Tectonic plates shift and our world shakes


Football has a habit of bringing you back down to earth as soon as you think you can fly.  That may happen tomorrow evening, but what cannot be denied, is that that this Celtic team provide joy and entertainment that you and I have seldom seen in our lives.

On Saturday, the pass and movement game Ange Postecoglou has been building came together against a Champions League-level opponent who knew what to expect but could do nothing about it.  Newco tried to break Celtic’s passing game, they kicked, and elbowed to the face with impunity, but still, the ball kept moving around, making statues of those in blue.

The force and range with which Reo Hatate delivered his passes made it near impossible for defenders to be in the right place to do the basics.  Despite what must still be painful memories for some defenders, Liel Abada was able to take up a striker position when Celtic had possession on the left wing.

If Liel’s ability to find space and time in a crowded penalty area brought memories of the Great Swede, Jota’s finish brought you back to a field in Lancashire in November 2002.  Jota’s finish was more difficult that Henrik’s that night, though.

Giovanni van Bronckhorst correctly identified how quickly Celtic resumed play after a stoppage.  This was key to two of the goals on Saturday; it also provided a moment of panic, when Joe Hart misplaced a rushed goal kick.  He was lucky his opponent touched the ball a yard before it left the penalty area.  He was lucky his opponent was not competent.

You wait ages for tectonic plates to shift, but when they do, the world shakes.  In this respect, we have had a remarkable few days.  On Thursday, Newco allowed the transfer window to close without spending any of their newly-earned Champions League money.  Then on Friday, Uefa announced they put Newco on watch, as a consequence of their persistent overspend.  The latter explained the former.  The consequence of all of this was visible to the world on Saturday.

A decade ago it was HMRC who called a halt to Oldco’s excesses, this time, with Newco, it was Uefa.  Both clubs won trophies while living beyond their means that would have gone to Celtic had they spent what they earned.  Both times were painful, but the fundamentals of business remain true.

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  1. THE proposed new TV deal between the SPFL and Sky Sports has been thrown into doubt.



    Rangers have reportedly failed to respond to the resolution.



    Premiership clubs were given 28-days to vote on the resolution.



    And the Daily Mail reports that Rangers did not offer a reply before the midnight deadline on Sunday.



    The report states that the SPFL are now set to hold an emergency meeting, as a result of the £30million-per-year deal being plunged into doubt.



    The proposed deal would see Sky Sports increasing their payment for the rights to Scottish football from £25million to £30million by the 2028/29 campaign.



    By the 2024/25 season, the broadcaster would also be able to showcase up to 60 matches per season – compared to the current 48.



    It is said that Rangers have concerns that the SPFL haven’t invited other TV companies to make a bid to show live games.



    In the emergency SPFL meeting, an 11-1 majority could still vote the deal through, with a rule change. This would require all 42 professional clubs to vote on the matter, though.



    Rangers have been contacted for comment.

  2. Kyogo hands Celtic major Champions League boost as star trains ahead of Real Madrid showdown but defender misses out


    The Hoops playmaker went off injured early against Rangers but is in line to face the defending Euro champions

  3. FAO SFTB…..


    Previous Thread…


    Cheers mate but I think I will just stick to The SPL SUPERBRU Predictor…I am BAD enough on that for starters.


    HH Mate.

  4. This century we have seen an extraordinary transformation of our team on three occasions.


    In 2001 with MoN.


    In 2016 with Rodgers


    In 2021 with Ange



    Which one will history judge to be the biggest of the three?

  5. That will be brilliant if Kyogo is able to play tonight or even next week. I feared he would be out for several weeks.

  6. BIG JIMMY on 5TH SEPTEMBER 2022 12:07 PM


    Kyogo hands Celtic major Champions League boost as star trains ahead of Real Madrid showdown but defender misses out





    The Hoops playmaker went off injured early against Rangers but is in line to face the defending Euro champion



    If this is true, we will win on Tuesday night. We will win !

  7. DENIABHOY on 5TH SEPTEMBER 2022 12:21 PM


    That will be brilliant if Kyogo is able to play tonight …



    My goodness , who have the spfl said we have to play tonight before we beat Real tomorrow





    It’s been a few years since we’ve had to play on consecutive days 😁😁

  8. Jotas goal a thing of absolute beauty.His power,pace,sensational balance when he put on the brakes,at the same time as dinking the ball over their keeper,was just sensational.Everything about it,screamed,GENIUS.


    Right up their with Henkes,Hunskelping chip.

  9. Looking at our next 4 or 5 fixtures, there’s no reason why we can’t go on and extend our winning league start. If we do that I suspect we could have a substantial lead heading into the World Cup.



    The number of their fans protesting about their lack of spend just illustrates how detached from reality they are – the concept of rules being enforced is just alien to them.



    A great start to the season but tomorrow night I’m managing expectations, if we can give Real a competitive game and keep to within two goals then we’ll have done very well.



    The Polish Army stadium is where our European season gets meaningful.

  10. bigrailroadblues on

    Real Madrid? A pub team who have never been the same since Santamaria retired. 3-0 for the Green Machine.

