Textbook in Trondheim, hope in our hearts


Celtic delivered a textbook performance in securing the win in Trondheim last night.  Rosenborg are bottom of the group and were effectively out of the competition before kick-off, but only a year ago Anderlecht came to Glasgow after five Champions League defeats and wiped the floor with Celtic (Anderlecht remain a poor side, accruing only two points in a weak Europa League group this season).

This was Celtic’s third away win in European group stages, but the second in two seasons.  If we have genuine ambition to progress in Europe, we needed to win games like last night’s.

The contrast between this performance and the one in the same stadium in Augusts’ qualifiers was stark.  In the earlier game Celtic were poor in possession, unable to impose themselves on a Rosenborg team who needed a goal to draw the tie level.  Instead we ground out a 0-0.  Last night, the passing, pace and control from Celtic was vastly better.  Rosenborg didn’t get a sniff.

James Forrest ended a spectacular month by creating the winning goal for Scott Sinclair.  Scott still had plenty to do to guide his header into the top corner of the net.

Defensively Celtic were imperious.  Any anxieties were limited to what potentially could happen when the home side were able to lob a set piece into the box, but chances were limited, giving Craig Gordon one of his easiest games on the road this season.

By full time, the players looked exhausted.  My mind immediately turned to Aberdeen players, who will have watched from the comfort of their homes.  It is easy to say, “Go again”, but players are not machines.  Sunday will be the seventh time they have climbed the domestic mountain in succession.

Legs and minds will be tired.  If Celtic lift the trophy at Hampden, heroics will be required.  But this is Celtic, so we have hope in our hearts.

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  1. fergusslayedtheblues on

    well well


    Looks like the SA wide boy has tossed a grenade into the TOP case


    MONEY LAUNDERING , you don.t say Dave .


    Rumour has it his words to the court might have been .


    I ain’t paying anyone so they can launder money





  2. fergusslayedtheblues on

    MATT STEWART on 30TH NOVEMBER 2018 7:35 PM



    but what I have found out that following King’s revelations today the Ibrox board are currently meeting up and there are moves afoot for a major takeover bid down Edmiston drive.



    That would be my thoughts on the matter too .



    What if it was TGASL intention all along to crash the sevco 2012 bus and then threaten to pull the lot down unless the staunch peepil paid him enough to get out of dodge .



    would £20m be a fair price to allow a football team to play out of Ibrokes next season








    Watch yer back Dave!

  3. Gerryfaethebrig on

    When Cunningham K speaks there won’t be many truths spoke



    Dermott might have a different opinion from many fans



    Peter Lawell might not be every Celtic fans cup of tea



    But …. the 2nd biggest team in Scotland could be viewed as Brendan’s biggest rivals …. we live in blessed Celtic times :-)

  4. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Weet Weet Weet 8.27pm



    All magic here, met Marsapapa a few weeks back think he must have been drunk he said you were speaking highly of me :-)



    Got a fright when Bada Bing had mentioned what happened but delighted you are on here, I remember you saying you don’t post too much but like reading …. I prefer you posting :-)



    Still loved the taxi driver celebrating the Sevs scoring that day you headed to the Georgian …. made our victory all the more sweeter



    Looking at a thread on Celtic Noise, did the linesman get attacked by a Hun last night?



    Yes,a surprisingly quick arrest, cos it was a UEFA game….

  6. fergusslayedtheblues on

    Great result for the bhoys last night but the good thing was we seemed to have found the way to pass the ball to each other in European football .


    IIRC Salzburg made quite a few misplaced passes early on in their home game against us ,so I think they could be intimidated with the Paradise atmosphere .


    Could be a special night ,hope the crowd are right up for it from the kick off






    I was delighted when MARSPAPA and then BAdABING visited me in the hospital,anything I said about your good self was well merited




  8. prestonpans bhoys on




    Surely UEFA will act now, guys stabbed previously , opposition been cut due to safety issues and now linesman attacked

  9. Hi Bhoys



    From the johnjames site the last paragraph is fun reading.




    Purging Contempt?



    I have been referring to ‘King’s New Order’ since the issue of 63.147,137 shares was announced. The most stupid journalists I have ever encountered who quite incredibly put their content behind a paywall – those who work for the failing titles in the Herald Group who hang on your humble correspondent’s every word – divided this quantum by five and trumpeted a £12.6m boon for the new club. I demurred and was vindicated (V in my A-Z) when the accounts revealed that only £1.5m in fresh capital was raised, with £1m of this coming from the James Blair owned/Chris Graham controlled de facto subsidiary Club 1872 CIC. Someone who allegedly prefers to watch sport played with an oval ball completely missed this significant takeaway. In mitigation he may have been more taken by UNESCO’s protection of hurling, than any affiliation with rugger.


    In a previous piece King’s Cronies Carve Up I highlighted the fact that King had irrevocable undertakings by 66.09% of the equity holders not to accept an offer of 20p per share. King is trying to negotiate, as I write, a reduced cash sum with TOP.



    King is currently being questioned by his QC at the Court of Session. He is wriggling like an eel.


    King is proposing that he will proceed with an offer on his return to South Africa and has estimated it will take six weeks.



    He has stated that he will make a new South African exchange control application and seek to appoint a ‘cash confirmed’ agent.



    According to King both Sandy Easdale and Glenmuir have indicated to him that they probably won’t sell but won’t give any undertaking on this basis.



    There remains some uncertainty on the position of the restricted shares due to in King’s words: ‘potential criminality and money laundering concerns.’



