    If you have two or three whom you consider to be in that category, then you obviously know what I am on about.



    To single anyone out for having that view, would be, to me, counter productive to blog harmony.



    It is an invitation to focus undue attention an individual posters, which I consider unnecessary, as most peoples posts speak for themselves.

  9. Speaking aboot..






    Whit’re They?



    Well, Ah am No Sure..






    The Wan that we ur Interested in.. is a Fifteen Year Old.. ( Fifteen?…ed) Fitba’ Player.




    If Ah wur a Bettin’ Man..n…Ah am…



    Ah wid be happy tae mak a Sma’ Wager.. that Ronny Dee..wull Mak a Play fur this Kid.



    How Sma’?



    Well.. How aboot…




    Ten Cents?



    That’s Sma’!



    Well.. Ah said Ah am a Bettin’… Man.. No.. a Bettin’… Mug!



    The Mair Ah learn aboot Ronny Dee..



    The Mair Ah Grow tae admire his Fitba’ Intelligence.



    It’s so Monumentally… Towerin’.. Yep.. It’s Powerfully Towerin’!



    It’s No Every day that ye Meet a Guy wi’..well.



    Towering Fitba’ Intelligence.. But, Ah hiv.. n..



    It’s .. Ronny Dee …. who’s the Man fur Me!



    Ah am real Happy wi’ his Appointment..







  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    CultsBhoy-so a GK who wasn’t played for 3 years ,is better than Forster? Can’t agree there old bhoy.

  11. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine on

    Tontine Tim



    Couldnt agree more, McStay and Collins provided us with some special moments when that mob were in the ascendancy, just unfortunate that they werent in a better Celtic team. They did however keep us all going at the time, JC still a legend for me

  12. Brand Celtic will not grow until we get out of the current SPFL system into a bigger pool.



    I always have thought that, in view of the EPL and Championship refusals to accept us and the ever present Uefa sabre-rattling, we should apply to join the English Conference. If accepted an we won promotion, the Football League would be obliged to accept us and similarly if we won promotions, the EPL would also have to accept us, just as they have no issue with Cardiff, Swansea, Wrexham etc.



    I don’t believe that Uefa or FIFA could successfully block us as that is bound to be in contravention of European Law re freedom of movement etc.



    A move to the Conference would be a bit of a risk but by no means insurmountable.




  13. One of the best signings Celtic have made in the last 20 years IMHO was Ramon Vega. Dream double on his debut and an incredible treble in his first year.


    He left because Watford offered him more money and has gone on record a few times to say it is the biggest regret of his playing career.


    I hope Ronny has an eye for a player and can spot older gems like Ramon.


    If we had the big Vega in Seville it would have gave us more chance of winning at both ends of the pitch. Buying young is fine but you need the odd older gem to bring them on.




  14. thomthethim for oscar ok



    16:47 on 2 July, 2014



    I was wondering if you were referring to moi.

  15. I think Sydnegakevs handle answered, for the most part, that question .But there may be others…………..





    HT, holiday literature? What`s a holiday. I havent been on one of them since last month.


    Teachers, on the other hand……..

  16. Aw magic, the ex Hun player/Judith Chalmers CSC member has decided to join us :-)

  17. It’s the huns that have encouraged this klub and Kumpany rubbish………


    ..back the team, not the regime, nonsense.


    BONKERS…….made-up peeesh for the new media age.


    A convenient lifeboat ( rowing boat?) for the willfully sleekit. allows the tribute act to indulge in even more bogus chicanery.



    Celtic – that’s who I support, we’ve had great performers off and on the field backed by ordinary Tims in the stands. for every star performer there’s been the odd dud.


    That’s life.


    We are blessed to have this thing Celtic in our lives and I’m grateful for the experience.



    If I could have 3 wishes –



    Jock still graced this earth



    Seville won



    Henrik, part of the management support set up.




    Happy out, as they say here…..




