Templar of Doom


I took a nasty Pavlovian reaction today when I heard the radio announce “Derby day” before realising the presenter was talking about the actual Derby.  The last thing anyone planning a night out in Glasgow is the ‘Glasgow derby’, as it was known in its final few years.

As anyone walking the streets of Glasgow and beyond in peace tonight will testify, we don’t want it or miss it.  I prefer my football, like my streets, without this nonsense.

Knights Templar sequestrated?  Blame those “enemies”.  George Peat, Campbell Ogilvie and Lex Gold forced through his appointment as SFA chief executive, despite him not meeting selection criteria.  As every wise footballer knows, know your level.

The magnificent framed Lionel Messi top we are auctioning for 1254125 has less than two days to run, keep an eye on it here.

Copies of Willie Wallace’ autobiography, Heart of a Lion, have been flying off the shelf.  The mail order fulfilment centre will have stock replenished on Monday after running out.  Order your copy below – still time for Father’s Day.

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  1. NatKnow - "We welcome the paper-chase..." on

    CRC –



    Could be – it was a long time ago! Anyway – thanks for posting that link. I was actually telling someone about that song a few weeks ago and now I’ll be able to post it on his Facebook. What a laff!

  2. borgo67



    on the 100th anniversary of the suffragette Emily Davison dying at the Derby these strange types still exist. Idiots.




  3. up_over_goal on

    So Rogne has left – good. The overall quality of our defence will not be affected, and it frees up a wage.



    Unlike when Maloney left, there is no feeling of losing out on a potentially great player if/when his injuries clear up.



    Go on, Rogne fans. Bookmark it!

  4. moonbeams wd. kano 1000 \o/ supporting neil lennon 100%. champions. c’mon wee oscar.



    14:58 on 1 June, 2013




    Follow follow behind it and let us know where it goes Moonbeams :>)




  5. UOG



    I had high hopes for Rogne ….he was very promising in his first season



    Persistent injury removed any opportunity for progress

  6. Pfayr,



    Aye, he’d have been a first team regular without the injuries, it’s a hazard of playing football at the top level. I’d like to think he does well during the rest of his career and thinks well of us.

  7. RalphWaldoEllison remembers ALS victims Jimmy Jonstone & John Cushley on

    Happy Derby Day Paul & all CQNers…especially those who chase fast horses.



    Having a family day in Charlotte.



    Happy Days.




  8. Perhaps Rogne might be better suited to a more defensive side where his lack of pace and the turning circle of a cruise liner isn’t exposed.



    Anyway ,good luck Thomas.

  9. Anybody got any ideas of the potential Euro qualifier opposition, I know Zbyszek thinks there’s a decent chance that we could meet Polands no1 team Legia in the 3rd qualifier, if it happens I’m definateley going to Warsaw.




  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    It’s 2013 and the BBC discussion is a hun player and his religion and country of birth.Says it all.

  11. Bada bing




    They protest too much



    Why is it even an issue ….scum Huns

  12. Am I missing something?


    No laughing at the back please?


    What is the Knights Templar Story?

  13. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on

    Who represents the new signings of deidco?


    Have these agents extracted a guarantee from deidco that the players will have substantive contracts after 1 sept 2013, in the event of injury or an insolvency event?


    Has the current CEO of deidco – Charles Green- ratified these assurances (sometimes known as ‘side letters’)?


    Has the oldest young manager in Scotland met any of the new signings?


    Has the F-Plan drop-out broke the bad news to the players who will not be with the supurating carcass next season?


    Who will represent the deidco at Sandaza’s Employment Tribunal?


    No doubt the MSM are on the case!

  14. The Token Tim on

    Im also one of those who thought big Rogne had the makings of a right good centre-half – in fact I was told a couple years back that none other than Lenny and Johann both believed he was a future Celtic Captain in the making – but sorry it didnt work out for him.



    theres no doubt that injury has seriously blighted his time at Celtic. But if he is indeed gone, then I wish him all the best for his future career and hope that he enjoyed his time with us.








    ParisCDGAirportReallyIsPants CSC


    Hello team



    just after the Barcelona game a few of us took the pledge and took part in some events to support the 125 4 125 charity



    Since then our aim is two fold



    1. To promote the charity and engage with at least one other member of the global Celtic family to do the same



    2. raise some money “1.25” “12.50” “125.00” every bit counts



    With a few events still to come up,



    1888 mile cycle


    Climb of Ben Nevis



    We are hoping to maximise donations and would appreciate any donations towards 125 4 125 cause









  16. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    R L MOORE just had another winner there 8th this week.



