Textbook away performance, Brand Britain


I was a bit annoyed at BT’s halftime analysis which suggested Celtic were more than fortunate to be level at that stage.  Salzburg had just enjoyed their best 15 minute period of the game, but, from beginning to end, Celtic’s performance was a textbook lesson on how to play away from home in Europe.  We took our chances and drew our defensive line well in front of our box.  This is how it’s done.

Were you as comfortable as I was during the final minutes last night?

Having watched the performance against Aberdeen on Saturday, when we bossed the game but were penned back when, with two debutants and a returning Scott Brown in the team, the legs faded in the last 30 minutes, I expected the same to happen last night.

Instead, Scott’s goal arrived on 60 minutes, which infused Celtic legs with adrenalin.  This was the crucial moment of the game.  We conceded that fabulous goal from Soriano during the final 30 minutes, but this was also our best period of the game.  Wakaso (who is a player, b.t.w.) ran himself into the ground – literally.  Brown, Johansen, Izaguirre and Ambrose all covered enormous areas of the pitch.

Instead of going through turmoil in the closing stages, we saw Salzburg drop deep, acknowledging the clear danger they could concede for a third time.

The one obvious question is, how did we pick Craig Gordon up for free?

Brand Britain

Brand Britain is damaged. Last night’s vote was a high water mark for independence, so far, but the demographic breakdown suggests support for change is strongest among the young. If the three major UK parties have any intention of maintaining the status quo they need to indulge in considerable Nation Building.

The football business in Britain is in the hands of two closed-shop cartels, one in England and Wales [controlled by the affluent], and one in Scotland [controlled by the unambitious]. This arrangement has disenfranchised Scottish football and drains our economy of tens of millions of pounds per year. It is a clear manifestation of second class status for Scotland and our economy, which is unacceptable for anyone who considers the UK to be one nation.

Politicians with an interest in pushing the buttons of the people, should use this time to call this arrangement out for what it is.

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  1. NL & M



    I would indeed be disappointed. Broonie on for about an hour. Hopefully we are a couple up by then. Bring Bit(t)on on, place Johansen in a more defensive role, and away we go. So easy, this virtual management 0:-)




  2. Longest thread for a while …. still some football to look forward to. Like others I expect a few goal today given the start Motherwell have made to the season. It would be great if our two new strikers could get their first goals today.

  3. Haha



    Well done bhoys



    The unseen fenian hand strikes again ;)



    The sun is out(get up Jobo)and The Hoops are back in Paradise.



    Today is goin to be a good day :)

  4. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    09:15 on 21 September, 2014



    ……….. and don’t believe everything you read ….the meeja have ‘telling lies’ down to a fine art….

  5. Against a team who’ll only commit one man in attack we need our 2 centre backs to be bringing the ball out from defence. They’re both comfortable with the ball at their feet, let them use it.

  6. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    Jungle Jim



    Sorry pal, but Johansen unlikely to be fit. I’d like to see Liam Henderson start today.

  7. Morning all, that’s me sober after the racing on Friday, many thanks to Ritchie, PF Ayr, Ayrshire Tim, Big J, Wee J and C……. I’m still in the bad boks with the blonde one regarding my antics and expenditure, they just don’t understand.



    Looking forward to the game today still not really hit the high notes other than against DU, stop start season so far let get it started Celtic.



    Ayrshire is Green and White

  8. 63 pages, wow , is that a record?


    Looking forward to a beautiful day in Paradise. Hopefully a crowd of around 45k.


    Couple of jars In St Phils. Then onto the bus.


    Hopefully a good performance will leave Motherwell chasing shadows.


    Guaranteed Lasley will be trying to hurt us.




  9. NL & M


    I wouldn`t be too broken-hearted with that change!





    Here is a little question for anyone to ponder:



    At the professional level, is football still a simple game?




  10. BlantyreTim



    Thank you.



    I can hear the bells of dunblane cathedral. I’m sure they’re ringing out the Celtic Song for me!!!



    HH jamesgang

  11. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    I was proud, but gobsmacked, that my ‘home’, Glasgow, voted yes ……. as ever, Glaswegians don’t yield to intimidation………No Mean City, right enough…!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Neil Lennon & McCartney on




    “In football everything is complicated by the presence of the opposite team.”



