Teach them how to win the league with style and within budget


I wasn’t at the 4-2 game against Oldco on 21 May 1979, when “10 men won the league, tra-la-la-la-la.”  Martin42 is still dealing with the consequences of going without me, but I endured the 0-3 defeat 20 years later that saw the title go to Ibrox.

In the intervening 19 years the authorities in Scotland have done their best to ensure we do not have a potential league winning game between Celtic and either of the Rangers group of clubs, but here we are.  There may never be another opportunity.

That Celtic team in season 1998-99 started poorly with new manager, Jo Venglos, working among one or two strong personalities in the dressing room, but by the springtime we were flowing and a title challenge was on.  When we met Newco on 2 May, a win would only give us an outside chance of the title.

Then came the news that we would play with a rookie, Scott Marshall.  The result wasn’t Scott’s fault, but the chance added a pressure to a defence which already had Stephane Mahe, for some of the game, anyway.  We could not handle the pressure.  Oldco stuck to task and won comfortably.

This was a time when titles in Scotland were decided by sheer brute force.  David Murray’s Rangers’ aggregate income for the four seasons which followed Celtic’s title win in 1998 was £180m – but they spent £282m, an average loss per season over four years of £25m.

The Rangers way of doing business was working.  It delivered titles and denied you and me football success.  There were many reasons to dislike how they did business.  Liquidation would take another 13 years, but the consequences of financial irresponsibility were always inevitable.

Newco will walk into Celtic Park on Sunday with their own version of Scott Marshall, Jak Alnwick, who has made just two senior appearances (no clean sheets) since arriving in Glasgow 18 months ago.  We need to make sure he endures a torrid afternoon.

After watching Graeme Murty earn two draws at Celtic Park I have a bit of respect for what he can do there.  He should not be underestimated, few managers arrive for their third visit undefeated, but the man is so embattled right now, his ability to prepare a team must be significantly impaired.

By contrast, Brendan Rodgers gave a tactical masterclass in the recent games at Ibrox and Hampden, costing Murty any chance of securing the Newco manager’s job long term.  For Brendan, Sunday is all about getting the job done as early as possible, before preparing the squad for the cup final, which is only three weeks away.

I know it’s greedy to ask for too much when we are within touching distance of a second successive treble, considering we only won two in 48 years before last season, but I really want this one.  Let’s do it for everyone who was at Celtic Park on 2 May 1999, or who lived through the years when David Murray and Dave King sat on an Oldco board which lost £35.3m with a turnover of only £44.8m.  Contemporary times show that some lessons cannot be taught too often to those who refuse to learn.

The same people are strutting around our game with the same sense of entitlement.  Show them how to win the league with style and within budget, Celtic.

Raffle to play in an 11-a-side game at Celtic Park, closes 15:00 today, Friday 27th

An incredible opportunity to play on the hallowed turf at Celtic Park around the end of the current season 2017-18, in Club sponsor Intelligent Car Leasing’s match.

You will be provided with complimentary Celtic kit and receive the full match-day experience including arrival through the front door, access to the dressing room and proudly walking down the tunnel to enter the famous field of play.

Both squads will be managed by a former Celtic player. Date 16 May, 11:00 kick off. All monies raised will be donated to Celtic FC Foundation, a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (number SC024648).

To enter the raffle, make a minimum donation of £5 to the Foundation at this MyDonate page.  Then send your donation confirmation email to this address: celticquicknews@gmail.com

The opportunity to play on Celtic Park is just beyond words.  I did it a few years ago, the memories will live forever, as will the photographs.  The experience of preparing in the dressing room, as so many greats have done before, was fabulous.

You can enter for yourself, or gift the prize to someone you know aged 18 or over. Competition closes in just a few hours at 15:00, so enter now!.

Good luck!

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  1. Gerryfaethebrig on

    David 17 9.20pm



    I was agreeing with you, the semi final Moussa was unplayable hopefully fitness and not whether interested or not

  2. Does BR want….Kouassi, Dembele, N’tcham & Odsonne….our 4 Musketeers….in a team ;-)) There’s a spine of a team in there somewhere….unleash them tomoz? ;-)) wae Broony, Forrest, Gordon, Ajer, Dembele, Tierney & ?….democracy ;-))













  3. Just got a call from Glasgow saying Gerrard has signed up,couldn’t care less but dont understand his thinking if this is correct.


    More likely to be some kind of motivational ploy prior to game,we shall see.

  4. GFTB @8:53pm




    Was that an audition for the role of poster bhoy for the Celtic View ?


    Or, a rallying call for all of those self preservationist Celtic supporters to put their hands in the air and claim….


    ….”It was us, we done it! Instead of killing off Sevco / Rainjurs, we payed £ 49 for, Old Firm Same Club Lie Tickets on the Brendan bounce, and, guess what ? the oxygen we gave them, made them relevant, to us, we’re obsessed by them, we could’ve killed them off, but, guess what ? we didny! we couldny! coz, we’re rebels, we sing aboot them awe time so we dae, coz we’re rebels! We ur, we pure ur!”


    Wait tae the dark moneyed huns are oan the pitch again, awe chibbed up n that, cheating their way to stop 10 in a row, with the PLC board sitting in the directors box, doing what they did in 2009/10/11, they’ll be sitting looking the other way, stuffing their pockets with cheated Celtic supporters season ticket money, as the mibbery assisted huns steal the trophies all over again.


    Who’ll be brave enough to admit that it was their fault, for rubber stamping the same club lie ?





  5. glendalystonsils on

    FAIRHILL BHOY on 28TH APRIL 2018 9:16 PM


    If Griffiths doesn’t play who takes our crap corners ?



