Teach them how to win the league with style and within budget


I wasn’t at the 4-2 game against Oldco on 21 May 1979, when “10 men won the league, tra-la-la-la-la.”  Martin42 is still dealing with the consequences of going without me, but I endured the 0-3 defeat 20 years later that saw the title go to Ibrox.

In the intervening 19 years the authorities in Scotland have done their best to ensure we do not have a potential league winning game between Celtic and either of the Rangers group of clubs, but here we are.  There may never be another opportunity.

That Celtic team in season 1998-99 started poorly with new manager, Jo Venglos, working among one or two strong personalities in the dressing room, but by the springtime we were flowing and a title challenge was on.  When we met Newco on 2 May, a win would only give us an outside chance of the title.

Then came the news that we would play with a rookie, Scott Marshall.  The result wasn’t Scott’s fault, but the chance added a pressure to a defence which already had Stephane Mahe, for some of the game, anyway.  We could not handle the pressure.  Oldco stuck to task and won comfortably.

This was a time when titles in Scotland were decided by sheer brute force.  David Murray’s Rangers’ aggregate income for the four seasons which followed Celtic’s title win in 1998 was £180m – but they spent £282m, an average loss per season over four years of £25m.

The Rangers way of doing business was working.  It delivered titles and denied you and me football success.  There were many reasons to dislike how they did business.  Liquidation would take another 13 years, but the consequences of financial irresponsibility were always inevitable.

Newco will walk into Celtic Park on Sunday with their own version of Scott Marshall, Jak Alnwick, who has made just two senior appearances (no clean sheets) since arriving in Glasgow 18 months ago.  We need to make sure he endures a torrid afternoon.

After watching Graeme Murty earn two draws at Celtic Park I have a bit of respect for what he can do there.  He should not be underestimated, few managers arrive for their third visit undefeated, but the man is so embattled right now, his ability to prepare a team must be significantly impaired.

By contrast, Brendan Rodgers gave a tactical masterclass in the recent games at Ibrox and Hampden, costing Murty any chance of securing the Newco manager’s job long term.  For Brendan, Sunday is all about getting the job done as early as possible, before preparing the squad for the cup final, which is only three weeks away.

I know it’s greedy to ask for too much when we are within touching distance of a second successive treble, considering we only won two in 48 years before last season, but I really want this one.  Let’s do it for everyone who was at Celtic Park on 2 May 1999, or who lived through the years when David Murray and Dave King sat on an Oldco board which lost £35.3m with a turnover of only £44.8m.  Contemporary times show that some lessons cannot be taught too often to those who refuse to learn.

The same people are strutting around our game with the same sense of entitlement.  Show them how to win the league with style and within budget, Celtic.

Raffle to play in an 11-a-side game at Celtic Park, closes 15:00 today, Friday 27th

An incredible opportunity to play on the hallowed turf at Celtic Park around the end of the current season 2017-18, in Club sponsor Intelligent Car Leasing’s match.

You will be provided with complimentary Celtic kit and receive the full match-day experience including arrival through the front door, access to the dressing room and proudly walking down the tunnel to enter the famous field of play.

Both squads will be managed by a former Celtic player. Date 16 May, 11:00 kick off. All monies raised will be donated to Celtic FC Foundation, a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (number SC024648).

To enter the raffle, make a minimum donation of £5 to the Foundation at this MyDonate page.  Then send your donation confirmation email to this address: celticquicknews@gmail.com

The opportunity to play on Celtic Park is just beyond words.  I did it a few years ago, the memories will live forever, as will the photographs.  The experience of preparing in the dressing room, as so many greats have done before, was fabulous.

You can enter for yourself, or gift the prize to someone you know aged 18 or over. Competition closes in just a few hours at 15:00, so enter now!.

Good luck!

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  1. Paul67 et al



    An opportunity to win the league at Celtic Park, something the Lisbon Lions never actually did if I remember rightly. And, after breaking Willie Maley’s century old record, this season lets not forget, an opportunity to break Maley’s record from over 110 years ago, one of Jock Stein’s greatest achievements. If that doesn’t motivate you have spent too much time on the old hubble bubble. Allegedly. Still, no two games are the same, Murty tried to flood the midfield and got taken apart, Lenny does it and Celtic on the back foot for much of the game. That said play anywhere near our best and we are looking at a handsome win.