    HH and Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarumphhhhhhhhhhh!

  18. Difficult for that particular 15 year old to move Kojo. Cost a few bob.


    RD has already shown the lad he’ll take him under his wing.


    If anyone has the chance then RD has.


    Hope the lad is prepared to see 2 yrs in the ‘B’ team though – coz the Celtic don’t throw them in that young.



    we’ll see.

  19. As a father of two school children and husband of a school teacher it gives me great pleasure to note that that’s the rain on.

  20. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    16:54 on 2 July, 2014


    thomthethim for oscar ok



    16:47 on 2 July, 2014



    I was wondering if you were referring to moi.





    Well why didn’t you say that, instead of running through the bushes.



    No, I wouldn’t include you in that.



    You usually combine your positives and negatives in the same post, to avoid typecasting!!

  21. thomthethim for Oscar OK on








    Club / company.


    A flag of convenience that makes no sense at all.



    We are all in this together.

  22. I see that the ole Ramsdens Cup is now the Petrofac Training Cup.



    No, me neither ;-)

  23. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Will the huns still have Grade 1 refs for their games next season?



    If so, will Hearts and Hibs also benefit from having superior whistlers?

  24. And I see that there are now only 49 seats remaining to be sold in the ole Bournesouprecipe Main Stand, 32 in the front and 17 in the rear.



    What a sing song atmosphere there’s going to be in there next season.

  25. !!Bada Bing!! on

    thomthethim for oscar ok



    17:19 on 2 July, 2014



    Will the huns still have Grade 1 refs for their games next season?



    If so, will Hearts and Hibs also benefit from having superior whistlers?



    Good question

  26. Can I have Raspberry……………



    Don’t know St Ives………but if you fancy a very scenic jaunt over to St Mawes………can’t recommend the Tresanton Hotel and restaurant highly enough.




  27. Tojo… ( Noo .. THAT’S wit Ah call .. a Beezer..o’ a Nomme De Plume.)



    at 17.01



    When Speakin of the Youngster..



    Ronny Dee , wiz ..well…Purposely… Being… Circumspect. ..when he wiz speaking aboot the Chances o’ this Kid…being oan his Target List… but He didnae fool… Me.



    Ah Am of the Opinion that Ronny Dee Wull Move Heaven , Earth..


    n..the Moon… in order tae bring this kid tae Parkheid oan the Clyde!



    n..if Ronny is Prepared tae Dae Awe that… Then..



    Ah am Confident that The Kid Wull Find a Home at Bhoys Town.. Very, Soon



    Ye Know n Ah Know..n .. even.. Ma Wee Pal Nutsy . Knows..



    That .. A New Manager , usually… Brings a few Memories of his former Team Wi Him.



    n.. those Memories,of the Past.. Often Prompt HIm tae .. Conduct a Sneaky Raid oan the Pantry…o’ his Erstwhile Employer’s….Right?



    Nice Chattin’ Pally.






  28. WeefratheTim on

    Good afternoon all.






    I’ll have you know I’m in the ole BSR main stand. :-) How you doing kiddo?



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  29. Canny wait, until , The Moara…



    Ah miss Ma Celtic.



    N.. that’s the Trewth!






  30. Gordon J et al



    Good spot from the Guardian.


    I am assuming that the Euro ruling will also apply to Paul67s blog. Can we expect a raft of applications from irate CQNrs to the Forget Me website to hide negative comments from the more dastardly amongst us?

  31. Dougie, dougie: “This is absolutely fascinating” .



    For years I have been pestering Ewan Murray, the Scottish football correspondent of The Guardian – one of the many journos who “revealed” that Celtic fans’ threats had precipitated the linesman’s resignation – to say who it was at the SFA who leaked the lie. He always cites protection of sources (even liars are secure in his world).


    Now there’s someone trying to bury the memory of the whole saga – who do you suppose it is? The SFA? Dougie himself? Somebody beginning with HD?

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