Test & Trace does not add up if you are Celtic


When Stuart Armstrong tested positive while on Scotland duty, Ryan Christie and two others in the squad were forced to isolate, missing important club games.  Christopher Jullien’s diagnosis led to the most extraordinary day in a Test and Trace lab in Scotland, resulting in 13 players forced to remain at home during the decisive stage of the season.

John Fleck’s diagnosis on Scotland duty resulted in no one being told to isolate.

I heard what happened in the lab when Jullien came in positive – the extraordinary focus on interpreting potential exposure.  I have seen photos from inside the plane journeys there and back – the extraordinary distances some forced to isolate were from source.

With media chat full of ‘Fergal Harkin for Celtic director of football’ speculation for months, you (and I) would be forgiven for thinking Man City’s Partnerships and Pathways (don’t ask me) manager was a serious candidate for the job.

Not so, I was assured last night.  And yes, I did let it be known that while getting the cream of the world’s talent to pitch up in sunny Glasgow can be a challenge, staying ahead of the game on persistent stories like this is easier.

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  1. Brilliant, insightful piece on the state of our club … oh wait, no.



    Brian Wilson is back doing the blogs by the looks of it. That’s good, focus on the priorities at hand.



    Onto what is unarguably the biggest issue we’re facing …



    To me this comes down to ONE question, and ONLY one question, and not a single person who has defended this decision has even ATTEMPTED to answer it.



    if this guy is so great how come he’s spent 25 years without an offer from a top flight European club?



    No-one can answer that. They can slag those of us who have our doubts all they want, but the vast industry of European football has taken a pass on this guy and they cannot argue against that except that Lawwell, the genius who hired Lennon twice, sees something no-one else does.



    It’s a ridiculous idea and this appointment is scandalous.

  2. Bhoyjoebelfast on



    Well,a full house at Dalymount.Great memories came flooding back from that game.

  3. If this guy is so great how come he’s spent 25 years without an offer from a top flight European club?






    Same could be said for all our managers for the past 25 years, if they were all so great, how come no big clubs came and poached them ?

  4. James Forrest



    Brian Wilson is a good writer and a good Celtic man.



    I have no idea if he is writing blogs but if he was, he’d be producing a better quality of prose than you or I.



    Why would a series of partial judgements on Covid isolation, from which our club suffered, not be one of your priorities?



    It does not have to be the top priority because it is written about.



    You yourself recently wrote a blog on the Role of a Celtic Blogger- do you think that is one of the club’s priorities or do you think that ignores the vast majority of the support who do not read or are even aware of blogs?



    Aff oot to wire a ceiling fitting now

  5. SAINT STIVS Turkey bhoy. Nice of you both to imagine things in Australia




    Facts are football here is a pastime



    Unlike Scotland , they are not that interested in it much



    Asked about 20 people in my work over last 2 days what they think about postecoglou and blank expressions of who ?



    Junior Football coaches here coach for the fun of it , they actually seem to know very little about the history of game , do it more of a fitness thing




    To be honest can’t ever think of anybody talking about anything to do with football and work in health care in city




    Just trying to give you honest info from Sydney on this guy and spin coming from a few usual sources that he is a national hero , he is not as very few here have heard of him




    Just trying to give honest feedback from Australia No need to be abusive




    Be interested to hear from Melbourne mick as it’s Melbourne postecoglou is from




    So far it seems he is not even a household name even in his own household

  6. SAINT STIVS on 2ND JUNE 2021 12:09 PM



    ‘Same could be said for all our managers for the past 25 years, if they were all so great, how come no big clubs came and poached them ?’






    Some of them had top flight managerial experience, some were just starting out in their managerial carers.



    The concern about this guy is that he’s been in management a long time but has never attracted interest from any big hitters.



    It’s a valid observation.

  7. ERNIE LYNCH I think a major reason that postecoglou has been overlooked in Europe is his seemly mike basset view on man management that info is quite easily found out with a bit of due diligence

  8. Can I just say, I am glad, Paul67, that you are still prepared to run CQN, after all the bile directed at you, day after day.



    I was thinking for a while that a lot of these “Celtic supporters” probably booed Fergus McCann, never mind Peter Lawwell, and rubbished Neil Lennon.