    (And even a blind man could see what I did there)

  2. Delaneys Dunky on




    Liam is off the Colombian marching powder and on the Green stuff like Noel has been for years. You can hear it in their music also. Think I will stay on in Belfast for the Richard Ashcroft/Liam Gallagher concert in Belfast.


    I never knew PABLOPHANQUE,but over the years I’ve so wished I had. Anyone who can casually saunter into OLDTIM’s gaff and request that he leave for the football in the manner Stevie did is my type of bloke.



    Not that I would necessarily been his,I wouldn’t be so presumptuous.



    Helluva legend by all accounts.



    Happy Birthday,Stevie. I hope yer wee cloud floats over Ibrox occasionally,and that you miss no opportunity!




  4. Today’s reduced CQN coupon with Bobby taking an understandable rest –


    JOBO Inverness


    GFTB Cardiff


    AWALK Airdrie


    TET Charlton


    LENNYBHOY Portsmouth


    POG Burnley

  5. DD agree about Tom Grennan. His album is out in a couple of weeks time. Looks like one to buy!





  6. Mahe the Madman on

    Good very early morning again bhoys.



    Auldheid if you dont mind,,



    “One of the difficulties is that there is not one single coordinated voice through which representative groups like CSA and CST can speak on issues that cross their own individual raison, d’etre, issues like fair governance.”



    This is very disappointing of course but does not surprise me one bit.


    Why ? Because those that we might look to are either wrapped up in the sport or on the front line in Scotland and not well positioned to make such calls.


    Plus everyone public and even semi public is either one or the other like it or not and true or not. That is how they are perceived.



    In a battle , and our battles are no longer physical this is a battle of wills here , those that make the big calls and plan are not on the frontline.


    They in the rear receiving info and making plans.


    You look at the bigger picture from afar not the trenches.



    It seems those that some would look to are in the public eye also, and their stances could affect their personal lives and possibly their kins. Maybe their safety.


    We remember one club was threatened to be fire bombed after a decision its chairman made. Thats only one example of why you should not be on the front line and making big decisions.


    That should have been the last time anyone was ever put in that position. Once is once too many.



    Its also worth pointing out those who would keep us oppressed have betrayed a character flaw that ive yet to read about.


    If they were smart they would have left football alone.


    Stupidity or foolish pride has made them not only enter that arena but also to sully and corrupt it.


    Fools, and I for one will mark that flaw.


    Should have went and watched rugby and laughed at Timmy doing 35 in a row while slipping pieces of paper through parliament that keep us fenian ba&^%67ds.


    Thats what I would have done were I them.


    And as far as the game goes it was Chomsky that said sport is the opiate of the masses and he was truly right.


    Never seen things clearer since I walked away from the leatherchase and the media that comes with it.



    No,,it doesnt surprise me its quiet for the most part ,, head above the parapet and all that.


    That not casting blame I would point out,,walk a mile in a man shoes first and all that.


    But it does say that this is different.


    Things have changed now. Those we usually look to , keep looking. Not this time.


    The suits on the board thought governance , law , and order would prevail as in normal business. Theyve been outfoxed and stymied by the underhandedness of our enemy it seems.


    They governing bodies are corrupted.


    The overlords ( UEFA FIFA ) are busy.


    The bloggers are on the front line and wrapped up in the game, worried about hits and advertising possibly,,staying abreast of any news on twitter etc as its competitive out there and if its your livelihood one wrong stance might break you.



    No it seems this might have fallen to the ordinary man. No one else is doing it and thats when the ordinary man says enough.


    Is this not what happened when “the rebels have won ” also,,ordinary men doing something.


    Lets all learn that lesson because history if allowed will repeat itself.


    And its probably best its normal folk so theres no finger pointing or claims or glory hunting or any of that.


    Ordinary decent people speaking from the heart,,that could well be what its going to take here.


    Because thats pure and unquestionable.



    Now those who would keep us down failed to defeat us in conflict,,we are still here arent we despite their military might and propaganda .


    On propaganda, they own the media but they again show their lack of intelligence by turning that platform into pure unadulterated , well , propaganda.


    Where they smart they should have used that medium and intensely hyped every small token tim gesture to death and make it the taking point so we all think the worlds rosy.


    But no,,they sully it also and leave the masses seeking other means of disinformation.


    What fools.


    Am I the only one sees their flaws? Surely not.



    So like I say Auldheid it seems its fallen to us,, you , me and this blog etc.