    Sandy Easdale is on record as stating there are no concerns whatsoever with these shares. I don’t doubt the veracity of the court reportage, but I cannot envisage a situation where Sandy Easdale won’t sell.



    Surely King is not lying again?



    One can but hope that David Johnstone QC for The Panel will point out that King is up to his old tricks, kicking the can down the road.



    Addendum 1 : Both parties are now in discussion and will return to court at 2pm. I checked with a source currently having lunch with Mr. Easdale. There is no deal with King!



    Addendum 2: Unequivocal surrender by King. Must issue statement on RFC website by 3rd Dec. Cash confirmer to be appointed by 14/12/18. Cleared funds to be in place in the UK by 11 Jan. Offer 25 Jan. If nothing by 29th he is for the high jump as Lady Wolffe has kept this proof open. No negotiation. Full compliance. The smell of egg on his face is overwhelming. The spin in the next few days will be comedy gold.





  10. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Weet Weet Weet 8.47pm






    Your a good man



    Am out with young Craig & the rest of the (young) crew on Sunday …. you have a 100% record in the Geo any time you fancy a fresh orange & lemonade you know where we will be

  11. It gets harder and harder to Win Every Silverware consecutively.



    You have a Bounty on yer head from all the competing Teams.



    In Celtics case the Authorities and the Referees are also doing what they can to stop the Juggernaut.



    You can do it CELTIC.

  12. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Petec 8.57pm



    No Celtic entitlement in my life …



    BUT Brendan makes it difficult to not think we are going to collect every domestic trophy … the sadomasochist in me is sort of looking forward to the first trophy our Brendan doesn’t collet in Ecosse :-)

  13. Hello again all you young rebels.






    Hi Gerry sorry i named you in my slurried post last night


    when you’re on the swally you throw anybody under the bus


    but don’t worry you’re a CQN star.




    Our annual CSC bbq on the beach is a week on Sun.the 9th


    Dec. we will have our usual free sausages etc,raffles, games


    and our world renowned soccer tourny, unfortunately we will


    have to tighten up the rules in the games, there will be no


    walking about the pitch with a can of Guinness in one hand


    and a whiskey in the other as the committee feels it devalues


    the competition 8-))


    All proceeds and other collections go towards our sick kids


    and nurses in Frankston hospital.


    And our Celtic Santa is ready and waiting to deliver them.


    H.H Mick

  14. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Melbourne Mick 9.06pm



    It was taken in the jest it was posted



    Keep the posts coming love reading of your Celticness stuff down under :-)



    Never in million miles would I take a name check from your good self in a bad way :-)

  15. TONYROME on 30TH NOVEMBER 2018 8:52 PM




    I hope that, Lady Wolffe doesn’t take a vacation to yon hotel that, Paul McBride QC went to.







  16. Gerryfaethebrig on 30th November 2018 9:05 pm



    Debt is literally a killer.



    Njoi Every Celtic Success.



    I’m lucky that I have never had to get into a life of debt…. yet. The Young ones have nae chance of a good go @ things noo IMO.



    After the Crash 20 year Mortal Engagements were suddenly up to 30 and more years by the most horrible banksters manipulation.

  17. If Celtic did get to the False land of Money Big League.



    There is næ doubt so many Awesome Celts would be priced out of attending the Holy Ground of Fitba.

  18. Gerryfaethebrig.



    Yes i knew that.






    I’ll be giving that some thought lol.



    Oz tims



    The St Kilda Jock Stein CSC are coming though again this


    year to support our fundraiser and i’ve got a sneaky feeling


    they want to win our tourny, some big bhoys there, so the


    current champions Azerbijan or was it Kazakstan? better


    watch out 8-))


    The Celtic family eh………you know the rest.


    H.H Mick

  19. As the Neil Lennon saga exposed justice does not apply to huns in the best wee country.


    Subsequently the farce that is Sevco fc has just reinforced that view.


    It really is the best wee country run by huns for huns.

  20. Gerryfaethebrig on




    I don’t “expect” to win but Brendan the squirrel is pretty dam good … as I posted one day we might not win a trophy in Alba …. loved Martin, loved wee Gordon also Tommy B, fling in Ronny Dee and Neil Francis player & manager …. whooft …. just realised we live in beautiful Celtic times

  21. PETEC



    Wonder if that Toyah song would have been a hit if she never had a lisp?




  22. Gerry,



    We wrestle not against flesh and blood………..



    I heard this week that Tyson Fury was born premature @ 1lb, when Gerald was worn down by Nigel I was so ecstatic but hearing he was so badly hurt stopped me liking that sport so much.



    Unbelievable that Tyson Fury was born so premature.



    Unbelievable that The TF lost 10 stone in about a year.



    Unbelievable how good this still Sounds.



    Unbelievable that a Boxer would say they want a Death on their record.



    Celtic I hope get that 7th Trophy in a Row.

  23. Petec



    Am no the best boxing fan … love wee Ricky Burns because he is lovely wee bhoy (his big brother is a Sev :-) obviously we are around the same age as I remember Nigel Benn… ma mate was Alex Arthurs main opponent when both were teenagers one became a millionaire and the other chucked it because the fight game was “rigged” the bhoy who chucked it is Celtic daft … am just glad he isn’t fighting it’s a hard watch when it’s somebody you know










    Surely UEFA will act now, guys stabbed previously , opposition been cut due to safety issues and now linesman attacked




    Pretty sure if shite happens outside the stadium, clubs are not liable, hence after World War Z in Manchester, they got away with it.HH

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