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I’ve never known Celtic to subsidise an away match ticket before. Put aside for a second thoughts of thanking the fans for their support during a difficult period (which are valid), I like this move for the message it sends to those in the dressing room, as well as the stands.

We are in a league race, and we want to win it. You can understand Aberdeen’s razor-sharp appetite. They’ve not won the league in over 30 years, every man, woman and child in their ranks will be forgiving of faults and profuse in praise.

By contrast, this will be our five-in-a-row, the 11th title in 16 years. It will never come close to what we experienced in 1998, when we worshipped the words of Wim Jansen after a late-season home draw against soon-to-be-relegated Hibs.

For many of us, 1998 was our Celtic supporting high point – it meant that much. Hopefully we will never again be in a place where a domestic title has such importance. Instead we need to find techniques to deliver that edge, to remind us of the importance of getting it right in every league season.

I refer to that Hibs game in 1998 often, it felt like a pivotal moment. We were nip and tuck for the title, what would have been an historic 10-in-a-row title, one which would have violated one of Jock Stein’s teams’ records. That day, it felt like the chance was slipping, but there would be no let-up. We bundled our nerves together and moved on.

Telling the world that the club is subsidising fans’ ticket costs is one technique to help deliver a little bit of that focus. Let’s hit the plastic running on Saturday.

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  1. Pivotal moment for me was Paul Lambert’s screamer against the Hun to make it 2-0





    Annoying to be told I’m posting too often when I’ve not posted for a bit. Particularly when it costs me eff all but a trinket aka podium.



    Ya boo sucks…



    Anyway,Hail Hail to Angelgabriel at Cheltenham. Don’t take my post-above-as a tip other than to be avoided!!!!!!!!!!

  3. traditionalist88 on

    The Green Man



    Just telling you to put up or shut up, its that simple.



    Why you would want to muddy the waters with accusations of multiple logins and quips about mental illness is telling.

  4. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    For god sake man.


    Im winding you up.


    Chill out.


    Im never entirely serious and have a warped sense of humour.


    Behave yourself, as Ian Bankier would say:)


    And still no gag i see.

  5. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Another chance to ignore from the last thread!





    The Sevco/SFA extravaganza still has a bit to run.







    Until then, it may be best to qualify our views on Celtic’s action or inaction.







    One fact is that it is almost certain that Sevco will be in the top division next season.







    The time to have stopped them was before they were admitted to Div.3.







    That was beyond Celtic’s power.







    Not until all the court actions have concluded and the dust settled, will anyone be in an authoritative position to point fingers.







    In the words of the poet, philosopher and Astro physicist, Professor Kenneth Rogers, ” there’ll be time enough for counting, when the dealing ‘s done”.

  6. As normal last post on old blog, this time I have decided to copy & paste it on new blog.



    Kev, It sounds from your post that the bloods have indicated that all is not well. If that is the case then it means you have a fight on your hands not that you have lost the fight. You never shied away from a fight here and I don’t think you are a quitter in life either, so get it right into your head, you beat this before, you can beat it again. Whether you choose to stay on the blog, where inevitably people meaning the best will keep talking to you about it, or whether you feel you will cope better without the intrusion is a matter for yourself. It is a very personal matter, there is no right way or wrong way to deal with it. You do what you feel is right for you but always remember there are hundreds of Tims worldwide thinking & praying for you and your family and if you ever feel like chatting or just attacking the Bored, everyone here will be delighted to see you back.

  7. South Of Tunis on

    A warm and sunny day -way down south ..



    Lunch time ———–time for a quick blast of Bitches Brew. . Released in the same week as Celtic won 5 in a row . The week later they went to Leeds and won . . History !

  8. you can understand why new owners would want a quick change to try and turn things round for them but it’s a shame lenny’s loyalty hasn’t been rewarded.



    let’s hope he finds another job soon




    CQN Cheltenham Naps competition



    Lads, today sees the start of the Cheltenham festival, and the best four days horse racing of the year !



    Rules of the competition are posted on the previous CQN article:






    Simply select ONE horse in each race at the Cheltenham festival (i.e. 6 or 7 horses per day).



    The Bhoy from the Village is our reigning Cheltenham champion with 7 winners, and 125.67 points.



    Cheers, fleagle1888

  10. KEVJUNGLE on 15TH MARCH 2016 11:06 AM



    CQN Celtic Fans



    May God Bless You All



    Thank’s for the memories



    You’ll Never Walk Alone….in the Jungle.









    i wish you all the best and hope and pray all goes positively on the health front



    Care always ya mad tim ye :-)




  11. Neil Lennon and Bolton.



    Scottish Sun: Lennon axed



    TheGuardian: Lennon leaves by ‘mutual consent’

  12. KevJ



    I’m sure all on here wish you the very best in you’re continuing fight.



    YNWA Kev.

  13. TheClumpany on 15th March 2016 12:19 pm




    Well done,good letter,too clever for Stewart Regan I fear.

  14. traditionalist88 on

    Tough one for Lenny but he’ll be stronger as a result.



    Get out of jail free card for Bolton with that massive debt all but wiped.



    Other clubs won’t be so fortunate.




  15. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Erik Svietchenko is a totally committed player. He tackles hard and wins the ball a high percentage of the time. He wins ball in the air more often than not and carries the ball forward to good effect on many occasions.


    Erik Svietchenko is sometimes caught out for pace .


    Talking of Erik`s weakness more than of his qualities will soon spread to the stands and a good, solid, central defender will be subject to howls of derision which can hardly be expected to do other than turn this solid defender into an uncertain one making the inevitable mistakes.


    Virgil van Djik , ably supported by Jason Denayer, was an exception for Celtic.The way we play exposes our central defenders and has done for years. If fans desperate for comfortable victories could accept this, they would support rather than berate our players. The outcome would be a much more enjoyable experience at Celtic Park.



  16. SFA announce ticket prices for Scottish Cup semi-finals: £18-£28. Concessions start at £7.

  17. oneofthe70percent on

    Today see the start of the Cheltenham festival ,a disgusting event based on animal cruelty,hope every jockey dies,it would make a change from innocent horses.just an excuse for rich bookies to fleece idiotic working class assholes,from money they cannot afford,capitalism at it,s worse


    BAWSMAN 1211



    Me too,mate. Seems to have lit a fuse for a few people-many of whom might never have been in that frame of mind before.



    I think this is a major miscalculation by the Plc.



    Time will tell.

  19. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    On a completely differen topic.


    If Y not67 really is Tony Donnelly67 and he is trying for a fresh start, why are some so eager to tell him he is not being allowed one?




  20. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    I totally agree, i think Erik is a very good player and will get even better.


    I dont understand where the criticism comes in.


    He has been excellent, and imo , is a better all-round player than Boyata or Simunovic.


    Im amazed he is getting flak.




  21. Lenny available again by mutual consent – speculation time ……………………………………