Teach them how to win the league with style and within budget


I wasn’t at the 4-2 game against Oldco on 21 May 1979, when “10 men won the league, tra-la-la-la-la.”  Martin42 is still dealing with the consequences of going without me, but I endured the 0-3 defeat 20 years later that saw the title go to Ibrox.

In the intervening 19 years the authorities in Scotland have done their best to ensure we do not have a potential league winning game between Celtic and either of the Rangers group of clubs, but here we are.  There may never be another opportunity.

That Celtic team in season 1998-99 started poorly with new manager, Jo Venglos, working among one or two strong personalities in the dressing room, but by the springtime we were flowing and a title challenge was on.  When we met Newco on 2 May, a win would only give us an outside chance of the title.

Then came the news that we would play with a rookie, Scott Marshall.  The result wasn’t Scott’s fault, but the chance added a pressure to a defence which already had Stephane Mahe, for some of the game, anyway.  We could not handle the pressure.  Oldco stuck to task and won comfortably.

This was a time when titles in Scotland were decided by sheer brute force.  David Murray’s Rangers’ aggregate income for the four seasons which followed Celtic’s title win in 1998 was £180m – but they spent £282m, an average loss per season over four years of £25m.

The Rangers way of doing business was working.  It delivered titles and denied you and me football success.  There were many reasons to dislike how they did business.  Liquidation would take another 13 years, but the consequences of financial irresponsibility were always inevitable.

Newco will walk into Celtic Park on Sunday with their own version of Scott Marshall, Jak Alnwick, who has made just two senior appearances (no clean sheets) since arriving in Glasgow 18 months ago.  We need to make sure he endures a torrid afternoon.

After watching Graeme Murty earn two draws at Celtic Park I have a bit of respect for what he can do there.  He should not be underestimated, few managers arrive for their third visit undefeated, but the man is so embattled right now, his ability to prepare a team must be significantly impaired.

By contrast, Brendan Rodgers gave a tactical masterclass in the recent games at Ibrox and Hampden, costing Murty any chance of securing the Newco manager’s job long term.  For Brendan, Sunday is all about getting the job done as early as possible, before preparing the squad for the cup final, which is only three weeks away.

I know it’s greedy to ask for too much when we are within touching distance of a second successive treble, considering we only won two in 48 years before last season, but I really want this one.  Let’s do it for everyone who was at Celtic Park on 2 May 1999, or who lived through the years when David Murray and Dave King sat on an Oldco board which lost £35.3m with a turnover of only £44.8m.  Contemporary times show that some lessons cannot be taught too often to those who refuse to learn.

The same people are strutting around our game with the same sense of entitlement.  Show them how to win the league with style and within budget, Celtic.

Raffle to play in an 11-a-side game at Celtic Park, closes 15:00 today, Friday 27th

An incredible opportunity to play on the hallowed turf at Celtic Park around the end of the current season 2017-18, in Club sponsor Intelligent Car Leasing’s match.

You will be provided with complimentary Celtic kit and receive the full match-day experience including arrival through the front door, access to the dressing room and proudly walking down the tunnel to enter the famous field of play.

Both squads will be managed by a former Celtic player. Date 16 May, 11:00 kick off. All monies raised will be donated to Celtic FC Foundation, a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (number SC024648).

To enter the raffle, make a minimum donation of £5 to the Foundation at this MyDonate page.  Then send your donation confirmation email to this address: celticquicknews@gmail.com

The opportunity to play on Celtic Park is just beyond words.  I did it a few years ago, the memories will live forever, as will the photographs.  The experience of preparing in the dressing room, as so many greats have done before, was fabulous.

You can enter for yourself, or gift the prize to someone you know aged 18 or over. Competition closes in just a few hours at 15:00, so enter now!.

Good luck!

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  1. Good goal by Scott Allan today and a superb left footed ball by John McGinn for Hibs second goal.

  2. Delaneys Dunky on





    My mammy’s name is Mary. Molly is her Maryhill nickname that stuck for life.


    She is up for destroying the huns tomorrow.

  3. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Nally81 6.51pm



    The cheating the taxman surely started in the late 80s with wee MoJo and his P86 (paying tax when returning to these shores) shooorly Dodgy Dave the first didn’t bother with that tax bill either, he didn’t bother with the others :-)



    Fellow Celtic fans who cares who we play the morra surely Brendan, Broony & the Bhoys will provide our fans with a great wee day the morra, although worst case scenario, win it next week, or following midweek or the week before we face the Well on the 19th May …. sun is shining and these days are beautiful :-)

  4. Delaneys Dunky on




    My mammy is the best pal I will ever have. She loves Celtic more than me

  5. okay before the non dug lovers like david66 and mike in toronto get on my back, only joking you ghuys,lets talk celtic, whats our best eleven tomorrow, ive no idea with dembele fit and armstrong, any suggestions.hh.

  6. Just saw Wee Jay campaigning on Sauciehall Street for the homeless. He’s confident we will win tomorrow.



    Heading to Babbity Bowzers for 8.30 if anyone cares to join us.

  7. JIMMYNOTPAUL on 28TH APRIL 2018 6:48 PM









    If we win 7-0……………they’ll go 4th



    Allegedly CSC





    Sadly not so, they have a better goal difference of 13 compared to Hibs.



    Sevco plus 30. Hibs plus 17.



