Tell Buffon we don’t score goals but Gary Hooper does


Football reporting tends to follow trends and the Celtic support has been trending since the Barcelona game in November.  Juventus have arrived ready to steel themselves against wave after wave of Glasgow sentiment, but Gianluigi Buffon is right, crowds don’t score goals, or win games.

We have a part to play in settling the Celtic players and ensuring they are encouraged when they need it most (i.e. after making a mistake) but Celtic beat Barcelona because Neil Lennon designed a game plan which out-manoeuvred one of the most effective teams in history.  His players knew their tasks and stuck to plan impeccably.

If Juventus think that all they have to worry about are the fans they will lose tonight to players who have bloodied a few noses already this season.  Bizarrely, our secret weapon is not a stadium full of screaming lunatics (no implication or offence meant), it is a group of players who have proven that they can beat anyone.

Celtic have been rocked in the opening minutes of European games in recent seasons.  Starting with an edge is important.  We also need to be alert to the fact that Barcelona scored two of their three goals against Celtic beyond the 90 minute mark.  Games don’t end until the referee decides.  The 80-odd minutes between these times will take care of themselves.

And, if you meet Gianluigi on his way into Celtic Park tonight, tell him he’s right about crowds not scoring goals, but Gary Hooper does.

On Friday 1 March the Lisbon Lions will be at the Kerrydale Suite providing commentary and answering questions on their magnificent European Cup final win in 1967. This has never happened in 46 years since that game, to say it is a unique opportunity fails to tell the whole story.

The event is part of our 125 4 125 campaign – central to reinvigorating the charitable spirit which is part of the club we love. It will be a family occasions, tickets are available at £10 for adults and £5 for children. The night has been organised by several fans working in conjunction with the people at Celtic Charity, so please do your best to support this great occasion. Individual tickets or tables are available, details here.
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  1. oh ah Gary Hooper


    oh ah Gary hooper



    I will sing this after every goal he scores tonight, and you are right Paul, we need to get past the first 10 mins without losing a goal!!



    Fingers crossed, pancakes ready

  2. saltires en sevilla on

    Loadsa Juve fans in Celtic shop Argyll st very friendly – a large group at CP now – some are friendly and chatty – some are definitely not friendly and remind me of Spartak fans before Christmas – watch who you are chatting to out there today bhoys and ghirls!



    Lovely day for a kick about :-)

  3. tommytwiststommyturns on

    You are of course correct Paul, as far as this current Celtic team is concerned, but historically the gulf between our home and away records in the CL speaks volumes about the effect of the support within CP.



    Forza Celtic!




  4. Not sure if it has been posted but here are the easy steps to ensure you have ITV HD on Sky.



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    You can now view ITV HD by going to “Other Channels” within Services/Options (it’s next to “Add Channels”) & pressing Select to reveal channel ITV1 HD & then pressing Select again to view




  5. saltires en sevilla on




    Good shout- Ghoops to score 2nd half



    Btw I just tried to book a table for event on 1st March – the assistant in the Celtic shop told me its first come first served only – I took 8 tickets but would have preferred at table :-(




  6. The Juve support in Glasgow includes a combined crew from Amsterdam / Brussels and London . They are not the friendliest of guys



    Say Hello to the Siracusa Massive for me [ all 3 of them .] Told their hoping to squeeze in a curry and a chop suey .

  7. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    I would have been more confident before Christmas, now I’m worried about the goalie, the centre of the defence and the forward line.



    Like ourselves Juve have something to prove in Europe this year, and may be too strong for our young team.



    Anyways, it’ll be a grand night.



    Heading north on the SHangri La trail shortly, take care and see you bhoys at Easter.

  8. Token Tim if you’re still around do I owe money for footy predictor?



    Worried you may have old email address







  9. Tuttosport



    GLASGOW – In the streets of Glasgow, whose three degrees are made more pointed by an evil wind, begin to see the first outing Juventus in the Champions League. All is quiet, only the electric voltage gramde evening is growing in the city, where the pubs put out signs to reassure without a ticket: they, the big match, they do see.



