Test for an emerging Celtic team


We play plenty of no-win games, where all that can be achieved is an expected result and the avoidance of a humiliating loss, or draw.  Tonight is different.  Tonight we play the team who won the Europa League last year and who are significantly better resourced that Celtic.  When Celtic entered this group, opposition from Spain, Italy and France ensured that expectations were never going to get wildly out of proportion.  Indeed, after Sion, defeat in Madrid and a solitary point at home to Udinese, many expectations were of an early exit.

But, after four games, Celtic have it all to play for.  Two solid performances against Rennes delivered four points and a big performance this evening would give Celtic an excellent chance of progressing to the business end of European football.

This is a test for a young and emerging Celtic team.  Don’t underestimate them….

Read the unofficial Celtic v Atletico Madrid programme here.

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  1. jinkyredstar cuts it back for Neil Lennon on

    Thanks Paul


    As soon as I post we get a new article!


    Anyway here goes again – is the game in any TV channel tonight



  2. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Anyone think the unpublished figures will show the hun trading illegally ?

  3. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Could some of you I T geeks (lol) C & P my post about D I S B to this page or tell me how to do it? HaiL HaiL

  4. The Battered Bunnet on

    After yesterday’s disappointment with Sky, I checked with Virgin Media who confirmed that the cable was not laid in the street, and have now moved on to BT:



    You are now connected with Stacie


    Stacie: Welcome to BT, the most complete broadband provider. My name is Stacie.


    Stacie: Can I please have your Telephone Number, Postal Code and House Number / Name to check availability?


    Bunnet: 0123 123 1234, number 123 G12 3AB


    Stacie: Thank you


    Stacie: How may I assist you with your order today?


    Bunnet: Is BT Vision available in my street?


    Stacie: One moment please.



    5 minutes later


    Bunnet: Hello?????


    Stacie: I’m just checking now



    5 minutes later


    Bunnet: Hello?????


    Stacie: I do apologise


    Stacie: Our website is down at the moment so i’m trying to check the line


    Bunnet: Doesn’t augur too positively for your Broadband…


    Stacie: I do apologise



    Pop out for lunch, return with lunch, eat lunch, drum fingers on desk….


    Bunnet: This isn’t going too well is it. Over 30 minutes for a simple question to be answered.


    Stacie: As I previously explained to you, the website is down at the moment – our speed checker is not working which means I cannot find out if Infinity is available at the moment. Are you able to come online in 30 minutes and it should be up; and running, if you ask for me – i’ll be happy to assist you


    Bunnet: hey ho

  5. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    my info wrong, just checked, tottenham on channel 5

  6. TBB



    At least they gave you a cracking and easy-to-remember phone number.



    Almost as easy to remember as the address Chandler gave Janice when he was pretending to move to Yemen to get away from her and she said she would write every day.

  7. The Pantaloon Duck on

    And here was me thinking that Philvis was leading the march…



    Paul – I am going to underestimate them. I may be in for a big disappointment otherwise. Glass half empty or just being realistic? Who knows? Looking forward to the game, though.

  8. time for change on

    There is no Old Firm



    Good luck to everyone who is out on strike today.



    Estadio. pleased to see your posts earlier today



    Anyone who watch the tackles in the Hamburg game last night can see why we must never agree to a friendly against Rangers anywhere!



    Good luck to Neil and the Bhoys tonight 2-0 I hope

  9. The Pantaloon Duck on

    Celtic_First says:


    30 November, 2011 at 13:25



    1 Yemen Street, Yemen City, Yemen?



    Just off to give Bunnet a call now,

  10. The Battered Bunnet on




    Not a chance. The expected accounts from Rangers are for the period to end June, a year that was profitable and cash positive.



    The accounts are almost irrelevant given what has emerged since, although they might shed some light on who owes what to whom in terms of the takeover.



    The only real issue is whether the accounts will reflect the liabilities to HMRC, or be qualified by the Auditors in any way. Previous Whyte companies have had Auditor caveats attached where adequate information was not provided and such like.



    The headlines in the Annual Report will be positive, but the details in the notes might provide some interest.

  11. Interesting team selection for Lenny tonight. He can’t go with the same starting 11 as Saturday as that would leave us too open to Athletico on the counter attack. We need to pack the midfield early on and try to nullify there main attacking threats, Diego and Reyes, if they play.


    4-1-4-1, Big Vic to pick up Diego and Mulgrew/Ledley to double up on Reyes. Stokes as the lone striker with Hooper and Sammi on the bench for later in the game.