    No one else is gonna do it and after all if you want something done you do it yourself. I know you believe in that as I do because you actually got off your arse and done something.


    My eternal respect for that by the way. Im a man of action myself in the main and birds of a feather flock together, right on this blog it seems for the moment.


    I hope our glasses clink one day sooner rather than later. I truly do.



    Me ,,I intend to bombard the nation from a distance with my greatest weapon, words.


    Maybe try to stir a few minds and gauge how much fights in this lot.


    They are an army, they just dont know it.


    They moved for Kano and Oscar, Ive no doubt theyll move for their club.


    They havent heard the message yet though,,thats because no one has framed it in the right way.


    Too much diplomacy in this world,,politically correct and people are afraid of losing customers etc.


    No,,like I said on here the other day, I do straight talk.


    I will call it as I see it and take no hostages. Just like the normal men I admired and looked up to as a boy.


    Were educated now also,,they can forget pulling the wool over our eyes.


    Cold , hard , I dont care who doesnt like it get out of my way , decisions need made here.


    I wanted a ruthless b%$$%d business man with a fantastic bonus system to come in.


    I wasnt naive enough to expect it. Those in charge should have pushed for that because no one within the game is gonna fix this. How they cant see that I dont know.


    Blinded by the leatherchase,,just like Chomsky said eh.




    Hail Hail and hope you are well. Enjoy your weekend and stay safe everyone,,youre all far more precious than 3 points.





    That’s a powerful post,mate. That’s an accurate post too. Cannot quibble with much of it.



    One part struck me particularly.




    ‘The suits on the board thought governance , law , and order would prevail as in normal business. Theyve been outfoxed and stymied by the underhandedness of our enemy it seems.’




    Can’t blame them for simply trusting due process.



    I know how they feel,because that was the line I followed.

  8. Mahe the Madman on



    ya rogue,,glad youre on the mend.


    I would point out that my statement has no blame attached. ;)


    i dont blame them,,and I would shake their hands. Not personal at all.


    After all part of the family and all that. We just see certain issues different.


    Hail Hail

  9. Mahe the Madman on

    Almore if you go to a chippy see if a half a white pudding in batter is on the menu please. No joke. A pic of the menu even would be great. Ill explain later. Diaper time.


    Hail Hail





    Should you find MAHETHEMADMAN’s Holy Grail,take a pic,mail it to me and I’ll forward it to him.



    I suspect his wife refuses to believe such things exist.



    Can’t blame her,she’s a citizen of a country which banned The Great Chieftain of the Pudding Race for about 50 years.



    That’ll be Philistine,then…

  11. mike in toronto on




    I usually agree with you, but on one point, I disagree



    Our Board were not outfoxed at the beginning. There is little doubt in my mind that they took their direction from DD which was to ensure the survival of the Old Firm.



    They may have not expected how badly the zombies would run with that, and abuse that ….but that is what happens when you do a deal with the devil

  12. Mahe the Madman on

    MIT ,


    I agree. I would also point out that I did not say they were out foxxed in the beginning. ;)


    The old firm is a gravy train and they hopped aboard and bought a ticket on the train thinking makes good business sense and its kinda exciting.


    Didnt anticipate the rival being bent. THought he seen it like them also.


    Simple as that.


    Look to governing bodies,,,hes played the long game and got his placemen in first under their noses.


    Checkmate. Well, looks like it.


    Hope youre well hey. Hamish off to dogsitter for 2 days. Road trip to grandparents soon.


    Hail Hail

  13. guidi on clyde stating that Gerrard will be announced early next week, and that there is siginificant investment coming to 2nd rangers,



    what numpty would put money in to thems ?



    i mean seriously, how.













    That’s a powerful post,mate. That’s an accurate post too. Cannot quibble with much of it.









    One part struck me particularly.












    ‘The suits on the board thought governance , law , and order would prevail as in normal business. Theyve been outfoxed and stymied by the underhandedness of our enemy it seems.’












    Can’t blame them for simply trusting due process.









    I know how they feel,because that was the line I followed.





    Im not so sure out foxed, more underestimated what they are up against, put it this way, I was.



    What we are up against based on Res12 experience is the message I want to put to CSA and CST so that we can gear up for what we as Celtic supporters of all kinds face.



