Templar of Doom


I took a nasty Pavlovian reaction today when I heard the radio announce “Derby day” before realising the presenter was talking about the actual Derby.  The last thing anyone planning a night out in Glasgow is the ‘Glasgow derby’, as it was known in its final few years.

As anyone walking the streets of Glasgow and beyond in peace tonight will testify, we don’t want it or miss it.  I prefer my football, like my streets, without this nonsense.

Knights Templar sequestrated?  Blame those “enemies”.  George Peat, Campbell Ogilvie and Lex Gold forced through his appointment as SFA chief executive, despite him not meeting selection criteria.  As every wise footballer knows, know your level.

The magnificent framed Lionel Messi top we are auctioning for 1254125 has less than two days to run, keep an eye on it here.

Copies of Willie Wallace’ autobiography, Heart of a Lion, have been flying off the shelf.  The mail order fulfilment centre will have stock replenished on Monday after running out.  Order your copy below – still time for Father’s Day.

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  1. I give up, just Google The Celts Well, there are a few You Tube videos up there

  2. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Perhaps Philvisreturns WAS Maggie Thatcher!



    What a turnip that would have been.

  3. WeefratheTim on




    Would that be the San Andrea fault? More chance of that not causing earthquakes than HMRC getting their money back. Shut THEMS doon and the world will be a better place. Certainly less of a stench. :)



    Weefra HH

  4. Paul67 et al



    It is interesting to note that the process (of administration) adopted by the former Chief of the SFA does not require a list of creditors to be made public. Pound to a penny the Bank of Scotland (ie Lloyds Bank) appears in every company associated with the former Knight.

  5. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    I was in Santa Ponsa about 10 years ago.



    I never wear my colours abroad unless I’m going to a game, so most nights me and the misses were the only 2 people in the resort who were not wearing Celtic/Irish tops.



    There was a guy at our hotel who i got to know, who wore the same Hoops top at the pool and in the evening.



    Talk about travelling light!

  6. Corckcelt.



    I’ve never been in santa ponza, I’ve heard it called little Ireland by the huns…that’ll do for me.HH

  7. RobertTressell




    15:53 on 1 June, 2013




    I think a good idea for the Scottish Govt would be to introduce a law stating that anyone sitting on any public body, any position of responsibility in sporting life, public life, group funded by European, UK or Scottish Govt money in any way should have to declare membership of any oath bound/ secretive organisations such as the Knights of St Columba,



    *The Knights are not a secret society, they do not prostitute themselves.

  8. Check the Celts Well on You Tube sipsini. Guy who ran it was a well known activist from the North. A tough lad wouldn’t like to get on the wrong side of him but a great guy to have on your side.


    corkcelt. 1709



    I genuinely will have no interest.




  10. Sipsini @ 17.43



    Got my pedants hat on, it translates as ” Green Sea” or sea of green, which it usually is when we’re there!




  11. BMCUW, If you say so but if they manage to put you off your love of the game and of your desire to follow Celtic, then you will have left them win. I will never let them win and they will never stop me from following Celtic or from enjoying my football.

  12. Sipsini


    Santa ponsa a few times in my youth..


    Whit a place…


    Plenty of irishbars. Seans place down town and celtswell up in the square qhich is mire suited for families with children hogans stand another I used to frequent. That was best for football during the hols. Hurling i mean btw.


    Teenagers will love it…

  13. sipsini 17:52:



    Santa Ponsa is great mate. I was married on 4th June 1994. We went to Santa Ponsa on the 6th June 1994. On the 18th June 1994 my Marriage nearly ended due to Ray Houghton…after his goal earned ROI the victory over Italy there was the biggest street party you can imagine. I left Mrs. LB in Molly Malone’s and joined the street party. An hour or so later I rejoined her, she was not happy especially when I then proceeded to watch the Romanian game.



    On 4th June 2013 we will celebrate our 19th Wedding Anniversary…unless that is there are any street parties between now and then…she loves me really…:)



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  14. Rogne?



    Fine Young Player






    Has a Glass Boady!



    Celtic, Has made the Proper Decision in Allowing him tae Leave.







  15. Charlotte has just posted another lovely little recording.



    “Charlie turning the air blue again – Over the heads of the SFA and do a deal by means of purchasing someone a drink, nudge nudge, wink wink.



    !!!Language warning!!!

  16. Santa Ponsa



    Met this beautiful bird on the 18th June1994 went for a romantic meal,but alas


    she was just hitched to some eejit who was dancin aboot the square………


    wonder what ever happened to her?

  17. Sipsini,been 8 times,and will be booking soon for mid July..love the place..Sheebeen are resident all summer in the Dubliner.


    BT,Hogan stand has moved up to the square.


    2 weeks in Santa Ponsa then back to Derry for the Fleadh Cheoil..

  18. 1990 fitst time in santa ponsa.


    Met 3 bhoys from derry. Went following year and just sat in bar .who walked bye but the same lads from derry..ooooft…


    Obviously pre Mrs bt…

  19. tallybhoy



    17:18 on 1 June, 2013





    At the end of the all-conquering 1966/67 I seem to remember Big Jock saying that Celtic had been unable to enter Bobby Lennox in the Derby – if they had they would have won that as well!







    Aye, he would have horsed it, neigh bother.




  20. My Hopes:



    Celtic, don’t pursue.. Balde, the Second.



    Celtic, don’t pursue Tonev, the Foist.



    Celtic, don’t Pursue Doyle.





    Celtic, Dae Pursue Johnny Russell.



    Celtic, Dae. Pursue Conor Newton.



    Celtic, Dae Pursue Paddy Madden.



    Celtic, Dae Pursue Tom Pope.(Ah Know!)






    Still.. Laughin’

  21. Coorslad, only read back last few posts but I see your on.



    A wee heads up, we’re looking at a a week in the sun before Jonny goes abroad again, he’s looking at NZ as he has friends there and work is plentiful.


    Looking at Sept and Lanza or for Jonny Santa Ponsa, I can’t hack it but it may be a final farewell as he’s itching to get back.




  22. BT/Vmhan,was there 1990,booked flights only on Friday going the next day,spent 15 hours looking for somewhere to stay.loads done the same,people ended up sleeping on the beach..lucky enough we got put up with Derry folk for a night until we got sorted..What a holiday..

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