Templar of Doom


I took a nasty Pavlovian reaction today when I heard the radio announce “Derby day” before realising the presenter was talking about the actual Derby.  The last thing anyone planning a night out in Glasgow is the ‘Glasgow derby’, as it was known in its final few years.

As anyone walking the streets of Glasgow and beyond in peace tonight will testify, we don’t want it or miss it.  I prefer my football, like my streets, without this nonsense.

Knights Templar sequestrated?  Blame those “enemies”.  George Peat, Campbell Ogilvie and Lex Gold forced through his appointment as SFA chief executive, despite him not meeting selection criteria.  As every wise footballer knows, know your level.

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  1. valentinesday on

    What is the Stars


    16:25 on


    1 June, 2013





    Great day for Irish Bloodstock Industry ?



    this was a great day for the Irish Bookmakers industry






    Everyday is a great day fur the bookies

  2. Pogmathon @ 15:47….


    As regards Wiggy, what goes around comes around, you’ll find sympathy somewhere between sh!t and syphilis in the dictionary ya hun.




    That my Bhoy is a belter and with your permission I’d like to copy and send on to one or two “ppl”


    Cheers in advance

  3. Vmhan



    We both will be in so called Chamoins route that is half of play offs competition.


    If every seaded team qualifies to the play offs (IV round), seaded teams are:


    Bater Borisov


    Celtic Glasgow


    Steaua Bucuresti


    APOEL Nicosia


    Czech Rep. Champion ?, maybe (one of the candidates has good cooeficient, the other candidate from Cz has not enough good cooeficient to be in seaded teams group)



    Unseaded teams who go to Champions route are:


    Dinamo Zagreb


    Partizan Belgrade


    Austria Wien


    Legia Warsaw


    Czech Rep. Champion ?



    Celtic and Legia cannot meet earlier becouse both will be seaded teams. Only in play offs, if will go through previous rounds.

  4. 19LisbonBhoy67 on

    How can an entity fold due to circa £160m of unpaid debt and then claim to be the same entity in another form……



    I really hope we don’t ever have to play the Tribute Act. Even if it is in a cup competition I would rather avoid them like the plague. I would never purchase a ticket for any game against and if they are eventually in the SPL then my season ticket would not include these games. However, I tend to wonder how many Celtic fans would go to a game against them? I reckon the vast majority…



    I know most Celtic fans say they don’t want to have ever play them at the moment. However, if the recent U-17 cup final is anything to go by then there will be a big interest in this game.



    I had to laugh at Matt McGlone at the time. The editor of the Alternative View, a magazine which took great joy in the death of RFC and claims Sevco are not the same thing, turns up for the U-17 cup final just because the opposition play in blue and are based in Govan. After the game I asked him on twitter if he ever attended any other youth games at this level and he said no but that he wanted to see what the team were like at this level….. A team that were only beaten by Barcelona youths on goal difference in a recent tournament wasn’t good enough to gauge ‘their level’??



    Unfortunately, I feel the majority of fans will have a similar approach to Matt and his magazine… Have a laugh at RFC, state that they no longer exist and that Sevco are an irrelevance etc. However, the minute we are due to play them there will be a mad dash for tickets….

  5. Vmhan



    I meant to say: Celtic, as seaded team in play off can me one these five unseaded teams:


    Dinamo Zagreb, Partizan Belgrade, Austria Wien, Legia Warsaw, Czech Rep. Champion ?


    THE TOKEN TIM 1610



    Hopefully so,if everyone has declined the allure of Blackpool for The Glesca Weekend……




  7. ASA declare that The Them are the same club as they always were.



    After a forensic examination of the Liquidation Rules and UEFA rules they came to their conclusion, after being told by RIFC that the were the same club.



    The same criteria as the SFA used when they did their Fit and Proper test on Green and Co.



    Q. “Are you working with CW?”


    A. “Never heard of him”.



    SFA. “THaty’s OK, then.Here’s your licence”.




    All those little deviances from LNS and the ECA, which hinted that “in some circumstances you could say that they are the same”, became fact, completely ignoring the Rules of Incorporation.

  8. The Boy Jinky on




    My brother received same mail from asa three weeks ago.



    He replied much the same as your points .. adding the sfa must have judged them new club or they would not have been in D3 or be in early rounds of Scottish cup.


    Uefa judge them new club or they would have qualified for champions league this year due to second place in spl

  9. roberttressell



    15:53 on 1 June, 2013






    I suspect the biggest orange lodge in world football is rooted at the corrupt sfa, I’ll bet they’re proud of that and that my good friend is where we’re at.



    I’ve been looking for Celtic to fight back and keep on hearing stuff about CFC making moves behind the scene, as the song goes “and I’m still waiting no ow ow, still waiting”



    One would think the Celtic are attempting to sell the max amount of ST’s, ok fair play for that as it makes our day in Scotland’s premier football arena even better when filled to capacity.



    I almost forgot my point there :>)



    Oh aye, I want my/ our club out of Scottish football as I don’t think the other clubs have the bottle to help us fight the corruption.




  10. valentinesday on

    Come on Peter make a signing….that will


    excite the fans…..and scare the hun and


    the msm……a plea from a ufb

  11. Also RT



    I’m sorry to say that your great adversary Philvisreturn hasn’t been on since Maggies Demise, I don’t care about Phils politics as he’s IMO a good old Celtic bhoy and I miss him.




