Textbook away performance, Brand Britain


I was a bit annoyed at BT’s halftime analysis which suggested Celtic were more than fortunate to be level at that stage.  Salzburg had just enjoyed their best 15 minute period of the game, but, from beginning to end, Celtic’s performance was a textbook lesson on how to play away from home in Europe.  We took our chances and drew our defensive line well in front of our box.  This is how it’s done.

Were you as comfortable as I was during the final minutes last night?

Having watched the performance against Aberdeen on Saturday, when we bossed the game but were penned back when, with two debutants and a returning Scott Brown in the team, the legs faded in the last 30 minutes, I expected the same to happen last night.

Instead, Scott’s goal arrived on 60 minutes, which infused Celtic legs with adrenalin.  This was the crucial moment of the game.  We conceded that fabulous goal from Soriano during the final 30 minutes, but this was also our best period of the game.  Wakaso (who is a player, b.t.w.) ran himself into the ground – literally.  Brown, Johansen, Izaguirre and Ambrose all covered enormous areas of the pitch.

Instead of going through turmoil in the closing stages, we saw Salzburg drop deep, acknowledging the clear danger they could concede for a third time.

The one obvious question is, how did we pick Craig Gordon up for free?

Brand Britain

Brand Britain is damaged. Last night’s vote was a high water mark for independence, so far, but the demographic breakdown suggests support for change is strongest among the young. If the three major UK parties have any intention of maintaining the status quo they need to indulge in considerable Nation Building.

The football business in Britain is in the hands of two closed-shop cartels, one in England and Wales [controlled by the affluent], and one in Scotland [controlled by the unambitious]. This arrangement has disenfranchised Scottish football and drains our economy of tens of millions of pounds per year. It is a clear manifestation of second class status for Scotland and our economy, which is unacceptable for anyone who considers the UK to be one nation.

Politicians with an interest in pushing the buttons of the people, should use this time to call this arrangement out for what it is.

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  1. ernie lynch



    Do the club ever get involved in anything that involves standing up for what’s right ?

  2. So Ernie – apart from the sweeping generalisations, you just don’t know do you. Because it doesn’t.



    Whether you like it or not Ernie, what I have read from you on here is New Labour. That’s up to you, but it isn’t Class consciousness.



    That’s me and you done on politics Ernie. Well, I am anyway.



    You deserve a knighthood for services to UK Socialism!




  3. Sandman



    16:41 on 19 September, 2014



    SFA accuse Tonev of using racist language. Heard it all the way from Ogilvie Towers apparently. Or they must have had a dug beside the pitch.



    Actually the truth is they were using state-of-the-art microphones supplied by Pat Nevin.

  4. If the present state of evidence remains as it is in the Tonev:Logan case then the investigation will consist of two questions before a verdict is reached.



    “Tonev, did you REALLY not say that as you claim you didn’t?”



    “Logan did you REALLY hear that as you claim you did?”



    If no one changes their version, no verdict is reached.



    It will be a trial for show rather than a show trial.

  5. RobertTressell



    “How has the No vote enabled Scottish Socialists to better fight for workers in England?”



    I could turn that back on you Robert and ask just how a YES vote might have helped the workers in England?


    I think the seismic events of the whole debate have hopefully awakened the notion amongst the workers all across the island to just what is possible. But they may need to look for ways of helping themselves too.

  6. Joe



    WeeEck can’t resist the cameras – today should have been about Scotland trying to come together after a pretty divisive referendum but no -the international press were about to check out of Edinburgh and WeeEck just had to get his big mug back on the telly!



    Is he trying to deflect from the fact that his ten year campaign funded and supported by some of the most right wing people in the country Murdoch, Souter, Grossart et al has been rejected by the Scottish people ?


    Notice he tries hard to portray himself almost Martin Luther King like – possessing a dream!


    Always good for a laugh was Eck! He certainly slaved away in all those 5 star hotels on his jaunts around the planet that he is reluctant to let us all know about!


    Heard some guy talk about how Eck and Osborne could get on like a house on fire!


    No surprise there then since he so admired Thatcher’s economic policy!


    But that was before he worked out he needed all those left wing votes for his referendum!




  7. lennon’s passion



    If you don’t like the “guff” then stay away from the site. You sure as the Yes vote lost won’t be missed.

  8. lennon n mc….mjallby – thank you! He’s got a great pair of lungs on him, if the Green Brigade need any help making noise. (thumbsup)



    johnnyclash – Keep an eye on Humza Yousaf



    Two eyes.



    “That money was just resting in my account!” – Fr. Ted. (thumbsup)

  9. lennon's passion on

    ernie lynch



    16:55 on 19 September, 2014



    Wee referendum story for you. Went into vote yesterday the lady doing the meeting and greeting for the no campaign is a well know in my town for being in the OO.Her and her family recently got Orange walks into our area after years of none. As I walked in she said Hello to me and my boy. Without breaking stride I said to her. “Have us Catholics to go home or vote to stay in the union”. Look on her face was priceless.

  10. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Croppybhoy. Good post fella sums him up for me.He has one interest and that is self interest.H.H.

  11. RobertTressell



    16:58 on 19 September, 2014



    It could all have been so easy.



    A yes vote and socialism in one country.



    If only, if only.

  12. Wee Ernie.



    The Wee Deputy comes out of the campaign in a stronger position than she went into it.



    She will be the next First Minister. Live with it.



    ; )

  13. Scotland said no, Glasgow said yes, any chance of an independent city state ?



    Sad to see Eck go he added something to Scottish politics and was not part of the establishment.