    Ruler of the World in the Derby?? Mmmmmmmmmmm

  17. ….so is it The Big Wig 5088 or is it The Big Wig International…………………?



    Oldco Big Wig or Newco Big Wig?



    ………………………………………………………………..perhaps the Wig is being held in an Incubator?





    …………………………………..and does this mean even more time for parental duties?

  18. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Liked Rogne masel. Bad injuries halted what I thot was the best C B at C P imo. Prob never have another injury now hes left us!!



    H H

  19. Now that Rogne has gone, can I be the first to say…


    We should sign Rogne he’s better than what we have in “the sieve” sack the bored….



    The Rangers Football Club Ltd (Newco) explained that The Rangers Football Club Plc (Oldco), which previously owned and operated Rangers Football Club (RFC), went into administration on 14 February 2012 and that, in order to preserve RFC after a CVA failed, its buisiness and assets were purchased by another corporate entity, which was now known as The Rangers Football Club Ltd and that, therefore, the same Club was now owned and operated by themselves.


    They provided an extract from a Decision concerning RFC, by an Independent Commission appointed by the SPL, in which it was stated that, ”in common speech a Club is treated as a recognisable entity which is capable of being owned and operated and which continues in existence despite its transfer to another owner and operator.” They said the Commission had clearly stated that the same Club continued, regardless of the legal entity that owned and operated it and, therefore, that RFC had continued in existence since 1872.


    They also provided a letter from the European Club Association, concerning the RFC’s continuing membership after liquidation, in which it stated that, although run by a different legal entity, it considered RFC was still the same football club, having the same registration number with the Football Association, the same fans, the same stadium, the same club coefficient ranking and the same trophies, and it therefore recognised RFC as a founding member of the ECA, despite the change of ownership.


    Newco advised us that RFC was a full member of the SFA and that when Oldco, the legal entity who previously held the membership, went into administration, an agreement was put in place to transfer exactly the same membership from Oldco to Newco, which had resulted in membership of the SFA being maintained. They further pointed out that the websites of the SPL, the SFA and UEFA all confirmed that RFC had been in existence for 140 years by detailing all honours that the club had won since its formation in 1872.



    The RACC said they felt that, given RFC’s history, the claim ”Scotland’s most successful club ” was valid and would not mislead.





    Not upheld.


    Whilst the ASA acknowledged that Newco had not taken on all the debts and liabilities of Oldco, when it purchased its assets and buisness and that that would normally preclude it from trading on the reputation of the former company, we noted that from and Independent Commission appointed by the SPL and the ECA had reached the conclusion that the football club RFC was a recognisable entity in its own right, and that it had continued in existence despite being transferred to another owner and operator.


    We further considered that consumers would understand that the claim in question related to the footbal club rather than to its owner and operator.


    We therefore concluded that it was not misleading for this ad to make reference to RFC’s history, which was seperate to that of Newco.




  21. thebhoyfromoz on

    teuchter ár lá



    14:38 on 1 June, 2013




    09:03 on


    1 June, 2013


    teuchter ár lá



    08:09 on 1 June, 2013





    Dave swallied his pint as he did his keyboard solo on Walk on by – never missed a note as usual :)


    Teuchter ár lá



    Just returned from a six mile run.Listened to the black and white album whilst running. I had forgotton just how good an album that is . Greenfields keyboard solo on walk on by is something to behold.






  22. Good day from a rather dreich Nordrhein Westfalen, this has got to be the worst summer of my 14 years in Germany. Well we have now reached the post/pre – season period when all sorts of p!sh will be printed by the press and Internet churnalists about comings and goings from Celtic. It never ceases to amaze me that some people still buy into this guff season after season. I prefer to deal in hard fact and not in rumour, so I won’t be posting anything about who Celtic are going to buy and who Celtic are going to sell until I see an announcement from CFC stating the fact. This, combined with the lack of football, ie Celtic, makes me really hate this period. Roll on July when Celtic will be visiting Germany and hopefully the weather will have improved greatly!


    As regards Wiggy, what goes around comes around, you’ll find sympathy somewhere between sh!t and syphilis in the dictionary ya hun.



    The ‘Travelling People’, as opposed to the weearrapeepil, on Radio 2 saying they are betting on Battle of Marengo



    Hail! Hail! PMTYH



    Ps Happy birthday sannabhoy.





    Had a wee discussion wi my sis earlier re the huns,if and when they ever return to the top table.



    For me-even if I am back home by then and a ST holder-not a chance of turning up,watching on the telly,reading a newspaper report.



    My own protest that they exist at all.



    A long and arduous road,as was said a few weeks ago.



    That is cool by me-but without the word “back”


    PF AYR



    You’re number one!



    Well done,not before time….

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