    Disnae matter. We cannae even score from Griff’s good corners.

  6. It may well be Moussa and Paddys last game against then.



    Two top drawer players who will go all the way in the game.



    Play them

  7. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Kev 9.29pm…



    I had to read back as I wasn’t sure what rubbish I had typed but if my post caught a fly :-)



    7 could be a goer the morra Kev, stuff all the millionaire tories, stuff all the millionaire board members (tories) I know you are set in your ways but it’s ironic the Huns that cheated are now stopping you from enjoying Celtic… jungle, north stand, Celtic end, Coatbrig end (Huns end terracing) and the temporary stand …



    Let our Celtic fans pay whatever they they want to watch Celtic… never let the establishment or Rangers or Sevco influence your love of Celtic ☘️

  8. I READ Catmans comment the other day and seen James Forrest saying someone


    in a different position tomorrow.



    Put 2+2 and came up with two hunskelpers tomorrow


    Odsonne wide.




    Best performance of season I thought was when we played both


    against Hearts,



    I said to my car pool buddy a hun .



    Pray we never unleash that team on you


    Power and pace

  9. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Thank you very much



    Had Juve both to score & win bit turned off the telly at 80mins, hope you have a good day with VP & Bada the morra

  10. Some of you may remember back in April 2013 I posted when my brother in law died of skin cancer.



    Tony was an avid Liverpool supporter.



    On his bucket list was to meet Kenny Dalglish and take in a Liverpool match before he died.



    I have a close friend who met Steven Gerrard’s brother and his friends on holiday in Ibiza in the early 90’s .



    They built a strong friendship over the years , and are personal friends with the Gerrard family .



    So when we needed to arrange the meet with King Kenny and get match tickets Stevie G arranged it all.



    The bond between the scousers and Tim’s was strengthened by their love of their respective football clubs and they were all Catholics.



    Over the years all I have heard about Steven Gerrard is that he has a great liking of Celtic.



    So when the rumours started this week I called my mate.



    His first response was that he didn’t think that Gerrard would consider going there.



    His calls and texts went unanswered until tonight.



    The very latest from Gerrards close friends is that he is up for the job and that Sevco have fresh money from two investors.


    They plan to buy King out .



    The two names mentioned were Ashley and Murray.



    Time will tell if this is all a lot of nonsense.




  11. 16 roads - Protect the 8th. on

    Marvellous GFTB, fair play to the family.



    During the bad old days, every game I attended against the old dead club, we seemed to get the win for some reason.



    Once the lucky run stopped I never went to another one again.



    Including the 3-1 Butcher og game, Tommy Coyne 1-0 cup game, Joe Miller Cup final, St. Patrick’s day massacre, Palm Sunday humiliation – Lubo debut 5-1 game, a few draws but never a defeat.



    Genuinely was lucky for Celtic because we were real underdogs going into each game.



    Then we eventually lost, stupid Wallace goal in some non-descript evening fixture, Viduka good goal chalked off.



    That was it, the lucky run was over – Never went to another even when we were humiliating them on a regular basis.



    As for the new club fixtures – I’d rather stick needles in my eyes than watch and listen to that poison – far too old and placid.




  12. TLT


    Time will tell mi amigo, we could do worse, I think that Brendan rates him, that’s good enough in my book, continunity is a major +, we will see, it’s a long long ways away, jeez, the huns might have won the CL by then ffs :-)



  13. Gerryfaethebrig on

    16 roads 9.52pm



    Attending games as a bhoy we never expected to win, we went because we could



    One of my favs when the Huns were awash with money big butchers dining header in the Celtic end



    Nice one Terry, nice one son nice one Terry let’s have another one” those Celtic fans songs were out of order back on the day :-)

  14. GLENDALYSTONSILS-hopefully now we’ve said that first goal from a corner ?,go on Boyata you know you want?

  15. TINYTIM on 28TH APRIL 2018 9:51 PM



    You’re contact might be right but I can’t see MASH giving King the square root of two brass farthings. Secondly you are talking about 2 Egomaniacs in Murray and MASH – I can’t see them getting together, plus Murray never used a penny of his own money when he bought and ran the hun outfit. It all came from a very compliant manager of BoS.

  16. 16 roads - Protect the 8th. on

    TINYTIM on 28TH APRIL 2018 9:51 PM






    That all sounds plausible enough.



    Only thing is – if all this new money is going to be invested, why appoint a rookie manager?



    Surely if money was no abject, you would be looking to employ an experienced and successful manager?



    I’m not discounting all that you have said, but it could be an attempt to sell season tickets.



    Christ they are desperate the noo.




  17. Looking for some advice, up visiting my folks and have a ticket for the Kerrydale bar hospitality for the game. Have just noticed a note saying no trainers in my ticket pack, I only have a pair of smart all black trainers with me. Are they likely to cause me a problem getting in?

  18. Just before we skelped them at the bigot dome the other week with ten men, the moonbeam was minty coming back, we skelped them and that died a death, this games moonbeam is StevieG and major investment, jeez, the fat turd is fair earning his corn, he even has Celtic supporters believing the moonbeams.


    Struggling to keep the lights on and major investment is just around the corner, ffs zipped up the back springs to mind.

  19. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Fairhill Bhoy 10.06pm



    Whit a header



    You look after your Da the morra and “if” we win the league the morra give him a massive big hug fae ML5 !



    Am watching the game the morra with a guy who went to Holy Cross with Akan MxManus, u think I can recall you mentioning being in the sane year ? Apologies if I have hit this wrong