    He took on the Westminster hegemony and lost the independence vote because the majority of the people of Scotland feared to go it alone.



    Thankfully a new generation has been mobilised to carry on the good and noble fight for self determination.



    Now watch Westminster argue and fudge on their promises for more powers

  14. We were lucky last night. Our midfield was outnumbered and easily passed through.


    The manager doesn’t seem to lean from his mistakes, 4-2-4 in an away game is crazy stuff.


    I’m still waiting to see the revolutionary high tempo game, though it’s early days.


    Positives were Wakaso, Gordon, VVD and Deyaner and the fact we didn’t fall apart goalwise when they equalised.

  15. lennon's passion on




    17:03 on 19 September, 2014



    Ooh you will be getting wee brownie points fromMr 67 well done . Give me a shout when you take your head out the sand.

  16. Hi trying to buy tickets on line for the Motherwell game I want to print them at home but it seems that it won’t let me for some reason Getting to the stage where I’m going to give up


    Anybody else have problems with this



  17. JohnnyClash



    17:05 on 19 September, 2014



    I couldn’t care less who the next leader of the nats is going to be.



    And to be honest I’d be surprised if anyone on here is bothered either way.



    There’s no nats on here.

  18. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    When do the new powers arrive?


    After universal credit has beeen rolled out, talking about another two years there: after dla has completely gone and replaced by pip, talking 2017 there too..



    labour have said they will continue with the austerity cuts. What does that do for the poor of this united kingdom?

  19. ernie lynch



    13:50 on 19 September, 2014


    Just a wee thought to cheer folk up.



    I wonder how Christine Graham is feeling today.



    A belter Ernie, one of your best!




  20. Philvis



    Did you get teenage kicks?



    I’m sure you did.



    I did.



    I think!




  21. Robert



    No means we stay as the United Kingdom


    All the material benefits that the working class in our country currently enjoy were won by the efforts of the Briitish Labour Party and TU movement


    If all those who protest their concern about the poor really mean then surely they will be out tonight joining a political party that they think can promote policies that they want to see implemented in our country


    None of the benefits that ordinary people enjoy were the result of the SNP


    Nationalist have no interest in making the current system work because they want to break it up


    They will follow whatever populist policies they deem fit to promote their cause


    If the SNP are so concerned about social justice and inclusion and if Scots are so keen to pay higher taxes to pay for these policies – why have they not raised Council Tax for so long – at a time when austerity cuts are hitting ordinary people hard?


    Simply because they want to stay popular in Scotland by keeping taxes down and blaming London for all our ills




  22. setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox but saying no to CQN racists


    16:55 on


    19 September, 2014


    johann murdoch and Syd Negakev



    I am surprised how few of you recall the Mel Brooks remake of “To Be or Not to Be”.



    Mel could never leave a slapstick gag or a knob joke untouched.




    I thought Young Frankenstein was his finest hour -the excellent camera work-the sense of pathos and film noir-the method acting and of course the knob jokes!


    “my goodness you must have been the biggest boy in your class”-Gene Hackman as the blind hermit

  23. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    The black dog that shall be nameless belonged to Guy Gibson,not Douglas Bader



    DBBIA/Sir Arthur Harris CSC

  24. thebhoywithmcgraininhisside on




    16:38 on 19 September, 2014



    I doubt anyone on here is advocating for an organic nation-state, where the weak and the different are weeded out in favour of the hegemony. So whilst I applaud the clever wordsmithery of your “national socialist” quip it is nevertheless none too bright.



    I understand the socialist arguments both for and against Scottish Independence. Some see it as a chance to forge a better society within Scottish borders, which if/ when successful would help the working class in the rest of the uk organise in order to improve their own lot. Basically they would ask of the London elite, if the too poor and too stupid Scots can do it we demand the same or better, or we’ll get someone who will.



    Whilst others see a Scots/ England border as a further artifical divide of the working class on these islands. This is exactly what the ruling elites want as it makes it that much harder for the working class as a whole to organise and so it is left weaker.



    I don’t know if I subscribe to either argument. However, I do know that things are easier to organise on the whole when they are smaller. Larger movements lead inevitably to larger bureaucracies. Michel points out that this stifles democracy, leads to rule by cliques, elites and eventually oligarcy.



    Michel of course ended up a National Socialist. In his defence, I suppose if your life’s work leads you to the inescapable conclusion that all systems of government lead to tyranny, you might decide to support a tyrant because at least he’s being honest. Bet he regretted that particular decision though.



    I’ll leave you with a thought from the much neglected philospher Ferris Bueller:



    Not that I condone fascism, or any -ism for that matter. -Ism’s in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, “I don’t believe in Beatles, I just believe in me.”

  25. tallybhoy – I used to.



    It’s middle aged kicks now. :(



    Pipe & Slippers Monthly made me their latest centrefold.




  26. thanks from me to those who voted – the world was watching Scotland and you did it proud, today is the first day of scotland

  27. As an observer, I’m amazed that the No voters are continuing to taunt their defeated opponents. I’m not calling ye No guys Huns but that type of coat trailing is a Hunnish trait, that Catholics in the 6 Counties have had to endure for decades. Why are ye doing it?Ye won the vote, ye have the type of country ye want, surely the sensible thing to do is to extend the hand of friendship and reconciliation. Keep this up and ye will certainly poison this site for all of us.

  28. Dontbrattbakkinanger



    You are quite correct. I had the wrong air ace.



    Bader’s dog was a poodle called fluffy. Easy mistake.

  29. blantyretim:



    I’ll be down the Smiddy and the Dolphin tonight if you change your mind. Are you able to get out tomorrow?

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