Textbook away performance, Brand Britain


I was a bit annoyed at BT’s halftime analysis which suggested Celtic were more than fortunate to be level at that stage.  Salzburg had just enjoyed their best 15 minute period of the game, but, from beginning to end, Celtic’s performance was a textbook lesson on how to play away from home in Europe.  We took our chances and drew our defensive line well in front of our box.  This is how it’s done.

Were you as comfortable as I was during the final minutes last night?

Having watched the performance against Aberdeen on Saturday, when we bossed the game but were penned back when, with two debutants and a returning Scott Brown in the team, the legs faded in the last 30 minutes, I expected the same to happen last night.

Instead, Scott’s goal arrived on 60 minutes, which infused Celtic legs with adrenalin.  This was the crucial moment of the game.  We conceded that fabulous goal from Soriano during the final 30 minutes, but this was also our best period of the game.  Wakaso (who is a player, b.t.w.) ran himself into the ground – literally.  Brown, Johansen, Izaguirre and Ambrose all covered enormous areas of the pitch.

Instead of going through turmoil in the closing stages, we saw Salzburg drop deep, acknowledging the clear danger they could concede for a third time.

The one obvious question is, how did we pick Craig Gordon up for free?

Brand Britain

Brand Britain is damaged. Last night’s vote was a high water mark for independence, so far, but the demographic breakdown suggests support for change is strongest among the young. If the three major UK parties have any intention of maintaining the status quo they need to indulge in considerable Nation Building.

The football business in Britain is in the hands of two closed-shop cartels, one in England and Wales [controlled by the affluent], and one in Scotland [controlled by the unambitious]. This arrangement has disenfranchised Scottish football and drains our economy of tens of millions of pounds per year. It is a clear manifestation of second class status for Scotland and our economy, which is unacceptable for anyone who considers the UK to be one nation.

Politicians with an interest in pushing the buttons of the people, should use this time to call this arrangement out for what it is.

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  1. The little Millipede is backing away from his “vow” already; scurrying back under his stone. Another detestable scumbag. You’ve got what you voted NO for already!


    Horrible wee carpetbagger.

  2. Ghuys



    First round in the taking the piss and kicking any change into the long grass:



    Miliband: Debate needed



    Posted at 15:29


    Ed Miliband signals that he will not sign up to the prime minister’s plan to give more power to the Scottish Parliament at the same time as trying to agree new powers for English MPs.


    While accepting the need for reforms, the Labour leader says that he wants a process of debate to begin before the general election but – crucially – he calls for a constitutional convention to finalise reform to happen later, in the autumn of 2015.


    David Cameron had earlier said changes to address the so-called English question – to allow English MPs the same powers over England-only legislation that the devolved parliament and assemblies will have in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast – “must take place in tandem with, and at the same pace as, the settlement for Scotland”.






    So there you have it 9 hours after the vote , shocking contempt.

  3. BRTH



    From previous.



    For me, personally I happy to remain a bit of a loner in all things, an independent with no affiliation to any party, leader or pet cause.



    In my head a capitalist.


    In my heart a socialist


    In my soul an anarchist.






    Budgey over big ghuy. That’s kinda my perch too!!



    Let’s make sure petec doesn’t misread the last bit or he’ll be arranging an exorcism for us both.



    Still feel beyond sh0!te today.



    HH jamesgang

  4. As for last night’s game, overall I was quite happy.


    Salzburg were the top seeds in our group. Earlier this year they demolished 3-0, in Amsterdam, the same Ajax team that finished above us in last season’s CL Group.


    They are nobody’s mugs.


    We emerged with a point in what is likely to be our hardest test in the EL Group stages.


    For now, I am content with that.


    We are still a team in transition and have to expect a few teething problems.


    I think we have to trust RD for now.




  5. DBBIA and philvis



    I once saw a fillum where a dog with wee legs ran the full length of a runway and caught up with a plane preparing for take off, before leaping an impossible distance to get on the speeding plane just as it left the ground.



    It is the one and only time that I have ever seen a Cinema audience burst into spontaneous applause.



    Mind you I have never attended a screening of Braveheart during an SNP conference, or The Triumph of The Will at Ibrox.




    P.S. Any guesses as to the film with the dog and the plane, that I am talking about?

