Test & Trace does not add up if you are Celtic


When Stuart Armstrong tested positive while on Scotland duty, Ryan Christie and two others in the squad were forced to isolate, missing important club games.  Christopher Jullien’s diagnosis led to the most extraordinary day in a Test and Trace lab in Scotland, resulting in 13 players forced to remain at home during the decisive stage of the season.

John Fleck’s diagnosis on Scotland duty resulted in no one being told to isolate.

I heard what happened in the lab when Jullien came in positive – the extraordinary focus on interpreting potential exposure.  I have seen photos from inside the plane journeys there and back – the extraordinary distances some forced to isolate were from source.

With media chat full of ‘Fergal Harkin for Celtic director of football’ speculation for months, you (and I) would be forgiven for thinking Man City’s Partnerships and Pathways (don’t ask me) manager was a serious candidate for the job.

Not so, I was assured last night.  And yes, I did let it be known that while getting the cream of the world’s talent to pitch up in sunny Glasgow can be a challenge, staying ahead of the game on persistent stories like this is easier.

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  1. Celtic fans, welcome to our nightmare.






    If it’s Kennedy I will smirk at those who have laid up for STs with not a thought for another way of registering complaint. The board only concern is revenue. Deny them that they listen. STs are a huge bonus because they hold fans loyalty to ransom…let the plc prove themselves https://twitter.com/Gastro_Celtic/status/1399969133811339265

  2. Remember in 2012 the board apologists on here told us to give the board time with Res 12 and they will speak out, they also accused us of being a hun or a troll.



    Can the same board apologists be man enough now and apologise to us?



    The same board apologists are still walking about in a trance, when will they wake up and start to question this boards motives?

  3. glendalystonsils on

    I remember when this blog was almost completely free of the gratuitous, snide or patronising remark .

  4. Stivs


    Never had a problem with Brian Wilson or questioned his integrity, as pet your receipts story. He’s not the problem. But neither it seems, is he the solution.






    I was not questioning his integrity, he has every right to make the claim if it is allowed, I just thought, 3 millionaires sitting on a plane and they wont pay for a drink.



    Has he ever uttered anything about Anti-catholic bigotory in Scotland , ever ?

  5. Kennedy worked with Rodgers who wanted to take him to leicester.



    Jf blogger is mental. Scoops up a few twitter comments and puts out crap.

  6. Martim



    “Yes losing 10 nightmare- but the blog reads like a crazy house the last week”



    Given that we lost the league by 25 points last season, have no permanent manger, have lost our captain and have a few players out of contract, what would you expect the blog to be discussing?



    Genuine question, by the way.

  7. Some people like to moan, some even make a living out of it.



    Either way it’s not healthy.



    Good luck 😉

  8. UNCLE JIMMY on 2ND JUNE 2021 2:19 PM



    Fried chicken recipes.



    Good luck 😉

  9. garygillespieshamstring on

    Is anyone saying Harkin was never an option?


    Not offering him the job isn’t the same as saying he was never an option.



    Howe was an option, was offered the job and strung us along, which is what I expected from the outset.


    Possibly discussions with Harkin but a decision made not to offer him a post. Doesn’t mean he wasn’t an option.



    As for Howe, maybe a case of damned if you do and damned if you don’t. If Celtic hadn’t made him an offer because he wouldn’t sign on at the time, people would possibly have been saying he didn’t take the job because Celtic pissed about or that they didn’t try hard enough to meet what he wanted.



    He asked for assurances about staff and for time to confirm. Both were granted, presumably because Celtic were keen to get him and thought he was wanting to come. Turns out he was keeping his options open. This year’s Frazer Forster moment.



    Sadly, the reality is top players and coaches don’t want to come to Scotland unless it is a last resort. they are trying to make a start with a view to moving on or are trying to rebuild a career after a slump.



    Is Ange going to be a success if he comes? Mibbes aye or naw. If the alternatives are Jack Ross, yogi Hughes, John Kennedy or Owen coyle’s current pick, I’d rather we tried something different. However time will tell.


    I’ll be back next year if we are allowed in and supporting the manager whoever it is.