    I wonder how long they would have supported Celtic if they had had to go through the 50s and early 60s. Would they have appreciated what the 65 Final meant to each and every Celtic supporter?



    Do they ever experience joy or happiness watching Celtic? I DO hope so.

  9. I had the pleasure of working on a few Labour General Election campaigns to elect Brian Wilson from 1987 in Cunninghame North.



    He is a gentleman, a scholar, a great Celtic man and an all round good guy.



    “Bigoted, sectarian attitudes are buried deep in Scottish society, That is a problem worthy of a Scottish Government’s attention.”



    A sentiment that he has repeated time after time.

  10. Parkheadcumsalford on 2nd June 2021 12:19 pm





    Well said.




  11. JF



    To me this comes down to ONE question, and ONLY one question, and not a single person who has defended this decision has even ATTEMPTED to answer it.





    It may not be true , you wouldn’t want our esteemed custodians answering stupid stories from media (all forms) every time one pops up …

  12. Some random thoughts, in no particular order



    Having met with Brian Wilson, I found him intelligent and engaging. A fine man.


    The Huddleboard thread sounds bizarre. I’m not sure what it achieves.


    We are becoming good at stating who is not coming, and providing reasons as to why this is a positive. I’d far rather we were taking about who is coming in.



    Tomorrow, it will be 100 days since Neil Lennon left Celtic. To defend our inability to replace him since appears foolhardy.

  13. Sydney Tim,



    My boss is Australian, of Germanic descent, he talks all sports all the time, his 2 bhoys are signed for Aussie Rules teams and they also play soccer, he knows who Celtic are, allthough he has a sweetspot for Bayern and knows who this manager is.



    My opposite number for AP region is in Sydney, funny enough, he is of Bosnian parentage. He talks soccer all the time, he knows who Ange is.



    I have 2 scots cousins in Newcastle and a town on the edge of Blue mountains, they both whatapped me as soon as Ange was mentioned, and both think enough of him that they say it can work.



    I think it is purely co-incidental, that everytime you want to talk football with the locals, nobody is interested.

  14. Celtic need to demand an inquiry into the test policy and procedures – but they won’t! See res 12 , referee performances and disciplinary panel as examples – we are a doormat in Scotland and the media men know how to manipulate fans views.



    Celtic needs Fergus, McNeil, Stein types to stand up for the club – we are losing our soul and our self respect!

  15. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    The double standards are outrageous. Our club has been passive. As always. Neutered by the 5WA?



    Harkin? Don’t know, don’t care about his credentials. I do know it’s 2 June and we are precisely nowhere.

  16. If our new CEO can emulate Peter Lawwell and lead the club to 29 honours, he will be a revelation….won’t he?



    If our new manager can emulate Neil Lennon and win eleven major honours, he will be a great success…won’t he?



    I know very little about Dominic McKay, and was not Neil’s greatest fan in management – but the above assumptions are reasonable to make….aren’t they?

  17. SAINT STIVS on 2ND JUNE 2021 12:10 PM


    “Podium chasers were on their marks ”



    Excuse me, I resemble that remark! :)) por cierto

  18. Brian Wilson, Eric Riley and Bobo Balde sat behind me on their way to Manchester that night we got beat 3-2.



    The drinks trolley came down for the very short flight, Eric asked if they wanted anything.


    Coffee and water was ordered, it came to something like £6.



    The bold Brian said, get a receipt for the expense claim.



    I thought , I should just pay for it , cut out the middle man.




  19. Rolling_Stone on

    “Cream of the World’s talent”



    I see this and similar phrases used to describe our search for players, managers, DOF etc. Always in context of how they would never come to Scotland.



    However, no one is advocating or expects that level of personnel at Celtic. Similarly, the choice is not between the world’s best and people like Ronny and Neil. There is a wide spectrum of skill and quality in-between those positions that we should be aiming for.



    Just more misdirection.

  20. Paul67


    I posted the story yesterday and I noticed 1 additional comment relating to the story – so no appetite on here for it.

  21. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Those were my exact thoughts when I read last night that the rest of the squad tested negative and none would isolate. Flexible rules once again. I suppose it depends who you are.



