Telemetry troubles


The use of technology at Euros has been impressive, even if interpretation of events remains under fallible human control.  Balls have a microchip, which gives Video Assistant Referees telemetry on when the ball has been touched.

After Belgium scored what looked like a late equaliser against Slovakia yesterday, VAR and TV viewers were able to watch a graphic depicting that the ball was touched, as it passed Lois Openda’s hand in the build up to the goal.

The referee was asked to review the incident on the monitor and disallowed the goal.  Belgium were aggrieved, as Openda’s arm was in a natural position and he was involved in a physical tussle with a Slovak defender.  The decision reminded me of the early decisions we saw in Scotland after the introduction of VAR in 2022 – the referee acted without taking context into account.

Microchips in balls improve the accuracy offside decisions, taking away the human element of which frame to freeze when deciding when the ball was released.  It will be a part of the game going forward.  Hopefully referee training doe not lag too far behind.

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  1. Prestonpans bhoys on

    I thought we had the cheapest form of VAR in Europe, so if it costs more to have a chip 🍟, forget it….

  2. Sorry to read of the passing of Brian Mc.Na;lly. He was a man who always held his own in CQN debates.


    We neverr got round to having that pint in Sherkey’s, Brian. RIP.

  3. RIP John Keane – a true Celtic Hero.



    CLUNKS on 17TH JUNE 2024 10:20 PM


    “Foo Fighters are another band that should be only listened to live….”



    Said no-one (other than those drinking heavily) that was at Hampden Park last night. Dearie me. I’ve seen them live many times but Bellahouston park 3 years ago was night and day above last night. Even a cover band I saw between those gigs at one of those Fake Festivals put on a better show.



    Their new album has been on heavy rotation for me since I got it; the songs were not great live, putting it kindly – but then even the classics seemed off last night.






    How was Brian McNally known on CQN



    Sorry, I can’t remember. In truth, it takes me all my time to remember my own sign in. I’m sure Paul or some of the other wiser veterans will know.

  5. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Brazen Head. Racing and football on, it’s a hard life. Report in, Big Jimmy please.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Connor Goldson has announced his retirement from football, due to the telemetry in the balls,to know if it’s been handled.

  7. am i alone in thinking that time obituary for John Keane was a nastyu piece of work.

  8. Some thoughts on my recent Camino experience and how I felt when there but also since I came back. Thought it best to split into 2 posts, 1 that describes the walk and the other that focuses more on the preparation, equipment used etc. I’ll try to do that second one soon.



    First of all there are many Caminos, I did just over 200 miles of the Camino Frances, starting in Leon and finishing in Santiago de Compostela, split over 13 days, walking every day. I read the John Brierley book, A Pilgrims Guide to the Camino de Santiago for some background on what lay ahead and used his suggested route, hence the 13 days. However, you can slice and dice whatever way you want to.



    The first half of our trip took us through a mix of suburban and rural Spain but mostly rural with vast areas of agricultural land with a mix of the modern and primitive. Think Massey Ferguson in one corner with manual tilling the ground in the other. Amazing scenery with picture postcard images along the way and long periods of peace and tranquility, far from the many noises and stress of everyday life.



    The second half, from Sarria, was much more suburban and not the same scenery, with a lot of walking alongside roads and through industrial areas. It was also far busier than the first half, probably because it is the minimum distance you can travel in order to obtain the ‘Compostela’, the certificate that confirms you have travelled the Camino. You see a lot of schools, walking clubs, etc though one way round this we found was to start later in the day, say from 10 or 11am.



    Some of the towns you stay in overnight have lots to see and do. As you would expect there are numerous churches and they have regular pilgrim masses. There is also fantastic restaurants and small ‘taberbnas’ that have a daily pilgrim menu for around 12 – 15€ which includes a small beer or wine and can be either 2 or 3 courses. Most tend to close around 10 as most of the Pilgrims are tucked up ready for the next days walking. Favourites stop-offs for me were Astorga, Villafranca, Molinaseca, O’Cebreiro and Portomarin.



    Met many folks along the way, some we will keep in touch with, others we were glad to leave behind, am sure many felt the same about us 😃.



