DUE to technical problems on the sites we visited shortly after the Highland Comedy Festival ended, this post is much shorter than intended.

Once things calm down we will try again but in the meantime enjoy these pearls of wisdom…

“Murty is what he is…. A guy who coaches youth players.
For King, Murray, Robertson or whoever to throw the boy out there with the most gutless and cowardless players need to speak immediately after the game, because I am at a total ****ing loss as to what is happening.
As for all these guys mentioned as possible Managers, we are ****ing deluded with De Boer and never mind Joel.
We will be lucky to even get the worst of the worst like Davies on a full time basis, and even then we’ll probably hear **** all until May.”


“Wilson not content with giving away the penalty, decides to lazily kicks a ball into the danger area, great finish but should not have had the chance. Murty sticking Garner on in injury time proves he should be no way near the dug out but I suppose the untouchables in the board room are blameless for that one.”


“Two disgraceful,away performances, an interim manager who is not up to it, a squad of mediocre players with no confidence, no fighting spirit.
Warburtons legacy, millions wasted on players who can’t perform in one of the poorest leagues in Europe.”


“Thats my weekend ruined.”


“You would think once we got it back to one all it would be us that is on the ascendency, they finished must stronger and looked much fitter.
Murty should have made changes, if we have made contract offers to Waghorn and McKay I would be taking them back off the table.”


“That’s an absolute ****in disgrace
Theres not enough hours in the day to list the many things are wrong with this team





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