  11. Tom McLaughlin at 12.12


    “Bruising”, caused by the thug Lunge-stram.


    Lunge – a sudden forward thrust of the body, typically with an arm outstretched to attack someone or seize something.


    And yes, my spelling is deliberate.

  12. Huns in the Huff.Distraction Phasers on full power,as the venom and rage is once again turned on the SPFL and Doncaster.


    Strange race.Reminds me of the story of Androcles and the lion.He pulled the giant thorn from its foot,and eased its terrible suffering.


    Years later,as a slave,Androclese,in the Arena came face to face with the Lion he had saved.


    It immediately disembowelled,him,then bit off his head.


    Never trust Animals.

  13. Pingback: Tectonic Plates Shift And Our World Shakes - Celtic News

  14. Jota’s goal was much better than Henrik’s v Blackburn- the angle was much more difficult for a start.



    I also absolve Joe Hart- when he kicked that ball with Arfield in the area- he knew that ball was going to be out of the area before Arfield got there, Joe was angry that Arfield broke up a Celtic break out from the back by illegal means. I think he should have been booked as it was the equivalent of pulling a player back who had got goal side of you.

  15. Joe Hart wouldn’t have passed the ball in that direction if the Rangers player was outside the box.



    As for the Turnbull goal.



    I’ll say it again.



    Playing the ball out from the back rarely results in losing a goal. And when it does, that goal rarely affects the result of the game.



    There are exceptions of course, but those rules hold true much more often then booting the ball up the park as the norm.

  16. AN TEARMANN on 5TH SEPTEMBER 2022 10:20 AM



    From previous blog.


    The reason I thought the Tifo was ill advised was due to the fact its not football related.



    From the opposite end I watched it unfurl and it was obvious a great deal of effort and deliberation had gone into it. But what had it to do with a major sporting event ?



    Why not a Celtic tifo which all the fans and millions watching on TV could admire and relate to.



    Is this a vision of a modern club in a changing world representing numerous nationalities?



    Very few ( If any ) of the supporters around me knew the actual detail and significance The common consensus was it was an unnamed IRA bomber. Yes we are all wise now what it depicted, but not at the time.



    Imo, it was unnecessary, deliberately controversial and inflammatory.



    Although I thought this at the time I have not mentioned it on here. It didn’t seem the correct time to mess with our collective happeness.



    But it has to be debated. Attention seeking has now got its desired effect : Attention.



    Now I will ask you a question :- Why not an inspiring Celtic Tifo for a very important Celtic game. ?



    Hopefully it will not be remembered as an own goal on the day of a magnificent Celtic performance.



    Cheers and HH my friend

  17. I shouldn’t over indulge and wallow in Saturday’s thrashing. But I will.


    The usual suspects of EBT users in the MSM were confident GVB had Ange’s number. Do they get their talking points from Govan?


    Some of us were nervous prior to the conflict. We always are against Newco. The constant drip drop of propaganda from the south side will do that to you.


    The contrast was obvious right from the start. It was a contest of thoroughbreds against Shires, and there was only going to be one winner.


    Their thuggish tactics, aided by a weak referee, were on display from the first minute. They had obviously had singled out Kyoto for an early bruising, and were counting on being able to get near Jota and Abada to leave their mark.


    They will be despondent today and for a few weeks, especially if Ajax and Aberdeen studied how we made them chase ghosts across the full breadth of Celtic Park.


    Give them a few weeks and they will be back fortified by the mainstream musings and their misplaced sense of entitlement.


    Meanwhile Ange will go about our business as usual.


    The future is bright. It’s green and white.

  18. Well,its official,England,who gave us Boris,who we didn’t want Brexit,which we didn’t want,have now foisted upon us,Liz Truss,who only rabid Thatcherite Tories realy, wanted,but the great majority in Scotland most certainly did not,will just have to suck it up.


    Your English masters have spoken.


    Worse, voted in on a policy of Tax cuts,that will help the better off,in a time of unprecedented financial difficulty for the poorer.


    “Let them eat cake”Especially North of the Border.




    Yes there can be no doubt Lundstram set out to maim Kyogo.



    Makes the crushing victory all the sweeter.

  20. Twenty five players in the Champions League squad. Fantastic news. Our new great Dane, Oliver in there, and better still Kyogo in with a chance of playing. Difficult to say what happened when he got hurt, but looked to me a martial arts type assault with a straight arm. Could be wrong, but it caused a lot of pain to something, bone, muscle, nerve or muscle who knows? Nothing the ol’ cortisols won’t sort out. Allegedly.


    And just a gentle reminder to a point I made around the CL final, learn a bit about the Spanish Civil War, and the role Madrid the city played, and learn a bit about Real Madrid during that same conflict before throwing around the disparaging insults about that great club that we normally see on here. We are playing Europe’s greatest ever football club. Let us salute them. Jota showed us how to do it.

  21. Tom English has often been trashed on here (and often deservedly so) but I read that article about our win on Saturday and, imo, he told it exactly as it was.



    Here’s hoping he has the opportunity to continue giving us the credit we merit. Given that he is part of BBC Scotland’s sports department, I rather doubt that.

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