Telemetry troubles


The use of technology at Euros has been impressive, even if interpretation of events remains under fallible human control.  Balls have a microchip, which gives Video Assistant Referees telemetry on when the ball has been touched.

After Belgium scored what looked like a late equaliser against Slovakia yesterday, VAR and TV viewers were able to watch a graphic depicting that the ball was touched, as it passed Lois Openda’s hand in the build up to the goal.

The referee was asked to review the incident on the monitor and disallowed the goal.  Belgium were aggrieved, as Openda’s arm was in a natural position and he was involved in a physical tussle with a Slovak defender.  The decision reminded me of the early decisions we saw in Scotland after the introduction of VAR in 2022 – the referee acted without taking context into account.

Microchips in balls improve the accuracy offside decisions, taking away the human element of which frame to freeze when deciding when the ball was released.  It will be a part of the game going forward.  Hopefully referee training doe not lag too far behind.

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  1. Absolutely BB and that makes for a better tournament, and lets NOT worry as oor billy plus the latest mr nice guy shankill will be back the morra

  2. Prestonpans bhoys on




    I’ve watched a lot of games not necessarily the entire 90 minutes however I haven’t seen a team playing worst than we did 🫣

  3. PB but that because ra sellick captain, cannae remember his name was playin, but oor bully wull be back the morra

  4. Prestonpans bhoys on

    TONTINE TIM on 18TH JUNE 2024 10:45 PM




    Don’t forget Tony too 👍 👏

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Referees have been good so far as well, I liked the guy last night re throw ins,stealing yards,shy goes to the other team,done it a couple of times, said from Day 1,when they had the shaving foam for free kicks, it should be used for throw ins too,not difficult

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    That will be Callum McGregor, who has rinsed every hun in midfield for years,and dominates them…



    Aye that’s the Bhoy….

  7. If our captain isn’t playing tomorrow, I, for one, won’t be too unhappy. I have no respect for the likes of Souness or the SMSM. If Clarke bows to their bigoted criticism, I shall be disappointed but I know Callum is class and I prefer him playing in a green and white jersey.



    Losing his Scotland place might well prolong his career at Parkhead.

  8. carpe diem 63 on

    Kelvinbhoy ..Brill stuff re the Camino experience ..keep it coming …I am down for it with the Celtic foundation in October and all tips greatfully received 🍀

  9. I hope Calmac announces his retirement from international fitba,once we win it 🤣🤣






  10. Good morning all from a grey skied 12 degree Garngad.



    I hope none of our players get injured tonight.



    Oh and if Billy Gilmour starts I hope Callum says he is retiring from international football.



    Can anyone tell me how many CL games wee Billy has started?



    D. :)

  11. timmy7_noted on

    I was at the friendly in faro recently. Scotland were rotten to put it mildly. In particular I thought many of them looked unfit and carrying way too much weight so I was not surprised by the performance on Friday. I’ve never understood the hype with McGinn he was badly shown up against the Germans as immobile and limited. He wasn’t the only one.


    I want Scotland to progress but if Steve Clarke rolls over and plays no medals, virtually no goals, no physical presence Gilmour in front of Callum He can gtf.

  12. AT LAST….A Fitba Winner at the euros…


    I had a CORECT SCORE Bet on the Portugal v Czech Rep….2 – 1 at odds of 8/1. Portugal scored the winner very late on however…



    So far ” Late Goals” have cost me in the Euros…..GERMANYS 5th Goal v Scotland for example as I had backed Germany to win ” 4 – 1″ at odds of 18/1, and again yesterday Turkeys late 3rd Goal against GEORGIA, as I had Turkey to win 2 – 1 at odds of 8/1 as a SINGLE Bet and also in a DOUBLE with Portugals 2 – 1 victory.



    I do NOT mind ” Late Goals” when Celtic score ” Late Winners” !





    Scotland will be OOT BEFORE The Tories methinks ?






  13. I will be happy to be proved WRONG about Scotland being OOT before The Tories, but I just can NOT see Scotland keeping a clean sheet against anyone, and I think the SWISS will ROLL Scotland over Tonight ?



    See what I did there ?





    I could be very wrong of course ?




  14. TIMBHOY…



    I have ongoing health issues that sadly prevent me from going OOT on occasions.



    Hopefully, I will get oot and aboot quite soon. I have forgotten what Beer tastes like……THAT is NOT a Healthy state to be in.




    HH Mate.

  15. Watching much of the Election campaign on TV, EVERY Party is complaining about the ” LACK of Money” to fix the NHS and other vital services…


    I wonder why Labour in particular have FAILED to mention the TORY BREXITEERS who PROMISED that by leaving the EU, The UK would be ” £350 MILLION” BETTER OFF every week !