  6. ‘After his defeat in Thursday’s independence referendum, Alex Salmond is facing a significant backlash after barring several newspapers and trying to handpick other reporters for his post-referendum press conference at his official residence, Bute House.



    The Scottish government – which is back in charge of the first minister’s official business now the referendum is over, has decided to exclude Scottish political staff based at Holyrood from three newspapers, the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Express from his post-independence referendum.



    Salmond’s advisers also sought to hand-pick the journalist who represents the Guardian at that event. The Guardian has refused to attend.’





  7. vinniethedog – Au contraire, mon frere. There have been many of the canine persuation in the world of football:



    * Doggie Vipond


    * Johan Crufts


    * Pickles, the Jules Rimet trophy finding mutt


    * John Greig




  8. Mncelt



    Thanks, a Heap..pal..



    N..when Ah said THAT.. Ah wiz Being Sincere.



    As Ah hiv Doffed Ma .. Usual…



    Yellow n Red Striped Beanie..wi’ the Purple Propeller oan Toap.. fur Ma ..Staid n Propah… Sunday ,Go tae Meeting… Homburg.




    The Part aboot… the “Movement of Players/Player ..AFF the Ba.”.. ye….well… Imparted…



    Is Interesting.



    Do you think that the Celtic Coaching team.. Know Aboot This Stuff?



    N..that they , Actually.. TEACH it?



    Frankly.. If They Dae Dae.. then.. They coulda Fooled Me!



    Ah hiv always Maintained..like you hiv echoed..



    “Fitba..is a Team Game”






    “Tidley Winks..is No… But… It seems that The Present Celtic Team.. are Mair Inclined tae favor the Tidley Winkers.. approach… in carryin oot thur Duties.”



    Commons, fur Instance…



    Ah bet He wid be a Wiz.. at Tidley Winks?



    D’Ye Think So?



    He is a Glory Hunter.. No Doot Aboot It.



    Anywey..Thanks fur the Inside Info.. Ah wull Watch oot .. fur It.. Being Implemented.


    Next time Ah watch the Bhoys..



    Somehow , Ah am no feeling Too Sanguine aboot Seeing that Happen..



    Nice Chattin, Pally..as alwiz






  9. GerryBhoy and EKBhoy



    I know you are both hurting today and that you will want to make your predictions come true but politics will go on.



    The plan that Milliband rejected was described by the BBC (I know, I know) as a Steel Trap for Labour. The plan which Cameron and Hague are trying to make fly is their plan to counter their weaknesses with UKIP chasing their peoples votes.



    The plan which will eventually be agreed will be one which all parties can sign up to. It will not be a Scots only plan (why should it be?) and its details are currently unknown, so it is impossible to take a position on it.



    It might be mince or it might be interesting but something will be proposed and something will be agreed. The only certainty is that it will not suit all.

  10. EKBhoy



    16:05 on 19 September, 2014



    I think you might have misunderstood what’s been said.



    I don’t think Milliband is back tracking on what’s to happen here in Scotland, he just doesn’t think it should be linked to the changes to be made in England.



    That’s perfectly sensible.

  11. Dontbrattbakkinanger


    16:16 on


    19 September, 2014


    Wee Eck will be the next chief executive of the ole Green Brigade.






    doing “oh rowan tree , oh rowan tree”.

  12. Marrakesh Express on

    I applaud the belief, spirit and fortitude of 1.6 million Yes voters.


    Sadly, Scotland remains a country with an inferiority complex, safe and snug in the bosom of her London masters.

  13. Iran has just issued suspended sentences of one year in prison and 91 lashes to a group of 6 young people who videoed themselves dancing to the Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy”.



    Now, there’s a country with a serious disconnect between its ruling group and its young people. Sometimes we over-estimate the oppression we experience.



    I hope when the young people of Iran take over they punish the old men by making them dance to Pharrell’s wee ditty too and post it on You Tube.

  14. So who’s going to be the leader of the nation in our time of need?



    Elaine C Smith’s got to be in with a shout.



    Or maybe Irvine Welsh.



    Obviously Shir Shean couldnae dae it as he can only be here a few days for tax purposes.

  15. Sftb



    I believe you are taking Westminster at their word.



    All three parties will take contrary views as you suggest , a taking shop will be announced and then dependent on the election maths at UK level, if the Tories win then they push through a English votes type law , Scotland will be offered powers that no party will ever use.



    So you will find that in fact the only winners will be the Tories.