    Jean-Paul Sartre

  13. Id be surprised if something like a stabbing cud be covered up. All those phones and cameras an social media wud make it impossible. Are we also meant to believe the entire family an friends work mates acquaintances etc have been gagged an not one been on face book about it? That’s the realms of fantasy i hope, very sinister if true but realistically how cud anyone gag these people if lost a loved one?

  14. I would be extra vigilant today bhoys,at the usual hun hotspots,Duke St ,Bridgeton X.Though i’m sure Strathclyde’s Finest will be on the case……….aye right.Be safe bhoys.

  15. JJ- it is a simple game,over complicated by pseudo managers/coaches,who try and make themselves look intelligent.Glad you are on the mend and at CP today.

  16. Channel 4 news had more coverage of George square trouble than either BBC Scotland or STV.



    Go figure…….

  17. Need to get to Harmony row after game for my bhoys football trial, where would that be? haven’t an Ayrshire clue.




  18. Just had a quick look through a selection of Scotland’s Sunday ‘newspapers’, you wouldn’t even know Friday nights events actually happened if you read some of them, the comments pages in those that covered it are an indictment on supporters of those who caused trouble on Friday night and make me feel at ease with my decision to move abroad many years ago.




  19. Oh dear. I feared that this may be the case. I suppose there are many Celtic fans who look forwars to this happenning. I’m not one of these and the thought of it fills me with a mixture of dread and frustration.




    Old Firm managers seek to renew rivalry in League Cup




    Rangers manager Ally McCoist and Celtic counterpart Ronny Deila have said they would relish the chance to face each other in an Old Firm tie. Though a division separates the two sides, they are on course to meet in the Scottish League Cup if they progress past their third-round ties this week. Deila said: “THese are big games and everybody looks forward to them so it would be fantastic if we could have an Old Firm match again.”



    Rangers boss McCoist agreed, saying: “I’d take an Old Firm final if I was offered it. But we’re not in a position to say we’d like Celtic or any other team. Celtic are still the best team in the country by some considerable way.” (Sunday Express)

  20. Micktt



    That’s govan cross.



    DD isn’t just blowing you a wee smacker!






    HH jamesgang

  21. I’ve just ready Ronnie’s comments in the Herald. Oh dear, has he not been briefed, where are our press staff.

  22. Antipodean Red



    Check out the Sunday Herald, lots of detail on Fridays scenes including some strong stuff re Vanguard Bears.

  23. delaneys dunky



    10:05 on 21 September, 2014






    Near Govan X.





    Awe a love in, I sussed that cheers..x



    Ayrshire is Green and White

  24. Not read a paper for yonks, regarding Ronnie’s statement, do journalists still misquote people like in the olden days….!



    Ayrshire is Green and White

  25. Jamesgang @ 9:55


    Brilliant observation!





    Thank you.




    NL & M


    He was quite a bright chap that Sartre. He was also a nifty plumber.






    PS Right, that`s me departing Arbroath for the game. Cheerio all,



  26. In ither news…………



    How come the Herlads “news” reporters can correctly describe as Nazi salutes the *cough*….arm gesticulating………of the George Sq loyalist ordure,


    while their colleagues in the ranjurs news sports desk either don’t refer to it in the context of ranjurs or support the red handed rubbish?

  27. Scottish sports journalists and I use the term loosely in every press conference try and lead our manager down their agenda street with their questions, they have consistently push the Sevco/Old Firm agenda since the death of their team.



    I see Ronny sometimes in the pressers wondering why they ask him such stupid questions and although his English is good it’s still not his first language, I’m tempted to cut Ronny plenty of slack with the scummy sharks that pass themselves off a sports journalists in Scotland…



    Let’s face it if Celtic draw Sevco, Celtic Park will be full and the bile will have returned..

  28. If Ronny says he wants an old firm (sic) game, the hacks have a story.



    If he says he doesn’t and gives the reasons why, the hacks have a front page.



    That aside, I would imagine the quotes would reflect his opinion.

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