    Juventus have played a very light finish. Conte explained the latest ideas to the team. From the little that leaks out from headquarters should be confirmed Juventus training outlined yesterday. Buffon in goal, a three-man defense formed by Barzagli and Bonucci, that after the disqualification of the second return to form the pair at the international level has been able to stop the most dangerous strikers and will be helped by Caceres, critical to its ability to the air. Over 40% of the Celtic goals comes, in fact, from head shots. One detail that Conte has not neglected to prepare the game (“Beware of the corner and any kind of punishment from the frontline up” is the phrase that has mostly repeated in recent days).



    In midfield there will Lichstneiner, Vidal, Pirlo, Marchisio and probably Peluso which should be preferred to Giaccherini Padoin to take the place of Asamoah. The Ghanaian, who arrived yesterday from Johannesburg and a veteran of the African Cup of Nations, is not threatened by Count and greater athleticism Peluso of the candidate for the battle tonight. It will, for the former Atalanta, a terrifying baptism of fire in terms of character. Beyond appearances on National, you can not say that the wildcard Conte is a player with international experience or has any sort of addiction to games of this level. Could be an opportunity to blossom Juventus, but there is also the risk of a severe rejection remedy under the eyes of Europe.



    Doubt Giovinco-Matri was and remains substantially, being purely philosophical question: Better the little that can be induced between the Scottish giants causing panic or the more robust striker, on the other in a state of grace, which allows you to score even without scarpino? Cinderella seems to be the favorite for the dance tonight, but for now the only certainty is Mirko Vucinic, one that when – in the past – he heard the jingle of Champions has been pointed out to be a genius of football. If it works this evening, Count solved at least one third of its problems.



    Yes, Glasgow is chilly, but the atmosphere is warming. Experience with us the great anticipation.

  10. Late fitness test passed. Attendance at Paradise tonight confirmed. Final travel arrangements and Gazebo order of service to be arranged.




  11. Cumbernauld No 1 on

    @ChampionsLeague – Celtic have not lost in 8 games against Seria A opponents at Celtic Park, a run stretching 44 years.



    Hail Hail.

  12. Travelbhoy,



    thanks for the reminder!



    I meant to send one round everyone via the superbru site a few weeks back.


    i’ll do so in next couple days.



    i’ll post on here when sent and if you dont get it email me on:






    and we’ll take it from there.






  13. Paul wrote an article a couple of days ago rebuking those of us who take the view that our tie with Juve is a ‘no lose’ situation.


    Much as I respect his opinion, I still hold the same view.


    Tonight IS a no-lose game in Celtic’s history. Of course, there is an incredible prize to be won if we can once again defy the odds. It would be dream time. Those who make a living from laying odds on sporting outcomes make us big outsiders to win the tie. Mostly they get it right.


    A defeat tonight would not be a disaster.


    We have already exceeded the expectations of even the most optimistic of our always irrepressible foot soldiers. ‘ We have done it before, we can do it again.’


    They are right, of course. While we are in, we can win.



    However, as I see it, we have already won.


    Few of us thought we would make the group stages.


    Virtually NONE of us thought we would make the last 16.


    We have already earned somewhere in the region of 30 million pounds from our fantastic efforts.


    We have discovered another batch of valuable young players, all bought from the bargain trolley of world football.


    We are probably in a better place than we have EVER been.


    We are like a punter in a casino who has already won more than he could ever have dreamed about, has already cashed his chips,..& still has a chance of winning the jackpot.



    That, to me, IS a no lose situation.



    We are walking in a Celtic Wonderland……..

  14. ogilviebhoy at 12:15 on 12 February, 2013



    Cheers, it was me asking this morning and I may have missed any earlier replies. Much appreciated.




  15. Crowds don’t win matches and let’s not forget it was the brilliance of Fraser and two superb goals that beat mighty Barca and it will have to be the same again to-night. Our team has shown steady improvement since last season’s Europa exploits and has been quite magnificent in our ten European games this season.


    Tradition also favours Celtic to-night, never having lost to an Italian side at Celtic Park. Come on the HOOPS.

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