Templar of Doom


I took a nasty Pavlovian reaction today when I heard the radio announce “Derby day” before realising the presenter was talking about the actual Derby.  The last thing anyone planning a night out in Glasgow is the ‘Glasgow derby’, as it was known in its final few years.

As anyone walking the streets of Glasgow and beyond in peace tonight will testify, we don’t want it or miss it.  I prefer my football, like my streets, without this nonsense.

Knights Templar sequestrated?  Blame those “enemies”.  George Peat, Campbell Ogilvie and Lex Gold forced through his appointment as SFA chief executive, despite him not meeting selection criteria.  As every wise footballer knows, know your level.

The magnificent framed Lionel Messi top we are auctioning for 1254125 has less than two days to run, keep an eye on it here.

Copies of Willie Wallace’ autobiography, Heart of a Lion, have been flying off the shelf.  The mail order fulfilment centre will have stock replenished on Monday after running out.  Order your copy below – still time for Father’s Day.

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  1. charles kickham on

    I hear a few people got their response from the asa – what was the outcome

  2. The Boy Jinky on

    Paul 67



    Did you catch the song played at hampden just before the teams came out




  3. Peat, Ogilvie, Gold, Smith…is it any wonder the game is in the state it is with this legacy of these amateurs. Couldn’t run a bowling club…

  4. roy croppie



    14:33 on 1 June, 2013



    Talking about bowling clubs, is that why the Presidents wife awarded the medals at cup final ?


    Same mentality is it not ?



    Hail hail

  5. Roy Croppie



    From last thread


    Brown wasn’t even criticised or punished when he assaulted John Bolye in the fir park tunnel, yet Lenny gets banned for calling someone a Shereen.

  6. southside


    09:03 on


    1 June, 2013


    teuchter ár lá



    08:09 on 1 June, 2013





    Dave swallied his pint as he did his keyboard solo on Walk on by – never missed a note as usual :)


    Teuchter ár lá

  7. Jobo Baldie


    13:12 on


    1 June, 2013


    voguepunter – the field wasn’t that small but admittedly was probably less than 60. I’ll get t’official result later. You should try one of these some time…




    You’re kiddin…….carrot and donkey,try beer and donkey ,which kind of defeat the purpose.


    Well done jobo.

  8. Roy croppie



    Those rogues couldn’t run a bowling club that’s for sure but they certainly meet the membership criteria for some

  9. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Emdae got a hammer?? Bloody wee blue wheel spinnin at the tap of ma pointer!! GGRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  10. Cowiebhoy



    shower of amateurs looking after each other.






    I think he punched an opposition manager too but he’s a ‘great guy’…

  11. borgo67



    they’d probably even run the bowling club into the ground but as long as they all know the ‘grip’ things will be okay…



    Oh how they must dread waking up nowadays :)

  12. Bhoys and ghirls , thanks for the birthday wishes . You’ve made a happy man very old ( c B Connolly) .



    TBJ , belated wishes to you to.



    Barrowboy , not going myself but look up Joe M and say sannabhoy says he’s to buy you a pint . Hell be the one wearing a Kano top and carrying a big banner .




  13. ….PFayr



    14:43 on 1 June, 2013






    On the contrary …they’d run a bowling club very well ….:-))



    I think there’s a sitcom in that :))

  14. leftclicktic on

    “Officially tonight, we now know the SFA to be the laughing stock of world football. Their decisions are incoherent and on the face of it, thoroughly dishonest, and I never thought they were biased or prejudiced, but now, hearing what they’vedone today, it’s very hard to escape that conclusion” Paul McBride,

  15. NatKnow - "We welcome the paper-chase..." on



    14:41 on


    1 June, 2013




    14:36 on


    1 June, 2013



    A song for Shereen…….













    OMG. The Turkey Brothers are now online?! One of them has got my Velvet Underground LP. I loaned it to him in The Mint in Coatbridge in 1989.

  16. celticrollercoaster on

    NatKnow – “We welcome the paper-chase…”


    14:52 on


    1 June, 2013



    Which one? One of them plays CQN 5s on Thursday!!







  17. roy croppie



    Like others have said on here they just don’t want to talk about football anymore .



    On the subject of bowling clubs , I was told that the one near me passed up the opportunity of lottery funding as they didn’t want to change their ways, however it was their attitude to female equality rather than the ‘no tims’ policy that was the problem

  18. Barrow Bhoy, Joe M has been down the Port Hibs for a Kano Foundation do so knows Joe O’Rouke et al.



    Have a good one pal.




  19. NatKnow - "We welcome the paper-chase..." on

    CRC – I think it was a chap called John. Sure he went to Bell College when I was there. Or University of Kirkwood as it’s probably called these days. Anyway – I think it was White Light/White Heat he borrowed!

  20. celticrollercoaster on

    NatKnow – “We welcome the paper-chase…”


    14:56 on


    1 June, 2013



    Albion Rovers fan? I know him vaguely







  21. Does the orange lodge not have a Governance dept, perhaps they should investigate the goings on at Hampdens premier football organisation, after all they appointed them.



    Joshing CSC

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