    When we got to Santiago de Compostela I’d have to admit I didn’t get the wow or real spiritual feeling/experience I thought I would. 2 of the 4 in our group did so it is there. However, since I have got back and looked over photos, spoke to family and friends and watched some of the walking routes on YouTube, I can sense a change. Am starting to notice something growing, alongside a greater sense of achievement and in how it may have affected me spiritually. Time will tell…….



    Hope this gives you an insight if you are thinking of doing the Camino. Feel free to ask any questions you have, if I can help I will.

  9. is this one of those “escape rooms”, this pompous fella is never getting out.



    who wants to let him know that Prince Rainer is actually a Tim.





    the “room” a collection od edwardian glass cabinets, like they used to have in the kelvingrove, to keep the fossils in………….

  10. BRRB



    Big Jimmy is usually on with his horsy stuff when big race meetings are on, Hope he is OK.

  11. BRRB



    I was up in Stonehaven at the weekend for the Beer Festival.



    I was talking to my mates and mentioned you.



    Not sure the event was big enough for you.



    Just 150 beers.



    Hope yer good!

  12. BIGRAILROADBLUES on 18TH JUNE 2024 1:01 PM


    Good afternoon all from the Brazen Head. Racing and football on, it’s a hard life. Report in, Big Jimmy please.








    Im still alive Bhoys. Thank you for your concern.


    Ive NOT been out for almost 6 weeks, due to being a wee bit unwell.


    Hopefully, I will feel okay to go out some time soon ?



    My Phone has been off for days, as I keep getting phone calls from some CHUMPS telling me that I have been the victim in a car crash ?


    When I ask those CHUMPS….” Was I driving, or was I a passenger…or was I knocked down… by a car, bus or van ” ?



    They tell me that is does NOT Matter ?


    When I ask them to describe my so called accident, they become rather argumentative !



    Hopefully, I will mange to get oot for plenty beers sometime soon ?


    Ive watched every game at the Euros so far, and this week is also the Racing at Ascot on TV. I never do well at Ascot. I havent been able to predict any CORRECT SCORES so far at the Euros, so I am losing a few Quid !






    HH Bhoys.






    Good to see you post!



    No winners at the footy and horses?



    Now I’m worried!



    Take care!

  14. bournesouprecipe on

    That awkward moment when Souness pretends he couldn’t remember Calum MacGregor’s name.

  15. AT,


    That awkward moment,when you have no idea WTF you are blabbering about.


    Its a worry.Cure,dont read my posts,dont reply to them.Problem solved.

  16. Nets at Ibrox might not be enough next season.What with,British Army,Parachutists,Artillery Pieces,Tanks,on the pitch,they have gone further and signed,allegedly,a” Battle hardened,Moroccan soldier,to battle in their midfield.Signed from the Army”.


    Obviously casting their camouflage net,far and wide in their search for players.


    Weeks of this shit still to go.Funny though.

  17. I have nothing against the player…………… nuthin’.


    I wish him the best, until he inevitably succumbs again to the rainjurzitis viruz – incurable!



    However – the mountin’ clamour for wee Buuuulllly’s return to the scoddish team is boak-inducing.


    Wan Hun after inither.







  18. not my pictures, but for those with an interest in such things.



    Barrowfield Inoor football pitch.



    Steelwork in place, next construction phases should be reasonably quick, and unless there is delays in material supply then we should see day by day progress now.



    For me, and it is just an opinion, I feel it is a total waste of capitial investment.



    Without any revenue genearting stream, and I would not expect the first team to ever use it (bar marketing launches or picture opps) I wont change my mind that the monies would have been better spent elsewhere.



  19. as a ps, and the previoous continuous complaints about the youth and ladies playing at EK, Airdrie and previously cappielow, to which people said they would not attend, well who will attend any football at Barrowfield ?



    unless you have a relative involved, well no one will.

  20. I will go to see Women’s team at barrowfield. Airdrie Greenock Cumbernauld are a little far from South Glasgow. It will be good to see our club getting the gate money

  21. everytime i seen gilmout play i thought – well he is no paul mcstay.



    same with the other “murray park products” patterson, bang average at that levle.



    it could be argued, the most succesful murray park graduates is actually greg taylor, in medals anyways, hahahahahahaha

  22. It’s called…..


    “Looking (at the world) through Billy Gilmour’s Eyes”




  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Jeremy Vine has successfully sued ,the reptile Joey Barton for 75k,for defamation

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