Templar of Doom


I took a nasty Pavlovian reaction today when I heard the radio announce “Derby day” before realising the presenter was talking about the actual Derby.  The last thing anyone planning a night out in Glasgow is the ‘Glasgow derby’, as it was known in its final few years.

As anyone walking the streets of Glasgow and beyond in peace tonight will testify, we don’t want it or miss it.  I prefer my football, like my streets, without this nonsense.

Knights Templar sequestrated?  Blame those “enemies”.  George Peat, Campbell Ogilvie and Lex Gold forced through his appointment as SFA chief executive, despite him not meeting selection criteria.  As every wise footballer knows, know your level.

The magnificent framed Lionel Messi top we are auctioning for 1254125 has less than two days to run, keep an eye on it here.

Copies of Willie Wallace’ autobiography, Heart of a Lion, have been flying off the shelf.  The mail order fulfilment centre will have stock replenished on Monday after running out.  Order your copy below – still time for Father’s Day.

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  1. Bundoran Bhoy – Wee Oscar 4 Life Campaign



    Good to hear from you mate ,hope all is well.hh

  2. Vmhan,Jonny would love Santa Ponsa,we have been looking at other places but Caolán is having none of it..he loves Santa Ponsa..

  3. The Boy Jinky on

    Charlotte is my darling



    And still they will say… nothing to see… or hear… timmy… move along

  4. bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    16:44 on 1 June, 2013


    THE TOKEN TIM 1610



    Hopefully so,if everyone has declined the allure of Blackpool for The Glesca Weekend……







    BMCUW what’s that post about? Going to 16:10 never helped, ur you full?



  5. Coorslad



    Wee Derryghirl is convinced this will be his last visit for a very long time, so we’re going to spend a week abroad with him before he departs, sad but needs must. Will Santa Ponsa still be going around the middle of Sept?



  6. coorslad


    18:15 on


    1 June, 2013



    hello bud.


    at the cup final i got talking to a Derry lad and a Glaswegian older mate who were telling me the bhoy is getting married in the summer and dedicating his tables to the Kano foundation and another charity.



    He mentioned driniking in the Fenlons (is that the right place) , and i mentioned coorslad, he said ive asked because i lurk on cqn all the time, but dont know who he is.



    if you could keep your ear to the ground on any bhoy getting married this summer, and doing the Kano thing I would like to link him up with Sannabhoy.



    I dont know if many organisations have been over for a match, and might be worth linking them up.



    the bhoy was pretty pashed though. lol.

  7. Coorslad.



    I found it difficult to get accomodation today.


    Jonny the tim helped me out as he goes most years.




    I had a look at the site it’ll be perfect for me.



  8. Jinky,



    The Glasgow weekend?


    Aye ok lol



    Don’t know but I’ll be up the road for a christening the weekend before, which is the real Sept weekend…… The Greenock and Port one :>)



    I’ll find out Jinky.




  9. hello VHMAN as well, sunshine up here with a wee breeze, lovely night only spoiled by the Orangemen returning from their waddles.

  10. Evening all



    Hope all well.



    Heard the latest from Charlotte on my nascent twitter page.””. Listened to it with increasing scepticism. Nothing that has been broadcast has made the slightest difference to anything. Increasingly I think it might even be Green who is releasing as some sort of demonstration of his absolute contempt for the football authorities (I share his contempt mind you). Paul got it right two days ago.



    The internet bampots may have driven this sorry tale initially but the mainstream media have now established the ‘official version’ of events and that is that is Rangers didn’t die, were unfairly ‘relegated’ and Scottish football is dying. Why, even this afternoon on the way home from work I heard Roddy Forsyth and some other diddy ( Craig Brown) describing one European reaction to Rangers ‘demotion’ as ‘incomprehensible’ . Only Private Eye and Alex Thomson from outside the Celtic ( hard K) world have shown the slightest interest in this story. Nothing has been learned by them or the MSM and in the autumn of 2015 when Rangers the third/fourth/ fifty ninth are playing Celtic these villains will accentuate the Huns utterly unwarranted sense of victimhood. I won’t go. Or of course they could just go bust . Properly.



    Oh and BMCUWP am I invited to this cheese and wine party on the 27th of September?














    “” ( Nascent is a good word but I’m not sure if I used it correctly. I mean ‘ recently started’)

  11. Offski Celts,



    Gonnae spend some time with wee Derryghirl since I’ve been in the garden all day hic!



    Celtic all the way CSC

  12. Vmhan,will still be going,gets quite after August..it’s heavy going during the peak months.The problem with Santa Ponsa is you go out for a stroll,run into Tims or pass a pub with a Celtic singsong going on and next you know your in the middle of it..

  13. I only saw Rogne once in the flesh and it was the 9-0 drubbing of Aberdeen. He was atrocious and got sent off I think. I couldn’t believe how slow-witted he was, seemed to react to opposition movement in slow-mo. I thought if he’s bamboozled by that Aberdeen attack then he’s not anything like the player others are saying he is. Not sure if he was just back from injury then in mitigation. The only thing that makes me question my judgement on him us that he gets picked by the national team coaches.


    CORKCELT. 1802



    I will only be ignoring games against them.



    Neither huns nor high water will dilute my love and support of THE HOOPS

  15. Just on to say met the Legend Willie Wallace today in Clydebank. Book signed and my Lisbon Lions T-shirt and a couple of pictures taken. What a real gent he is.


    Also got to say hello to the other legend BRTH another fine gent.







  16. some would say the vikings left behind opened a chip shop and run the celtic bus.

  17. The Boy Jinky on




    Maybes… but they didnt have kirk Douglas and tony Curtis in their ranks

  18. The Boy Jinky on

    Saint stivs



    Believe it or not



    Fort la latte



    Brittany in france

  19. Saint Stivs,Felons is Belfast,but had a lot of mates over..never went,ended up working at Radio 1 big weekend..had to duke away to see the final..

  20. saint stivs



    18:51 on 1 June, 2013


    hello VHMAN as well, sunshine up here with a wee breeze, lovely night only spoiled by the Orangemen returning from their waddles.




    I take it you don’t mean Santa Puerto de Glesga?




  21. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on



    19:25 on


    1 June, 2013


    For all u gowfers out there


    Tiger Woods plays fist 9 holes in 8 over par !



    In that case he just fell below me in the world rankings!





    It was an aside,based on the fact that my next trip home coincides with the traditional trip to Blackpool.



    But that might be an idea …..

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