    That kind of money WOULD surely solve the NHS crisis no problem PLUS other vital services like EDUCATION etc etc.



    Its very strange why the Tories havent been REMINDED of the ” £350 MILLION a week” promise made on the side of Buses on a daily basis during the Brexit campaign.




  16. Simple question to any TORY….


    ” WHERE is the £350 MILLION every week that you promised ” ?







  17. big jimmy



    Apparently Scotland have conceded 26 goals in our last ten games.


    Our only clean sheet during that run was against Gibraltar.


    That was our only win, and we scored 12 goals in those 10 games.


    The Swiss looked very effective going forward against Hungary, they are likely to put us on the back foot.


    And we cannot play on the back foot. Not sure we can play on the front foot either.


    Hope I’m wrong but best we can hope for is a low scoring draw

  18. CELTIC MAC on 19TH JUNE 2024 8:28 AM




    I agree mate about Scotland be it about the ” Back Foot and/or the ” Front Foot” issues.



    Maybe the SWISS will change their team and take things a wee bit easier Tonight, especially after beating Hungary in their first game ?



    If the Swiss do take it a bit easier, that may be Scotlands best hope of getting a Point from the game ?


    Then again MAYBE the Swiss will be determined to get ALL Three Points and put Scotland to the sword ?



    I know nothing….LOL



    HH Mate.

  19. !!BADA BING!! on 18TH JUNE 2024 9:56 PM


    And as Danny Murphy told us…. “what’s the point of bringing players on this late in the game.”



    BADA, I’ve never had any time for that CHUMP (copyright Big Jimmy) ever since he poured such lavish and gushing praise on the new, super-duper coach of Aston Villa who after enjoying such success at Ibrox (!?) would be a revelation in Birmingham. And we all know how that worked out for Slippy G.😊



    Honestly, he absolutely talked that gushing pish live on Match of the Day. Utter clown.



    Ave Ave

  20. To be perfectly honest i dont know too much about the Switzerland national team. I do know that they have some very good club players and they were impressive against Hungary



    Went there with the scouts many years ago. I think of a really handy wee knife, big mad mountains, skiing, the Swiss guard, cuckoo clocks and bankers


    Of course the Red Cross emulates the national flag which is a big mad plus.



    Scotland can do this tonight, but I feel its more down to Steve Clark rather than the players. Good players, indeed highly rated pivotal players do not become useless overnight.



    Come on Scotland.

  21. bournesouprecipe on

    “Wonder kid issues Gers come and get me plea“



    “Transfer flop begs agent to end my Celtic hell “



    💤💤💤 Daily Rancid

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on



    As for this lot, what can one say?



    Close to one million circulation just before the millennium.



    “Circulation” now replaced with “circling the drain”.



    It’s entire readership could now (perhaps appropriately) fit into Ibrox.

  23. Superbru Round 1 Update



    With all teams having played their opening fixture, our initial front runners are:-



    kelvinbhoy- 15 pts (The Camino walk has sharpened something)


    2= Jobo Baldie, Angel Gabriel & 18 Yard Man- 14.5 pts


    5= Knoxy, Garry Postecoglou, Drew67 & Aipple- 14 pts



    At the bottom, we have finally got Jonny The Tim registered but I am not sure his points tally has been fully added yet so the early wooden spoon leader is Por Cierto on 6 pts with snapper1969, Big Jimmy & Scaniel hot on his heels.



    Round 2 starts today and I have changed my mind on the Swiss game. I thought they were a bad match for Scotland because they are very patient, preferring to pass it about in front of you until you tire or get bored and switch off, then they play a ball through your middle to a sprinter Centre forward and then they go back to possession football.



    I have now, naively, decided that this might suit Scotland, if the Swiss are ultra patient and we can get the defensive discipline Steve Clarke normally gets, we could manage a surprise opener and a late winner. My theory depends entirely on Steve Clarke being willing to let more than one Scotland player enter the Swiss half at any given time.

  24. sftb


    Thanks for the update!


    Not so sure about your analysis re the upcoming Scotland game.


    Got a feeling the Swiss might roll over us

  25. back to basics



    Seems that they can hardly give The Scotsman away these days. Used to be widely available in London, along with the Herald, now not even at Kings Cross station for passengers en route tae Embra. Mighty have fallen.


    Useful site ABC Data, thanks for the link

  26. “Clement gets surprise £13 million addition to his war chest” ( Various )


    £8 million for injured,Goldson


    £5 million,for always injured nobody.


    A bit like Clements getting his Readers Digest notification,he has won millions.

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