    Harken – it’s a fine line. Celtic would need to employ someone full time if they were refute all the crap published in the SMSM. A willingness to extinguish crap could also encourage more as the response provides more click-bait.

  22. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “while getting the cream of the world’s talent to pitch up in sunny Glasgow can be a challenge”




    Obviously changed times since this:




    Some weeks ago I heard Peter Lawwell talk about the difficulty of landing a top tier manager in our current environment, however, he finished with a positive “But we are Celtic”. People want to come here; managers, players, even tourists. For all the Scottish game’s limits, we are Celtic, let’s not forget.




    Well Australia is sunnier than Japan, and Japan than Glasgow…


    Players and managers will look at many things when deciding on a new destination. I reckon weather would be pretty far down the list with most.


    Show them vision and ambition and you will have made a good start. That’s what we fail to do.

  23. SAINT STIVS Indeed the Eastern European Aussie’s and uk Irish aussies talk football



    But none in my work



    Some good videos to watch to understand it would be the age of Agne about postecoglou and he himself Talks about the minority who supported the world game



    Another interesting video would be Johnny warrens football mission The fight this guy has to bring the world game to the fore front



    Again , it’s only the minority who interested in football here and such as a minority who know who postecoglou is

  24. UNCLE JIMMY on 2ND JUNE 2021 12:30 PM



    Tomorrow, it will be 100 days since Neil Lennon left Celtic. To defend our inability to replace him since appears foolhardy.




    I’d rather it was 100 days looking for the right manager, than 100 days since we appointed the wrong one.



    We will get there. Will it be in time to ‘make a fist’ of next season….I have grave doubts.

  25. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Covid-19 testing.



    Rules being applied unequally.



    Plain and simple.



    Paul – what’s the endgame here?



    Good post earlier today on DS Craig Melrose who called us “puddle drinkers”



    Name added to roll of shame



    – Samuel Johnstone


    – Derek McWhinnie


    – Ross Fowler


    – Craig Melrose



    Laws of the land.



    Rules being applied unequally.



    Plain and simple.

  26. quadrophenian on

    IMO – especially on here – so many folk confuse and equate being cynical with being smart. Not always true.



    MELBMICK had a gut-full of the negative narrative dominating this channel; his patter was usually cheery.



    I’m in MELB and most the guys I know – AFL fans – do know Ange (as most have a side interest in the A-League and certainly the national fitba team). He was loved at Roar and Victory which has the biggest support in the city. I’m part of an multi-cultural O45s team and all know Ange v well.



    Soccer is the 3rd biggest participation sport in AUS. Not AFL or Rugby League. Hardly minority interest stuff.



    As John Lennon mighta sung: ‘All we are saying – is give P a chance!’

  27. timmy7_noted on

    The continual bitching and moaning about test and trace might actually carry some weight if those in charge of the club commented on it rather than leaving it to a unionist blogger.



    Spineless useless wage thieves.




    Indeed Melbourne is a massive sporting city and fans flock to watch sports



    A little less in Sydney. Hence my lack


    Of responses regarding postecoglou

  29. Belligerent Activism once more on show on here with a piece of unsubstantiated & maliicious gossip being used to smear Brian Wilson…dear oh dear!

  30. No doubt this season as so important for the supremacists to justify their existence there was bat s$%# crazy dishonesty or, worse, institutional bias at all levels. Why? Because we are perceived as Catholic and Irish. And people, it appears even in powerful, respected positions are abusing said power.



    The immediate response to this is “but what have they done about it? ”



    That suggests a failure to recogonise how sleekit some still are regarding us and the lengths they’ll go to cover for each other.



    Liquidation dented a lot more than their ‘visable’ supporters’ egos.

  31. Garngad to Croy on

    There is one way to avoid the selective powers of the Test ‘n Trace app , that is don’t download it or delete it. We are at the mercy of some Hun in an Orange anorak !

  32. squire danaher on




    Fair point



    So apart from Paul keeping the issue alive in here as a squirrel, what are Celtic doing about it???

  33. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    If only Chelsea had gone to Dubai in January (and taken an injured player with them) instead of replacing a failing manager with a far better one they might have salvaged something from their season!

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