Team of 2012 put more illustrious Celts in shade


Much of our Champions League history was on show last night, apart from the fragility which has accompanied Celtic so often on the road.  The game was immeasurably more difficult than any challenge we face in domestic football.  The opening minutes were so stressful, otherwise composed players were spooked, but winning is all about how you react when you are spooked.  Do you crumble and concede an early goal?

With less than three minutes on the clock, and Spartak about to take their third corner kick, how many of us thought back to early goals lost in the opening minutes of recent European adventures?

Not for this team, who reacted to being spooked by scoring a genuinely top class goal.

It wasn’t until Spartak went down to 10 men that we made them look like Motherwell (the similarity in possession, passing, composure last night and on Saturday are remarkable) but, Spartak going down to 10 men was not the deciding factor in the outcome of the game.  Kris Commons should have won a penalty when Celtic were 0-1 up and Gary Hooper was clean through on the goalkeeper at the incident which led to the red card.

Once level, with 20 minutes remaining, the stage was Celtic’s, but a more illustrious (i.e. expensive and feted) Celtic team had the same stage against a weaker opponent in Anderlecht in 2003 but ended up losing the game.  Last night Hooper, Izaguirre, Samaras, Forrest and Brown went about their business in a steady and unspectacular fashion, exuding the confidence you need to win at this level.

No result is achieved in this competition without an enormous performance; just ask those who lost in Belgium nine years ago, including the proudest man in Europe last night.

Bring on the Salt ‘n’ Sauce Rangers.

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  1. Aiden McGeady has had quite a few performances in a Celtic shirt and for the R.O.I. that were as ineffective as last night’s



    PL got top dollar for him.



    I’d take him on a Bosman only.



    His salary demands may mean that only another Russian or EPL club would make him represent good value for money.



    He could however be desperate to return to Scotland ,and decide that he has made enough millions in Moscow,and take a cut in salary to what makes commercial sense for Celtic.


    All total conjecture on my part.



    He is Celtic through and through ,but as last night proved no world beater.



  2. Fans of yon deid club cannot look you in the eye today. Brilliant.


    Heard one opine ” Referee was terrible” and 2Spartak reserve team”.



    Sad, sad, fourth rate individuals.




  3. philvisreturns on

    Tim Malone Will Tell – £2 !!! – you dont think that Craigy Bhoy was the punter with the 3-2 and Hoops to score first do you?



    Craig Whyte doesn’t strike me as the sort of person who would gamble. (thumbsup)

  4. Barcabhoy



    12:50 on 3 October, 2012



    This is something clubs from the so called smaller leagues should be highlighting and


    fighting to change.




  5. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on





    12:55 on 3 October, 2012




    Aiden McGeady has had quite a few performances in a Celtic shirt and for the R.O.I. that were as ineffective as last night’s



    Agreed. James Forrest did much more in the short time he was on than Aiden did all night.


    Having said that, I’d still like to see Aiden back in the hoops, I think we’d be getting back a better player.

  6. philvisreturns on

    SiciliaBhoy – I thought Ambrose was excellent last night and I tip him to be POTY.



    I tip small-but-mighty Kris Commons to be TOTY (thumbsup)

  7. timbhoy2



    “WE have a little anniversary to mark today – with one of the greatest Celts making his debut on this day in 1959 in a 5-0 win over Arbroath. Lisbon Lion John Clark went on to make 316 appearances for the club he supported as a boy and, 53 years on, he remains at the very heart of life at Paradise working as the first team kit controller. Hail Hail ‘Clarky’ – and happy anniversary!”




    As far as I know JC is still our kitman and to be honest I didn’t notice if he was on the bench recently tho’ I generally look out for him…




  8. Barcabhoy – Excellent as always.



    Howver, as I said last night, I don’t think we’d have beaten Spartak, had we not had the match practice from taking the scenic route to qualification to the group stages.

  9. SiciliaBhoy



    You could well be right, but he made serious errors at both goals yesterday.



    So far we’ve seen him in three games. I thought his play was ridiculously good at CM (but it was against Raith) and he was excellent at CB (against 10-man Motherwell).



    Early days but I do like the cut of his jib.





    I knew the story about the statue,etc,but I didn’t know about the aberrant apostrophe.



    As you say,it does kinda ruin it,but it also adds a bit of scouse charm……..

  11. Bobby Murdoch.



    The inscription on the statute calls the man Shank’s.




  12. Starry Plough thanks, like you i look to the dug -out to see who the subs and other personel. are there,its i havent seen him for a few games.