    Celts for change 2021’s stated mission to disrupt Celtic’s business as much as possible and attempt to organise a season ticket boycott has persuaded me to renew earlier than normal.

  10. UNCLE JIMMY on 2ND JUNE 2021 2:19 PM



    Seriously, some posters were saying the same thing every hour, as if seeking some sort of validation. Not everyone will agree with you, those who don’t won’t suddenly agree if you post it 24 times. It appeared to be madness, crazy, lunacy.

  11. IniquitousIV on

    So Lawwell’s reasoned justification for a managerial appointment has gravitated, in 2 short years, from:


    “He knows Glasgow,”




    “He doesn’t know Glasgow.”

  12. Oeter Larchfordsbelly @ 2.03



    “I guess the well off guys can then sit in judgment of non-renewers who don’t meet their ‘true fan’ criterion.”





    Have you ever seen a post on here condemning people who do not renew SBs because they cannot afford to?



    I have to say it has escaped my notice.

  13. glendalystonsils on

    One of the justifications PL gave for the ‘shower’ appointment of Lenny was ‘he knows the city’ .



    He wasn’t talking about geography or the best places to eat out .

  14. Sutton1888



    “Remember in 2012 the board apologists on here told us to give the board time with Res 12 and they will speak out, they also accused us of being a hun or a troll.



    Can the same board apologists be man enough now and apologise to us?”





    Are you an us now? Congratulations on your pregnancy!

  15. St. Stivs



    “Has he ever uttered anything about Anti-catholic bigotory in Scotland , ever ?”



    I posted this not long ago on the blog in answer to the same accusation.



    Brian Wilson from 2018






    In an article dealing with anti- Gaelic language prejudice, it contains this paragraph:-



    “It was appropriate that this appeared on the same day as a report which dismantled the idea that Scotland is less racist than other parts of the UK. One reason for this delusion, it suggested, is that anti-Catholic bigotry has been classified as “sectarianism” rather than racism, where it belongs.

  16. I’m very much a ” bored apologist”…….. :)



    stuck in my scratcher following a knee arthroscopy………bored out my nut


    and Celtic no’ helpin’ matters!




  17. I have a mate in Melbourne who has been playing and coaching over there since the early 80’s.



    I emailed him to ask him about Ange.


    He played against him quite a bit and said that he did OK with Australian national squad. But he can’t see what he has achieved to merit being linked with us.

  18. timmy7_noted on

    bankiebhoy1 on 2nd June 2021 2:51 pm



    Stuck in bed after an arthroscopy? Ya big saftie I would have been out on my bike by the afternoon :-)



    Joking aside I’ve had numerous knee surgeries over the years generally arthroscopy is a doddle.

  19. Ancelotti shocked Everton by walking out yesterday. Late afternoon today, they’ve begun talks with a possible replacement as they clearly see the urgency of getting the vacancy filled.



    We’ve been without a manager since February and some still wonder why people on here are being a bit “negative”.

  20. celtic40me on 2nd June 2021 2:06 pm








    “You may be right , but I suspect it’s more complex than that.”





    No shizz Sherlock



    This is why people leave and don’t post on here.


    Also the pointless attacks on the host.


    This blog is his, if you don’t like it bugger off

  21. JHB on 2ND JUNE 2021 12:59 PM


    Belligerent Activism once more on show on here with a piece of unsubstantiated & maliicious gossip being used to smear Brian Wilson…dear oh dear!



    still laughin at you.


    Brian Wilson and Labour/new marketed labour done what exactly to stop anti catholic


    sectarianism? zero,nothing or nowt.


    is Brian not a member of that “commie” party?


    You are one confused poster.all over the place with your union first brexit nonsense.


    nearly as funny as your football post.


    run along now,has George not got some potential working class candidate to undermine now politically he is a tory chatel.

  22. glendalystonsils on

    MARKIEBHOY on 2ND JUNE 2021 3:47 PM



    Yep , no wonder the blog has taken a nosedive with this sort of nonsense .

  23. Go tell the Spartim on

    Martim1980 @ 12.59



    At last a post if yours I wholeheartedly agree with. We were never gonna win the ten

  24. The tabloid that shall not be named linking us with Rui Faria now. Not sure how true that is but certainly an interesting name….