    We need to be prepared as a support for what emerges from the Compliance Officer report. Hopefully it will produce some thing that accepts the evidence based narrative or a reasonable explanation of where the narrative is wrong because of incomplete evidence or incorrect interpretation of the evidence and rules.



    Mahe (and thanks for responding) In mentioning the two most prominent recognised groups as having the authority to speak for all I was not precluding influential bloggers. Far from it, they have a wide reach and will provide the messages, raw or complicated, of issues to be addressed.



    But preparedness is the key. A summary of that long narrative appeared in Not The View and publishing it on social media is a matter of timing, before or after the Compliance Officer reports. The long narrative it draws on is only a hyperlink away.



    But if the Comp Off report is a whitewash or evasive then challenging it will only suceed if it is done from a united front which includes those representing supporters, shareholders and the Board.

  15. Came across a video the other day which has been doing the rounds on social media involving Steeevie G being interviewed by huntv after his Liverpool under 18 side had beaten their sevco counterparts 4-1 in a game at ibrokes.



    Towards the end of the interview he starts to sound like the great Desmondo when he says what a great club R****** are, proud history blah blah blah…fantastic stadium blah blah blah…



    If, by some miracle(!) he does take the job, any respect I had for him as a player and a human being will be oot the windae!




  16. Hamilton Tim



    Re my previous post on the need for a co ordinated response to Compliance Officer investigation report.



    With respect to the positive response as reported in the minutes of the CST AGM on 24 March 2018 viz:



    ” A lengthy proposal on SFA Governance had been received from a member who was not present at the meeting but had asked another member who was in attendance to speak on his behalf. It was agreed that the Trust would look favourably on any invitation to join a group set up to take this issue forward.”



    there is a two week window open where matters can be taken forward on the practicalities of establishing a cross platform group on SFA governance and why it might be necessary.



    Logistics might be a problem but BRTH is on same wavelength as I and if you see him before or after a game, it would be worth checking our thinking and how best to take matters forward.



    If I wasn’t away most of the time I’d get a lot more involved than I can from a distance.

  17. cathedral view on




    Yes, banned in the late 80’s. None of these guys took a pay cut to come to Scotland to follow their “dreams” of European glory.



    Rangers were paying more than the top flight English and some top European sides to sign the England captain, goalie etc…..



    They signed a guy from the tax haven of Monaco.



    Nobody really knows when the undeclared payments to players started, certainly by the late 90’s rules were being broken. Then there’s the unusual case of their goalkeeper up for drink driving in the mid 90s stating his contact was for £1k per week which is a surprisingly low figure given the circumstances.



    I digress, the point is if it wasn’t for the money on offer none of these guys would have crossed the border. For Cosgrove to maintain the reason they were here was for European football is just nonsense.




  18. Saint Stivs on 28th April 2018 3:14 pm




    guidi on clyde stating that Gerrard will be announced early next week, and that there is siginificant investment coming to 2nd rangers,







    what numpty would put money in to thems ?







    i mean seriously, how.




    If they were to be run on a sustainable basis (which might mean a crowd base of 30 to 35K,) then there are soft benefits to be associated with such a club.



    It would require culture change but if its that or oblivion?…….

  19. DD…



    Is it still called the Esquire?



    Brings back a lot of memories, my first engagement party was in there many years ago. :((((

  20. Mahe the Madman on



    Thanks for the response first and foremost and its a privilege to share these pages with you.


    You say influential bloggers though, i dont see it.


    This blog isnt for anything but laugh at the huns mostly, certainly no revolution talk articles.


    JJ, Phil, JF, read them all and you know how many times their words have moved me lately on this shenanigans, zero.


    Not their fault mind, theyve all got other priorities. Keeping their own blogs alive etc.


    Thats why I would say to you they arent influential. I certainly dont see it.


    Preparedness which you bring up and specifically the lack of it,,that staggers me.


    No one has presented any type of plan as far as i can see.


    Why not ?


    Is it because this is such an emotive issue that people are thinking well i cant tell anyone what to do as far as their teams concerned?


    Is it because everyones looking at everyone else waiting for them to suggest something ?


    Possibly no one will present a plan because someone might find a flaw in it , I dont know ?


    Or they dont want these hassle that comes with peaking above the parapet ?




    And then a united front. Has there been one in the last 40 years ? Since Celts for Change?


    Dont think so and cant see it happening.


    The world has moved on and theres a lot less need for groups and more individuals.