  13. Apostrophe abuse strikes again!



    Jeezoh – it’s not rocket science! I’s it?




  14. Paul



    Young James’ was a cameo performance. My man of the match was Mikail Lustig. He was superb all night.

  15. quiet today bhoys maybe a few too many sherbets consumed last night. bye the way paul you can at least take comfort in the fact at least some (excluding podium chasers) read the article before posting.










    To add insult to injury,they probably had to pay for the apostrophe too.



    Can they do laser-removal,like the poor fella who had a tattoo for THE LONDON OYLMPICS,2012?

  17. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Terry Butcher gets a ban for comments about a ref


    Fat Sally gets probation for questioning the integrity of the governing body, hmmm ?

  18. Celtic_First



    12:39 on 3 October, 2012



    Carles Puyol is out for eight weeks. Fishal.






    That coupled with Sergio Busquets suspension due to his red card are big loses for them




    Not saying it will hurt them dramatically but they are two huge players for Barca, with Busquets being the enforcer who allows the midfield to function so smoothly.





    /Bishop B


    TALLYBHOY 1317



    Haha,that must bring back fond memories of your friendly nuns rapping you on the knuckles wi a duster.



    And not a cloth one either!

  20. Apparently the MSM would often be invited to a chateu in the south of France.


    What would happen during these jollys?


    Plenty of good food – loads of drink ….and…….what else?

  21. Still smiling,a few thoughts on last night.Lustig was magnificent,Hooper has the hunger back,Izzy getting back to his best and the substitutions were brave and perfectly timed.We are using the pool we have superbly well.Roll on Sunday,if you don’t/can’t usually get to CP,try your best to be there and support the Bhoys.HH

  22. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Whit ur they like…



    “Rangers fans in the UK and overseas will be able to enjoy live coverage of the league game with East Stirlingshire on Saturday, November 17, on RangersTV.”



    And ……this new team in Scotland are calling themselves Rangers……

  23. Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. Champions. C’mon Wee Oscar.



    I love the fact that Celtic can even give you the slightest thought that may be posible! And with this club you just never know!



    Yeah bene off the blog for a while change of jobs, relocation and a new addition to the family on the way so a busy time!!!

  24. Just_a_Bhoys_game on

    One of the most pleasing aspects about last night was Izzy getting back to his old self, not before time, Lenny’s patience proves right again.

  25. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11


    12:46 on


    3 October, 2012


    Msm? I got my answer..



    (Glasgow)Herald leads with the Fletcher story albeit a pic of Sammi scoring..but Richard Wilson leads with the Levein/ Fletcher rubbish..


    And they wonder why we don’t buy papers ?






    Also wondered why they had to announce that squad a few hours before the national champions play a crucial game. Why not wait until today? Didn’t notice any other countries annouce their squads.





    Good to see you back on-again,my thanks for your excellent advice the other week.



    My Dad and I will be taking our usual places on Sunday-on The Green Brigade’s immediate right-and will worry about ma Mum later….




  27. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire


    13:26 on


    3 October, 2012


    Terry Butcher gets a ban for comments about a ref


    Fat Sally gets probation for questioning the integrity of the governing body, hmmm ?


    They’ve been punished enough,don’t you know……:}


    Has McCulloch been cited yet for assault on Murderwell player last week ?

  28. POTY?


    It has to be Lustig….or maybe Wilson, or Mulgrew. Then again, Broonie is the heart of the team and Victor simply cannot be discounted…and maybe the unsung Joe Ledley should be considered. Sammi, though is hot favoutite…..along with Hoops.Personally, I cannot see beyond Kris Commons and Jamesy Bhoy`s contribution cannot be ignored.Mind you, Efe has made an impressive start….he simply has to be considered.


    There you go. That`s POTY sorted. No problem.




  29. Just watching the ITV highlights. I said last night that KC might have been looking for it, but I was clearly high on the occasion – never has a more clear-cut penalty not been given. Sorry, Kristian!



    I also may have been harsh on Sammi. He did look a bit rusty, but that’s not his fault, and he was involved in everything when it mattered. Sorry, The Kracken.



    What a night. It’s often too easy to dismiss or downplay an achievement after the event, but qualifying the hard way and then winning in Moscow is a feat to be applauded. Well done Bhoys! Now bring on the Catalonian Celtic.

  30. iBhoy and Arranmore Bhoy



    I wrote a comment on a Herald sports` story yesterday wherein they were prasing most highly a Spartak player who had cost only £2million. I commended their lack of partisanship in their lauding of an opponent of the Scottish Champions on the day of the big game and suggested that others follow their lead!




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