    Hail Hail




    That shouldn’t stop us trying to win 7-0 though, yeah??




  8. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    I’m watching the Hibs Killie game on Alba .



    Killie have three ex Celts , Fasan , O’Donnell and Findlay in their team , Hibs have 1 ex Celt , Efe plus 1 current Celt, Scott Allan . Dyan McGeouch is out injured.



    Great pass from Scott Allan and finish by Kamber at Hibs third.



    Hibs fans now singing go home ya Huns to the Killie fans.


    It would be good for Scottish football if Hibs end up second. They play good football

  9. TET


    Just asked the boss to look up the dog, a wee white mongrel with 1 brown 1 blue eye, she got it from Granada.

  10. Evening all



    Earlyish bed for me. My brother-in-law texted me to say he would be round 10.15 tomorrow. I had genuinely not realised kick off was midday- thought it was another 2.30 job.



    Strange to think that 13 days ago we wiped the floor with Rangers and now there is a fair amount of anxiety about tomorrow- the terrible display at Easter Road, the eternal (and infernal) hype surrounding tomorrow’s visitors as well as our repeatedly sloppy performances all league season make the anxiety understandable. All season I have had a nagging feeling about this league campaign and I half expect us to finally win because Aberdeen and Rangers muck things up. More optimistically I would say that if Olivier Ntcham plays as he can we will win and win easily. The big guy is often fairly poor but when he is good he is our best pure midfielder since Paul McStay.



    I have very bitter memories of the game 19 years ago- a wretched evening which summed up so much of why I hate Celtic playing Rangers. I even think that a longstanding relationship with my girlfriend of that time- a Celtic fan- soured from that night, it was suddenly my fault that she went despite it being my mum’s turn for the season ticket they shared. I never went to another of the big Glasgow derbies for another 11 years I was so bitter and it was far from all down to Dallas and the Huns.



    I hope we win tomorrow but most of all I will be relieved when I get home.

  11. Big Packy my team for tomorrow



    11 bhoys that wear that top like LIONS. Pride, Passion,Commitment and Flair and play football the Glasgow Celtic Way….


    Whoever BR puts out we play to the end.



    D. :)

  12. fairhill bhoy on

    DALLAS DALLAS -watching that and wasn’t sure if that’s what Hibs fans were singing,monster munch hit a screamer of a fk?

  13. Dallas Dallas I’m watching it too, got to say Fat Boyds free kick was a belter.



    D. :)

  14. Catman said last night that Eduard would be playing. That’s good enough for me. Indicates to me that Moussa is going to miss out, although I would love to see them both, along with Kouassi and Ntcham.



    Anyway, all that is important is that we win.

  15. DAVID66 AND MIKE IN TORONTO, where art thou, come on this is the eve of a game against the new club, but hey is the new club sectarian and anti catholic, surely steven gerrard knows the history but heyho the present manager knows the history and still manages them.confused.com

  16. Big Packy you calm down the cheats/ bigots will be put back in their box again tomorrow.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  17. I’m sure we hear about investment in sevco every year and I’m still waiting for it to happen. Even the billionaire MASH didn’t invest in them. Season ticket ploy by King and Level 5.


    Nobody with any business acumen or any reputable business person invests in a company that does not provide clearly signed off audited accounts. So if there is money going into Ayebrokes it is “dirty” money.


    The story that is getting bandied about is a 4 year contract for Gerrard. Failure in his first 6 months will see dismissal and a payoff that would wipe sevco off the face of Govan.


    If this significant investment existed why didn’t they call upon it a few weeks ago instead of getting into hock with Close Bros. Guidi is another soup taker. Pay these guys enough money and you could take their granny home gift wrapped.


    Anyhoos looking forward to my first ever live sevco event tomorrow.



    Hail! Hail! ???‍♂️???

  18. Lefty


    There are a fair few rescues around, as I said I hope she gets a good dog.


    We keep ourselfs to ourselfs, we just work away on our own, it’s the best way, too much politics involved for our liking,



  19. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Moussa ? Edouard ?



    Griff is our best goalscorer



    No need to discuss



    Although Moussa haunts the hun, by the way I love the 3 of them but Griff the goalscorer would always be my number 9 ?

  20. POG enjoy tomorrow and remember if you see any zombies do not look into their eyes.



    D. :)

  21. Auldheid,



    On the basic premise that the Compliance Officers’ report is a whitewash…..am glad to hear that there have been moves afoot to counter it. My question is….is there a strong enuff personality out there to cut through the CST/CSA prioritisation bullshit and get them both to agree on a way forward re. putting pressure on our board to take action….FAC reps mibbe?



    Off course, if it’s not a whitewash….we use this as a mechanism to get LNS put aside and a new commission set up….with the objective of having all tainted titles stripped?










  22. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Farhill bhoy and David66, it was some strike by Boydiechenko but it still never put a smile on his horrible bulbous coupon.



    The Dons fans were singing go home ya huns to the Hearts crew last night plus sung you’re just a hun wi a whstle at Dallas the younger .

  23. Dallas Dallas I watched the game last night and some of Dullass decisions would be baffling to a neutral, but we know what some of those dodgy decisions were aimed at.



    D. :)

  24. See, BMCUWP, not always irreverent….brilliant to see u bak last night….in fine form, if not fettle….don’t scare us like that again….or I’ll kill u maself ?