Test of credentials is coming


The nine-point lead we established over three months ago felt decisive.  Newco must have felt so too as they promptly sacked their manager.  It is a credit to both sides that the only points either have dropped since were to each other, they both reached the League Cup Final and are still in the Scottish Cup.

That self-satisfied feeling the top two in the table have is justified but it will soon shatter.  Ange and Michael Beale know the League Cup Final will be a major test of their credentials.  The date has loomed large in the calendar for weeks, so much so it will inevitably impact preparations for this weekend’s league games.

Ange has a decision to make regarding the fitness of Kyogo.  The player lasted 30 seconds against Newco in May before the same shoulder injury brought the earliest of retirements, costing Celtic their best chance of a win.  The manager is entitled to look to the rest of his squad to get the work done on Saturday, giving his top performer every chance of being ready for Hampden.

Form says we will beat Aberdeen and Newco will win at Livingston, but I’ve seen these ‘small’ games before a ‘big’ game go wrong too often.  There is a real chance the gap will deviate from 9 points before the cup final.

We want to arrive at Hampden without an ounce of fragility.  Open strongly against Aberdeen, score and pile the pressure on at the game taking place at the same time across in West Lothian.  Even if it means playing our Japanese superstar.

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  1. The spring you get from winning the League Cup is invaluable, but, the League is the gate to the riches, por cierto

  2. No No and thrice No



    Kyogo is a no Go



    We have the new bhoy Oh Oh



    Its enough to make your heart go ………..



    we will beat the sevco



    feck you rangers

  3. Reply to







    The rules for PPV mean that games kicking off at 3pm on a Saturday are not allowed to be broadcast via PPV.


    You really need to invest in IPTV.



    Hi Tom,


    How do I get this?




  4. 3 days since the Scottish Cup draw and we still don’t know when our game will be played.




  5. I demand to know today immediately when the fixture scheduled for 25 days from now will actually be played.



    I am a busy fellow you know and cannot abide this tardiness



    cmon along my good man, chop chop.







    oh right its just been announced, ok , em, fine, aye i know its in my hometown, but its along way from Holyrood to the gorgie. these things take a lot pf planning you know,



    anyways hot balls and rangers kicking off before us, ………….

  6. Prestonpans bhoys on

    I’ll being coming up from the lake district that Saturday so will probably miss it. No chance of a ticket anyway

  7. St Stivs



    Aipple kindly reposted the link at 12.22.



    She touches on those enslaved on the ‘irish isle’ in the carribean.and how their 2nd,3rd gen became slave handlers for ‘owners’.




  8. Play your best team. Play Kyogo from the start and give Oh more minutes.



    Score lots of goals from all parts of the park and bring on your attacking minded replacements when Kyogo and co have run the buggers into the ground.



    That’s our strategy. We won’t deviate in the next 2 games.



    If Kyogo, or anyone else, gets injured, we have replacements ready to step in.



    We never stop csc






    just pulling yir leg Tom, it was just funny how that little passage of blogging unfolded



    I’ll get you back 😎

  10. I think we should rest Kyogo for Saturday and give Oh a start. If Kyogo recovers well, then he gets a seat on the bench.



    You don’t repeat the previous mistake

  11. Kyogo, file under high risk.



    Am I right in thinking he went off 30 seconds into the rangers game we lost early last season ? with the shoulder injury ?



    dont risk any action for him, no matter if he wants to play or not, I read we won all 8 games he mossed when out last time, since then we have been scoring more and more from multiple positions, trust Jota, Abada, Oh and Maeda, even Jamesy for a scoring cameo.

  12. play our best centre that means Kyogo starts against the dons if fit, thems will target him in the final anyway so why hold him back for a week.

  13. Good afternoon, friends.


    Kyogo was injured in this season’s opening Glasgow Derby after only 17 seconds and had to go off. Big Gio led the line and we won 4 nil. Kyogo then missed our game a few days later against Real Madrid.

  14. I agree, P67. On the 12th November 2022, I went out and celebrated a league title that night, such was my confidence that our 9 point lead established earlier that day was a decisive lead.



    The danger with having done the job so early this season is that should we come up short in the cups, it may feel a bit underwhelming.



    The league though as we all know, is the be all and end all for domestic football.



    For me, we can approach these cup games with confidence and a little less pressure having already done the real business in the league.

  15. Back onto matters historical, and boring but distracting,



    I am looking at old maps and the boundaries of the plantation district, that then leads me onto looking at the east end for land ownership back then.



    Some little markers from around 1800.



    Crown point, so beloved of MM as the solution to Celtic PLC future property needs, is named due to a boundary marker to denote “the royalty” the area of a royal burgh in which privelages are given.


    Irony that it has St Mungos secondary on it now.



    You ever wonder why we have a Jeanfield street ?


    the old map has a Campbell Field and a Ann Field and a Bella Field.


    The top part of Abercromby street was previously know and WITCHES LOAN.



    And here is Jeanie herself –






    In 1758 Jean, junior (b 1727), was openly reprimanded in a newspaper advertisement for marrying without consulting her parents. This was the same year that the McNairs purchased the estate of Little Hill, off the Camlachie Road, which they renamed Jeanfield. By 1764 a two-storey house had been erected, designed to Jean’s specifications and noted as an architectural curiosity because of its irregular windows and “corkscrew” stairs. During the course of the 19th century “Jeanfield” became “Janefield”, and from 1847 part of its grounds formed a cemetery. In the 1880s Janefield also had the distinction of providing the first playing field for Celtic football club.




  16. Last i read on Kyogo, he’s injured, won’t make Saturday, possibly fit for the Cup Final…..

  17. pvh, jvoh, braheid, blinker, bobby petta, virgil, frimpong recently,



    cant think of anyone obvious missing

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