    Oh, and at what point was English reform on the agenda , oh 2 hours after the result was announced



    Westminster are at it and now taking the piss , this will not end neatly and their only tactic may be to use time as a way of cooling folk down , it won’t work.

  16. EKbhoy what Ernie is telling you is you’ve been “misinformed” knowsall about misinformation does Ern Hail Hail Hebcelt

  17. gordon_j – So who will be the next first minister?



    Wee Hunza Yousaf.



    If he can tear himself away from his, ahem, “charity work”. And, erm, “fundraising”. (thumbsup)

  18. Ernie



    If what you post about WeeEck is true – it is pretty disgusting but what you might expect from him


    It’s another indication of the type of nasty little parochial statelet we would become if we had had the misfortune of voting yes yesterday!


    Taken with the treatment handed out to others like the woman from St Andrews University and the reports of business people being harassed by the yes side – show a remarkable similarity to the bullying that goes with most nationalist states


    Those of a left wing persuasion who were seduced to the nationalist ranks might also thing about asking themselves what went wrong with their nationalist comrades who failed to take any of their traditional areas with them – including the Chief of the Pudding Race himself!


    As some on here tried to point out to them – if we had voted for independence they would have found themselves stranded in a country with a right of centre majority ruled by an elite in Edinburgh made of of people like Salmond, Souter and Grossart and heavily influenced by Murdoch. Hardly a socialist paradise!




  19. Marrakesh express



    One of the many paradoxical sights I saw in this campaign was, if I am not mistaken, the sight of Carol Craig on a No platform speaking against Elaine C. Smith and Brian Cox for the Yes celebs.



    This is the Carol Craig who made her fame and fortune writing critically about the lack of confidence and inherent inferiority/modesty of the Scots psyche. I did not listen to that celeb debate but I assume Carol did not feel there was any correlation between voting Yes and voting with self confidence.

  20. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Brian Cox should stick to playin’ the piano and talkin’ about the effects of large interplanetary gravitational effects on his lovely hair.

  21. ernie lynch



    16:17 on 19 September, 2014



    I understand what he said perfectly well and why he said it.



    So is it David or Ed the problem, we have yet to hear old Nick lay down the federal gauntlet. Outbreak of disagreement , talking shop established, on and on.



    Sweet Jesus H Christ , they must think our heads zip up the back , then again ample evidence that for many folk that particular state is normal.



    Off out for tea,

  22. don’t have time to read back however to football first…..


    If that was a textbook away performance I am baffled , good result but performance? Still anyone can have an opinion. Regarding our leaders at CP and their inglorious chase for some of the filthy lucre from Sky , we will never get an invite and who will force a bunch of billionaires to do something they do not want ? the Westminster Government ? Not a chance… dream on , we need to sort out SFA first then get UEFA to redistribute a European league where teams get a fair shout , dream on? Yes , but I like to hope.


    I saw today and heard today of some fairly awful triumphal behaviors amongst some of the NO supporters , mainly led by the “ludge ” dwellers planning a huge “pairty ” to celebrate the Queen saving the day. I believe the Orcs first home game post referendum is against Hibs , what’s the chances of a rerun of the pre match Nurnberg style rally so beloved in the Murray years?

  23. thebhoywithmcgraininhisside on




    16:25 on 19 September, 2014



    As some on here tried to point out to them – having not voted for independence they have found themselves stranded in a country with a right of centre majority ruled by an elite in London made up of people like Cameron, Clegg and maybe even Johnson and Farage and heavily influenced by Murdoch. Hardly a socialist paradise!

  24. Philvis



    You missed those all conquering Spaniels and that Great Dane team featuring the Loudbark brothers

  25. EK Bhoy



    It could go that way. Politics can fracture as well as unite. However, without taking Westminster (who he?) at his word (surely words?), I will still listen to a range of commentators and politicians who have all stated, n record, that something will happen and will change. The UKIPS, Boris and all the other bogeymen will try to oppose it and will make life difficult but, if you think they are going to win anything, you can make a fortune on the betting markets to cover any recent loss of a political bet.



    When did England come into it?



    They were never out of it. There are over 50 million of them. They are not an oversight and we are not the only, or even the main, show in town. We all have to deal with that.



    Let’s wait and see.



    There is an awful lot of “If only we hadn’t turned back at Derby” type of analysis going on just now.

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