    Matthews Loovens Majstorovic Mulgrew




    Forrest ——Ki—— Kayal——- Ledley





    Subs. Zaluska Hooper Samaras Cha K.Wilson Commons (if fit, if not McCourt) McGeoch



    2-1 Celtic

  12. The Pantaloon Duck – And here was me thinking that Philvis was leading the march…



    I haven’t led a march since that misunderstanding at the annual Moustache Parade in Edinburgh. (thumbsup)

  13. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    T P D



    I think Phils got a mole in Pauls office or he’s merried to his sister. lol To many 1st for my liking!!

  14. The Battered Bunnet on

    Philvis – That’ll be a ‘No’ then…



    C_F Yip, I’m halfway down Sandy Lane, opposite the Oasis.

  15. Br\o/gan R\o/gan Trevin\o/ and H\o/gan on

    From the previous thread





    Br\o/gan R\o/gan Trevin\o/ and H\o/gan says:



    30 November, 2011 at 13:25






    Of course you are a free man and entitled to your opinion.



    May I heartly thankyou for your “Drivel” and raise you a “Balderdash and Bunkum”.



    The argument is not about paying your taxes, but about the manner in which the banking structure now operates, the problems that has caused and the manner in which the Government is going about resolving the problems so created.



    Of course you pay your taxes, but of course the level of tax can be reduced in all sorts of ways by making use of the the appropriate tax breaks afforded to each and every one of us. One example is that you can reduce your personal tax by making contributions to your pension– whether in the private sector or no.



    let’s say you do that– you decide that you are going to increase your pension contributions and so reduce your tax. Then along comes the Government and says ” Now I know you funded the old pension by making voluntary contributions you ole freethinking libertarian you, but we are in a spot of bother and so i’m afraid you can’t get the pension when you thought you could and from now on you will have to pay in more, and at the end of the day you will in fact receive less than you bargained for because– well we need that money frankly!”



    But they don’t do that to every freethinking libertarian– just the freethinking libertarians in the private sector!!






    Beyond that we have the very nature of banking to consider. Recently, I had a meeting or two down at Canary Wharf to renew some facilities for a client. The bank were happy enough to provide the facilities in the main, but then we got around to talking about a secondary lender who was always going to rank behind the bank– so the bank always had first charge.



    This secondary lender had indictaed to my clients that it was in trouble financially and needed cash and so offered to discount the sum it was due to receive in 5 years by accepting 50p in the pound now instead.



    Seemed like a good deal to my guys, and so we put it to the bank. They could see the sense of it and so agreed to extend the facility to allow that debt to be paid. Interest was to be 5%, arrangement fee and legals had to be covered—- and oh just as an afterthought we want 50% of what you have saved by paying early!!!!!



    That 50% amounts to Hundreds of thousands of pounds. That 50% effectively takes the interest on the loan to something like 40% over 4 years. That 50%– it was explained— would make a big difference to the “bonus pot”!



    I know you may say it is a free economy but is this how we want banks to behave? They lend money, they charge a fair interest rate etc. That is a given. But this type of speculation, and profiteering simply makes them look greedy and of the Shylock variety.



    Yet it is not an uncommon position.



    I know of one Business guru type who has advised major clients never to deal with a certain High Street Bank again despite a 40 year history such was his anger at the terms for a facility suggested by the bank. When the company rejected the terms and funded their own needs through the Directors pension scheme the bank grovelled and begged not to lose the business but to no avail. I believe that the officer concerned was then sacked by the bank for cocking things up!



    It is that mentality which is putting people off the banking system and demanding change. It seems that the “bonus” culture is all powerful and all blinding. Successful business is all about helping me to help you to help me IMHO.



    In this instance the Government is dictating terms to the Public sector like a flatulent banker. There is nothing libertarian or freethinking about it.




  16. Atlético Madrid say they are going for the win tonight to get qualification taken care of so they can concentrate on the league (“You’re eleventh in La Liga …”).



    The excellent Diego and Arda Turan (super semmet man) are both likely starters, with Turan likely to present Adam Matthews with his toughest test yet. It will be interesting to see how he does. Good luck to our fine young Bhoyo on a tough evening after the death of Gary Speed.



    I think Adrián will be up front on his own to start because Falcao has had an injury. I have seen chat of them both starting.




    The Atlético boys seem to think it’s very cold in Glasgow.

  17. jinkyredstar cuts it back for Neil Lennon on



    Thank you for getting back – ko time did for me so the news that it is on at all means I will see some of it.


    I was there in 74 and if I had got onto the pitch near Ayala I would still be in jail!


    Hail hail

  18. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ – I think Phils got a mole in Pauls office or he’s merried to his sister.



    I haven’t been merry since the annual Moustache Rally in Edinburgh. (thumbsup)



    Br\o/gan R\o/gan Trevin\o/ and H\o/gan – In this instance the Government is dictating terms to the Public sector



    Yup. That’s their job. (thumbsup)

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