Test & Trace does not add up if you are Celtic


When Stuart Armstrong tested positive while on Scotland duty, Ryan Christie and two others in the squad were forced to isolate, missing important club games.  Christopher Jullien’s diagnosis led to the most extraordinary day in a Test and Trace lab in Scotland, resulting in 13 players forced to remain at home during the decisive stage of the season.

John Fleck’s diagnosis on Scotland duty resulted in no one being told to isolate.

I heard what happened in the lab when Jullien came in positive – the extraordinary focus on interpreting potential exposure.  I have seen photos from inside the plane journeys there and back – the extraordinary distances some forced to isolate were from source.

With media chat full of ‘Fergal Harkin for Celtic director of football’ speculation for months, you (and I) would be forgiven for thinking Man City’s Partnerships and Pathways (don’t ask me) manager was a serious candidate for the job.

Not so, I was assured last night.  And yes, I did let it be known that while getting the cream of the world’s talent to pitch up in sunny Glasgow can be a challenge, staying ahead of the game on persistent stories like this is easier.

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  1. RT @StJohnstone St Johnstone’s season ticket general sale will be going live tomorrow! Yes, we will be accepting glory hunters 👀 #SJFC

  2. is that Brian “what did the snp expect in George Sq” Wilson



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    Aye, but he’s recovering from covid, a bad injury and he’ll be fine when he’s err, fit.

  6. Can’t see many huns cheering on this team, full of Tims.


    Marshall, Robertson, Hendry, Tierney, Christie, Armstrong, MacGregor, Turnbull, Forrest . . .

  7. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Brilliant two new kebab shops and three charity shops.



    How are you and the good lady doing

  8. fanadpatriot on

    Information for our supporters in Wishaw & District .


    New pet shop opened on high street ,owner a big Celtic man and as an aside he may sing you a song also 👍🇮🇪

  9. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on




    Great lady who always asked me for help in work LOL