  12. WeefratheTim on

    Just seen the Fosters ad on sky. Now that would be a great shirt sponsor, both entities incarnated in 1888. :))



    Weefra HH

  13. Wearing my tin hat, the reality is that if and when Sevco get back to the SPL, Sky will play it up like a soap opera. The viewer ratings will go up and regardless of what any of us might say now, we will despite ourselves get more emotionally involved in that season’s league. I know many here might say they will walk away or boycott certain games, but when push comes to shove we will get behind our team and if we do play them & win we will be jubilant and if the unthinkable happens and they turn us over we will be devestated. Life will go on, the sun will continue to rise every morning, it will not be the end of the world.

  14. *THE KING VIC 67* on

    Bhoys, albeit i take a simplistic view on the ASA findings…



    At first glance I thought another embarrassing collusion between Freemasons.



    At second glance I still think it is collusion between Freemasons!



    From any perspective (even Jabbas or Chuckles) we all know they are a new club, however I feel ASA’s statement today can only make HMRC appeal stronger?

  15. sipsini



    16:53 on 1 June, 2013Just booked up for santa ponza mid july, anybody there at the same time and fancy a beer give me a nod.I’ll be there with three teenagers for a week until jonny the tim turns up with his family and friends.

  16. Corkcelt


    SevcoFC cannot get back to the SPL as they are a brand new club and have never been in the SPL.




  17. garygillespieshamstring on

    A spokesman for Pinsent Mason has just announced that after a forensic examination of documents provided by the Pot family, they were unable to find any evidence of a connection between Pol Pot and genocide in Cambodia.


    He also announced that former members of the nazi party had provided documentation and asked the company to investigate whether there were any links between the party and atrocities carried out during the Second World War.


    The Chinese government are also said to be reassured by the outcome of the firm’s investigation which found no evidence of a link between themselves and the massacre of a large number of protesting students.

  18. Derby?



    At the end of the all-conquering 1966/67 I seem to remember Big Jock saying that Celtic had been unable to enter Bobby Lennox in the Derby – if they had they would have won that as well!




  19. The Boy Jinky on

    King vic



    Its a very valid point that should the zombies continue to claim to be rangers. Hmrc and all creditors will continue to ask for their money

  20. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on




    What if the unthinkable happens and they beat us with the help of the football authorities and MIB’s hellbent on a revenge mission? What if they need that one champions league spot? What if the recent u/17 match is but a very small taste of what the whole stinking troop of bears will get up to in what the MSM will be calling an “Old Firm Match”?


    Life will indeed go on but not as we know it at present.


    I take the point you are making, but I for one wish they would vanish into thin air forever.

  21. The Boy Jinky on




    You staying at tommy turnbulls masonic loveshack in santa ponsa

  22. @LawTop20: A reminder that member clubs of national federations can request UEFA & FIFA to investigate possible breaches of the regulatory framework.




    Will our club use this ?

  23. The Boy Jinky on




    If anyone owed me money.. and tried that swindle. .. I would never stop pursuing them

  24. ScotPatsFan, Point taken, I’ll rephrase to if Sevco “get into the SPL”, yes Glenda there will indeed be hairy & scary moments, there will be anger frustration etc but there will also be joy and jubilation. I for one will follow Celtic till I die and will not be put off in any way by the thought that some brand of Sevco may be future opponents.

  25. Many people believe that the ‘order’ known as ‘ The Knights Templar’ , as a punishment


    were ordered by the then Pope, to be subserveriant to the Vatican, thus becoming the,


    Papal Guard in perpetuity!



  26. Censored@17:25.



    An extremely important question you raise. Indeed, it is the heart of the matter.



    Tin opener.


    Can of worms….?

  27. zbyszek



    16:36 on 1 June, 2013




    Thanks Z, I’ve just read your post, earlier I posted that It would be great to meet in the qualifiers, now I believe it would be best if both magic teams qualify, we can meet in the final (thumbs up).



    Celtic and Legia

  28. Although I will never accept them as the same club and will never attend a match against them, I think it’s clear Sevco have pulled off an astonishing swindle – picked up a stadium and training ground and passed themselves off as a football club formed in 1872.



    If Sevco qualify for Europe before 2016-17 and are credited with Rangers’ co-efficient points for season 2011-12, then the SFA and UEFA between them will have created a franchise system in European football.



    It would make a mockery of financial fair play and mean football clubs need never pay a debt again.

  29. WeefratheTim on




    If anybody managed to get money from you, I want their name an d address to find out how they managed it. Hahahaha




    Weefra HH

  30. pjbhoynyc,


    I believe they already know this and will do nothing about it, old firm is as old firm does, part of the problem it seems, not part of the solution.

  31. sipsini, Spent one holiday in Santa Ponsa. Its the one resort in Majorca where the Paddys & Tims outnumber The Brits. There was a Donegal wedding party in town the time I went and that probably helped to sway the figures, but I never saw more Hoops & Celtic sing songs at any other resort. There is an outstanding Celtic Pub there called The Celts Well, I’m rubbish at posting links but try one below from The Celts Well, hope it works. ‎www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxw0xu6t6rM

  32. The Boy Jinky on




    I will have you know im generous to a fault. …



    Not saying whos fault :)

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