    People dont actually need a leader, they are content to sit back in their own homes and make their own choices, you dont need any form of leadership for that.


    And like i say people are divisive,,whether its intended or not. And if they arent it can be spun and presented they are and the masses fall for it.


    Besides does anyone actually want to be a focal point. If they do is it solely for our aims and not to further a career or blog or anything that might be used against them or could cause them to lose focus ?



    No one has moved the people yet,,dont know if we should wait around to see if they can or will.



    Must go out for weekend now. Take care all.


    Hail Hail and I hope they pump them.

  21. mike in toronto on 28th April 2018 2:50 pm







    I usually agree with you, but on one point, I disagree



    Our Board were not outfoxed at the beginning. There is little doubt in my mind that they took their direction from DD which was to ensure the survival of the Old Firm.




    They may have not expected how badly the zombies would run with that, and abuse that ….but that is what happens when you do a deal with the devil




    That narrative is not supported by this letter of May 2012 before the 5 Way , nor does it recognise that many more clubs than Celtic wanted the survival of Rangers, so outvoting Celtic. Nor that Celtic’s profits have risen dramatically (something that would please Dermott) since Rangers ( as was) left the scene.



    The letter challenges that the view on what DD directed as well as the consequent positive economics, something not lost on a business man with DD’s experience.



    This is copy of letter Celtic published last September when trying to set up an investigation into SFA handing of Rangers ebts.






    Dear Stewart,



    You will already be well aware of the BBC Scotland programme broadcast on Wednesday 23rd May relating to various events at Rangers, and other media coverage in a similar vein.



    The situation at Rangers has clearly attracted a huge level of exposure and comment over a number of months, none of it favourable.



    The SFA has already conducted one inquiry, with a subsequent Judicial Panel Hearing and Appeal.


    The SPL is attempting to investigate issues associated with the Rangers EBT, although I gather is still trying to obtain all the relevant information.



    Wednesday evening’s programme and other media articles have now placed the affairs of Rangers in relation to payments to players under even greater scrutiny.



    The BBC and others now appear to have access to detailed documentary evidence to support the statements made.



    If the allegations of “double-contracts” for players are true, and a breach of SFA and/or SPL rules is established, the eligibility of those players to have competed in domestic league and cup competitions will be called into question, in turn, the integrity of the football results achieved by using those players would by necessity also fall into question.


    Any wrongdoing then established would have to be subject to fair and proportionate sanctions, including retrospectively, if appropriate.


    However, at a higher level, in our opinion this whole affair is causing lasting damage to the reputation and integrity of Scottish football.


    We have, to date, supported both the SFA and the SPL in their efforts to deal with the situation.


    We appreciate fully that this has not been an easy task for either body. But the interests of fairness and Scottish football now demand that the SFA act decisively.



    The initial inquiry should now be reconvened, or a new independent panel led by a judge or senior lawyer should be formed, to investigate and report upon the Rangers EBT issues and consider whether there has been any further breach of the Association’s rules, including those on disrepute.



    The roles of individuals (past and present) subject to the jurisdiction of the Association should also be examined.



    This should take place as quickly as possible, irrespective of the SPL’s own investigations.



    I look forward to hearing from you with confirmation of the SFA’s intentions.



    A copy of this letter is being sent to the Chairman of the SPL [Ralph Topping], the Chief Executive of the SFL [David Longmuir] and to Uefa [Gianni Infantino] as these issues may be relevant in the context of Uefa Financial Fair Play, the eligibility of players participating in competitions organised by these bodies, and the wider responsibilities of these organisations to protect the integrity of the game.



    Yours sincerely,



    Peter Lawwell.

  22. Mahe the Madman on 28th April 2018 4:05 pm



    I wasn’t thinking of CQN as being influential, like the others you mention they are more of a megaphone for shouting ideas into peoples heads and to try and make them think.



    Whether folk can be arsed doing that is up to them, but if they don’t hear the idea or the information that sparks one then there is nothing at all for them to think about on any particular subject.



    Res12 only exists because people blogged about it and that generated thought that generated action.



    Ideas are the most creative thing in creation :)



    They have to be handled with care.



    Enjoy the weekend.

  23. Tobago Street on

    Ball should have been allowed to run out for a throw in, but Hibs player backheeled it to stay in play as 3 Killie players were moving onto it. Continued up field and scored!



    Now 3-2 Hibs !



    Crazy game




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